Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Contest Entry: "A Pup's Fantasy" by ErrorWolf

My Fellow Inmates,

Here is the next entry in to the story contest:


A Pup’s Fantasy
by ErrorWolf
[1] Prep
Before your arrival I start by taking all my clothes off leaving just my furry body standing alone in a cheap motel room, nipples erect in the cool air, as a more southerly part also grows erect at the mere thought of what I hope is going to finally happen.

The instruction had been simple yet strange, rent a room, put a key in a pack of cigars and leave them just to the left of the front door of the library, pick up the plastic wrap that would be there, then return to the room to prepare.

Fondling myself lightly, I unzip my gear bag and start laying stuff out. On top is the popup kennel I have never used, granted it is soft sided with zippered door so it can’t be too secure, but if I were mitted and locked even its zipper would defeat me… that brought me to the next item, my leather pup hood with blindfold, yes, locked in the cage like a good little pup, can’t even use my teeth to open it, hands blunted to paws, struggle as much as you want, only Master can let you out now… I realize, almost too late, that while envisioning this scenario I had continued stroking myself, nearly to the point of no return, wouldn’t do to rob Master of his spunk now would it.

Continuing to unpack, with both hands now, I pull out my rubber shorty suit with full access zipper, my wresting boots, real dog paw mitts that happen to fit my fists, socks for padding, the collection of collars and cuffs which I set on the night stand along with the ring of locks and keys.

Next out was my favorite piece of gear, a full, heavy gage, lace up, dip-molded latex hood with only a mouth hole. It was so great because once you tightened it up it applied a wonderful level of compression while blocking out all light and muffling sound, the closest I had ever come to the longed-for sensory deprivation experience. Oh to be isolated from my world, with my Master as the only tie to reality, to be so totally his that I can’t even perceive anything else but his touch.

Finally I remove my pup tail plug and a double egg vibrator, not sure what Master will want to do with my tail I will just leave them out for him. From a side compartment I remove some lube, condoms, and a brown glass bottle. From the other side I take out a latex bed sheet which I use to cover the other bed, and a clear rubber sleep sac with 3 zip heads which goes on top of the sheet, just a subtle hint of what I’d like done.

Leaving the bag still half full of gear, I grab a bottle of lube and start slicking up my torso, concentrating on my arms and legs I linger just a bit on my still hard rod, stoking it in anticipation of Master’s care. Picking up the suit, I wipe lube all over the inside, testing the smooth, slippery material on my dick by wrapping it with the arm hole and slowly rubbing, to verify that it was lubed enough of course.

Passing the test, I stick one leg in, then the other, pulling the suit up to my waist. I gasp slightly as the cold latex contacts my more sensitive parts, but, as it always does, the rubber goes from cold to warm, feeling as though it were my second skin. Touching the smooth shiny black surface feels warm, like a perfect hairless layer that is as much a part of me as my very own flesh, seeming alien yet comfortable, bizarre yet right, as if it actually were alive, covering me in its warm, firm embrace.

Pulling the top of the suit over my shoulders I fish the zippers from the back, leaving two of the heads at my crotch, and zipping up the rest of the way to my neck. I twist and move as the suit finds its place on my body, settling in to complete the transformation, making me momentarily long for a full suit, until I rub the crotch and forget everything again, only able to think of the feeling of the rubber under my hand and the slick insides causing a whole range of sensations on my very eager cock.

Before I get myself into trouble again, I open the zipper to let my cock out and grab one of the little leashes, installing it at the base behind my balls, I yipe as the clip catches a little flesh, but it didn’t break the skin so it’s fine. Sitting on the bed I put the boots on, lacing them up firmly and wrapping the velcro covers. I clip two more collars onto my ankles and lock two choker chains over the boots to make sure they aren’t going anywhere, plus the boots keep the chains from hurting my ankles if they are used for tie-down points.

Reaching into the bag I grab the knee pads and put them on. Almost done, what am I forgetting? I move the mitts, socks, plastic wrap, wrist collars, brown bottle, and duck tape to the other bed with the hoods. I dig in the bag and pull out a bottle of liquor, pouring a good size amount into a hotel cup I down it and cough as I accidentally inhale the strong fumes.

Putting the bottle and cup on the night stand, I kneel on the rubber sheet facing the door and don the rubber mask, lacing it up tight I’m taken to that wonderful place of rubber bliss, as I rub by chest, latex is all I can feel, touching me from all corners.

Pressing on, lest I get distracted again, I slide the leather hood over the rubber one. Buckling the built-in collar on, realizing I forgot the lock for the hood, I feel my way to the stand and grab a medium lock and snap it into place with a click that is very loud and final in the hoods. I also reach down to the floor to find my clothes and pick up a sock, wetting it from the brown bottle, I stuff it into the pup hood’s muzzle so it will stand out correctly, and zip it closed.

As my head spins in the utter darkness from the aromas that now taint my every breath, I drift off to a very happy place for a moment, dreaming of what’s to cum, wishing I could stay in this state all the time I was a pup, wishing I could always stay a pup, just wanting to please my Master and lay at his feet. To be told I am his "Good Boy".

Turning back around toward the direction I think the door was in, I feel around for a sock and pull it on, placing my knuckles in the heel and rolling the toe end into my palm for padding and spacing. Finally I clumsily wrap my sock-paw with plastic wrap, put a band of duct tape at the wrist to make sure it won’t go anywhere, and slip the rubber bottomed dog mitts over the whole mess securing it with a collar. I then wonder if I should have laid out a choker chain to lock onto the wrists too, but there was no way I could have handled putting it together one handed and one pawed. If Master wants to add it he can when he gets here, then he get to set the locks too.

Having done all the preparations I can by myself, I get comfortable on all fours, only humping the sheet below me a little, still facing what I hope is the door, to await my Masters arrival like a good pup.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.