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The Adult Writings Of Shel Silverstein 1/31: Boy Named Sue/ Father of a Boy Named Sue

My Fellow Inmates,

Shel got hois start writing for Playboy Magazine in the 1960's....

He wrote for Dr Hook and other groups before finding his fortune in children books.

I have uncovered 31 of these classic adult pieces, some of them gritty, some of them dirty....

Lets start with the most famous, back again with its second half that makes the whole piece very disturbing...


Boy Named Sue
(By Shel Silverstein)

My daddy left home when I was three,
And he didn't leave much to Ma and me...
Just this old guitar and an empty bottle of booze.
Now, I don't blame him cause he run and hid,
But the meanest thing that he ever did
Was before he left, he went and named me 'Sue'.
Well, he must o' thought that is was quite a joke,
And it got a lot of laughs from a' lots of folk.
It seems I had to fight my whole life through.
Some gal would giggle and I'd get red,
And some guy'd laugh and I'd bust his head.
I tell ya, life ain't easy for a boy named 'Sue'.
Well, I grew up quick and I grew up mean,
My fist got hard and my wits got keen.
I'd roam from town to town to hide my shame.
But I made me a vow to the moon and stars
That I'd search the honky-tonks and bars,
And kill that man that give me that awful name.
Well, it was Gatlinburg in mid-July
And I just hit town, and my throat was dry.
I thought I'd stop and have myself a brew.
At an old saloon on a street of mud,
There at a table, dealing stud,
Sat the dirty, mangy dog that named me 'Sue'.
Well, I knew that snake was my own sweet dad
From a worn-out picture that my mother'd had,
And I knew that scar on his cheek and his evil eye.
He was big and bent and gray and old,
And I looked at him and my blood ran cold,
And I said: "My name is 'Sue!' How do you do! Now you gonna die!"
Well, I hit him hard right between the eyes,
And he went down, but, to my surprise,
He come up with a knife and cut off a piece of my ear.
But I busted a chair right across his teeth
And we crashed through the wall and into the street
Kicking and a' gouging in the mud and the blood and the beer.
I tell ya, I've fought tougher men,
But I really can't remember when,
He kicked like a mule and he bit like a crocodile.
I heard him laugh and then I heard him cuss,
He went for his gun and I pulled mine first,
He stood there lookin' at me and I saw him smile.
And he said: "Son, this world is rough,
And if a man's gonna make it, he's gotta be tough,
And I know I wouldn't be there to help ya along.
So I give ya that name and I said good-bye.
I knew you'd have to get tough or die,
And it's that name that helped to make you strong."
He said: "Now you just fought one hell of a fight,
And I know you hate me, and you got the right
To kill me now, and I wouldn't blame you if you do.
But ya ought to thank me, before I die,
For the gravel in ya guts and the spit in ya eye
Cause I'm the son-of-a-bitch that named you 'Sue'."
I got all choked up and I threw down my gun
And I called him my pa, and he called me his son,
And I come away with a different point of view.
And I think about him, now and then,
Every time I try and every time I win,
And if I ever have a son, I think I'm gonna name him
Bill or George! Anything but sue! I still hate that nam

Father Of A Boy Named Sue
(By Shel Silverstein)

Intro by Shel Silverstein
OK, now, years ago, I wrote a song called "A Boy Named Sue", And, that was OK and everything except, then I started to think about it, and I thought, It is unfair. I am, I am looking at the whole thing from the poor kid's point of view. And as I get more older and more fatherly, I begin to look at things from old men's point of view. So, I decided to give the old man equal time. OK, here we go... Yeah, I left home when the kid was three And it sure felt good to be fancy free Though I knew it wasn't quite the the fatherly thing to do But that kid kept screaming and throwing up And pissing in his pants till I had enough So just for revenge I went and named him Sue Yeah! It was Gatlinburg in mid July I was gettin drunk but gettin by Gettin old and going from bad to worse When through the door with an awful scream Comes the ugliest queen I've ever seen He says, "My name is Sue, how do you do?" Then he hits me with his purse Now this ain't the way he tells the tell But he scratched my face with his fingernails And Then he bit my thumb And kicked me with his high heel shoe So I hit him in the nose and he started to cry And he threw some perfume in my eye And it sure ain't easy fightin an old boy named Sue So I hit him in the head with a cane back chair And he screamed, "Hey dad, you mussed my hair!" And he hit me in the navel and knocked out a piece of my lint He was spittin blood, I was spittin teeth And we crashed through the wall and out into the street Kickin and gouging in the mud and the blood and the creme de menthe Then out of his garter he pulls a gun I'm about to get shot by my very own son He's screaming about Sigmund Freud and looking grim - woo So I though fast and I told him some stuff How I named him Sue just to make him tough And I guess he bought it cause now I'm living with him Yea he cooks and sews and cleans up the place He cuts my hair and shaves my face And irons my shirts better than a daughter could do And on the nights that I can't score Well, I can't tell you any more But it sure is a joy to have a boy named Sue Yeah a son is fun but it's a joy to have a boy named Sue!


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(Video) Rubber Bondage NIN: Pinion

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I must thank Rockpup for pointing this one out.

It's awesome when rockstars make porn just to push the envelope...

Here's Nine Inch Nails "Pinion"

A Courtesy Flush Please...

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Classic Bondage Story: Furry Heaven

My Fellow Inmates,

This was sent to be by BigJon... and I liked what I read quite a bit, He has given up permission to post, so please enjoy an interesting take of Fursuits and electro...

Furry Heaven...


Furry Heaven.

By BigJon7

For many years now i have had a strong desire/need to be trapped, enclosed and left in a Furry Heaven. This is something that had been beyond my reach and was much too purvey for most of my friends to know about or even understand.

So, on a visit to my long time bondage buddy, he had a little surprise for me. We met up as usual for lunch and a chat and then went for a couple of drinks. All seemed as normal. We went back to his place and went down to his Dungeon. I noticed to my delight and surprise a large bear suit draped over the bench. He looked at me and smiled.

“Bet you were not expecting that” he said.

“Dead right” i replied.   

“I think we will have you in there shortly”, he chuckled.

My pulse was starting to pick up at the thought of it, as he went to put the kettle on.

I enjoyed the cup of tea, but my mind was wondering what was to come next.

We returned to the Dungeon, and i was able to have a quick look at the bear suit.

It was brown and covered with a good lot of thick fur, The head seemed to be attached to the body as were the paws and feet. It was all in one. Having picked it up it was very heavy too. Inside the suit it was lined in fur aswell, almost as thick as the fur on the outside. It had a crotch entry, there was not zip up the back or front. This would make it difficult to get in and out of. It looked quite cute from the outside, the bears face having a contented smile on it.

“What are you waiting for” a voice said. “Start putting it on”.

I obeyed, and undressed. My pulse was really going now, with the anticipation.

I walked over to the suit and slipped my right leg inside right leg of the suit. The furriness felt great as my leg slipped right down inside. My foot fitting nicely into the enclosed foot of the suit at the end. Then the other leg went in all the way and the suit was pulled up to my waist. My buddy was assisting at this point. He laughed as he saw my throbbing dick.

“Having fun”

I smiled and replied ”Yep”

After a little adjustment, it was time for the rest of the suit to go over me.

Both my arms we put half way down their prospective suit arms and the head and body was lifted over my head. The whole lots slid down and over me and engulfed me in the thick furriness. It felt great against my naked body. This was heaven. The head on the suit was also filled with the furriness and in enclosed my head  completely. The eyes did not allow much light in, as they were smaller than i thought. There was an opening for breathing which i was thankful for.

Then i felt a tugging in between my legs and the suit was zipped shut. I was well and truly trapped. Fur ticking my balls and cock which made me squirm abit.

“There we are” said a voice, “ A real life teddy bear, looking good”. He laughed loudly.

“I think you better spend a little time in there before i get my fun”, he said.

This comment caught my breath, as i knew that he could be evil if he wanted to be.

However my cock continued to throb away, so all was well for now.

I was led by the paw over to the St Andrews Cross which as in the corner of the Dungeon, and i was attached to it, all 4 limbs secured.

“There you go my Bear, not going anywhere now in a hurry”

With that he turned and left the Dungeon. I could hear his footsteps climbing the stairs.

Well, here i was trapped inside my Furry Heaven. Totally enclosed and it was getting hot now too. Starting to sweat abit. This make my cock throb even more. As i wriggled on the cross i could get the fur to tickle my balls again and again. It was great, i could not believe this was happening to me. I must have been making a few noises as i heard a voice say

“Sounds like you are having fun, all this noise i am hearing”.

He had come down the stairs without me realising.

“Time to do something about that”

I heard a draw open and then a gag was inserted through the mouth in the suits head and into my mouth. It was then blown up and i realised it was a butterfly gag.

“That will take care of those noises”, the voice said.

This made breathing more difficult and the extra effort made me sweat into the suit even more and made my cock start to ache as it throbbed. The heat i was feeling was making me even more horny.

“Now, it is time for some of my fun” the voice said.

I felt the crotch zip on the suit being unzipped, the cooler air hitting my cock and balls as the opening grew larger.

Then i felt straps being attached to my cock and balls. I knew that my love for electro was going to be added to the love for the furriness. However the amount would be beyond my control.

“I think that will do” the voice said, “Hello, electro Teddy bear”

The crotch zip was then pulled shut.

I waited for what was to come. Trapped in my furry heaven, hot, horny, sweating, pulse racing and breathing heavily.

“Now for some fun”, the voice said.

I felt waves of electro starting on my cock head. Gentle at first, but then starting to increase in intensity. I yelped from behind the gag.

“Good, i will leave the setting there for a while” the voice said “Now i have a reaction”  

The waves were teasing and massaging my cock head. I moaned and wriggled as the electro did its work. At the same time my balls were being tickled by the fur. Pain and pleasure combined and there was nothing i could do about it. As i moved about, the sweaty fur moved over my entire body. Stroking and rubbing all over my naked body. Turning me on even more. It seemed my whole body was about to explode. I was chewing on the gag, as i struggled for breath.

I am not sure how long this went on for but it was broken with a voice saying

“How is my electro bear getting on”

I was unable to even answer, as the gag only allowed a grunt.

“Good, time for abit more then”

The electro was changed to a new setting. A more constant, steady pulse on my cock head. Gentle again at first but then increasing and increasing, slowly being turned up. This making my cock head feel as if it was on fire. I moaned and struggled as it tormented me. The heat of the suit getting to baking point, matching the temperature of my cock. The sweat was flowing from me. Was the furry heaven getting out of control?

It was not in control. The voice was. 

Time passed again, struggling, sweating, moaning.

“How are you getting on”, the voice said.

I could barely give a response, as i was in furry heaven/hell.

“I think it is time to let the bear cum, Slowly”, the voice said

The electro was changed again to a slow massage. My body convulsed on every stroke as the intensity was slowly increased. Slowly tormenting and massaging my cock head. I knew i was going to cum, but the electro was going to decide when. My throbbing cock was burning. I waited, trapped and hot, i had to. More and more strokes, more intensity, on and on it went.

“Awwww, my poor bear”, the voice said. “Not there yet”

I shook my head in response, i could not make a noise

The voice turned up the electro abit more. On and on, pulsing, teasing, building.

That was it, the point of no return had been reached. I screamed into the gag as i came inside of the furry suit. My body writhing as each shot of cum flew out of my dick. I was gasping for breath, sweat flowing into the fur of the suit. After the last shot, my body started to relax but the heat intensity continued. The furry suit was not finished with me yet. I was trapped, hot, but no longer horny, wanting out. Was i going to be released from my furry prison?

Only the voice would decide.............

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Spotlight On: Fetish Leathercrafter & The Fucksuit

My Fellow Inmates,

You must check out the Fetish Leathercrafter's Journal:


It is run by Christopher, and not only does he do amazing designs and work, he even shows how to make them yourself...

He Has many other designs on the site and picturs, so please check them out... Yet after seeing the pictures here for the fucksuit...

I REALLY want one, and of course he is not taking orders at the moment...


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Vote For The FurFags!!! Win Free Commissions...

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Furkitfox & Ookaminobaka have entered a contest to win a trip to Disneyworld to get married...

Can you imagine Disny not only paying to marry Fags... but Furfags at that?

They are even giving away free commissions... See the email below the pic... VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

Hello fellow furries and fur-iends!  :3
Please help some fellow furries out by voting for us to win a dream wedding.  Jarrad (ookaminobaka on FA) has offered to give a couple of free commissions at random to those of you who vote for us, so please vote and forward this message out to other furries who can vote for us as well.
As you may know Jarrad and I (Kit) are engaged to be married.  Our speculations have always been that we aren't going to get married until a) it is legal in Washington and b) we can afford it (since there's no bride, there's nobody to pay for the wedding for us).  Jarrad has always had this dream to get married at Disneyworld in some fairy tale wedding, but that's always kinda looked like an impossible dream for the two of us.
Well, Disney is going to make it a reality for one lucky couple.  They've started a contest where the goal is to vote for your favorite couple to win the wedding.  All we needed to do was submit a photo of us and tell a short story about why we should win.  So far we're the only gay couple who has entered, which is interesting, so I'm hoping to make some waves in the furry community and get a lot of votes.
So far the number one submission on there has around 700 votes.  That's a lot, and it seems very unlikely that we'll ever get that many votes.  But then I started thinking, well, the furry community is pretty frickin' big, what if we can get this thing circulated around somehow to all the furries we know and maybe have them share it as well?  There's a chance we might actually win, and even if we don't it will still be fun!  Also, it will give Jarrad a chance to give out a couple of free commissions which is always fun.
So, here's what you can do to help, if you're inclined to do so (and we both really hope you will be).
1.  Vote for us, of course!  Instructions on how to vote are below.
2.  Forward this email to your friends.  Please don't just forward at random, we don't want to SPAM people or piss anybody off, so only forward to people who you think will be interested in helping, or winning the art.
3.  Post this on your own journals on FA, LJ, FB, Twitter, whatever, and make sure to mention the free art.  =)  Do whatever you can to spread the word.
Here's how to win the art!
1.  Post a comment on FA on this particular journal on Jarrad's wall letting us know that you voted.  We'll trust that if you post, you really voted.  =)
2.  If you forward this email, post on the journal and let us know, you'll get entered a SECOND TIME for forwarding the email.
3.  If you post on your journal let us know, you'll be entered an additional time for each journal you post it to.  =)
Here is the journal to post on!  http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2263645/
How to vote!
2.  Register for Disney.com if you aren't already registered (it takes like 2 minutes)
3.  Click the button to vote.  =)

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