Saturday, January 24, 2009

Welcome to the Asylum

Medical restraints, designed to be completely inescapable. You know when you hear the click of that lock that you are there to stay.

Most are designed with proprietary keys so only the holder can let you out, and the truly special of these tout a breaking strength of over one-thousand pounds rendering escape to be all but a pipe dream for the person caught within their grasp.

The feelings and sensations brought on by this level of helplessness hark back to the days of old style institutions where the restraints were the center of your treatment. A time before terms like “patient’s rights” and “chemical restraints” were even entered in to the lexicon.

A world where just by upsetting the wrong person a patient was liable to be placed in immobilizing restraints and dark seclusion for no reason other than sport.

Your life was their say; your fate was decided for you; you were a member of the Asylum.

In this world liberties were often taken, sadists ruled the guard-stations, and patients were at their mercy.
When faced with this kind of torment and seclusion the seconds would pass like hours, the hours like days, and the days like an eternity.

This was not a medical world by any stretch; this was a holding pattern for tortured souls. Odd and strange experimentations into the mind, in to sensation and human limits would take place within the depths of the institutions.

No regulation, no mercy, no way out…
The time has come once again to embrace this world… My World…

Welcome to The Rubber Asylum.