Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Effect of Carpe Noctem; A Nice Write-up: LatexJessica

My Fellow Inmates,

Today a Posting was made on "The Latex Dollhouse" musing over a connection to a story on our site...

I'm reposting her blogpost, with her blessing, but I welcome you to visit LatexJessica's Latex Dollhouse Blog and read all of her writings::



by Jessica on March 22, 2011

Sometimes when we open the path for honesty with yourself and what you truly desire, you’re opening the gates of your own Pandora Box. And there’s no turning back, except for the path of cowardice towards what you want and what you need.

This weekend I was reading a very sexy story from Delusions From a Padded Cell and except for the sex of the main character, seems he read my current problems. Or, it’s way more common than I ever considered it would be.

And yes, it’s a rubber male gay site. I am bisexual and I do think rubber men are hot. A true rubber dominant man is ├╝berhot. And I love heavy rubber. Just add 1+1, gay rubber is twice as hot, even tho, I never hold interest in the rubber slave tho, submissive men don’t catch my eye. Submissive women… we can talk about it ;)

What’s the big taboo about enjoying a gay rubber site anyway, even if you’re not A) gay and not B) a man ? Because I’m in a lesbian relationship now, I am somehow forbidden to get horny for anything but lesbian rubber stories? Sorry, I’m not really afraid they’re gonna rip my lesbian membership card for that one.

Also, the things that draw me towards a dominant rubber man are very different than what draws me towards a dominant rubber woman, even if the kind of play I like is the same. And I find both appealing in different ways.

And those are things I can no longer deny. My life right now is the myth of the cave all over again. I spent many years dreaming and desiring and needing, and after a while, life pushed me into a role I did not want at first, but I got used to it. And day after day went by, and I always projected the things I wanted in the future. Then, came the concessions to adjust desire to reality, and desire lost, but that’s what everyone else does, right? And little by little, I was jailed in a cave, and my whole reality was made of shadows in the wall. Until, sometime ago, someone showed up in my life, poked me, and pointed to the entrance of the cave. And I woke up, got up, and walked outside, and I am still dazzled by the whole array of shapes and colors and textures and smells that life has. These first steps out of the cave are not easy, my legs were no longer used to walking, and I want to stride and then run!

I can’t deny any longer that my body organically needs the touch and love of rubber. Call me the crazy lady, I don’t care anymore, I won’t deny my reality in the name of approval by others. You can’t toss me back into the cave, so, shoosh. I opened my own Pandora Box and now I’m floating in the drive and desire to have my body coated in this delicious material as much as I can, as much as I can take it, and then, some more, please. And yes, it’s a Pandora Box, because with all this good knowledge and desire, comes the responsibility and consequences of my acts. I’ll deal with them when I am ready.

And the funny thing is, going after what you want is no way a guarantee of achieving. But here’s the thing, either I go for it, try my best, and fail despite my best, or succeed. Or do not try, and just fail, but without even the slightest hope of success. But the major ingredient right now is to hold down anxiety, and fear, and live in the now with steps towards my goals. I will go on, and will try to keep a positive agenda here on the blog, even if I can’t succeed everyday, I promise to show you as much of my journey as it’s safe.

And I hope it will help people on similar spots in life to come to their own conclusion about what path is the correct one for them. Because only you can know what you truly need. All I know, is that this is much more common than what I first thought, and I hope this blog will be a poke on other people trapped in a cave. I was lucky to get one when I was trapped inside. I hope I can help you also find your way out.


On Rubberzone, "Dogger" denoted:

"This is essentially the secret fantasy of every vanilla guy in rubber/bondage. lol. xD This has always been at the top of my list for favorite bondage stories. Asylum, you have such a way to capture your audience, and really make them think and not just make them hard, although there is plenty of that too


...The Point here is to tell those of you out there "thank you"... I have never made a secret out of the fact that that story was my own cry for help in dark times...

And if anyone has found any sort of comfort in it... Then that just made it worth the pain and want that it took to write it on that hard winter afternoon...

As always, I thank you again, my audience, you make the work I put in to this all worth it

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


MD Latex Pictures Part Two... My God I'm Gunna Cum!

My Fellow Inmates,

With my first post on MD Latex:

"The Most Interesting Rubber Store You've Probably Never Heard of: MD Latex" 



I attempted to add more pictures, and was greeted with a miserable computer failure when trying to edit them...

So I gave up...

Last night I came home to find that some magical gremlins had placed a folder called "MD Latex" On my desktop with all the missing pictures in it...

I hate to say this is true, don't ask me how, but before it disappears again, I am going to share them now... I must just say OMG again...


With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Picture: The Creation of a Fursuit: Evil Shows His Face

My Fellow Inmates,

Yes, Today is day one of the diet and no one is dead yet...


That's ok, I have already partially undermined myself as I woke up with morning wood, and said "Hey there little guy, you look friendly, let me scratch you for a while."

Damn thing spit on me then left... its so hard to find good pets these days...

So I am ready for bed now rather than ready for the gym... but I have a goal... so... Grrr....

Also, BTW, due to the fact that I now will be using my hour lunch period in the Gym again, the afternoon postings may or may not cum...

I enjoy doing this as well, so we shall see...

Anyway, on to what you came here to see... The fursuit in question is "AsylumCat", as LeatherPanther is quite a bit off...

At This point I would assume that everyone has seen the concept drawing of AsylumCat's face:

So Yesterday I got the first picture of him in progress... Realize that at the moment he is no more a Balaclava and foam, and looks like a skinned cat.... But Rufus wanted to prove that he was working on him...

And Yes I am excited :-)

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep. '