Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bondage Story: MurrCon Part 2

My fellow inmates,

It is with great pleasure that I share the continuation of this story with you...

This boy's plight though bad at the end of this part, shall only go 100 times worse at the end of the next part...

Please enjoy :-)


The Murrcon Part 2

We entered Chicago with my ear half chewed off the side of my head. For days on end I got to listen to Chaz's exploits and ideas of what he would do to me had he ever the chance to get me cornered.

This cat was a legend in his own mind, gods gift to the fandom, and I had just about had enough, I had to get away from him just to hear myself think, if even for a short timeframe.

As we pulled up on the hotel I could see the smiling faces of Crash and Gunner standing by the front door waiting for us as Chaz pulled up to the curb.

Even though I had never met either of them I recognized them both from their pictures on Recon.

They both were in their early 30's: Gunner was Tall, lanky and blond, and Crash was short and scruffy... In a good way.

As I exited the cab of the truck Gunner grabbed my knapsack and handed it off to crash before embracing me in a deep hug "I am so glad you could make it, Andres."

I smiled broadly and blushed a bit. "I am happy to be here to." I replied quietly and shyly. That was the funny thing, I really was, but Crash and Gunner both did things I had only dreamed of, that made me both nervous and very horney at the same time.

I was unable to even meet Gunner's eye for more than a few seconds before looking down at the ground. This made him smile at me as he grabbed me by the elbow and led me out to the parking lot.

"Come on," He said as we headed towards a silver Mercedes. "We are off to dinner while Chaz sets up the room for later. I am sure you are ready for a break from him after that long trip."

I just smiles and nodded as he loaded me in the car.

Dinner was very nice. The three of us got a chance to chat at a reasonably secluded table in the back corner of the restaurant. By the time the questions move towards my own interests, they had already bought me a few drinks. It seemed everytime the questions got harder, a new drink would appear before me.

Little did I know at that time that I had said a lot of things that I would come to regret sharing, and soon.

Once dinner was over I was poured back in the car still in a happy buzz. Crash drove, while gunner climbed in to the back seat with me and began to feel me up.

I just leaned back and closed my eyes. Between the feelings at my crotch, and the haze in my head, I was a very happy panda...

"So," gunner said as he slipped my cock from the confines of my jeans, "You have never worn a descent fursuit before?"

I shook my head lightly no, as I arched my back and allowed my eyes to roll back at the feelings that were assauting my brain.

"Well we have company tonight, and I have a suit I want you to wear, you ok with that?"

I nodded quickly yes, god yes. I was in heaven, and the though of being suited and fapped just made me happy.

As soon as I gave my answer, he stopped, "Good." he said as he leaned back in his seat and stared out the window as if he had suddenly lost interest in me.

He left me there hanging, huffing, curious of what was to come next.

Arriving back at the hotel, we headed right to the room, it was a large suite. Gear and equipment was spread everywhere. I could see Chaz had been busy.

I was led directly a green crate in the center of the room. Gunner rubber my crotch through my jeans and asked "Are you ready to see the creature that shall hold you?"

My head nodded yes even though my eyes never broke their lock on the mystery box before me.

As gunner opened the top, my dick stood at attention as my sinuses filled with the assault of leather that hit them.

A black mound laid inn the center of the box. I reached out to touch it and found that it was soft and squishy. Looking up at Gunner with a hint of confusion in my expression caused him to smile at me as he reached in and pulled the suit out.

As it unfurled before me I saw a form appear, a cat... A black cat... A panther.

It was amazing, the feet head and paws were all attached to the suit. Gunner unzipped it down the back and I could see that the interior was leather lined as well.

It was plush, the foam built between the two layers of leather would render the person inside helpless...

I was mesmerized. The sight an smell caught my brain and wouldn't let go.

Gunner held it up "Interested?" he asked. I was unable to lift my jaw of the floor long enough to answer. My breathing began to quicken as he walked towards me with it.

My fear and shyness kicked in as I began to back away shaking my head no. Gunner kept advancing on me nodding yes. My backwards pace quickened and I probably would have kept going had I not ran in to someone standing behind me.

I turned around and came face to face with Chaz. "Oh no you don't" he said to me as he waved a finger of one of those massive paws in front of my face.

"Andres," Gunner said behind me, causing me to turn back towards him. "We can either do this the easy way or the hard way, your choice, but you know you want it so I would just cooperate."

He set the suit down and began unbuttoning my pants as Chaz pulled my short off over my head. I was powerless to stop this, or did I even want it to stop? I couldn't decide, My alcohol afford brain was still toting with me, and now that my jeans were on the floor and my dick was growing again, the hormones were not helping matters any.

Gunner once again pocked up the suit and offered it before be. With a fee breath I placed a foot inside. A chill shot up my spine as I felt my skin brush against the cool leather as my foot found it's home in the attached Paw.

Once my other foot was in both guys move behind me "Paws in!" Chaz commanded as I placed my arms in to the soft inner sleeves. They grabbed on to the suit and as they pulled it up my body, and the soft leathery world enveloped my naked flesh, my mind melted.

The suit was being zipped up, and I could feel laces at the back of my head being tightened, drawing the kitties face closer to mine. I waggled my fingers inside the overly padded paws, they were now useless.

After the laces were finished I could feel another zip close over them as I heard a lock click. I was officially stuck. My cock was plastered avaunt my chest and I was attempting to paw at it through the thick leather padding.

Chaz noticed this and smiled at me "Let me help with that" He said as he undid a flap on the front of the suit and not to gently yanked my junk through a hole just big enough for it to fit though.

Of course my leather afford mind was enjoying this treatment for some reason, as my cock grew to his touch now that it was allowed it's freedom. He just chuckled at me as he circled back behind and tightened a collar around my neck.

I was then led to a padded bench off to the side, that was facing a row of mirrors that reflected the rest of the room behind me.

Chaz grabbed my balls firmly and with a serious yet slightly irritated look on his face ordered me to climb on, which I complied quickly let alone face the brunt of his anger, which I imagined would have played out on my nuts.

As soon as I was settled, laying across the padded surface, he began to apply straps all over by body, cinching me down to it. My hand and footpaws were strapped to their own vertical pads below my body, leaving me in a position with my tail at waist height.

Once he was sure that I wasn't going anywhere, Chaz seemed to lose interest in me and head off to take care of other errands around the room. I watched him for a while in the mirrors before my attention was drawn to myself... Or the creature that laid where I should have been.

The cat.

Although the rest of my body was immobile, I was still able to move my head, and I tilted it back and forth many times trying to see a semblance of myself within.

He was actually pretty amazing, the features were remarkably feline, from the maw to the ears, to the leather whiskers that waggled with every head twitch.

Gunner walked up from behind me, and scritched me behind the ear, "So what do you think?" He asked with a smile.

"I really like him," I said with another head tilt in the mirror. "He looks and smells so good."

"Good," Gunner replied, "As you shall be our party favor this evening."

"Wait, What?!" i said with surprise. I began to squirm as I watched Chaz come towards me with an enema kit, "No, Gunner, this is not cool, I didn't sign up for this."

"Oh," Ge sighed, "We can't have any negative vibes bringing this party down can we?" With that he unzipped the muzzle on the hood and shoved a gag deep in my mouth. With the sound of a few clicks I knew it was locked in place and not going anywhere.

He zipped the muzzle back up as I felt Chaz's fingers lubing my helpless tailhole. "Andres is not a very good fur name is it?" he said as he massaged me deep, "I think Subby the Leatherpanther fits you so much better."

With a chuckle he slid the enema nozzle up my ass and got to work cleaning me out. I wanted to whimper and scream. I wanted to tell him how he was a monster and that Chaz was a horrible fur name as well, but the gag effectively silenced all protest.

Chaz finished up just as there was a nock at the door. Slapping me on ass with a big smile he said "Oh Look, our guests are here."

I watched in the mirror as fursuiter after fursuiter entered, and to my sudden horror I realized that exert last one of them were dogs.

It was as the point that I heard someone call out from accross the room, "Oh look at the poor defenseless Kitty.", that I knew I was fucked...


... With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.