Sunday, August 14, 2011

Contest Story Entry: "Our First Meeting" by Slashpup (Puppy, Bondage)

My Fellow Inmates,

Here is our sencond entry in to the Asylum Contest for the devil dog rubber Jock. This is a first person perspective on going to play with a Sir...

Its "Our First Meeting" by Slashpup


I meet you at the Airport; you have had a long flight to Nashville from Miami. You wore camouflage shorts with a sexy jock, white crew socks and your smelliest skater sneakers, and a tight black shirt showing your muscles. As we walk to its truck you grab the back of my collar and remind me that I walk a step behind you and to the right, where I belong. As we get to the truck I open your door first then go to the drivers’ side and we start on our way to the house.

We enter the house and you say hello to Chris and we go to the living room where you take a seat on the couch, Chris sits in the chair and I take a seat on the floor at your feet where I belong, looking at your sneakers and white socks longing to touch, sniff, feel, and taste it. We talk for a little bit Chris knows full well why you are here and it is all about you and I. Filling the need for me to be a boy/pup. But you have plans for him as well but neither of us knows that for now.

You take me to the play room and have me strip naked so that all I’m wearing is the evil cb6000 that you have locked on me yet again. You put on the leather suspension restraints and hook me to the cross so that I can not get away from your prying hands. You inspect my body touching and feeling anything and everything you want to touch and feel. Slapping my ass from time to time reminding me how fucked I am now that you are here and completely at your mercy. You take rope and secure me to the cross using the rope cleats, now I’m unable to move anything but my head. You take off one of your socks that you have been wearing for a week and stuff it in my mouth and tape it in place. You securely attach a hood and make sure it is locked on and finally the blindfold puts me in total darkness. As my salvia makes your sock wetter the taste gets worse as time goes on. You turn off the light shut the door turn the heat on and leave me to wait until you are ready to deal with me.

You go back to the living room ask Chris if he minds that you pour yourself a drink from the bar. You get one for him and for yourself and head out back to smoke a cigar. While out there you and he talk about your plans for me during your week stay with us letting him know you have plans for him as well but strictly just for play as he needs it too. Clearing up any possible misunderstandings and rules seeing to it there will be no jealousy and no problems with you using me.

When you return you see my body glistening in sweat from the heat. You leave me hooded, blindfolded and gagged but take me down off the cross have me climb into the giant pup bed on the floor. You have me lay on my back and shove the butt plug tail in and proceed to put the humbler on me so that you can be sure I can’t stand. As I join you both in the living room I get to cool down from the intense heat you had turned on, laying at your feet as you watch TV drink your drinks and converse. You strap your sneaker to my face, covering the nose holes of the hood, forcing it to smell you. You tell me to stay where I am and you take Chris to the bedroom and tie him down spread eagle on the bed naked and work him over getting him hot and horny. You blindfold him with a bandana and gag him with your other sock and strap your other sneaker to his face. You come get me and remove the sneaker, blindfold, hood and gag and have me crawl on all fours to the bedroom were Chris is tied horny and waiting for attention. You help me onto the bed and force me to suck him off but tell me not to let him cum until you allow. As I’m on the bed sucking him off you remove the plug and grab a dildo and start fucking me with it. Knowing I can’t touch myself, I focus’s on Chris and you fucking my hole as I service my husband. You tell me to get him off and as you fuck me harder and harder with the dildo I suck more and more. Chris moaning into your sock gag, he’s getting closer and closer to shooting his load. I feel his body tensing up; seeing from the corner of my eye his toes curling slightly. He gets quiet; I switch to jerking him off by hand wanting to see the orgasm. With all the might of his body he releases his load in an eruption of orgasmic lust and the overflowing fountain of cum spraying over his head landing on the pillow and wall. The most intense orgasm ever seen by man has just taken place, at my hand.

As Chris calms down from his orgasm you take me to the sling re-gag me with that now wet nasty sock of yours, my cock straining in the confines of the cock cage, testing the plastics hardness and durability. Securing me to the sling, throw on a condom and fuck me hard and rough, telling me I am nothing but a toy and play thing for you while you’re here. Slapping my ass, pulling my hair, talking dirty to me until you are close to cumming, you pull out remove the condom and shoot onto a dirty sock of mine that has been worn for a few days. You remove the saliva soaked sock gag and stick the new sock with your fresh cum on it in my mouth and secure it with even more tape forcing it to taste your wonderful man juice. You tell me, I’m not allowed to swallow it and must savor the taste as my reward for servitude. I swirl it around my mouth as best I can with the sock in there and delighting in the joy I get from being allowed to taste you. You untie me, and allow me to swallow the semen, leaving the gag in, you have me get dressed and we all leave for dinner not letting me get off and keeping me locked, straining and totally frustrated for you.

Part 2:

We arrive at the restaurant and you remove the gag from my mouth before exiting the car. At dinner Chris orders and then you order for both yourself and me without asking me what I wish to have. You order my drink, water, and for my meal a salt and pepper steak. You look to me and tell me that there are rules for eating at a restaurant. You are the last to start eating and you will never order for yourself or even voice what you want. Pups don’t decide what they eat, they eat what is put in front of them. As the food is delivered I remember the rules, I’m the last to start eating as you take your sweet time to start eating yourself Sir. Talking with Chris who has already started, you delay, knowing I can’t eat until you have taken a bite. As we finish the bill comes to the table. I stay behind to pay the bill as you two head out, I hurry to sign the check and rush out to catch up not to keep you waiting. On our way home Chris drives with you in the passenger seat. I stays quiet the whole way home trying to maintain composure being as I’m the only one to not have gotten off yet, and with you here I no longer hold the key to gain even the slightest bit of relief from the cock cage.

We get home and you and Chris head to the living room to relax. Having a big meal you are both a bit tired and need to relax a bit before anything else starts. Meanwhile I head to the bedroom to change into my uniform, nothing but the jock strap holding back the cb600 socks and sneakers. I meet you both in the living room sitting at your feet. I remove your sneakers and inhale deeply as I get the nod of approval to do so from you. I remove your socks and again get the nod of approval and sniff it deeply. I take the sock and willingly place it in my mouth no tape needed. I start massaging your feet paying attention to every last part of the foot making it feel as good as I knows how. I use a little baby oil to help the friction decrease a little bit and intensify the sensation of the hands running over your foot. You and Chris continue to converse as if I’m not even there. Invisible to you both I’m just another object in the room. With you and Chris both fully digested you’re ready again the festivities start for the evening.

You take me to the play room again and put me on my knees and place the pup tail in my hole filling it good! You tape the gag in place due to the nature of the next event. You put me on the cross face out this time, put the nipple clamps on and use 2 small pieces of duct tape to secure them to my chest knowing how painful it will be to remove it. You then add cloths pins to my arms, chest, sides, and legs. The pain reaches intolerable and I start to scream into the gag and you remove the last 2 pegs from each area to make it slightly more tolerable. You let me marinate with the pain and turn to Chris who has been helping you torture me, and ask him if he wants to be tied down again. He said yes and you take him to the bedroom and once again tie him down spread eagle and you leave me in a darkened room with my thoughts and pain. As you return to the bedroom and play with Chris you continually edge him. Letting him recuperate from the edging, you come back to me flicking the cloths pins making me scream in pain. You tell me that when you are done edging Chris you might come back and release it from the cross. I moan into the gag in disbelief that I may be there for an hour like that!

You return to tease and edge Chris to no end and meanwhile my level of pain is increasing exponentially. I am starting to moan louder and louder until you come in to see me. You slap me lightly but hard enough to get the point across. You tell me to keep quiet or it’ll be longer! So I quiet down and as you leave you shut the door tightly. As you go back to the bedroom across the hall you close the bedroom door as well. The sound barriers will make the next part more delightful for you. Your attention is completely on Chris now, telling him the next time I make a noise they can hear you will let him cum, not telling him that you told me moments before to not make another sound, A mind fuck, to the best degree. Chris begins to moan in pleasure and frustration, as you tease him and starts begging for release knowing that he won’t find any help until I make noise again. He starts yelling my name and you gag him with a sock and tape so he can’t ask me to make noise. Meanwhile my pain continuing to increase has me wanting to not only make noise but to scream in agony. Knowing better this time, I choose to remain silent if you come back to the playroom mad at me it may not be a light slap to the face; it might be a punch to the gut or chest and not a light one. I hear moans from Chris feeling his pain though my ears knowing the frustrating hell he’s going through being teased over and over again with no release. At the risk of being beaten, I can’t stand to hear my husband moan and groan anymore, I had to get your attention to give him a break. I start moaning into my gag as loud as I can.

You think you hear me but aren’t sure and Chris is moaning as well making it harder to hear me anyway. As the pain reaches intolerable levels, I screams in pain and you both hear me clearly and you honor your word and bring Chris to orgasm. As he explodes for the second time in the night, you are in no rush to release me and you come in turn the light on offending my eyes and to get the full effect you look me in the eye kiss me lightly and remove every cloths pin in reverse order in rapid succession until you have nothing but the clamps left. I’m literally screaming hanging by restrained hands on the cross from the extremely painful torture that removing the cloths pins caused. You peal the tape back SLOWLY, screaming into the gag as it rips hairs and the clamps themselves from my nipples as the tape is finally removed you are kind enough to give it a hit of poppers and quickly, press your fingers into its nipples intensifying the pain and I again screams into the gag, preying the neighbors can’t hear it and call the cops.

You allow simmer down while still attached to the cross hanging as a bag of bones with no energy left to keep myself up on my feet. I hang from the suspension cuffs overwhelmed by the pain I have just been though. You leave to untie Chris and clean him and yourself up. As you and he are in the bathroom Chris starts the shower to clean up for the night as bedtime is rapidly approaching. You come in to see me withered from the intense pain of the past hour. You look at me dead in the eye and tell me how proud you are of it enduring the pain as well as it did. That single comment gave me an extra surge of energy and springs my cock to attention. You notice this and remove my aching cock from the confines of the plastic cell. You rub my cock, it feels so good as it is touched for the first time in weeks. You bring me to the edge of orgasm in seconds. Having no stimulation and no relief it takes hardly anything to bring me close to orgasm. You stop immediately not letting me have the pending orgasm so close to finally getting to blow its load…. I beg you to let it cum, begging you telling you that it would do absolutely anything to get to cum. knowing I mean it you look me in the eyes again and ask me if it truly feels that I deserve it. I tell you yes and that I really would do anything to get to cum and you matter-of-factly say you’ll do anything I want anyway pup. And while that is true you know I have been good and that I so desperately need the release.

You begin stroking it again. I throw its head back in pleasure begging the whole time for you to let me cum. You laugh evilly and tell me, I have 30 seconds to cum and you grip slightly harder and pick up the pace and as I reach orgasm you lighten your grip and slow down and as it reaches the 30 second mark I explode all over. The release of weeks of chastity results in an orgasm covering your hand my chest the cross and the floor below. You gather up as much of the cum as you can in a glass and quickly remove my gag feeding it to me, again tell me to savor the taste and not swallow until you tell me to. As it lingers in my mouth my cock twitches from finally getting the release it so desperately needed. You tell me to swallow and I drink it all down not letting a drop fall from my lips. You release me from the cross, and guide me to the shower, joining you. Knowing how proud you are of me I muster up the last bit of energy I have and wash you tenderly exploring your sexy body in every inch every crevasse I can find. We finish washing and when out I dry you off and you go to the bedroom to get ready for bed. You call me to the playroom and reattach the cb6000 and my leather collar and I moan in displeasure and hang my head. You lift my chin and look me in the eye and talk softly, you need this control don’t you? I respond in a whisper yes Sir I do. You lock it in place and guide me to the bedroom where Chris has laid out my sleeping bag and a soft mat for my bed.

You attach the tie down to its collar put the leather ankle restraints on my hind paws and clip them together fasten my pup mitts on my wrist locking them in place, and as you to lay in bed, I crawl into my sleeping bag, leashed to the foot of the bed, we all fall asleep.

This is the second entry and we already have a third in line as well that shall be posted soon. Remember the deadline is 9/30/11 for your stories to be concidered for the prize. I shall update the story contest tab to include both of these today

Hope you enjoy

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