Monday, February 7, 2011

Bondage Story: "Room 336 Part 1"

Day 38/365... Its 1am as I finish this up... my god, what I do for you people :-P

My Fellow inmates,

The following story was inspired by "Trust Us Part 2" by 'Leatherlovesyou'. While reading it I expected the story to take a turn that it didn't which gave me a great Idea for something new. I hope you enjoy this new effort: "Room 336"


Room 336 Part 1

Jason was in trouble... I knew he needed my help, yet I had but one chance to save him.

They were now trying to lure me, just like they lured him. I have been told if I ever wanted to see my boyfriend again that I would come and I would come alone. You see, about a month ago, Jason went to play with someone he met on the Internet and never came home.

When the police investigated his disappearance they told me Jason had been committed on a judge’s orders…

…and I should just move on.

In my heart I knew that none of this was true, the night before he left he was so excited, showing me pictures and gushing about the scenes that he had been promised.

No one would believe me, and now they were luring me.

An envelope came in the mail the other day, with just my name. It had no mailing address and no return address. They knew where I lived.

Inside the envelope was a set of keys, a map of the hospital with a pathway marked to room 336, and a set of instructions.

According to the sheet I was being given a two hour window, between eight and ten, to rescue him unhindered. Succeed and he was mine, fail and I belonged to them. It was a very loud trap.

Yet, I reminded myself that since they knew where I lived, how long would they let me be if I ignored them? Hide or fight were my only choices.

So it looked like I got to play their game.


It was 7:50pm on Saturday The 14th, as stipulated in the instructions, that I drove up to the compound where they supposedly had Jason held. As I pulled up on the guard station I was surprised to see the gate up and the guard hut unmanned...

Even as I parked the car in to the deserted parking lot, and entered the main door in to the empty lobby my inner voice was screaming at me.

It's all wrong, leave now, save yourself.

Yet despite all of this, I took a deep breath, and pushed on. I hadn't seen Jason in a month, and I had to know what I would find in room 336.

I could never live with myself if I didn't at least try.

Following the map of the grounds I traversed empty corridor after empty corridor before finally arriving on the room I sought.

It actually wasn't hard to spot, for once I arrived in the correct hallway, I realized it was the only door that was closed, the only door that was locked.

My hand shook as I approached that door and inserted the key in to the deadbolt.

As the door swung open I braced myself for the worst. It had been a month, even if I did find him, would I find him alive.

As I peered in to the darkness I could make out the image of a figure lying upon a bed inside. I stood there at the door, barely breathing, awaiting some sign of life, a moan, a stir…

…and just as I was starting to lose hope a light snore suddenly pierced the silence. A smile slowly grew on my face as I quickly moved to the side of the bed. To say that I was not prepared for the sight that awaited me on the mattress was an understatement, as what I saw stopped me in my tracks and took my breath away.

For what laid before me was a beautiful contrast of head to toe black leather on a blue PVC medical mattress. Underneath the medical restraints that encircled the ankles, knees, lower, upper thighs, and torso, what looked like a black leather jumpsuit showed through.

The feet were incased in some sort of leather booties, the head in a tight black hood, but it was the straightjacket that held the person as its prisoner that held my rapt attention.

It was heavy, very heavy; belts and rivets covered every inch of free surface area on the jacket. Shorts were built on, which in turn had thick belts at the leg openings strapped tight and locked on to the thighs. D-rings dripped off of the jacket and the hood, which were currently being used by taught belting holding he subject immobile to the bed.

It looked amazing. I had to touch it. Reaching my hand out I ran my fingertips slowly over the jacket: from the arms, to the legs to the inner thigh, and then to the crotch. A low moan emanated from the hood as my fingers covered ground on the body, yet as I placed my hand on the locked on codpiece, and pressed down, the moan turned in to a pained groan.

A small smile formed on my face as I sat on the edge of the bed and began to lightly tap the codpiece. Quick grunts escaped the hood as the prisoner attempted to thrash in his bonds the best he could. I sure hoped for both our sakes that this was Jason sealed deep in there, or this was about to get awkward.

Fumbling with the keys I unlocked the straps holding the hood to the bed, and opened the neck of the straightjacket so I could begin unlacing his head covering. As the hood slowly slid off my smile widened as Jason appeared from underneath, and though the gag holding his jaw rigid seemed to suit him well, I reached behind his head and unbuckled it.

As the large pecker gag slid from his mouth he smiled back at me “Brian, thank god, I am so glad to see you. Please hurry, and release me, before anyone notices.”

With a slight nod, I got to work, and though it seemed to take forever, as there were a lot of locks, before I knew it all the leather was on the floor and Jason was curled up naked next to me on the bed.

“I missed you so much.” He said as he pulled me in close. The strong leather and man scent that poured off of him made my mind race. I closed my eyes as my breathing quickened. His hand made its way down to my growing cock, though I reached out my arm to block it on its way.

“I have missed you as well, Jason, but now is not the time, we must go…” Just then a sound from the hallway broke the silence. It sounded like a squeaky wheel on some sort of cart that, by its slowly growing volume, was getting closer to the room we were in. Springing up from bed, Jason made his way to the doorway and peered out in the hallway before pulling the door shut with an audible click “What are you doing?” I asked concerned as I sat up on the bed.

“Calm down Brian, these people really mean business, that sound is one of the orderlies with the med cart. He wont stop here as I had already been put to bed for the night, which is how you found me. We shall have to bide our time here until he passes, then we can try to make a break for it.” Walking back over to the bed, he climbed on top of me, and pulled my shirt off. “In the mean time, while we have this rare opportunity, there is something I really want to do.”

As I lay back down the cool PVC mattress met my back sending chills up my spine. "What, here?" I asked.

"Yeah," he replied as he unzipped my fly. I lifted my hips up slightly as he pulled my pants and shorts down my legs and tossed them off the side of the bed. "We've got time."

"But what if someone hears us?" I replied as the full contact of the slick mattress against my bare skin had me standing at full mast and dripping.

"They can't, the room is soundproof." he said as he placed soft kisses on my chest, working his way towards my awaiting mouth. "Nobody will ever hear you scream."

"Wait, what?" I replied hazily as the heady scent pouring off of him once again took over my mind. I shook my head to clear it a bit as I pushed him back "Jason, please, we can't do this. The mix between the leather and your scent is really working me up. We have to think about this logically, we have to get you out of here. I can't do that if you’re shutting down my brain."

He leaned back and chuckled. "I said before, we have a rare opportunity here. It’s going to take the orderly at least a half hour to make his rounds," Jason picked up the heavy leather jumpsuit from the floor, "And if you think the scent from me is strong, you should try this."

"No Jason, I..."

He tossed the suit at me, where it landed on my face allowing me to get a deep snootfull. My brain exploded "Put it on."


"I want to see you in it"


"It has access; I want to fuck you in it."

It was a lost cause, my brain was mush and my dick was in control. He picked up the suit and set it in my hands. Stepping off the side of the bed I stepped in to the suit and pulled it up over my shoulders. Jason stepped out in front of me and zipped it up.

He reached through the hole in the front of the suit and pulled my cock and balls through. I was leaking all over the floor, the overpowering smell of leather and sweat had me shaking.

Bending down, he picked the straightjacket up off the floor and opened it up, offering it to me.

I took a step back "No..."

"You want to wear it don't you?" he asked pushing it towards me.

My back bumped against the wall behind me before I realized that I had no were to go, I was cornered. I looked around quickly in an unsure building of panic, my senses were on fire.

"...Don't you" he said again as he brought the jacket over still holding it open before me as if he were offering me a gift.

I closed my eyes as my mouth went bone dry, a slight answer whispered past my lips "Yes."

"And you want to be fucked in it?"

I knew better than to give the next answer, but my dick was getting off on the danger of the situation. I decided to stop fighting it, yes I wanted it, I had ever since I saw him strapped to the bed, ever since I smelled that pungent gear. A smile spread slowly across my face as I nodded slowly and replied "Yes, Sir."

"Good then step in" he commanded.

After I stepped in to the shorts, Jason moved behind me and pulled it up tight against my ass, "Arms in." he said as he pulled it around my body.

Buckle after buckle was cinched down my back pulling the contraption tighter to me. My dick was trapped between the shorts of the jacket and my leg, futilely trying to grow. As he grabbed my arms and threaded them around my back, I knew I was his, I knew I was at his mercy.

That's when I heard it, a faint click. In fact, many of them, as he worked his way around the jacket. Grabbing on to the front strap and yanking it down on my arms, he smiled evilly at me as he clicked the lock closed on the strap.

My brain and concern for the situation broke through the haze for a split second long enough for me to say: "Jason, wait a second this is not a good Idea."

He responded by grabbing the gag off the floor. "I think you have said enough."

Moving around behind me once again he grabbed my nose painfully as he wrenched my head backwards. I cried out in pain only to have the gag crammed deeply in my mouth, as the strap was wrenched tight.

Jason shoved me from behind, only to find myself falling face first in to the soft PVC mattress. Before I could right myself he was on top of me, unzipping the area over my ass on the straightjacket and then to the jumpsuit underneath.

From out of nowhere he produced lube, as I felt him oiling and massaging my sensitive hole, and before I was able to ask where it came from he pushed my face in to the PVC pillow before shoving his way inside me.

I screamed into the gag yet the assault just continued. My eyes rolled back in my head as he wrapped his arms around my leather clad torso and pounded me for all it was worth. We have always discussed being able to do things like this, but neither of us ever had the money to spend on decent gear, let alone anything like this. Jason finished up with a growl as he came inside me. He lay on top of me for a few moments before pulling out.

He then reached off in to the darkness under the bed for an object I couldn't see, but was quite aware of as it slid its way in to my well lubed ass. I grunted in my gag as ever bulb in the invading intruder, each growing ever larger, popped painfully past my sphincter; and just as I thought I couldn't take anymore the base of the monstrosity seated itself against my ass cheeks.

Jason then flipped me over on my back, and began strapping the jacket to the railing of the bed. I made a few concerned grunts in to the gag as I tried to sit up only to realize I couldn't move my torso at all. Jason laughed at me as he unlocked the codpiece and dug around a bit until he pulled my dick and balls through the cockring built on to the front of the jacket.

Once my cock was free again and had room to grow to full mast I sank back in to my happy haze as he continued to lock on the bondage socks and the rest of the restraints. After he was sure that the restraints were properly applied he then tightened each strap an extra few notches before locking each and every one of them.

I couldn't move a muscle anywhere on my body except for my head, which was still allowed to be free. My dick strained the confines of my own skin as my brain had pumped so much blood in, yet the cockring that held it made it hard for the blood to leave.

Jason climbed back on top of me, cracked open the lube bottle, and liberally oiled up my shaft. As he played with me, and I drifted off to a happy place he began to speak. "...You must understand, Brian, I had no choice. The treatments they have put me through here... They made me tell them everything, and once they found out that you were the only one that knew who I went off to play with that day, they wanted to know more about you…"

I shot a concerned look at him, yet he continued.

“I told them about your proclivities, your kinks, and they thought you sounded perfect, viable for the experiment.” Jason climbed off of me and picked my clothes up off the floor. “So they told me that my only hope to ever leave was to bring you here, give you to them.”

My eyes widened as I screamed profanities in to the gag and did my best to futilely thrash around on the bed. After succeeding only in wearing myself out, I glared at Jason and pleaded through the gag, this had to be a joke, he had to let me go.

As he pulled on my clothes he stared off in the other direction, no longer able to meet my gaze. “Look Brian, I am sorry,” He said to the opposite wall; “I really do love you, but when it comes to a choice of who to save, I am always going to bank on number one.” He turned slowly to look at me sheepishly, “I guess it’s hard to tell true human nature until your knee deep in it, huh.”

Walking over, he kissed me on the forehead, apologized once again as bid me goodbye and unlocked the door. Looking back over his shoulder one last time he headed out in to the corridor leaving me there screaming muffled curses.

As I laid my head back on the pillow, my situation sank in, he was gone, and he had sold me out. I was now in the hands of people I didn’t know. This was not a bed I made for myself; it was one that was made for me. As I quivered with fear of the unknown I questioned the types of guys I tied myself up with.

It was about the time that I had completely beat myself up for my stupidity, and had just about lost all hope when the silence was suddenly broken by the sound of Jason’s voice in the hallway. “Wait what are you doing? Let me go! I brought him to you, we had a deal! Please! Let me the fuck go!”

With that all went silent, save the sound of footsteps echoing through the corridor as it neared the room where I lay. Staring at the door with wide eyes, I listened to the rhythmic steps get louder and louder, closer and closer, and then they just suddenly stopped. My heart threatened to beat from my chest as my gaze never broke its lock on the doorway.

For what seemed like an eternity I stared out in to the empty corridor. I even held my breath for elongated periods so I could have perfect quiet, in which I could sense the coming of the attack. I wasn’t going anywhere, I was but prey caught in a trap, all I could do was lay in wait for the coming of those that set it.

It was at the point that I felt like I wasn’t going to be able to take any more of the growing tension, that a shadowy figure appeared, cocked its head to one side and said “…and what do we have here?”

I fought my bonds with every last ounce of my being as the figure neared me. “Hmm, an eager new recruit I see. You must be Brian, yes, we have heard much about you. Yet, you don’t seem to be fully attired for sleep, please allow me to assist.”

The shadow drifted across the room towards me, and as it reached the side of the bed and kneeled next to me I let out a minor sigh of relief as I got a better glimpse at it. It wasn’t anything supernatural as it first appeared, it was defiantly human. The person before me wore what appeared to be a black lycra full body suit with a gas mask over its face. Its voice was definitely male, and right at the moment he seemed to be quite interested in my crotch, which damn the fucking traitor, was once again growing.

“Yes,” It said as it reached a hand out and grabbed my shaft, “Very promising indeed.” With that he pulled the cod piece back on, and as he cinched the belts down I let out a surprised cry. The Inside of the codpiece was spiked! “Oh, I see you have discovered one of our pieces of discipline.” He chuckled as he locked the belts and then routed around of the floor.

I grunted in my gag at him, pleading to the best of my ability for this to stop, to be let go so I could go back to my normal life.

He lifted his masked face back up, and once again cocked it to the side. “Oh, yes, I agree with you.” He replied as he lifted the hood up, “One should always be properly dressed for every occasion.”

And as he slid the hood down over my head and began to lace it on tightly, he leaned down and whispered in my ear; “Welcome to the program.”