Saturday, May 22, 2010

A New Member to the fold

My Fellow Inmates,

My soon to be pup "Rottyboy" is currently working on writing up a one year training contract with me. I am truthfully excited, as I have shared with you all before this is a fantastic pup who is eager to learn, very respectful, and fun to play with.

His new cage is just about complete as well, and should be delivered on June 4th.

It is 6.5 feet long and 3 feet wide, and still needs to be painted. The floor will be padded with 6 inches of rubber covered padding, to the point that it shall come up to the bottom of the food dish slot on the door.

His cage will be filled with all sorts of toys and shall be his home away from home when ever he wishes to come visit.

His Training will be Tracked in his Own Blog that has been created for him:

I welcome you to click on the link above, visit his blog, and follow his progress as we go forward.

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Saturday, May 15, 2010

The 9th Cumming Of Klaus

My Fellow Inmates,

After days of pain at the hands of my outdated computer, I have finally finished the Video... (who would have thought a simple reboot would fix all, huh, shall miracles never cease...)

I am actually pleased by how it turned out, as it was my first attempt at a full length piece. It ended up clocking in at just under 1 hour, and although I am not wholeheartedly satisfied by some of the cuts, I think it turned out well considering the limitations of the technology I am working with.

So with that said... The Video...

This is the second time that Klausbndg and I played together. If you view our last video "Leatherbiker Bondage" we played nicely, as I do with any boy that visits me the first time. We need to determine in they are actually ready for journeys that they might request.

This time around, we pushed harder with every concurrent scene, and as the credits roll you can actually hear his mind licking the edge of the brink.

Who of us actually knows what is on the other side of that fine line that our minds draw in the sand? How much shit have we buried beyond that wall, and how many of us could accept some asshole taking a sledgehammer to it?

Klaus is very pliable, very open, he has now asked for his next visit to cross that line, walked to the edge, teeter a bit, and then be kicked in the ass over it...

This concept scares him, as It should.

He is an amazing bottom that I would be happy to pull apart.

It shall be a multiple day thing, as aftercare is very important in this kind of play. Depending upon how the boy cracks we could end up with anger, tears, or just 100's of tiny little boy shards all over the playroom floor...

For the first time in a long time I am showing myself as a part of one of my videos. Please no one tell the President's counsel for physical fitness strike team, as they have been searching for me for years :)

No shame, no apologies...

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Biting off more than one can chew

My Fellow Inmates,

Two nights ago I found myself, at 1am in the morning, beating my head against the keyboard. You see the new video turned out well, real well, and anyone that knows me well knows that the standards I hold for myself are much higher than those I require of others...

So needless to say I can't wait to post this one.

Mostly because I want to be done with it.

You see I set myself a lofty goal of a lengthy vid upon an outdated system, on outdated software, running in a windows vista enviroment.

The levels of pain I have brought to others pale in comparison to the agony wroght upon me by my masters at Microsoft.

And we are playing with no safeword.

So yes, it is complete, and way too large. My current task is trimming the fat to make it a bit smaller.

This is having two benificial effects.

First, and foremost, by condencing the vid I find it's only getting stronger. The danger of attempting long pieces is that the later portions will slow down breaking the flow an causing anticlimactic yawn moments in what should be a hot peice...

The second benifit is in the realization that this peice of shit computer needs to sail from the highest balcony i can find...

All in good time.

This piece shall be posted by this weekend, that's my plan. As long as I don't kick in my monitor before then...

So last night I finished the vid, and started it publishing... I got it just under my 500 Meg limit, it quoted me that it would take a few hours to process. So I went to bed... I woke up this morning to find out it failed at 95% complete...


Life's a bitch sometimes

the process of living is learning how to roll with the punches.

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Deep thoughts, and Deep Throats

My Fellow Inmates, 

In the past week, all has been quiet on this western front.

Ok, well to an extent.

Last Sunday, May 2nd, my Grandmother passed on. Now before anyone feels too bad upon reading this, allow me to justify the reason I even mention this...

We as humans are a sweltering pile of daft ass prats who are unable too see the world beyond the beautiful view that is the tips of our own noses...

Now before the fanblades start dripping fecal matter, let's make one thing clear... I am an egotistical son of a bitch, I know it, others know it, so why mince words...

Perhaps it's because I first discovered ego in my early 20's, before my looks faded, when my former master made me thin and muscular on pain of... Well pain. Or perhaps I was toilet trained at gunpoint, either way this is not what we are discussing here.

I am talking greed, plain and simple take what you can get, fuck all others, greed.

You see, what I didn't know, nor the other potentially innocent members of my family, was that while we were visiting my grandmother in the hospital... Somone else in the family went through her home and cleared out all valuables that they could get their hands on.

Gold, silver, 60 year old Waterford Crystal, vintage furnature and appliances, hand carved ivory, family heirlooms 100's of years old, hummels, dishes, jewelry, & 100's of silver dollars that dated back to the turn of the century..

All gone, and while she was still alive and entering hopice care.

This person coldly and calsulatedly planned their attack at a point that they knew she would never be comming home, and would never miss anything.

This was not a travesty... This was a rape... There were only two people who were not mentioned in her will, so there is no proving anything. The perpetrator of this singlehandedly null and voided the will as anything she had to pass on is now gone...

So yes, I am disgusted with humanity at the moment, but frankly can I say I am surprised? That my whole peaches and creame outlook upon things has been now somehow tarnished by self serving hoodlums that forgot to give the family a reach around as they pulled their dick out of our communal puckered holes?

I am sorry, have we met?

In other news though, with a modicum of anger upon my mind, I had my self a visitor to my home this weekend, aged 22 years, with a hair trigger and a fast reload...

The aformentioned frat paddle saw a lot of use, and the boy kept firing until all he could do was whine and talk to himself...

The video that shall come of this shall be called "The 9th cumming of Klaus" and will be the loftiest effort I have put out so far as it appears that it shall clock in between 60 - 90 minutes.

This shall be my first attempt at a feature length video. The 10 total scenes shall be broken up by chapter headings, and I looks like it is going to turn out well.

While editing this vid though, I began thinking. Although the temptation is there, considering the length of the film, to go down the route that others have...

I think The Flying Lizards said it best... Or worst... Well at leist most painfully: "Money, that's what I want"...

It's funny to my to think about how truly fucked up our sex laws in this country are. If I was to have a boy over for play, and he paid me 500.00... Well that's prostitution. Whereas if I film that scene and sell the footage to make the same 500.00 that's legal.

As long as you cum vicariously, you are allowed to be charged for it.

And they say I am twisted...

No, the Asylum films have been, and shall always be free.

It's hard to be a self proclaimed egotistical jackass if no one wants to pay to see your DVD... Then your just a sad broke jackass...

The greatest enemy to a god complex is an ice cold dose of reality...

All right Mr. De Mille, I am ready for my closeup!

You didn't realize that they made turbins out of latex did you?

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Monday, May 3, 2010

Rubber Electrostim and Breathcontrol

My Fellow Inmates,

For those of you that follow the Asylum Videos, you shall notice that they are being upgraded with every new one. Things change as I learn what works and not, new opening, and new ended credits... Yes I know the new ending is odd in its 1920's style silent movie bend with a kinky music twist... but its unique and that's what I was going for

So for now I proudly offer you the last Asylum video that will feature this awful static shot...

On Saturday I went and visited a new indoor swapmeet in the area, just to check it out, and ended up leaving with a full sized Tripod, and a Frat paddle from the University of Michigan, class of 1977...

The Tripod shall be used this upcoming weekend for Klausbndg's visit... The frat paddle on the other hand, well I am not sure... we shall see if Klaus's balls can take it. I am assuming though that Rubberfreak, who is to be my boy at IML this year, shall have his testicles emblazoned with the Greek letters on the paddle by the time the weekend is over.

The new video features Sparky in the new Russian casualty gasmask showing its rebreathing properties to the point of panic. Sparky and I have played many times over the years and the last time we played, with the bouncing clothespin scene, at the end the clothespins hurt so bad... While I was taking them off very very slowly, and as painfully as possible... That he yelled out "Get them the fuck off already!"

We addressed that issue during this scene... Enjoy.

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Comfortably numb

My fellow inmates...

When Shelly West Sang "Jose Cuervo, you are no friend of mine" she had obviously not ever dealt with the rainclouds and gloom that can hang over a group of people when emptiness and uncertainty loom in our daily actions.

Yesterday I received an angry message from someone in regards to the video I posted, and my seeming nonchalant ability to continue forward in the face of someone so important to me passing caused them to be disgusted.

Though In my opinion, I rarely explain myself to anyone, granted those who read this blog know that this is actually a pile of bullshit carefully hidden underneath buttercream frosting...

I am human, it's what we do, and it was what this person was doing when they growled at me for what appeared to him to be me moving on too quickly...

Now in the process of collecting my thoughts to write this post, I went and poured myself a Gin and Tonic made with a particularly scary looking lime that I found growling at me from the back of the fridge...

Eh, I was in the mood, and I was bigger than the lime...

I realized as the ice cubes swirled amongst each other, that anger is natural, confusion is natural, and Alcohol is.... well ok dependant on the type of alcohol, Antifreeze or NyQuil notwithstanding, but yes natural as well...

This issue of James's Death didn't make me an alcoholic, I have had years of practice... :)

Look, here is the thing, If you chastise me for continuing to be myself, then you definitely didn't know shit about who James was behind the curtain of Bodisama, and pretty much less about me and how I function and deal with things.

James would always say "It's hard to be Brittany."

I think back now to his meaning of this... I always assumed just the basic humor of this statement. Images of Brittany Spears, head half shaved, daemons licking at her toes as the limelight shined on her face...

But now I wonder... James was a complex man, many expected the world of him, and forgot he was human with his own fragility. His strive to create "Bodisama" took on a life of its own, and many people knew the fantasy, and expected him to "preform" when they met him... a trained monkey... a top kept by certain members of our communities expectations.

It was amazing to me how many times, when I was around him in public, people from our community would walk up and say "Excuse me, but aren't you Bodisama?". He was always cordial though, like a trained tiger in a petting zoo, he loved the attention the whole while on the lookout for easy prey.

Our understanding of each other formed over the computer... An acquaintance, as James would call it, not a friend. Expectations were of course set before we ever met at IML... It was all on my head, I strived to live up to his, and was very conscious in my attempts to not make him live up to mine.

James, Matt and I spent the whole time together at IML, I actually only stayed in my room the first night, before they ever arrived.

It's quite interesting, to think about it now, They have moved IML back to the Hyatt. This was the same hotel where I first met James and spent every waking moment with him. I wonder my emotional reaction as I walk the skyway, where we sat in the evenings and bullshitted for hours.

They say to every ounce of depreciating humor, there is a shot of truth, if there wasn't it wouldn't be poignant, and it wouldn't be funny. My motto in life at the point, is "Live your life out loud".

In response to this a friend recently posted "umm, yeah, some of us think you need to pipe down."

I spent the last few days with my grandmother, who is 93 years old. She is currently in a hospital bed in my Dad's living room, is on morphine, and is not expected to last through the weekend.

Pauline, or Omi, as we call her... Which is a bastardization of the German "Oma", and roughly translates to "Grammy"... Has live a life that no one should have.

When she was a little girl her and her sister hid under a pile of clothing and blankets in a closet as the Nazi's ransacked her family's home looking for them. They were lucky as they were not located. Her parents however were taken away that day, and she never saw them again.

They scraped up money from where they could, bribed German officials, and later, with her new husband, got out of Germany... Her "Jude" Star to this day is proudly displayed.

And in fact, with her health failing, she told me she has lived every day of her life proud of the fact that she has cost Germany Money, for every month she receives a check from the German government for reparations for the atrocities committed.

Hated and killed for just being who they were...

I consider the Gay's plight in the United States at the moment akin to the civil rights movement of the blacks half a century ago...

An African American co-worker of mine heard me say this and went ape shit. "Its not even close!" He said "The Gays never suffered slavery at the hands of their own country!"

"Really?" I Replied; "Well Ron, I am a jew as well, and you bitch over 100's of years of Slavery, of which you have never tasted an ounce of... Try 1000's of years, and we have yet to find the balls to ask the Egyptians for any reparations!"

He had no answer to that...

So yes, I live my life out loud. I live my life proudly, and I marvel at scaring straight people any chance I can get as I walk down the Streets of Seattle fully geared.

So am I damaging our image like those tweenies that heavyhand the lisp and add some extra twinkle in their step as they walk?


But just remember that the uprising of the queeny fags in the 1970's against the persecution of the times lead to our blossoming acceptance that is happening now.

I have also heard, in regards to my facebook group, the preference of not throwing sex in to families faces.

I consider my life, and my needs, and my partners life and his needs who I am... who we are. It goes way beyond sex...

Pride is not a fair weather term...

When my partner and I visited my Grandmother on Thursday she was fairly scattered. She was drugged up to keep the pain and anxiety at bay...

Just before we left, as she was nodding off for a nap, her eyes sprung open, and in a moment of obvious clarity she focused right on my partner, smiled, waved and said "Hi Jay!"

Those will probably be the last words I here her speak...

If a 93 year old woman, who has been to hell and back, can accept and embrace, with full knowledge in her mind of who I am inside (yes I told her as well), and yet my happiness is paramount even on her deathbed...

Then really, Fuck anyone else that can't take it...

With that, visiting time is over.

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.