Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sex Sex Sex... Thats All Asylum Fucking Talks About!!!

My Fellow Inmates,

The Following Comic was shared with me by a reader who commented on yesterday's post... I think its poignant to yesterday's point, and besides its funny as well...

So Then I was also asked "Wait, has your blog gone Furry?"

No, I think you've missed the point here. Sexuality is painted in more than shades of grey. The Asylum is a kink friendly zone and we are happy to welcome anyone no matter their kink.

"Oh, so you mean you will play with a..."

No. Let's be realistic here. What gets me going is what gets me going. I will no more get turned on by a dirty diaper as I would by a boy who came over and just wanted to be tied up and didn't want me to touch him cause he was straight (It has been requested), but for a portion of our population this is a thrill.

The point is there is nothing wrong with it, and I am not going to cease from talking about it because that thrill may not be mine, and I am not going to judge it just because I may not understand.

The Asylum blog is about Sexuality. My sexuality... your sexuality...

..And although I would love to talk non stop about myself... (Runs a comb through his perfectly manicured hair and flashes an award winning smile that sparkles at the edges) ... One cant be the center of attention if the attention is being focused elsewhere.

I received a great message that said "I cant tell if you are actually stuck up or not; damn, you are hard to read."

I replied back simply "Thank You"

We are chocolate because our bodies are wired differently. Take away the catalyst to the feelings, be it a tightly laced on hood or flaming shaved goat, and we are all chasing the same things, the same emotions, that warm feeling in the pit of our stomachs...

Comfort, safety, love, understanding, the ability to let go in to the grips of our own needs in the hands of someone that will never judge us for being who we desire to be... To be who we actually are... even only if for those fleeting moments in time in the privacy of a darkened room.

I started out in rubber bondage, discovered leather and S&M, then discovered my own interests in furry... Every day my sexuality is allowed to grow as I like to be open minded. New pleasures, new interests, new fun.

This is what the Asylum is about. We are not alone, and with resources available on the Internet none of us should ever have to feel that way again.
Sounds like Soddom & Gemorah doesn't it? I don't know, can you fuck a salt block? =)

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.