Monday, February 28, 2011

Pride In Who You Are: Rubber, Leather, or Fur

My Fellow Inmates,

This weekend I opened a Fur Affinity account: , and I have been posting pictures well within the TOS of the site, that has just got some of these little fuzzies diapers all in a bunch. Its quite fun actually :-)

You see, it seems that in the sometimes awkward world of fur, many these poor things are terrified to be who they are. Or admit it. One of the greatest reactions to a picture so far was of Rottie at Seattle Pride:

This caused a hooplah about public wear of gear... some of the best comments so far:

  • They Let You Wear That In Public?
-Uh, yeah... and THEY who?
-Ok, so you brought the kids to a gay pride celebration and a guy in a wetsuit is the issue here? Did you notice the 300 pound naked man that just walked past your little darling? If someone wearing a wetsuit is going to traumatise the little tykes I would rcomend never taking them to the beach.
  • Fursuits and Wetsuits are both goofy, but Fursuits are more fun than erotic.
-Wetsuits are Erotic because you eroticize them. I think fursuits are erotic. In my mind there is no difference, Should you then not be allowed to wear your fursuit in public? Rottie was preforming in his wetsuit and hood. People were wanting non stop photographs with us...

Remember, the keyword is PRIDE. Proud for who you are, not who people want you to be. The cops even stopped rottie for how he was dressed, as they wanted to touch him... ask him where he got the pup hood.

This is Seattle, they love their fags here, actually protect us from harassment. What a novel idea...

A world where one is allowed to be who they are inside, either rubber, leather or fursuit... sounds great to me...

And besides, its a material, at what point is it wrong to create clothes out of a material? Plastic too far? how bout Hemp? Vinyl? Cotton? People eroticize anything, don't hate cause your embarrassed to be turned on.

Once again, and yes I have said this before, Life is short, very. The youngons will get this as they get older. Hiding behind fear is a useless waste of time, but we as humans are good at it.

"Oh my god, but you cant do that to a fursuit! Real suiters dont do things like that!" Uh, yeah right... I hate to tell you how many "Popufurs" have been tied up here... and just asked that those pictures not be shown for the sake of their reputations.

To these DNH people... never carry a blacklight to a con... you will never hug again :)


I leave you now with a video that was shared with me today by CanusDerpus on Twitter, I call it, the future of kink:

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.