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Bondage Story: The Devil & The Rubberboy 2

My Fellow Inmates,
While most of my stories take place close to the realm of reality this is one that I have had well mapped out in my mind and fantasies for years...

For in a house like this, anything can happen...

Please enjoy...


The Devil & The Rubberboy #2

The House was immaculate, just what I requested: Gothic architecture, and large, The perfect place for a Halloween gathering of friends and clientele.

Sherry took good care of me, I honestly was unable to ask any more from a personal assistant. She always made sure everything was exactly as it needed to be, and in turn made my life easier.

If this place looked half as good on the inside as it did on the exterior, with the gargoyles and portcullises, well then she outdid herself this time and there would be a bonus in it for her when I returned back at the office.

Chance, my driver, opened the door to the back seat of the Towncar, and I exited as he unloaded my bags from the trunk, and carried them inside.

The front door opened up upon a large living room with a bar against the far wall, a corridor, next to the bar, snaked off to lord knew where.

I made a mental note to do a complete exploratory of my surroundings after I had unpacked and cleaned myself up from the long trip....

The long trip...

Something just struck me... I mean I knew in my mind that I had had a long trip... But for the life of me I couldn't remember from where...

"Sir?" A voice brought me back to reality, causing me to look up at my driver who was standing in the door way. "Shall there be anything else?"

"Oh, Uh... No, no thank you Chance." I replied with an air of uncertainty, "You can head back, I think I may just call it a day here."

"Very good Sir," He replied with a bow, "Enjoy your stay, it should be... Entertaining."

With that he Headed out, closing the front door behind him, and leaving me to wonder what exactly he meant by that.

At first I thought about following him out, to inquire, but then decided that I was just frankly too tired to care. So with that I picked up by bags and headed off in search of the master bedroom.

Walking a bit deeper in to the living room I began to take a closer note of my surroundings.

It really was a grand room, the were three couches in the center, circled around a coffee table, all facing an ornate marble fireplace with a monstrous flat screen TV mounted above it.

The wall between the fireplace and bar was breathtaking, for it was floor to ceiling windows looking out upon a majestic pool that even included a low and high diving board...

I was right when I said it before, Sherry had really outdone herself. That girl was really going to go places at...

I dropped my bags where I stood...

Something was not right... I couldn't remember where I worked!

That solved it. I didn't care what else I needed to do, obviously What I needed now was a long shower and a bed. Whatever was going on could be better solved out on a clear head after a full night of sleep.

Leaving the bags where they sat, I decided to just start opening doors until I found what I was looking for.

I headed directly across the grand living room, to the first closed door I saw, which sat just to the right of the front door, and like some grand karmic coincidence, upon opening it I was greeted with exactly what I was looking for.

In a house this size the master bedroom is off the living room? How much sense did that make?

I decided to put it all out of my mind, these were all questions that could be answered in the morning.

The bed was large... No strike that, the platform that held it was large, and covered in shiny red and black vinyl. The mattress in the center was a waterbed, also covered in vinyl sheeting and blankets.

There were three steps up to the top of the platform and the top could probably hold about ten people on all sides of the mattress in the center.

I knelt in the soft padding next to the bed and ran the soft material of the blanket through my fingers, which brought a smile to my face as my cock twitched in anticipation.

As I pulled it up to my face and breathed in the aroma of the material, I noticed that there was something underneath, A strap of some sort...

...And black latex.

I pulled the blanket from the bed and my heart caught in my throat. For atop of the bed was a rubber catsuit of some sort, with attached hood, mitts, booties, and strapping dripping off it's surface, jutting out in all directions, And disappearing somewhere in the depths between the mattress and the platform.

My cock stood at attention as I touched the bondage suit that was laid out for me... But by who?

My head buzzed and my body shook as I contemplated crawling inside. A question of who laid this out was the least of my concerns at the moment, consequences became a matter for lesser folk when faced with faced with raging hormones

My dick knew what it wanted and it was not to take no for an answer.

I grabbed on to a piece of the strapping and tugged. It didn't budge. It was somehow integrated in to the suit, which was very loosely strapped to the bed, meaning a determined boy could wiggle his way in if he wished.

I smiled broadly as my cock ached to be allowed inside the suit. I couldn't remember the last time I was this horny.

My mind was made up, I was going in, but To the sheer anger of my libido, I just had to shower first. Besides the rubber would feel better against clean skin.

Tearing myself away from the object of my desire on the bed, I headed off towards the bathroom, shedding clothing along the way like some demented trail of breadcrumbs so I made sure I could find my way back.

Every step in this place only got better, for as I walked in to the majestic bathroom, I realized that it was most likely larger than my first apartment.

The shower that took up the back wall was a mix of rain, steam, and body washing functionality while the large Jacuzzi tub that occupied that bottom half could have been mistaken for a small pool.

I reminded myself again to make sure I thanked...

Now that was odd, for Some reason I could swear that there was someone that I wished to thank, but for the life of me I couldn't remember who...

I probably would have stood there continuing to rack my brain over it too, if I hadn't caught my reflection in the mirror to the right of me...

Now don't misunderstand, I am not narcissistic at all, in fact my body had seen many better days and it typically wasn't something I would spend time staring at in the mirror...

But this... This person, this form that stared back at me through the glass in front of my eyes...

I hadn't seen him in ten years at least.

My reflection was in his early twenties... I... Was...

I ran my hands down my rippled abs as I marveled at the missing fat that I had packed on over the years once a career became more important than spending every waking moment at the gym.

My mind drifted back the suit on the bed, this was going to be fun, and I was wasting time.

The shower took no time at all for it was merely a formality at this point.

I made sure that I was completely dry before making my way back up to the bed, back to the suit I desired so badly.

Sliding on to the soft mattress, as naked as a jaybird, sent electrical signals through my whole body as my cock dripped for more. Inspecting the back of the suit I found a twelve inch opening in the lower back that would have to stretch to accommodate me.

I repositioned myself and slid under the suit as if it were a rubber blanket on top of me. My toes searched for the opening that would allow them their encasement. Once found I slid myself slowly in to an awaiting lube slick as I discovered that the suit had been fully prepared for a willing victim to just want inside.

In what felt like an eternity of wiggling and sliding, including a few pauses as I was getting way to horny in the process, and didn't wish to have an accident before I reached my goal, I finally found the attached feet at the end of the legs.

I wiggled my hips down a bit more to make sure that my lower body was properly in place before reaching around front to pull my aching dick through the attached cockring.

With one last long pause, I grabbed on to the opening and stretched it as far as it would go as I curled upon myself in order to squeeze my body inside.

It took some doing, but a few thrashes and one telltale *pop* later, I was inside. My arms quickly found the sleeves as my head slid in to the attached hood.

I wriggled my fingers in Gloves that held them as I pulled against the webbing straps that kept me on a loose tether to the bed.

My cock dripped and begged to be touched, but no matter how I twisted and turned my fingers would always be caught inches away, causing futile frustration.

"...And what do we have here?" a melodically deep voice called out from the doorway.

I attempted to sit up quickly, in a panic, only to be bounced back against the bed by my tethers. I craned my head to get a look at the intruder, and find out what kind of trouble I was in.

I had met the gentleman that walked towards me previously, in my home, it was him...

"Yes, It is me." he replied as if he read my thoughts. "The Devil, 'Ol Scratch, Beelzebub, Daddy... I have been called by many names, and I have taken many souls, but your case I take personal interest in."

He was dressed today like a southern colonel, complete with white suit and cane. He could have been described as dashing, if you knew nothing about him.

With every step he took the straps began to tighten, and by the time he stood atop the platform, at the foot of the bed, I could not move a muscle.

"You are fortunate that Ira is a good attorney, for you may get to keep your soul after all..."

"How?" I replied which caused him to look perturbed in response.

"That shall be enough of that!" He said as he waved his hand and a rubber creature appeared behind me armed with a gag.

In fact I was surrounded by them, as rubber coated male humanoid forms appeared all around me on the platform and began to move in on me. I opened my mouth to scream only to nave the gag jammed and and buckled tightly.

Rubberised hands began to explore my body as one swallowed my raging cock.

The Devil acted as though he didn't notice as he kneeled next to me and continued talking. "You see, what you have asked for sounds so entertaining by the fact that you are wanting things that most people would be horrified by, that I have decided to make you a deal."

The rubberised one at my dick began working me over hard causing me to whimper lightly in to the gag in ecstasy .

"...I offer you a game, a chance to play for your soul," the devil continued, "I shall give you your wants, your desires, and the way you get to keep your soul is to win the game and escape this house..."

I moaned again half listening to the unimportant chatter that was trying to kill my high

"...There shall be a timer, if you pass that preset time, your ass becomes mine and you shall find that full realization of ones wants is not always a godsend..."

I whimpered again as I began to get close, yet my attacker did not let up.

"...Lots of fine print, yada, yada..."

The boy at my dick suddenly stopped, leaving me teetering on the edge.

"...So what do you say, Do you agree?"

Yes, God Yes, anything to not have this feeling end.

He smiled, "Good, I am glad to hear that we have a deal. We shall be watching your exploits with great anticipation."

With what the Rubberboy resumed his attack on my cock, as another of the rubberfiends pressed a pillow firmly over my face. The wave of sensations coupled with my air being taken away from me toppled me over the edge with explosive results. I howled in to my gag and began thrashing about.

I ripped the pillow off my face before sitting up to catch my breath. I realized to my surprise that I was alone in the room, and by the fact that the PVC sheets were slicked in cum causing them to adhere to my naked flesh I figured I had to have had one hell of a dream...

...Though for the life of me I couldn't remember what it was...


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A New Bondage Story Later Today

My fellow inmates,

I am currently plugging away at the resurrection of "The Devil and the Rubberboy part 2"

This one is The stepping off point of a big fantasy of mine, that will comprise many many chapters of deep and heavy gear bondage...

...And one I have been wanting to continue for a long time.

So stay tuned, and hopefully it shall be posted in a bit :-)

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Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.