Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Voyeur's guide to Rubberasylum

My Fellow Inmates,

I wanted to hop in here real quick and drop a note to everyone that follows my blog.

No bones aside, Asylum has been distracted recently. Between my camera going tits up, (which is why I haven’t had many new pix to share in the Asylum club), and trying to get myself back on the gym bandwagon, I have had many things on my mind.

Sadly this blog has not been high priority.

But to my own defense, as anyone knows who reads these ramblings, or knows me… Unless we are talking a boy strapped to a table in head to toe gear… I tend to have a hard time focusing on anything for too terribly long.

That aside. I promised the writings of my past and that you shall get. I already have a title for it, but that shall remain veiled until I am ready to share the story. Since I am writing this for Mr. Mitchell, and the rest of you sick voyeurs are just reading over his shoulder in a public forum…

Let’s give a moment for that insanity to sink in…

…Well with that I shall keep it to myself for now. As for other topics I have discussed in the past, let me touch on a few with some updates…

Asylum moving again to a larger place:

Well this is all up in the air at the moment. We may or may not move. Sadly we are not sure at this time. Here is the bottom line though:

If we move the new play space is larger. Asylum will also have space to acquire other larger pieces of gear (like the previously mentioned Stryker Gurney), yet the normal everyday household projects will be immense as the home needs a lot of updating to bring it out of the 1970’s. So with that Asylum’s time will be limited for a healthy amount of time. The downfall to this is although there is a lot of room in the new house, the space to build a padded cell (and have it not take up too much of the play space, or be out in a spot family may see it) is questionable and will have to be figured out if not axed all together.

If we stay here then the work on the padded cell can begin. Anyone that has been in Asylum’s play space knows although we have a decent sized space it is a bit cramped in there as well, no room to add any more bondage structures. We could add-on to the current structures, and we have talked about it… But that’s all up in the air pending the answers on the new home.

Asylum’s Work:

I know I mentioned before the impending doom of a strike in this wonderful economy. I can not remember if I gave an update. Well we are good. No Strike. My Job has frozen hiring until January and is allowing natural attrition to save them money in these tough times. Although I hate unions I firmly believe that being in one is saving my butt right now. What would corporate America do to save money if the resulting PR nightmare would not backlash upon them?

I shutter to even think.

Rubberfreak’s Catsuit:

As you all know Rubberfreak made a deal with the… Asylum… where I got a bed harness and 10 humane restraints and in trade he would get a catsuit. Well Asylum does not do anything on the cheap. Kind of one of my downfalls really. It has been decided that the boy’s catsuit will come from Cocoon. It will be a bondage suit as well… I can’t tell you any more as the boy reads this blog as well. I will share as the situation unfolds in the future, and we will definitely have pix of the boy in his new gear when he finally gets locked inside it J

With that, I have a date today to go through 10,000 records… Yes Asylum is a vinylphile of the worst kind. So I am off, if there is any other topics that need updates let me know. As for the writing those of you waiting for Carpe Noctem part 4… No worries I am working on it, it will definitely be a while though… heh J

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy…

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep