Sunday, May 1, 2011

(Poll Results & Pix) If You Could Have Any Toy For Free...

My Fellow Inmates,

The Other Day On Twitter I asked a question:

Question: If You could have 1 Piece of gear, toy, suit, etc. Completely Free, anything... What would it be?

I Thought The Results Were Fascinating. To Ask so many people, from the 3 communities (Rubber Leather & Fur) what at this moment their idea of "The Perfect Toy" was...

It showed not only are we all different in our kinks, but the varied levels of experience and ages in regards to what makes us purr...

I hope you enjoy, I have added pictures next to each that connects to the product if clicked on, as always... though some of the custom ones I was unable to...

And A Few, I just found Products that I thought were close and Hot :-D

My Blog, My Rules :-P


  • padded locking muzzle w/breather gag

  • Vac-Box or a catsuit. Too tricky to decide.

  • leather harness

  • Regulation in London were selling a rubber tent. Was like a portable playroom. Would like that :)

  • VVVVVVVV 2000

  • either a straitjacket, or a full steel chastity belt :3

  • A thick multi-layer rubber all enclosing cocoon w/ a lot of straps

  • full cat suit with hood and cock sheath and fitted anal plug that can connect tot he sheath

  • a nice sleepsack ;)

  • Thats tough but I think a fully custom latex suit for cosplay (as well as "fun") purposes would win out.

  • solid gold collar ;3 
  • Rubber puppy hood, obviously! =P

  • A kitty play suit >.>
  • A diamond encrusted leather harness with platinum buckles.
  • a wearable vinyl inflatable "fursuit"

  • Definatly I'd want a silicone rubber zebra suit :)
  • an inflatable rubber dragon suit… *wants to be a bouncy toy, :p*
  • Ooh - that's a tough much to choose from...carrara cb, leather bondage suit...the mind wanders...
(Carrara Above)

  • If I have someone to play with, vac rack. If not, venus :)
(Venus Above)

  • a pup suit, for a certain someone..

  • Full enclosure rubber bondage suit

  • full leather harness, legs and everything included; a super sleep sack (not picky); or a breathing suit that you showed xP

  • Too haaaaard. D: (maybe a neon ottrprene suit)
  • Fully-functional Dune-style stillsuit.
  • kid racer x motorcycle/ bondage leathers 

  •  i'd have to go with a cute shiny doggie suit. Too many of them hehe
  • going with the popular answer...fully customized latex suit. :)
  • Totally free? It would either be a rubber straitjacket, inflatable sleepsack, or vaccube.

  • black and silver 1-piece Dainese motorcycle leathers :) <3
  • actually, scratch that. A suit like leatherpanther, only a wolf instead. ^.^
  • dianese racing one piece suit red and black
  • The outfit that my story/RP furry char Aras ('fox') wears, which is sculpted heavy rubber ala Batman + WGM-style gasmask hood
  • As for the gear, one kinky cougar suit would be in order...anatomically correct (for me) please.
  • Actually I take all those back. I would want a full rubber alligator suit, with full on muzzle face hood and inflatable tail!
  • If you want just one toy, then a venus 2000.
  • Something green, skin tight, covering all but feet, hands and head, optional rubber encasement for displaying the good stuff.
  • I'd have to say if I could have 1 piece free It would be a fur lined chest harness w/ matching cuffs and a collar *tailwags*
  • I would want my rubber wolf hood. It's as much spiritual as it is sexual.
  •  I'll just take a ES 312 with all the accessories please. ;)

  • Hmmm, difficult to choose really...Though, I've had my eye on a proper e-stim kit really, only tried it once, but more please!
  • full inflatable body suit...from comfy to immobilizing 
  • Mercury space suit.
  • One piece weretiger suit... either silicon or fake fur.
  •  The only thing I can't make for myself at this point is a potent e-stim machine, so that's what I want! =3
  • steel triangle restraint.
  • the leaded/mitted/hooded suit from one of your recent stories *wag*
  • completely free.... hard choice - either a gorgeous rubber55 hood, a prettypervy outfit or rubber sheets how about you?

  • To put it easily? One piece of gear? One of the gummi prison suits from Studio Gum.
  • Any suit that's basically kitty shaped would do moi I think! :D
  • Sport bike gear/armor/whateverthatscalled. Preferably with a matching bike.
  • Oooo that makes me want an MDLatex suit with gasmask with pup snapon attachments and paw hands/feet
  • Right now? Gasolina classic motorcycle boots.
  • Dainese Laguna Seca Pro 1-Piece. So hot, especially since it matches my bike
  •  I would love a full rubber husky. ^_^ one solid piece with a plug tail built in. 
  • Pony boots.
  • A fullbody herm latex skunksuit with inflatable tail, formed paws and muzzle, sheaths front and back. No zippers, muzzle entry
  • a fully integrated rubber dog suit with attached hood, paws, and feet all locking with just a hole for the tail to stick out
  • One piece rubber suit. :)

What A great response to the Question...

Just remember Kids... Its Takes A Village to Pervert a Child...

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