Monday, February 2, 2009

Shave a Horse, I'm Going Cowboy

My Fellow Inmates,

I Have been thinking about it, and although I promised to post daily, I am going to renig on this promise. One of the biggest downfalls of some of these blogs is people going on and on about nothing. Granted I shall do that too as my diagnosis is dire, but I wish to at least say something important every once in a while.

So with that my blog shall be updated a few times a week now, and only daily if I really have something to say, or if I have a visitor over and wish to share the process of his treatment with you.

One such visitor shall be out at the end of February. A boy from Chicago that goes by the name of Rubberfreak. He is interested in long term incarceration and rough treatment. Yours truly is more than happy to oblige.

The one boy previously that I used to play with, that sticks out in my mind as someone who would let me go just about anywhere with, was Gummidawg. He remained under my control, in full restraint, without need for even a bathroom break, for 16 hours... We were not planning to go that far, so we did not set up a cath or a diaper. The scene just kept going. He was an insatiable bottom, and sadly as most people know he has passed, and is a great loss to the community.

My goal with Rubberfreak is to push him, and see if he can pass that 16 hour mark. Now he doesn't know this yet, and in fact, I am not even going to tell him this is posted. If he finds it himself then he shall have a heads up... But this timeframe of this elongated scene will be on my terms. Once those locks click shut he can say what he wants and it will most likely get him a gag.

He will travel from high pain to high pleasure and back again... He shall be but a passenger upon that trip, and yes my friends, I will happily document his progress on video. Hopefully the BDG table arrives before he does, as it will find a lot of use, as will the Segufix, as will the Argentino, as will the sleepsack...

...and if the boy knows what is good for him he will not show up without the posey restraints and bed harness that he is bartering in trade for a special piece of gear. For that I hope he reads this, as if he shows up without either, I promise he will scream until he is hoarse, as I cum over his writhing form...

Ultimately I am a nice guy, in life. Bring me a boy that is willing to give of themselves, play deeper than just tie up games, explore the mental side of the control aspect... And you will become my property. I shall hand you an option to signal emergency. You will only use it inappropriately once, and after we address the issue your initial torment will seem like a reprieve.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep