Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The courts have decreed; I am not responsible for my actions... With that said...

My Fellow Inmates,

Well, this morning, after six days, Rubberfreak was taken back to the airport on his way home. I must say it is amazing to me that I enjoyed this boy’s company so much, that at the moment, after just getting home from the airport, I am in a piss ass poor mood. Perhaps next time he visits I will break out the welding torch after the locks click… go ahead, get out of them.

On the note of next time, I think I mentioned before that the boy entered into a deal with me… always a dangerous proposition. He brought me a bed-web and 10 locking humane restraints, and in trade he will receive a custom catsuit of my design from it. Though the rules to the game have changed a bit now… After the catsuit is completed and delivered, he knows where I live if he really wants it… It shall be waiting in the playroom. J

Speaking of gear and the bed web and custom pieces, as I mentioned I am in a bad mood and really need to bitch. This boy has a handle on what he is doing, he is handy with a sewing machine, and the parachute that is used in the heat torture electro video (more on that later) was also created by him…

Now, before I go off the deep-end, the two Companies I am speaking of here have had their names blotched out so I can speak freely about them without having to edit myself of which I am not a fan of doing.

I freely admit I am an asshole, and am proud of it. It’s when companies hide behind the fallacy of being supporters of the community that I will kick out that crutch, piss on your shoe, and call it as I see it... just who I am.

With that said, last year at IML I purchased for 500.00 a catsuit from a company who is well known for their leather gear, yet their rubber gear and customer service gives me a good ideas what the “S” stands for.

Now you all know that asylum is a rubber fiend, no bones about that ever. I have purchased from many companies over the years, most of them out of Europe (those Europeans know how to do perversion the right way).

Coming up to IML last may however I found myself without a catsuit that fit anymore, and wanted a smaller one than the one I had hanging in my closet.

Due to the short time frame I contacted this unnamed (Well known, Self Important) company figuring that since I have received such great leatherwork from them over the years with only a modicum of rudeness with my orders, that purchasing a catsuit from them would be a quick way to bypass the wait time that would come with placing an order from one of my normal houses like Cocoon or Regulation.

So I contacted them in March, I figured with IML at the end of May this was more than enough time. I told them I wanted a catsuit with attached gloves, and preferably one thicker than the thinner latex they typically use in their catsuits.

Their one sentence reply: “We do Not Make Inventions” and that was the end of the email.

Now understandably this confused me, as anyone who plays in the community knows someone who has a custom piece by this place. So I wrote back a direct reply to this email stating as much, and explaining that I was not asking for hard work, just a little customization.

This time the letter received back was from a manager there, and explained that they currently had too much to do and they would be happy to help me when they had more time later in the year and they would let me know when they were able to do so.

With this said it is now a year later and I have yet to receive a follow-up letting me know that they are ready to make my suit, huge surprise that they are in business with R***n, do we see any similarities in how they run their businesses and support the community that pays their bills?

So, still wanting a catsuit I decided to wait until the vendor fair at IML and just purchase one directly from there. Surfing around the stands I came across suit after suit. I began to feel like a pervy retelling of the Goldilocks story:

This suit was too thin

This suit was too cheap

And R***n gear? I would rather do fireplay with a napalm buttplug than wear your name across my back... So um, yeah, no.

So by default I gravitated towards the company of my disdain, as many before me had with no other choice for semi-decent gear. I picked out a catsuit and tried it on, it actually fit well, and the paper thin latex was flattering on my frame. Really wanting a new suit I sucked up my pride and paid the 500.00 they were asking and walked away…

Now… with this whole story told, how exactly does this relate to the boy and his ability to make and work on gear? Well, this catsuit is pure trash. As stated before the latex is painfully thin. I can order a suit twice this thick from Cocoon who will proudly stand behind their work for 100.00 less.

This suit has seams that are loose at the wrists and ankles, not bothered to be reinforced. You can see the glue tracks on the inside of the suit at the seams, and the worst offence… They installed a codpiece and did not bother to reinforce the snaps at all. This means every time you attempt to access the dick you must worry about ruining the suit.

For a company of this size and stature this is an unforgivable offence especially if you are going to charge the same price as someone selling good gear. I am going to be sending this catsuit to the boy who is going to have to pop out all the snaps, reinforce them, and reinstall them… and yet this company still had the balls to charge 500.00 for shit work.

If anyone affiliated with this company is reading this, of which I doubt because that would mean that they actually still cared about what people purchasing their gear thought rather than running a quantity based business model over a quality one, and climbing into bed with community raping cash cow cancers the likes of R***n. You may want to tell your owner that there is an open American rubber production scene begging for high end quality gear, and no one has stepped up to fill it yet.

Watch out though, There is a new boy on the block, I can’t say who yet as they wish to fly low at this point, but I have received some of their work, and frankly their rubber gear makes yours look like it came from EBay in comparison.

Heed my warning: Step up, and Step up now… Otherwise your latex side may last long enough to see the “S” stand for Sideswiped.

Then again perhaps I am just cranky and need a nap.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep