Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Rubberasylum.net is now launched.

My fellow inmates,

We have now launched, please update all links to Rubberasylum.net

You shall be redirected now :)

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Saturday, September 3, 2011

The New Asylum Site Shall Launch Soon

My Fellow Inmates,

After an amazing showing of support from awesome people who underhand and share my vision of a for community by community site, the first section of Rubberasylum.net is almost done.

There have been many changes, such as the ability to add new writers, a podcast, and more...

We shall launch soon, and trust me, it's really starting to look good, I am quite excited.

As for the story contest, the deadline is 9/30. Please continue to submit your stories. I have a few beclouded that shall be posted on the new site instead

I look forward to seeing everyone in our new home hopefully by the end of next week.

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Story Contest Is Still On! Latex Jock Up For Grabs!!

My Fellow Inmates,

Just because Asylum is working on the new website, please do not think that anything going on here has been forgotten about. The story contest goes until 9/30/11 and so far we have 3 entries...

Basically this means if you can write and like rubber gear then you are giving it away to the three authors who have submitted their stories so far.

So Write, and fight for it, it could be yours... remember the story must include bondage, that is the kicker...

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Imagine Being Stifled, Imagine The Gay SoneAge

My Fellow Inmates,

No, Im not talking a show where Barney takes Fred and Dino at the same time... I am talking a world where people like me are no longer allowed to speak in an open forum... No longer allowed to post random kinky pix...

No Longer allowed to be who we are publically... Major steps for our community such as Stonewall completly negated in a pile of votes made in a room thats deviod of our voices and oppinions.

Is this fair? is it right? What kind of fantasy world do I live in? Can it happen?

Hell yes....

Look, I realize at this moment that the concept of Michelle Bachmann is fantastically silly, but lightning strikes happen, and this would be a destructive strike to all of us no matter what part of the comminity you live in. Her antigay adgenda is so disturbing, that if the absolute unlikly happened, and she found herself in power, life as we know it would change...

You think Clinton's law off good intentions "Don't ask Don't tell" has taken forever to finally see its end as the tool for witchhunts in the military, baby you havent seen nothing yet.

Imagine a pile of similar laws going in to place... This cant happen? Think again.

If the conservitives were to gain power with this abortion of a human as their leader, toting around her "Cured" Gay husband... I shutter to think...

I know many of my readers are younger. I know many of you don't give a shit about politics, and trust me, I am there with you. Yet if there was ever a time to be scared of a potential proposition, it is now.

As I build the new site things like this are on my mind. I am building for a community that hypothetically could not be allowed to speak anymore.

Don't let this happen, not without telling them that this is our Fucking lives, stay out of it.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Padded Cell Is Packing Up Shop....

My Fellow Inmates,

Like all good scenes,  everything must come to an end....


We are only going to get bigger and better!

I proudly announce the creation of a site I have been talking about for a long time: For community, buy comminity...

Thats right, for community by community. The server space has been donated, artwork has been donated by Rod/Bloodweiser. New Header being donated by Rubbergator.

What is the point? What shall it offer?

  • Completely fucking free! PERIOD!
  • The best content provided by some of the hottest kinksters around
  • A Community store featuring the best gear from manufacturers around the globe. With product reviews, and in use pix of the gear
  • Videos, oh god we must have the videos
  • No Shame policy. We are community, get your kink on the way you see it

I began the build last night, and already it is looking amazing, you will love this. We are having live support donated my Damoosepup as well to support its build. More details to come as the build continues...

I am excited

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Friday, August 19, 2011

Reader Contribution: Sleepsack and Drysuit Bondage By Rubbergator

My Fellow Inmates,

Yes, yes... I know some of you were hoping to tune in today and hear me bits about the witchhunts on FA ay the moment... I shall, but frankly this is a lot more entertaining.

You see, Rubbergator, who has been a contribtor of ours before, nudged me last night with a new pile of pix from a scene he did last weekend, adn after viewing these, I could so handle being the boy in the sleepsack... for hours and hours and hours...

"I want up, I'm bored, tired, sore, and soaked in sweat"

"Aww, thats cute, let me inflate that gag a bit more." 


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Contest Entry: "A Pup's Fantasy" by ErrorWolf

My Fellow Inmates,

Here is the next entry in to the story contest:


A Pup’s Fantasy
by ErrorWolf
[1] Prep
Before your arrival I start by taking all my clothes off leaving just my furry body standing alone in a cheap motel room, nipples erect in the cool air, as a more southerly part also grows erect at the mere thought of what I hope is going to finally happen.

The instruction had been simple yet strange, rent a room, put a key in a pack of cigars and leave them just to the left of the front door of the library, pick up the plastic wrap that would be there, then return to the room to prepare.

Fondling myself lightly, I unzip my gear bag and start laying stuff out. On top is the popup kennel I have never used, granted it is soft sided with zippered door so it can’t be too secure, but if I were mitted and locked even its zipper would defeat me… that brought me to the next item, my leather pup hood with blindfold, yes, locked in the cage like a good little pup, can’t even use my teeth to open it, hands blunted to paws, struggle as much as you want, only Master can let you out now… I realize, almost too late, that while envisioning this scenario I had continued stroking myself, nearly to the point of no return, wouldn’t do to rob Master of his spunk now would it.

Continuing to unpack, with both hands now, I pull out my rubber shorty suit with full access zipper, my wresting boots, real dog paw mitts that happen to fit my fists, socks for padding, the collection of collars and cuffs which I set on the night stand along with the ring of locks and keys.

Next out was my favorite piece of gear, a full, heavy gage, lace up, dip-molded latex hood with only a mouth hole. It was so great because once you tightened it up it applied a wonderful level of compression while blocking out all light and muffling sound, the closest I had ever come to the longed-for sensory deprivation experience. Oh to be isolated from my world, with my Master as the only tie to reality, to be so totally his that I can’t even perceive anything else but his touch.

Finally I remove my pup tail plug and a double egg vibrator, not sure what Master will want to do with my tail I will just leave them out for him. From a side compartment I remove some lube, condoms, and a brown glass bottle. From the other side I take out a latex bed sheet which I use to cover the other bed, and a clear rubber sleep sac with 3 zip heads which goes on top of the sheet, just a subtle hint of what I’d like done.

Leaving the bag still half full of gear, I grab a bottle of lube and start slicking up my torso, concentrating on my arms and legs I linger just a bit on my still hard rod, stoking it in anticipation of Master’s care. Picking up the suit, I wipe lube all over the inside, testing the smooth, slippery material on my dick by wrapping it with the arm hole and slowly rubbing, to verify that it was lubed enough of course.

Passing the test, I stick one leg in, then the other, pulling the suit up to my waist. I gasp slightly as the cold latex contacts my more sensitive parts, but, as it always does, the rubber goes from cold to warm, feeling as though it were my second skin. Touching the smooth shiny black surface feels warm, like a perfect hairless layer that is as much a part of me as my very own flesh, seeming alien yet comfortable, bizarre yet right, as if it actually were alive, covering me in its warm, firm embrace.

Pulling the top of the suit over my shoulders I fish the zippers from the back, leaving two of the heads at my crotch, and zipping up the rest of the way to my neck. I twist and move as the suit finds its place on my body, settling in to complete the transformation, making me momentarily long for a full suit, until I rub the crotch and forget everything again, only able to think of the feeling of the rubber under my hand and the slick insides causing a whole range of sensations on my very eager cock.

Before I get myself into trouble again, I open the zipper to let my cock out and grab one of the little leashes, installing it at the base behind my balls, I yipe as the clip catches a little flesh, but it didn’t break the skin so it’s fine. Sitting on the bed I put the boots on, lacing them up firmly and wrapping the velcro covers. I clip two more collars onto my ankles and lock two choker chains over the boots to make sure they aren’t going anywhere, plus the boots keep the chains from hurting my ankles if they are used for tie-down points.

Reaching into the bag I grab the knee pads and put them on. Almost done, what am I forgetting? I move the mitts, socks, plastic wrap, wrist collars, brown bottle, and duck tape to the other bed with the hoods. I dig in the bag and pull out a bottle of liquor, pouring a good size amount into a hotel cup I down it and cough as I accidentally inhale the strong fumes.

Putting the bottle and cup on the night stand, I kneel on the rubber sheet facing the door and don the rubber mask, lacing it up tight I’m taken to that wonderful place of rubber bliss, as I rub by chest, latex is all I can feel, touching me from all corners.

Pressing on, lest I get distracted again, I slide the leather hood over the rubber one. Buckling the built-in collar on, realizing I forgot the lock for the hood, I feel my way to the stand and grab a medium lock and snap it into place with a click that is very loud and final in the hoods. I also reach down to the floor to find my clothes and pick up a sock, wetting it from the brown bottle, I stuff it into the pup hood’s muzzle so it will stand out correctly, and zip it closed.

As my head spins in the utter darkness from the aromas that now taint my every breath, I drift off to a very happy place for a moment, dreaming of what’s to cum, wishing I could stay in this state all the time I was a pup, wishing I could always stay a pup, just wanting to please my Master and lay at his feet. To be told I am his "Good Boy".

Turning back around toward the direction I think the door was in, I feel around for a sock and pull it on, placing my knuckles in the heel and rolling the toe end into my palm for padding and spacing. Finally I clumsily wrap my sock-paw with plastic wrap, put a band of duct tape at the wrist to make sure it won’t go anywhere, and slip the rubber bottomed dog mitts over the whole mess securing it with a collar. I then wonder if I should have laid out a choker chain to lock onto the wrists too, but there was no way I could have handled putting it together one handed and one pawed. If Master wants to add it he can when he gets here, then he get to set the locks too.

Having done all the preparations I can by myself, I get comfortable on all fours, only humping the sheet below me a little, still facing what I hope is the door, to await my Masters arrival like a good pup.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

(PIX): SBI: Full Coverage Rubber Bondage

My Fellow Inmates,

You must love it when my friends at SBI share with us all the new things that they are up to over there before anyone else can see it. Well this one is right up Asylum's alley. Forced to breathe through mysterious liquids in a bubbler bottle, the poor boy is at the Top's mercy...

Click on the pix to see more

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Sunday, August 14, 2011

Contest Story Entry: "Our First Meeting" by Slashpup (Puppy, Bondage)

My Fellow Inmates,

Here is our sencond entry in to the Asylum Contest for the devil dog rubber Jock. This is a first person perspective on going to play with a Sir...

Its "Our First Meeting" by Slashpup


I meet you at the Airport; you have had a long flight to Nashville from Miami. You wore camouflage shorts with a sexy jock, white crew socks and your smelliest skater sneakers, and a tight black shirt showing your muscles. As we walk to its truck you grab the back of my collar and remind me that I walk a step behind you and to the right, where I belong. As we get to the truck I open your door first then go to the drivers’ side and we start on our way to the house.

We enter the house and you say hello to Chris and we go to the living room where you take a seat on the couch, Chris sits in the chair and I take a seat on the floor at your feet where I belong, looking at your sneakers and white socks longing to touch, sniff, feel, and taste it. We talk for a little bit Chris knows full well why you are here and it is all about you and I. Filling the need for me to be a boy/pup. But you have plans for him as well but neither of us knows that for now.

You take me to the play room and have me strip naked so that all I’m wearing is the evil cb6000 that you have locked on me yet again. You put on the leather suspension restraints and hook me to the cross so that I can not get away from your prying hands. You inspect my body touching and feeling anything and everything you want to touch and feel. Slapping my ass from time to time reminding me how fucked I am now that you are here and completely at your mercy. You take rope and secure me to the cross using the rope cleats, now I’m unable to move anything but my head. You take off one of your socks that you have been wearing for a week and stuff it in my mouth and tape it in place. You securely attach a hood and make sure it is locked on and finally the blindfold puts me in total darkness. As my salvia makes your sock wetter the taste gets worse as time goes on. You turn off the light shut the door turn the heat on and leave me to wait until you are ready to deal with me.

You go back to the living room ask Chris if he minds that you pour yourself a drink from the bar. You get one for him and for yourself and head out back to smoke a cigar. While out there you and he talk about your plans for me during your week stay with us letting him know you have plans for him as well but strictly just for play as he needs it too. Clearing up any possible misunderstandings and rules seeing to it there will be no jealousy and no problems with you using me.

When you return you see my body glistening in sweat from the heat. You leave me hooded, blindfolded and gagged but take me down off the cross have me climb into the giant pup bed on the floor. You have me lay on my back and shove the butt plug tail in and proceed to put the humbler on me so that you can be sure I can’t stand. As I join you both in the living room I get to cool down from the intense heat you had turned on, laying at your feet as you watch TV drink your drinks and converse. You strap your sneaker to my face, covering the nose holes of the hood, forcing it to smell you. You tell me to stay where I am and you take Chris to the bedroom and tie him down spread eagle on the bed naked and work him over getting him hot and horny. You blindfold him with a bandana and gag him with your other sock and strap your other sneaker to his face. You come get me and remove the sneaker, blindfold, hood and gag and have me crawl on all fours to the bedroom were Chris is tied horny and waiting for attention. You help me onto the bed and force me to suck him off but tell me not to let him cum until you allow. As I’m on the bed sucking him off you remove the plug and grab a dildo and start fucking me with it. Knowing I can’t touch myself, I focus’s on Chris and you fucking my hole as I service my husband. You tell me to get him off and as you fuck me harder and harder with the dildo I suck more and more. Chris moaning into your sock gag, he’s getting closer and closer to shooting his load. I feel his body tensing up; seeing from the corner of my eye his toes curling slightly. He gets quiet; I switch to jerking him off by hand wanting to see the orgasm. With all the might of his body he releases his load in an eruption of orgasmic lust and the overflowing fountain of cum spraying over his head landing on the pillow and wall. The most intense orgasm ever seen by man has just taken place, at my hand.

As Chris calms down from his orgasm you take me to the sling re-gag me with that now wet nasty sock of yours, my cock straining in the confines of the cock cage, testing the plastics hardness and durability. Securing me to the sling, throw on a condom and fuck me hard and rough, telling me I am nothing but a toy and play thing for you while you’re here. Slapping my ass, pulling my hair, talking dirty to me until you are close to cumming, you pull out remove the condom and shoot onto a dirty sock of mine that has been worn for a few days. You remove the saliva soaked sock gag and stick the new sock with your fresh cum on it in my mouth and secure it with even more tape forcing it to taste your wonderful man juice. You tell me, I’m not allowed to swallow it and must savor the taste as my reward for servitude. I swirl it around my mouth as best I can with the sock in there and delighting in the joy I get from being allowed to taste you. You untie me, and allow me to swallow the semen, leaving the gag in, you have me get dressed and we all leave for dinner not letting me get off and keeping me locked, straining and totally frustrated for you.

Part 2:

We arrive at the restaurant and you remove the gag from my mouth before exiting the car. At dinner Chris orders and then you order for both yourself and me without asking me what I wish to have. You order my drink, water, and for my meal a salt and pepper steak. You look to me and tell me that there are rules for eating at a restaurant. You are the last to start eating and you will never order for yourself or even voice what you want. Pups don’t decide what they eat, they eat what is put in front of them. As the food is delivered I remember the rules, I’m the last to start eating as you take your sweet time to start eating yourself Sir. Talking with Chris who has already started, you delay, knowing I can’t eat until you have taken a bite. As we finish the bill comes to the table. I stay behind to pay the bill as you two head out, I hurry to sign the check and rush out to catch up not to keep you waiting. On our way home Chris drives with you in the passenger seat. I stays quiet the whole way home trying to maintain composure being as I’m the only one to not have gotten off yet, and with you here I no longer hold the key to gain even the slightest bit of relief from the cock cage.

We get home and you and Chris head to the living room to relax. Having a big meal you are both a bit tired and need to relax a bit before anything else starts. Meanwhile I head to the bedroom to change into my uniform, nothing but the jock strap holding back the cb600 socks and sneakers. I meet you both in the living room sitting at your feet. I remove your sneakers and inhale deeply as I get the nod of approval to do so from you. I remove your socks and again get the nod of approval and sniff it deeply. I take the sock and willingly place it in my mouth no tape needed. I start massaging your feet paying attention to every last part of the foot making it feel as good as I knows how. I use a little baby oil to help the friction decrease a little bit and intensify the sensation of the hands running over your foot. You and Chris continue to converse as if I’m not even there. Invisible to you both I’m just another object in the room. With you and Chris both fully digested you’re ready again the festivities start for the evening.

You take me to the play room again and put me on my knees and place the pup tail in my hole filling it good! You tape the gag in place due to the nature of the next event. You put me on the cross face out this time, put the nipple clamps on and use 2 small pieces of duct tape to secure them to my chest knowing how painful it will be to remove it. You then add cloths pins to my arms, chest, sides, and legs. The pain reaches intolerable and I start to scream into the gag and you remove the last 2 pegs from each area to make it slightly more tolerable. You let me marinate with the pain and turn to Chris who has been helping you torture me, and ask him if he wants to be tied down again. He said yes and you take him to the bedroom and once again tie him down spread eagle and you leave me in a darkened room with my thoughts and pain. As you return to the bedroom and play with Chris you continually edge him. Letting him recuperate from the edging, you come back to me flicking the cloths pins making me scream in pain. You tell me that when you are done edging Chris you might come back and release it from the cross. I moan into the gag in disbelief that I may be there for an hour like that!

You return to tease and edge Chris to no end and meanwhile my level of pain is increasing exponentially. I am starting to moan louder and louder until you come in to see me. You slap me lightly but hard enough to get the point across. You tell me to keep quiet or it’ll be longer! So I quiet down and as you leave you shut the door tightly. As you go back to the bedroom across the hall you close the bedroom door as well. The sound barriers will make the next part more delightful for you. Your attention is completely on Chris now, telling him the next time I make a noise they can hear you will let him cum, not telling him that you told me moments before to not make another sound, A mind fuck, to the best degree. Chris begins to moan in pleasure and frustration, as you tease him and starts begging for release knowing that he won’t find any help until I make noise again. He starts yelling my name and you gag him with a sock and tape so he can’t ask me to make noise. Meanwhile my pain continuing to increase has me wanting to not only make noise but to scream in agony. Knowing better this time, I choose to remain silent if you come back to the playroom mad at me it may not be a light slap to the face; it might be a punch to the gut or chest and not a light one. I hear moans from Chris feeling his pain though my ears knowing the frustrating hell he’s going through being teased over and over again with no release. At the risk of being beaten, I can’t stand to hear my husband moan and groan anymore, I had to get your attention to give him a break. I start moaning into my gag as loud as I can.

You think you hear me but aren’t sure and Chris is moaning as well making it harder to hear me anyway. As the pain reaches intolerable levels, I screams in pain and you both hear me clearly and you honor your word and bring Chris to orgasm. As he explodes for the second time in the night, you are in no rush to release me and you come in turn the light on offending my eyes and to get the full effect you look me in the eye kiss me lightly and remove every cloths pin in reverse order in rapid succession until you have nothing but the clamps left. I’m literally screaming hanging by restrained hands on the cross from the extremely painful torture that removing the cloths pins caused. You peal the tape back SLOWLY, screaming into the gag as it rips hairs and the clamps themselves from my nipples as the tape is finally removed you are kind enough to give it a hit of poppers and quickly, press your fingers into its nipples intensifying the pain and I again screams into the gag, preying the neighbors can’t hear it and call the cops.

You allow simmer down while still attached to the cross hanging as a bag of bones with no energy left to keep myself up on my feet. I hang from the suspension cuffs overwhelmed by the pain I have just been though. You leave to untie Chris and clean him and yourself up. As you and he are in the bathroom Chris starts the shower to clean up for the night as bedtime is rapidly approaching. You come in to see me withered from the intense pain of the past hour. You look at me dead in the eye and tell me how proud you are of it enduring the pain as well as it did. That single comment gave me an extra surge of energy and springs my cock to attention. You notice this and remove my aching cock from the confines of the plastic cell. You rub my cock, it feels so good as it is touched for the first time in weeks. You bring me to the edge of orgasm in seconds. Having no stimulation and no relief it takes hardly anything to bring me close to orgasm. You stop immediately not letting me have the pending orgasm so close to finally getting to blow its load…. I beg you to let it cum, begging you telling you that it would do absolutely anything to get to cum. knowing I mean it you look me in the eyes again and ask me if it truly feels that I deserve it. I tell you yes and that I really would do anything to get to cum and you matter-of-factly say you’ll do anything I want anyway pup. And while that is true you know I have been good and that I so desperately need the release.

You begin stroking it again. I throw its head back in pleasure begging the whole time for you to let me cum. You laugh evilly and tell me, I have 30 seconds to cum and you grip slightly harder and pick up the pace and as I reach orgasm you lighten your grip and slow down and as it reaches the 30 second mark I explode all over. The release of weeks of chastity results in an orgasm covering your hand my chest the cross and the floor below. You gather up as much of the cum as you can in a glass and quickly remove my gag feeding it to me, again tell me to savor the taste and not swallow until you tell me to. As it lingers in my mouth my cock twitches from finally getting the release it so desperately needed. You tell me to swallow and I drink it all down not letting a drop fall from my lips. You release me from the cross, and guide me to the shower, joining you. Knowing how proud you are of me I muster up the last bit of energy I have and wash you tenderly exploring your sexy body in every inch every crevasse I can find. We finish washing and when out I dry you off and you go to the bedroom to get ready for bed. You call me to the playroom and reattach the cb6000 and my leather collar and I moan in displeasure and hang my head. You lift my chin and look me in the eye and talk softly, you need this control don’t you? I respond in a whisper yes Sir I do. You lock it in place and guide me to the bedroom where Chris has laid out my sleeping bag and a soft mat for my bed.

You attach the tie down to its collar put the leather ankle restraints on my hind paws and clip them together fasten my pup mitts on my wrist locking them in place, and as you to lay in bed, I crawl into my sleeping bag, leashed to the foot of the bed, we all fall asleep.

This is the second entry and we already have a third in line as well that shall be posted soon. Remember the deadline is 9/30/11 for your stories to be concidered for the prize. I shall update the story contest tab to include both of these today

Hope you enjoy

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep. ~Rubberasylum

Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Bondage Table Lighning Strike: Rifton Restraint Table Part 2

My Fellow Inmates,

Before you read this post I want you to view the post from June 3rd:


It is about the Rifton Restraint table that I was pissed that Nastrus emailed me about Three minutes before the auction ended. It was a government auction, so there was no way I could register in time I lost it at 80.00 final bid and I was mad...

Don't get me wrong, Natrus is an awesome guy, the timing was the maddening part, he found it too late for me to get it...

So today I am at work and I receive a text picture from wetsuitjay of something he ran in to at a thrift store:

I was at work, mind you. I texted back "OH MY GOD THAT'S THE TABLE!!!"

The problem is that it was way too wide to fit in his car, and he was two hours away from home, where the truck was. It was 1pm when he messaged me this. I asked how much do they want?

He replied "25.00"

I said to him, please do not make the trip if you cant fit it in the car, as much as I want it. That was the last I heard on this, I went back to work, bummed that I missed this table twice...

Six hours later I receive a text with this picture:

The caption says: "It is home"

Wetsuitjay drove all the way home, and fought traffic back, a five hour round trip, to get this table for me....

The problem, it doesn't fit in the playroom...

We now have a choice, take over the whole downstairs of the house, or build a second playroom in our summer home on Whidbey Island...

That is the logical choice, This is the start of the "Asylum North" facility.

We have no choice now, it must begin. On twitter it was suggested that this was the perfect casting table, to keep a plaster casted boy hostage since it can be stood up or laid down with a simple turn of the crank mechanism

I love this idea! here is to the creation of the new playroom, and its first piece :-)

Now before you say it, yes, for some odd reason, WetsuitJay and I have been having amazing luck in the thrift stores recently. A few days ago, we found a viking dry suit and today we found this vintage table. Don't ask why, I don't know. Yet I cant argue it. its a wonderful thing, and WetsuitJay is a wonderful man to waste a day getting this great item for me.

I am blessed

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Friday, August 12, 2011

(New Bondage Video) Yiff! The Bondage Furs #7: Digital Dragon

My Fellow Inmates,

Though we have received a few more entries in to the story contest, we are going to take a small side trip to show the new video. Before you say it, yes I need a new editing program, its in the works, until then just deal with the odd random screen refresh...

In This one poor Digi is shrinkwrapped to the bondage table and tormented by five others... Yet in the end he cums twice, its a shame the camera wasnt on for his next two cums after that...


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Story Contest Entry: Dinner Out by Sparky (Rubber, Puppy)

My Fellow Inmates,

Here is the first Entry in the Asylum Story Contest. Its Called "Dinner Out" and is a rubber puppy story by Sparky


Apollo sat nervously in the back seat of the car, absentmindedly stroking his moulded puppy paws against the smooth black latex rubber suit hugging his body, each movement of rubber against rubber eliciting a quiet squeak. Master and his mate were in the front seat arguing about some banal detail their jobs while Master piloted the aging luxury car to the restaurant. Their conversation was all boring computer stuff, none of it making much sense to Apollo. Not that he really care about it anyway; the pup's mind was preoccupied with the events of the last 6 hours and the evening to come.

It felt like his entire life had changed when he landed in Seattle that morning. After collecting his bags he met Master in the arrivals section of the airport and had been whisked northward to a 1970's rambler just south of downtown. Master had been very sociable and nice on the trip to his house chatting and asking how Apollo was doing, seeming like an old friend. Once they arrived at Master's house though though, everything changed. Upon walking in the door the Master was greeted enthusiastically by a tan 70lb pit bull. Master bent to greet the dog, scratching its back before straightening to turn to Apollo.

"Get in there, strip and get your suit on." The Master's words were spoken gruffly as he gestured to the door immediately to the right of the entryway before continuing, "I expect you ready in five minutes." Master strode off to the other end of the house without looking back.

5 minutes?! That was crazy. Apollo opened the door and stepped into the room, the pit bull pushing inside the moment Apollo's hand opened the door. The room was clearly purpose designed for the dog. Two large kennels were lined up along the back wall, with a four gleaming metal dog bowls neatly arranged beside them. Two of the bowls were filled with water, the others completely empty. Putting down his suitcases, Apollo dived into the hard backed one that had his gear. Pulling out the stretchy rubber suit he dug, looking for his talc. Where was the Talc? Oh no! Quickly checking in the other case he confirmed that he had left it at home. Pawing through the two cupboards in the room revealed dog food, various medicines, brushes, and other dog paraphernalia, but no talc, or even anything close to it.

"Damnit!" The boy quickly started kicking off his shoes and pulling off his clothes. Once naked he flopped down on the floor and started wriggling into the legs of the mass of rubber. There were traces of talc in the suit from when he had last used the suit, but not nearly enough to make getting into it an easy task, much less possible in a five minute time frame. On his back, Apollo struggled to get his legs wedged into the tight material. The pit bull started nosing at the rubber, then sniffing and licking his face making matters even worse.

Apollo looked up, startled as the door to the mud room slammed open. Master strode in, his jeans and t-shirt exchanged for black leather pants, a tight white undershirt, and a pair of riding boots. He was carrying a black duffel bag, which he calmly set down on a short table near to the door before looking down at the struggling boy. Apollo tried to read Master's eyes and flat facial expression, but was unable to tell if he was disappointed, angry, or even amused by his failure to meet the imposed 5-minute deadline.

"Sky, crate." The firm tone resulted in an immediate response from the pit bull. The dog quickly and directly walked to the leftmost of the two crates and turned around in it to lay down, watching Master and the new pup. Master knelt and without a word gripped at the rubberized suit, expert hands efficiently tugging it up section by section, helping the pup finish putting it on. Feet quickly popped out the ankles of the suit, joined in short order by hands emerging out of the wrist holes. Once the suit was formed to his body and zipped up Master stood, moving over to the duffel bag. Unzipping it, the man opened it and looked inside before turning back to the boy. Apollo fidgeted slightly, rubber squeaking softly with every movement.

"Apollo, are you ready for this? Really ready?" Master's tone was even. Master's eyes locked with the boy's, bright blue orbs piercing into Apollo's own blue eyes. Apollo took a deep breath. This was it. This was what he'd thought about for so many years. This was his chance to really be a master's puppy.
"Yes, sir!" Apollo's response erupted from his mouth cheerfully. Prancing around on all fours in his gear at home was fun, but Apollo had always wanted an audience, wanted a master, wanted to show someone how good of a pup he could be.

"Once I put this collar on your neck you are a dog until I remove it. I know I sent you a list of my rules before you accepted my invitation, but seeing how new you are, I will repeat them /one/ last time." Master's words came smoothly, tone even other than a slightly menacing emphasis on the number. "Dogs do not talk; dogs bark, although not excessively. Dogs will remain firmly planted on the ground by all 4 legs. Dogs will obey all commands immediately and without hesitation. Do you understand?"

Apollo nodded, thrilling a little at hearing these restrictions voiced by the master. He had read the email before he left again and again, practically memorizing the instructions within.

The Master reached into the black bag and withdrew a square wooden box. Creaking it open by the hinge it revealed a thick rubber collar nestled in the velvet interior. The collar had two black anodized rings embedded in it, about 30 degrees apart. The back of the collar had two embedded halves of a clasp with metal rings which looked designed to accept a small padlock. After showing off the collar the master put it and the box back on the table before pulling out several objects. First he pulled out a pair of paw-gloves, moulded from matte-black rubber, each with an adjustable wrist and more loops for padlocks. Next came two shiny rubberized boots. The boots looked like normal galoshes at the base, but the material continued tightly up the shins, capped with embedded knee-pads formed into foot paws. Master handed the boots to Apollo and gestured down at his feet.

Sitting down to put on the boots Apollo realized why Master had asked for such detailed measurements of various parts of his body. Clearly the boots fit perfectly, foot paws fitting neatly over his knees. Rocking forward onto his knees he was pleased to see how the paw pads cushioned his knees, a comfortable improvement from his countless hours of prancing around on all 4's on carpet and hardwoods back at home when Mom and Dad were not around.

Master knelt before him, and wordlessly put the paws on his hands, first the left, then the right. The paws forced his human fingers to ball up into a fist, the tightly formed rubber distributing weight around his whole hands. Once they were snugly fit, master pulled the straps on the wrists tight, then stood to fish around in the bag some more. He withdrew three padlocks, each of which he popped open from a key fished from the pocket of the jeans. After replacing the key the master picked up the collar and turned back to Apollo.
"The last word you will say until I decide we are done is your safe word. Repeat it now for me, then I will collar you. Remember, all you have to do is say it again to end it all immediately, but if you do it's over. We don't begin again, and you go home right away." Master held out the collar, waiting for a response before wrapping it around the slender boy's neck.

"Here goes nothing," thought Apollo as lifted his chin before proudly saying "Free-dive."

Master's hands moved forwards, pulling the collar up against Apollo's neck. His fingers deftly closed the clasp, letting the rubber settle around the pup's neck. The rubber was tight against his neck, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable or restrict breathing. Master turned, grabbing all three padlocks to place them on the collar and two paws before pointing at the ground.

"Apollo, sit."

The pup immediately crouched down onto his haunches. Obeying the command sent a thrill through his spine. When the Master's lips crept up into a smile at his prompt response the pup beamed. This was happening. This was real!

"Sky, come." Master pointed next to Apollo, and the pit bull obediently fell in line with his more-human counterpart, automatically sitting. Master reached down to pat both dogs before him, scratching at their ears momentarily before turning and walking out of the room, calling "Sky, Apollo, heel" behind him.

Sky immediately bounded forward, following a step behind Master. Apollo froze momentarily, not used to such nonchalant orders, before taking his cue from the tan pit bull and crawling forward, trying to catch up on his hands and knees. Walking was awkward at first for Apollo. When he had practiced at home he had always walked on the palms of his hands, but the gloves forced him onto his fists. With the tight support the gloves offered his wrists he could immediately see that this would put much less strain on his wrists in the long term, although at the expense of having to re-learn to walk. The boots on the other hand were perfectly natural. The hardwood floors he was trundling down felt soft against the cushioned knee pads.

Master lead the duo out the back door into a large yard with impeccably manicured grass. The lawn was fenced in by a tall wooden fence providing privacy on the warm summer day. After verbally releasing them he spent a short while playing with both dogs, tossing a few balls for them, and playing tug-of-war with the pit bull. Apollo's still-awkward prancing made it impossible for him to beat Sky to the thrown balls, and he had little interest in playing with the filthy rope toy. A wave of relief crossed over him when Master walked back inside and returned with a fresh, new rope toy. Master dangled it in Apollo's face temptingly.

The new rubber pup reflexively raised a hand to grab at the rope. Immediately he realized how futile that would be, with his hands bound tightly into fists, thumb encased tightly to the fist. Apollo put the paw back down, opting to grab at the rope awkwardly with his mouth. The dog made it look so easy, yet Apollo found himself struggling to get a good grip with his mouth. As Master played with both dogs Apollo slowly got used to the paws, becoming more agile on them, dragging at his feet less as he romped.

Abruptly Master went into training mode, barking orders at both dogs, giving gentle corrections to both. While Sky's training revolved mostly around rehashes of basic obedience and seemed mostly a show for the new pup in the pack, Apollo was receiving pointers on walking and instructions to straighten his back while standing.

The patio door opened and a thin, tall man with a long beard walked out and kissed Master, who dropped the rope to embrace him. The tall man looked down at Apollo disapprovingly. Master had warned that his mate wasn't into puppy play, and the glare the pup was receiving from him made it clear that he thought Apollo looked ridiculous. The boy's ears burnt red, gripped by the sudden realization that he DID look ridiculous. Refusing to be deterred the pup grabbed the rope with his teeth before crawling forward with the toy. Nudging it into the Master's mates leg. Nuzzling him with the toy edged his look of disapproval into an outright sneer. Apollo lowered his back, flattening to the ground; the pup felt completely unsure of how to react.

As the mate stepped back inside shaking his head, Apollo's head hung low. He was startled by Master's hand rubbing the back of his neck.

"Good boy, ignore him. You are here for _my_ pleasure, not his." Master's tone was even, his enunciation of the word 'my' growling yet precise, implying a sense of ownership.

Apollo nuzzled into the master's hand, flushing from the praise. The master and two pups played and trained for a short while before he sent both dogs to the kennels. Master disappeared for half an hour or so, returning dressed in a sharp gray suit with a light blue shirt. He carried a leather pup hood with a laced back.

"Apollo, Sit." The Master pointed at the ground in front of him. Apollo eagerly crawled out of the crate and scrambled over to hunch down on all fours in front of Master. The man bent down to show the pup the hood. The hood was designed to cover most of the pup's head, completely enclosing him other than two holes for his eyes. The muzzle was slightly shorter than most hoods Apollo had seen online, and was split into an upper and lower half. The insides of the muzzle were soft plastic, with slight indentations at the tip of the muzzle, giving an impression of teeth. After giving the pup a chance to inspect the hood, he gently lifted it onto his head, then walked around behind Apollo to tighten the laces and tie them behind the pup's head snugly. Returning to Apollo's front, Master looked down, checking to make sure his eye's and mouth were properly aligned.

"Are you comfortable?"


The master's hand darted down, snagging the side of Apollo's neck sharply. While the blow didn't really hurt, it certainly startled the pup.

"Remember the rules, boy. Dog's don't talk. Next time you disobey it's going to hurt. Now are you comfortable?"

"Rrrruf!" Apollo nodded vigorously.

"Go take a look in the mirror, pup." Master gestured to the living room. Apollo pranced off, enjoying the feeling of the hood closed tightly about his head. Much like his rubber body suit, the hood was like a second skin, the short muzzle visible at the bottom of his field of motion. Seeing the floor length mirror by the door, presumably for the master to check his attire before leaving the house, he crawled over, shaking his head this way and that to see how it looked. Opening his mouth Apollo was surprised to see the bottom jaw move with his mouth. Experimentally he opened and closed his mouth, looking at the muzzle from different angles in the mirror, getting a feel for how it moved. He quickly discovered he had to exaggerate the movements of his jaw to fully articulate the muzzle on his face.

"Apollo, sit."

The pup had been so engrossed in his experimentation that he hadn't heard Master come into the living room behind him. Master's words startled him, making him almost fall over as he turned to the voice. Scrabbling over he quickly assumed a sitting position before the master. Master was holding a plate, holding something Apollo couldn't see from his position. He bent down, putting the plate in front of the pup, revealing several 1-inch cubes of bread soaked in water.

"Apollo, I want you to eat these, one at a time. Don't make a mess."

The pup looked down at the plate in front of him. Carefully planning out his moves, not wanting to displease Master. He bent down, trying to gauge distance between the tip of the muzzle and the plate before gingerly opening his mouth wide to envelop one of the cubes before closing his mouth slightly to trap it, then tilting back his head and re-opening his mouth to roll the cube from the muzzle into his human mouth. The move almost worked, but he got the angle wrong and the bread rolled out the side, just missing his mouth, and landing wetly on the carpet. Master looked down with disapproval as Apollo dove for the cube, picking it up and actually getting it in his mouth this time. He chewed twice, swallowing the soggy bread before beaming up at the master.

"Gooood boy Apollo. You figured that one out fast. Now get the other two." Master pointed back down at the plate. The rubberized puppy eagerly and deftly picked up one, then the other, swallowing them almost without chewing. Looking up he saw the master beaming back, his hands on his hips, chest puffed out proudly. One of his hands reached down to pat the pup as he called "Honey, time for dinner." He turned to the pup and finished, "time for a show. Don't disappoint me."

They had been in the car for 15 minutes now, traffic heavy on a Friday night. Apollo wasn't really sure what to expect from the evening. Heck, Apollo wasn't sure what to expect from anything this weekend.
The car pulled up to the stately restaurant on Lake Union, coming to a stop in front of the door. The smartly dressed valet opened the front passenger door first, letting Master's mate step out before opening Apollo's door. Apollo caught a stare from the valet, and realized how much he must stick out in a fancy joint like this. Clambering out, he got down on all fours and waited for Master to come around and click his leash back onto the collar. Looking up he caught an embarrassed look from Master's mate, before the mate looked away, clearly mortified to be involved in the whole event. The trio marched forward through the glass doors, Apollo struggling to keep up with the brisk pace of the humans striding comfortably on two legs..

The MaƮtre De greeted the trio warmly until her eyes dropped to see Apollo on all fours, rubberized skin gleaming in the dim, tasteful lighting. Her eyes narrowed, posture stiffening. Master reached forward to shake her hand. She looked down at her hand after he broke the grip and seemed momentarily surprised, before a look of resignation flashed across her eyes. Face quickly resuming her bright smile, she asked about a reservation, which Master confirmed. Taking one last quick look at what Master had left in her hand she made a subtle gesture and a server appeared before them.

"Table 14, in the back".

The server looked at Apollo uncomfortably before grabbing a few menus and leading the trio back through the restaurant to a table in the corner. As they passed through tables set with crisp white linens, silence fell around them. Apollo looked around, catching glares from diners dressed in expensive clothing. Their looks pierced through his rubber like needles. Lowering his head he followed Master, glad that the puppy hood was hiding not only his identity, but his fiery red ears, burning with embarrassment.

The table was in a corner, boxed in by massive windows looking out on Lake Union. Apollo couldn't see the lake from his vantage point on all fours, but could see the sky, slowly fading to a brilliant orange from the setting sun. Looking around he caught more stares. Although Apollo's shame was immense and growing, he could tell that he wasn't the only one who was uncomfortable. Every one of the high-class diners was clearly crawling in their skin at the sight of a rubber puppy invading their fine dining experience. The nerve!

Unable to get comfortable with so many eyes staring at his humiliating state, Apollo opted to crouch down by Master, trying to take up as little space as he could manage. Masters hand briefly reached down to stroke at his puppy hood before picking up his menu to peruse it. No sooner had he put it down then a waiter dressed in a sharp black uniform materialized to take their order, glaring down at the cowering puppy, worried that Apollo's mere presence would mean less tips from his other tables. Master gestured for his mate to order first before he placed the order for himself and for Apollo.

"Two of your 16oz Fliet Mignon medium rare. One Oscar style, one dry. I'll have a glass of the 2005 Beringer Private Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon, and a bowl of water for the pup."

Looking up, Apollo could see the waiter bristle at the last bit, but he quickly regained composure and strode off purposefully. The pup was impressed by how quickly the wine and bowl appeared. When the bowl was set in front of him he wondered how much of it was for show - while the hood was clearly designed to allow him to eat, drinking while in the hood didn't seem possible, nor had Master provided any training on how to drink while wearing it. The rubber pup opted to not try to drink, and settled on maintaining his crouch, resting his head against Master's thigh, feeling the leather hood slide smoothly against the cloth pant leg of his suit.

His eyes wandering, Apollo was pleased to see that most of the fellow diners had resumed their meals, conversations re-starting. He still caught haughty glances from time to time, but his initial embarrassment was slowly fading, being replaced with a sense of pride. Apollo _was_ a puppy. Apollo was finally living his dream of so many years. He really hoped he was pleasing Master.

Master and his mate's conversation continued. The pair talked about some of their social circles before the conversation once again trended to boring business topics. Apollo didn't care, the pup wasn't there to talk, he was there to be a good boy, privileged to have been brought along. He passed the time by looking around, taking in the details of the restaurant. Still lit by the sunset, he could make out a good 15 tables from this vantage point, each dressed in identical linens, neatly arranged with the tablecloth centered perfectly on each one. The chairs surrounding each table were made of stately hardwood. A short oil lamp adorned each table, and as the sun was setting Apollo could see one of the bus boys making his way around the dining room lighting each one.

The steaks arrived at the table, the waiter maneuvering around the puppy taking up much of the narrow channel between tables. The waiter seemed unsure of what to do with Apollo's steak, but quickly put it on the table next to Master when he snapped and pointed next to the plate in front of him. After being invited to cut into their steaks to check that they were properly cooked the waiter vanished. Apollo watched the master cut into his own steak, biting into the neatly sliced piece dripping with Bearnaise. A satisfied smile crept across his face before he turned to the pup.

"Apollo, Sit. Stay."

Obediently the pup sat up, getting down on his haunches. He watched as Master deliberately sliced into the 2nd steak, neatly cutting it into bite-sized pieces and arranging them on the plate before bending down to put the plate on the floor in front of Apollo.

"Apollo, OK"

Released from his wait, Apollo looked down at the steak oozing juicy blood onto the plate in front of him. It smelled delicious, making the pup's mouth water. He looked around, realizing that again, all eyes were on him. Everyone in the restaurant seemed  fixated on his next move. Apollo's ears again burnt red. He was uncomfortable. Everyone was uncomfortable. Looking up he saw Master looking down at him, smiling. Master gave an encouraging pat on his head.

"Go ahead boy, you have earned a treat."

Those words were all the invitation Apollo needed. If this made master happy it was enough for him. The pup he bent down, carefully clasping at one of the slices of meat with the puppy muzzle, then tilting his head back to let it roll into his mouth. The steak was perfectly cooked and seasoned, practically falling apart in his mouth as he chewed, each bite making the muzzle crack open and closed. Each bite echoed in his head, the restaurant devoid of other noise. All eyes were on the rubberized boy chewing his steak on all fours. Conversation had stopped. Drinking had stopped. This must be what Master meant when he'd mentioned that he liked putting on a show.

Getting into it, Apollo swallowed, and bent to maneuver another bite into his mouth. Wagging his butt like a tail he chewed with gusto, enjoying the salty meat. He was a lucky dog; not just any pup got steak, much less such a fine hunk of meat like this. He almost felt a little bad for Sky being left at home, deprived of this amazing meal.

The salty steak was making Apollo thirsty. The pup really wished that there was a way he could drink from the bowl of water sitting next to the plate of steak. Hopefully Master would remove the hood when they got home so he could lap up some water in the pup room.

Once the meal was finished, Master handed the waiter a credit card, and sat swirling the last dregs of his glass of wine. He was practically beaming with pride every time his gaze met with Apollo's. As they left the dining room, Apollo himself beamed with pride. The stares from other guests fueling pride rather than shame. He had pleased his master. He had done well.

The stately green Audi was pulled around by the Valet and Apollo clambered into the back seat. Master got behind the wheel, cooing at the pup, praising him for such good behavior, and promising that he would receive a reward when they got home. The rubber pup beamed, content. He had become the puppy he had always wanted to be, and a damn good one at that.


Thats the first story, Hopefully a lot more to come soon, remember, now that the gloves have been thrown down, Sparktography qualifies for the prize.

I look forward to seeing those others who step up to the plate :)

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Monday, August 8, 2011

The First Asylum Story Contest: DDR Rubber Prize!!

My Fellow Inmates,

You are looking at a Devil Dog Rubber Latex Jock... Yup, Devil Dog Rubber, as in Made by Bodisama. These are no longer available, and there by are quite rare.

So Why am I showing you this? Because it can be yours... How you ask?

I am Launching the very first ever Asylum Story contest, and this is the first prize.

Here are the Rules:

1) The Story must be original, yup, you must sit down and write it. Period. If we find out that its ever been posted anywhere else you shall be disqualified.

2) It must include bondage. Sorry to all you non bondage people, but this is a bondage site... Soooo....

3) The story can be Rubber, leather, or furry. The audience to this site consists of all three. Just realize that the vote for the winner shall be in the hands of the readers, so hedge your bets accordingly. Basically if you write a scat story I wouldn't bank on winning

4) The contest opens now. A special tab has been created for the rules and for the story postings. All entries will get a day on the main page then filed with the others in the contest tab. The contest is open from 8/08/11 -9/31/11

5) You can submit as many stories as you wish, but all must be original

6) On October 1st we will open the voting for 7 days. Voting will be by email only, this shall fix the issue of stuffing a ballot box with a poll on a site that doesn't require login to track. All emails shall be tallied, all duplicates deleted. You can vote for more than one story, but must do so in the same email.

7) All stories shall remain on the padded cell website in the contest history, and we shall retain usage rights, but the original authors have the right to post them elsewhere as they choose.

8) Stories can be submitted through email to the Asylum by clicking the "Contact Us" Link at the top righthand side of the page


Good luck to all, May this be the first of many contests, and may the best story end up rubbered

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gear Review: The Mr S Leather Sleepsack

My Fellow Inmates,

(Click On Pix To Go To Product)

Ok, lets be honest here, There isnt much more of an amazing, cadillac piece than you can get that the Mr.S leather sleepsack... What did I pay for mine you ask? I think it was about 2300.00 once I was all said and done... so is it worth it?

The Bag offers an amazing amount of options, as long as you opt for all that you can opt for on it... Yes, this means you must spend a fortune to get it... how are you going to do that, you ask? stay tuned and I will tell you how I bought one on a 10.00 an hour job...

My bag that I bought, I wanted everything I could add: shoulder and foot suspention, internal arm zips, inside out so the leather is on the inside, extra belt set, and spiked tit flaps.

The first problem was that they were not able to add tit flaps and shoulder suspention on the same bag because they occupied the same spots. This was fine to me, I prefered the thought of the suspention option so I went with that instead.

Now one interesting thing you may not think about when ordering a sleepsack is the internal arm zips. If you read on Mr S's website, they are intended for solo play in the sack. With cords tied through a system of d rings and then to the zipper to allow yourself in and out. I tried this once, and it scared even me... This is not a good Idea at all! Period, if something goes wrong you are done, you will not get out!

But... With that said. They have come in sooo handy, espcially if you are a gear player. Try stuffing a boy in thick padded mitts and motorcycle leathers in to a sleepsack where they have to work their arms down the sleeves. It you suceed without having to remove the mits its still a pain in the ass. Here they just set their arms in the right spot, zip them in, and they are stuck.

Now, lets talk about the inside out option. Mikey (bndgkid) probably said it best. Unless you want your sleepsack to look like a Pollock painiting... Ok look, when they put the leather on the inside, which feels great, this means there is suede on the outside. Have you ever had a suede jacket you spilled something on? Not pretty. Your bag will show years of battle scars that will never come out if you allow anyone to cum in it... Granted if you are hanging it on the wall in the livingroom as a conversation piece for your family thanksgiving, then perhaps you are ok with this...

So what do you do? Well there are 3 choices, leave the suede on the inside, cough up the extra 650.00 to do leather on the inside and outside (I just bought 128 sq feet of leather for leatherpanther and the total cost for 2 full pelts was 600.00 so be carefull of cost vs what you get), or you can just enjoy years of abstract art :)

Oh, those rivets... yes, that was something I actually addressed with Skeeter while she was fixing a catsuit of mine at IML. Whats wrong with them? They rust. I asked her why they dont use stainless in their sacks. She told me that stainless costs more and that it would raise the price of the sack. Let me be the first to call horseshit. A sleepsack is less than one pelt of leather. If I bought a pelt for 300.00 I guarentee Mr S pays less. This means their base model sleepsack at 1695.00, even if they argue that its a full pelt, is 1395.00 in labor and profit. Can you really justify that non rusting rivits would eat in to the bottom line?

I was also told that its not really a problem unless you sweat alot. Well with how we play here, boys stay in the sack for as long as I wish... so yes, they are going to sweat. Its an easilly solved issue, and yes the gear is awesome, but one little detail is not going to break the bottom line. Though it is cute to see a boy get out with rust polka dots all over his body :P

You must get the belt set, yup its required unless you like torn off D-rings and rivets. Also you need the padded leg cusion, as the sack squeezes the knees and the ankes together in a way that without it you shall have pain quickly.

Dont get me wrong this is the holy grail of toys, I am aware of that, and yes you need one. But if I am going to do reviews I need to be honest and find the good and the bad.

Oh, and as for how I got one while working a 10.00 an hour job way back when... I took a loan against my 401k and placed a 4000.00 order at Mr. S. I am not saying you should do this, I was young and at the time it seemed a great idea... though that loan is now paid off and I have a sleepsack :-D

Rating 5/5 (of course)

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Friday, August 5, 2011

(Pix) And Here You Thought You Were Extreme: Shark Tooth Corsetry

My fellow inmates,

This was sent to me by a friend on twitter (thank you furkitfox) it is an artists comment on the brutal practice of corsetry that was standard in human history...

From the outside it looks like a normal corset...

But once you look in to the business end, you shall notice that it's lines with thousands of shark teeth...

I need one of these as a visual aid for those truly mouthy boys... I think a few hours in the corset will change your attitude...


With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

(Pix) Gumby and the Spiked Rubber Sleepsack

My Fellow Inmates,

Many years ago I was scrolling through the serious bondage website, when I ran across something that absolutly took by breath away...

A Special Thank you to Serious Bondage for allowing us use of these images. Please click on any pic to view their site...

I was actually chatting with James (Bodisama) at the time that I found this picture set, and I chuckle as I still have the archived chat message saying "My God James You Have To See This!"

What you are looking at is Gumby's spiked inflatable sleepsack. I have tried to have it duplicated a few times over the years but every manufacturer says the same thing: "Its only a matter of time, its a danger to itself"

On the inside of this beast, spikes line all surfaces surounding the body, even on the interior of the sleepsack arm sleeves... Oh yes, and if you look back at the first picture, I beleive you shall find that is a spiked hole for your cock as well.

I love the fingersleeves, hand spread open so its at maximum mercy to the points soon to be embeded in your flesh...

Warning boys, to all those who dont like those cootie ridden ichy Gurls, one is about to appear!

You can see the spikes all over the arm and even on the back to the right of the sleeve

AHH! There she is!!! (Puts one hand over eyes, and swings wildly with the other)

When playing with intense pain sensory deperation and the feeling of absolute loss of control can be very important to find the right headspaces.

Ahhh, you can feel them digging in to your back already cant you? Whats that? Got an itch?

Every spike on the inside is being pushed firmly into its host, including the inflateable pouch on the front. Setting the body on fire with unrelenting racking pain from all directions most likely takes the brain to places that most of us can only imagine.

It is a truly beautiful piece, and I would Love to keep the owner, Gumby, sealed inside of it for as long as he could take it.... then perhaps a bit longer :)

Though as much as I am not sure I could handle the challenge, a nervous little voice inside my head wants to experiance this as well. 

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.