Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mikey & Daddy Tony from SBI Move in to Asylum's World

My Fellow Inmates,

I am sure that you all have checked out the link on the side here to Serious Male bondage, if you haven't, do it now... And here is why.

Mikey and Daddy Tony who have been working with them for a while are now moving back to my area, and shall be renting a house from WetsuitJay and I.

Why is this good news? Oh, because these two are kinky in all the right ways...

I can't wait to see the playspaces they put in to the house, and they have 2300 sq feet to play with that is covered in all sorts of wonderfully kinkable nooks and crannies.

Though I did tell Daddy Tony yesterday that if he puts in a padded cell, as the landlord I shall be required to come and test it for "Structural Integrity" :-)

Make sure you check out all their kinky photoshoots on Serous Male bondage, and I look forward to the images and videos that may come from my interactions with these two in the future as well.

Life is good.

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.