Friday, March 4, 2011

Bondage Story: Notorious EMT

My Fellow Inmates,

Ah, Ambulances and EMTs... One of my first and most powerful kinks. You want to melt Asylum, offer me a scene on a Stryker Gurney in the back of an aid car... That will be a quick big mess... :-)

But you didn't tune in to hear me ramble on... You want the story, so here is an early fantasy of mine modified a bit, but nice none the less...

By the way I would apologize for the title but I think it's funny so... Nyea! :-P



Notorious EMT

It was warm, not overly so, but enough to be noticeable while just laying around the house on an uneventful August weekend.

The Radio played Karen Carpenter's "Rainy Days and Mondays" just loud enough to be audible over the defining silence of the summer afternoon.

It was peaceful, as Medville always was. A know nothing little town in the middle of nowhere where nothing ever happened, and people were content for it to stay that way.

People... Sheep... If you get up and go to work, feed the kids, pay the bills, only to fall asleep at night to do the same damn thing the next day is that living? Or merely Breathing?

Is is possible to be content in... Well contentment?

The whole thing just made my head hurt frankly, how could people just be without the want for more?

I sighed loudly as I rolled over on the couch where I lay, and snuggled a pillow as I attempted to drift off.

It was at the point where i was just about asleep when the phone rang.

It really fucking figured honestly, i mean here I am contemplating the want for more only to get aggravated at a break in the silence... No rest for the wicked I guessed.

With defeatist sigh I dragged myself off the couch and picked up the receiver. "Hello?"

"Hey There Max, it's Jesse." The voice said from the other end.

Jesse, the one guy that I could sort of relate to around this place. We had confided to each other years ago that we were both gay, but we really weren't each others type. I was a Sagittarius and he was fucking annoying.

Yet he was my best friend around here so I cut him some slack, "Hey Jesse," I said as I attempted to Clear some of the grogginess from my mind, "What's up?"

"I was wondering what what plans you had for the day." He asked

Have you ever had that moment of absolute clarity, where you know that what is about to come from your mouth is the worst thing you can possibly say, but you have passed the point of no return for stopping it?

I was about to have just one of those moments.

"Not much really." I cringed as these words passed my lips, knowing I had left an opening for Jesse to drive a semi truck through if he wished.

"Good!" he replied with an air of satisfaction. "I'll be there to pick you up in ten minutes."

"Look, Jesse, I..."

"We are going to the county fair. See you soon!" With that he hung up.

I stood there for a bit contemplating just calling him back and telling him that I wasn't in the mood, but since none of the excuses I could come up with even sounded remotely good to me I hung up the phone and went to get ready.


The Jackson county fair was quaint... yup, I said it, quaint. Not because of the pie baking or the animals or even the largest vegetables that contended for dime store ribbons from one end of the place to the other.

No... Quaint, because a description of 'what purgatory must feel like' just didn't sound neighborly.

Jesse and I headed over to the only area of interest for us: The Midway, where we could ride the rides, eat junk food and try to win cheap prizes at the carnival.

We spent the majority of the day there. It was about the time that twilight set in that We had run out of money. So we made our way back towards the front entrance.

"Hey Max," he said as we neared the gate, "Hold on a moment, I need to use the restroom."

I looked over at the bathroom he was pointing at and noticed the line snaking out the door. Even though I needed to go as well I decided to hold it rather than venturing the crowd

"Yeah, no worries," I replied, "I'll just wander around out here."

I watched him head off as I turned and walked the other way. I really had no aim or mission, I was in my own head and just allowed my feet to take me where they wished.

It was at the point that I was walking between two of the main buildings that I saw him, sitting on the steps of the open back doors of an ambulance, smoking a cigarette and generally looking bored.

He was just my type, An EMT.

I had always lusted after these guys, he could have been Quasimodo Stuffed in a uniform, and I would have been drooling, but he was not, he was...


His blond hair and muscular frame was silhouetted by the overhead light inside. Behind him sat a gurney and shelves upon shelves of objects and implements to be used upon someone with it's grasp. How could I not be turned on by this.

Taking a deep breath I casually walked towards him. I concentrated on keeping a steady voice as his eyes met mine. I nodded in his direction, "Evening."

He blew a whisp of smoke out from between his lips, and gave me a look of mild interest. "That it is."

His steely blue eyes attempted to grasp my attention, but were no match for the Stretcher that Sat behind him.

It was a Stryker, I could tell that fantastic yellow paint and amazing design anywhere. Red and Blue Posey TAT restraint cuffs hung in the ready position from the rails that encircled the padded top.

I snapped back to attention as I realized that this guy was talking to me "I... I am sorry what?" I said with a stammer failing miserably to recover my composure.

"I said was there some way that I could help you?"

I shot a glance again at the Gurney and the straps, and then immediately to the ground as embarrassment set in "Uh, oh... No. I am just... Uh, wandering."

"Wandering?" he asked as he stood up and walked towards me.

I was frozen in place, my breath went shallow and my gaze never broke that spot on the grass in front of me. "Yeah, wandering."

The cigarette hit the ground in front of me as I watched his black boot step on it to extinguish it.

A gloved hand grabbed on to my chin and lifted my eyes to his. "That's a pretty big bulge for someone who is just wandering to be sporting. Now are you sure there isn't anything else?"

My mouth opened but I lost my voice, his eyes gazed deep within me. He knew, but how could he? I tried to drop my gaze but he held me there, forced me to face him.

"We come to these fairs so people can have a real look at the inside of an ambulance at a point they don't need us. The intention is to make it a but less scary if they ever do get a real ride. So..." One of his leather covered fingers slowly massaged my chin, "...Did you want to see inside?"

I nodded slightly in his grasp. He smiled at me before grabbing a handful of my shirt and dragging me towards the open doors of the ambulance.

Once inside he closed the doors behind us. "Strip!" he said.

"Excuse me?" I replied stunned by his forwardness.

"I saw you staring at the Stretcher, you want to climb on, don't you?" he smiled at me.

"Wait, no! I mean, maybe... I mean..." I was stammering again, trying to understand what was going on. "Wait! I don't even know your name."

"Jones." He replied as he pointed to the name tag on his uniform.

"Yes, but what is your first name?"

He moved in so close that I could smell him. He had a sweet scent, almost like... Well, rubber. It was intoxicating, I buried my face deep in to his chest and breathed in deeply.

I watched as he pulled the sheet off the stretcher revealing a black PVC mattress. He then turned back towards me, grabbed the base of my shirt, and pulled it up and over my head.

"I said strip!" he repeated this time with an air of irritation in his voice. I ran my fingers along the slick mattress, before looking up at my attractive dominant EMT.

With a deep breath, I removed my pants.

Jones opened a cubbyhole on the wall and handed me a rubber suit. "Put it on." he said

I allowed the soft material to slide lightly through my fingers before lifting it up to my nose and breathing deeply.

Sitting on the edge of the gurney I slid my legs down in to the suit. The attached booties surrounded my feet like cold soft gloves.

Jones made me stand up and had me slide my arms in as he pulled the suit up the rest of the way before zipping me in. He helped me smooth out the rubber on the attached gloves before unbuttoning his own shirt revealing black rubber underneath.

My gloved hands explored his rubberized chest as he pulled me in close and kissed me deep. I melted in his arms, my cock strained the confines of the rubber that held it plastered against my abdomen.

His hand found it way down to my dick. Where his touch through the rubber set my senses on fire. When he told me to lay down on the stretcher. I was so horned up at that point that I complied immediately.

Jones quickly moved in on me, applying the wrist and ankle cuffs with a speed of someone who had done this many times before.

He then ran four seatbelt straps across my body and cinched them down, pulling me deep in to the soft mattress.

I was in heaven. My mind was buzzing on the hormones that beat at it's edges as I tested the limited range of movement afforded to me.

It was when Jones released my cock from its confines and allowed it to grow to his touch that I was brought back to reality. For my bladder suddenly stepped in to remind me of what I opted not to do when I left Jesse behind at the bathroom.

"Um, Jones." I said as I looked up at him, "I must apologize but I really have to pee, I probably should get going, besides I am sure my friend is wondering what had happened to me at this point."

"No worries," He replied, "I fully understand. I just want you to try on one other thing, then we will allow you to go pee."

"Ok," I replied as I attempted to ignore my bladder and enjoy the feelings my binds afforded me.

Jones lifted another piece of black rubber up off a shelf and approached the head of the cot. "Open wide." he said as He Stretched out the edges of the opening on what I could see now was a hood.

I complied, and as he slid the cool rubber over my head, a sizable gag found purchase in my awaiting maw. Jones smoothed out the latex and organized the noseholes so I could breathe, and the open eyes so I could see, but the packing in my mouth rendered me effectively silenced.

He grabbed a bundle of straps from a nook above me and spread it out accross my body "They call these spider straps." he said as he tightened each individual strap on the device across my prone form.

My shoulders were held quite effectively to the mattress, and as each strap was cinched down, I realized how immobilized I had become. I was also becoming quite aware of the additional pressure that the straps added to my already angry bladder.

I made noises in the the gag in an attempt to get his attention as I attempted to motion my head towards the pain in my abdomen.

"What's that?" he asked as he pressed down on my bladder causing me to squirm. "Oh, yes, I almost forgot. I did say I would let you pee didn't I?"

I watched in horror as he grabbed a long thin package from the shelf, tore off one end, and removed a foley catheter from within.

With a loud bleat in to the gag, I began shaking my head violently no, god no, anything but that.

Jones stopped what he was doing and began nodding, "Yes, I agree, this is an issue."

I breathed a sigh of relief as he set the catheter down on the gurney, only to have him quickly clamp a C-collar around my neck, Taking away my last bit of freedom.

He then ran another seatbelt across the hard collar and cinched it down before picking the catheter back up and continuing on his task.

I whimpered as the object slid inside of me for it was all I could do in my current position.

The Catheter brought a feeling with it that I had never felt before and was unsure I wished to feel again, especially at the point it slid passed my prostate.

Jones then stuck a syringe in to the end of the branch of the tube sticking out of the end of my penis, and I could feel it grow inside me, it wasn't going anywhere.

I realized that even though I had a catheter in side of me that I still had to pee so badly. I groaned once again in to my gag as the pain was getting worse.

"We are almost done here boy." he said as he sat on a chair beside the cot, and sat some tubing on my chest.

When Jones began lubing the end of that tubing and started feeding it through the center of my gag, I no longer had to ask what his plan was.

I began making pleading noises, and at the point that the tubing found it's way to the back of my mouth, at a place I could never stop a potential flow with my tongue, my pleads had turned to screams.

"Oh stop being suck a baby," he said as he grabbed the other end of the tubbing and began attaching it to the spigot in my cock, "It's a long drive home, and we need to make sure you stay hydrated."

With that he flipped the valve, and as the flow hit me I realized there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it.


With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.