Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lots of Videos and More...

My Fellow Inmates,

I was looking on my computer the other day and realized I have about 20 backed up unedited videos.

So the plan for tonight is to start cranking them out to free up space on the computer. First new one should be tomorrow.

We now have a registered website for the webcomic:

Right now it points to nothing, but bookmark it and stay tuned, and you should see it up and growing soon.

As for the book, though I was gung-ho at the getgo life has stepped in an parties, videos, and forgetting my laptop at home has caused me to slow down on the work on that a bit. Though I am still looking for an artist to do page inkwork and cover design.

Lots of projects, the plate she overfloweth, and on top of it all I am now trying to organize an end of year playparty with a guest list of over 100 for my 35th birthday...

Though it all makes me remember one thing, many years ago, when I was writing my novel that now is getting parted out to other projects such as the webcomic.

I told myself that my goal was to be published by 35...

Though an unrealistic deadline in the mind of a then 27 year old dreamer...

It appears the webcomic shall meet that wish, only to spawn new projects like this book, and who knows what else.

Hugs and Snugs to all, and thank you to all of the wonderful people and influences that have made the past few years so fantastic.

Though I may like to step on toes and post what it is that I want in this little corner of me me me, I appreciate all those that appreciate me back.

Lots of fun to come

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.