Monday, March 14, 2011

Spotlight On Restraints: Handle With Care Softcircle

My Fellow Inmates,

I get many questions from people saying things like: "Where did you get xxx" or "How can I get xxx" or "What is this restraint/gear you are using in xxx."

Well because of all of this I am now starting a spotlight on restraints series. This allows me to talk about, who what when and where, and if they are still available... how much.

The first set I want to focus on, however, is one of my favorites, and is very sadly an RIP...

These are: Soft Circle Restraints:


Soft Circle Restraints used a mix of Seat belt Webbing, hardware, and Neoprene linings to create an amazing idea in restraints. 

What you are looking at is the Parabed, the system I would have killed for but at the time it was $1200.00... The concept is that the wrist to waits restraint and the ankle hobble restraint always stayed on the patient, and the parabed, or the Static system (below) was a docking station for the patient, so you could move them without untying them.

The pillow was a upper body restraint and spit guard all built in to one...

Once docked in you were stuck. The parabed could be unhooked from the bed and the patient even moved restrained as it could be used as a stretcher as well...

This is definitely my dream restraint set,  I actually did order one many years ago, never heard a response so I contacted the company. I was told that the gentleman that manufactured the sets, had just passed and the systems would not be made anymore. The lady was going to check with the owner to see if they were comfortable sending a set out at that time, and she would get back to me.

In a fool move that I still kick my self over to today, I disputed the charge through paypal and got my money back before I got an answer...

Don't ask why, I don't know.

So if anyone out there actually has one of these sets, or thinks that they can duplicate it with the small bit of info that I have provided, let me know, perhaps we can work out a deal or a trade...

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.