Monday, February 28, 2011

Pride In Who You Are: Rubber, Leather, or Fur

My Fellow Inmates,

This weekend I opened a Fur Affinity account: , and I have been posting pictures well within the TOS of the site, that has just got some of these little fuzzies diapers all in a bunch. Its quite fun actually :-)

You see, it seems that in the sometimes awkward world of fur, many these poor things are terrified to be who they are. Or admit it. One of the greatest reactions to a picture so far was of Rottie at Seattle Pride:

This caused a hooplah about public wear of gear... some of the best comments so far:

  • They Let You Wear That In Public?
-Uh, yeah... and THEY who?
-Ok, so you brought the kids to a gay pride celebration and a guy in a wetsuit is the issue here? Did you notice the 300 pound naked man that just walked past your little darling? If someone wearing a wetsuit is going to traumatise the little tykes I would rcomend never taking them to the beach.
  • Fursuits and Wetsuits are both goofy, but Fursuits are more fun than erotic.
-Wetsuits are Erotic because you eroticize them. I think fursuits are erotic. In my mind there is no difference, Should you then not be allowed to wear your fursuit in public? Rottie was preforming in his wetsuit and hood. People were wanting non stop photographs with us...

Remember, the keyword is PRIDE. Proud for who you are, not who people want you to be. The cops even stopped rottie for how he was dressed, as they wanted to touch him... ask him where he got the pup hood.

This is Seattle, they love their fags here, actually protect us from harassment. What a novel idea...

A world where one is allowed to be who they are inside, either rubber, leather or fursuit... sounds great to me...

And besides, its a material, at what point is it wrong to create clothes out of a material? Plastic too far? how bout Hemp? Vinyl? Cotton? People eroticize anything, don't hate cause your embarrassed to be turned on.

Once again, and yes I have said this before, Life is short, very. The youngons will get this as they get older. Hiding behind fear is a useless waste of time, but we as humans are good at it.

"Oh my god, but you cant do that to a fursuit! Real suiters dont do things like that!" Uh, yeah right... I hate to tell you how many "Popufurs" have been tied up here... and just asked that those pictures not be shown for the sake of their reputations.

To these DNH people... never carry a blacklight to a con... you will never hug again :)


I leave you now with a video that was shared with me today by CanusDerpus on Twitter, I call it, the future of kink:

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

So busy I almost forgot to Kink

My fellow inmates,

This last week I worked 25 hours of overtime....

Gak, just gak...

I got home yesterday so tired that my partner threw me in the rubber prison suit and the Heetkamp straightjacket vest, in the cage, and liberally applied restraints so I could take a nap...

Or so was the plan...

Except for he left vibrator in the cage with me...

I may have not been able to see or barely move, but a determined enough horny person can work magic. I did get my hands on the vibrator, and got myself all horned up...

Sleep was but a dream...

The vibrator was a trap. In our playroom if you cum without permission you better be ready for the consequences of your actions...

WetsuitJay thought this was pretty funny... Gah, I love that man :-)

So anyone who is keeping track or tabs shall notice that I didn't post yesterday... Yup I made 56 posts in a row before I faltered... But oh well...

This is going to be worth it.

Next weekend I buy the leather for the LeatherPanther bondage suit.

So I missed a post cause I was locked in a cage... I can think of worse reasons...

Life is good :-D

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Friday, February 25, 2011

Bondage Story: MurrCon 4

My Fellow Inmates,

As my long houred days continue, I have to look at the easier updates to my blog... We shall be back with new pictures and videos soon.

Until then let's continue with the poor LeatherPanther's troubles in part 4...


The Murrcon 4

I stared at the piece of paper leaning against the phone, to my useless paws and then back again.

I attempted to pick it up by squeezing both paws together only to watch it float lazilly to the floor at my feet.

Getting down on all fours, I cocked my head at the letter in an attempt to orient the perforated eyes in such a mannor that I could read what was written on it in the darkness between the two beds where it lay.

It was futile.

Using both paws and my knee, I crumpled the letter up enough that I was able to find purchase enough to move it to the bed.

Laying down, I smoothed it out and began to read;

Subby, (I hated that name)

You were still sound asleep, presumably worn out from last nights activities and we didn't want to wake you, So we decided to let you sleep. (Too kind)

You have two choices. You of course can continue your previous pathway and call for help. Where you will have to suffer the indignance of someone coming to cut the lock off. The police shall take the suit as evidence of an assault, you wont be able to give them our real names as you don't know them, and you shall never see us again.

On the other hand, some friends of mine have offered to pick you up, and take you to the host hotel... Oh, by the way did I mention thats not where we stayed last night?

They will meet you in the parking garage at 9:30am sharp, don't be late.


P.S. If you make it to me still in suit, the Leatherpanther is yours

I rolled over on my back with my paws tucked behind my head to contemplate my options. I was about to suffer embarrassment either option I took, whereas heading to the parking garage was what I knew I needed to do.

I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply my sweaty leathery world. I wanted this, I asked for this, I had mentioned many times on twitter that this kind of thing and treatment was what I was looking for, and although I had never related to a cat, this suit smelled and felt wonderful. I would love to be his new owner.

So I had made up my mind. As I pushed myself up off the bed I looked at the clock, and my heart skipped a beat: 9:27am

Oh shit.

Without thinking I made a b-line for the door and out in to the hallway, as the door clicked shut behind me I knew I couldn't go back...

I rushed to the bank of elevators and pounded on the down button, hoping that I would not run in to anyone on the way.

While I waited for the car to reach my floor I just happened to look down and noticed that my cock was still hanging out of the front of the suit.,

Damn you Chaz!

I watched the red digital number get closer and closer to my floor as I futilly attempted to stuff my dick back through the small hole, but without fingers it was a lost cause.

A bing sounded out throughout the air as the elevator pulled to a stop. Grabbing quickly for the leather flap, I pulled it over everything and did the Velcro, hoping it would hold.

As the doors opened, my head dropped. For inside was a UPS boy, with a dolly full of packages, standing there with his mouth agape.

I slank in, leaned up against the wall, and stared at the floor in a futile attempt to not draw attention. The whole time well aware that this ploy would not draw attention away from the six foot tall black leather cat that just entered.

"That's..." he said with a pause as he reached out to touch my arm, "...Amazing"

I nodded at him, unable to actually say anything. I turned quickly to the contol panel and hit the "P" button.

"Where does one get something like that?" he asked me as he scooted a bit closer

I just shrugged my shoulders and raided my paws in to the air as an international symbol of 'I don't know', as I scooted as far in to the corner as I could get.

I looked up at the overhead floor display: 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 1st floor... It was getting close, and just in time too as this guy was starting to get irritated.

"I'm sorry, did you not notice I was talking to you?" he said as he laid a hand on my shoulder.

Just then the doors opened allowing me to slide out from under his grasp. I could hear him yelling curses at me as I hurried down the hallway towards the garage.

I weaves on and out of the parked cars looking for the people I was supposed to be meeting up with. It was then that I stopped dead in my tracks, as I realized that I had no idea who I was looking for.

How was I supposed to know that whoever found me was friend or foe, and didn't honestly mean me harm?

Just then I heard a voice from behind me. "Well hello there, Kitty."

I turned around just in time to come face to face with the UPS man from the elevator, and before I could react he shoved me hard against the car behind me, knocking me to the groud.

He produced a tire iron, placed it under my chin and lifted up, making sure my eyes met his "Stay down, or things will get ugly" he commanded as he hopped on his cell.

"Hey, Greg, This is Mark. Yeah, you won't believe what I got down here at the Hyatt. Bring the truck"

Hanging up the phone he leaned against the van behind him and smacked the tire iron in the the palm of his hand "Now, we are just going to wait calmly right here. My friends shall be here soon, and they shall take real good care of you."

I didn't know what to do, I was tempted to bolt, but I couldn't trust that I could move faster than the weapon in his hand. Was these the people I was supposed to meet? Did I miss them? God help me how did I get myself I. To this mess?

It wasn't long before a windowless unmarked black van pulled up along side us and people poured out. One specific man, tall and skinny, with cropped flaming red hair walked right up to me and placed a boot on my crotch.

"...And what do we have here?" He asked as he shoved his steel toe deeper making me squirm.

"That's how I found him, Sir, in the elevator." Mark the UPS man replied. "I would assume it's some sort of sex game, since he seems to be gaged, which means people are probably looking for him at the moment."

"Well we can't have that can we?" The redhead replied, "Load him up."

With that he stapled aside as two guys grabbed me from both sides, and the UPS from the front. I was tossed in the back of the van and made to sit up against the wall.

Heave mitts were slid over my paws, locked on, and my arms were chained, outstreached, to the wall of the van.

Two chain from above were locked to the d-rings on both sides of my collar, and one from the floor was locked to the ring on the front.

I was well secured and not going anywhere.

The redhead kneeled before me, "My name is Dante, you may call me Sir. In my world you comply with what is asked if you, or you face the consequences, do you understand?"

I couldn't move, I couldn't talk, I couldn't even nod my head. I din my best to signal an affirmative sound through the gag, which made him tilt his head at me.

Dante began to unzip my maw "Let's see what we have in here shall we?" as he got it open I could feel him tugging on the gag a bit as he explored the inside of the suits muzzle.

"What an ingenious little design." He looked over his shoulder at one of his cronies, "Get me the the cattle prod."

Dante didn't have to wait long for The menacing looking tool to be quickly set beside him. I moaned in to my gag as my eyes set on the cattleprod before me. There was no way I wanted to feel it's bight.

Reaching inside my maw, he twisted the gag, popping the center core out. I realized that my teeth were still held in place, but he had ascess to my throat now as he explored the back of my mouth with his fingers.

My cock flopped to the floor of The Van as he opened the flap on the front of my suit. He then stood up, and unzipped his pants, displaying a large cock before him.

Dante picked up the cattleprod and plastered my dick to the floor with the tip of it. "Now here is how this is going to work..."

"Andres! No!" a voice rang out, causing Dante to whip around and walk to the door of the van.

Now that my view was unobscured I could see Gunner running towards us. My hopes raised for only a moment, Before only getting dashed again asI Watched the UPS guy tackle him.

Dante slaked the door of the Van shut and yelled out "Drive!"

As we lurched forward, I was bounced against the chains holding me. Once we were out on the smooth open road Dante turned his attention back to me.

Once again he held the weapon against my manhood as his Dick hung inches from my muzzle. "Andres is it? Though I guess I should assume the cat has another name shouldn't I?"

I didn't make a sound. I just sat there quietl for if I denied it he would have beleaved me. If I confirmed it he would have wanted to know.

"That's ok." He Replied. "You shall tell me eventually."

He pushed himself in to my muzzle, and as I felt his dick pass the hole in the center of the gag, he pressed my cock firmly against the floor with the cattleprod "If I am not satisfied, You shall be the first to know."

With that he slid down my throat.


With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bondage Story: MurrCon Part 3

My fellow Inmates,

Please excuse mistype in this weeks serial story, they are quick updates written in truncated amounts of time.

I shall clean them up later, but here is the next part... Please enjoy :-)


The Murrcon #3

It was only a matter of time before the sniffing began. Puppies all over me, inches away from the cat's face and growling. I attempted to squirm, attempted to get away, but was held tight by the straps.

A dog in a black rubber hood walked up behind me, snapped off his muzzle, and disappeared out of my sight in the mirrors reflection, below my tail.

I whimpered softly in the gag as I felt a tongue lick up the side of one cheek, then the side of the other. It was at the point the the dog's tongue entered my asshole that the whimper turned in to a full blown purr...

"Aww, that didn't take long for it to accept it's new lot in life." A random voice called out.

The crowd parted and a large orange cat walked towards me. "Hi there kitty." He said as he patted me on the butt. My blood ran cold, I knew that voice, It was Chaz.

He liberally lubed up my tailhole as I watched his cock grow to mammoth proportions in the attached sheath on his fursuit. Chaz was a very big cat, and I could tell this really was going to hurt.

I shook my head no, and bleated in to the gag, he just chuckled "Oh.. Yes, yes, yes. I have wanted to do this since the day I picked you up."

He positioned himself behind me and took a few trial poked before shoving himself none to gently inside of me. My screams were muffled by the infernal gag. After a bit the sharp pains subsided to a dull roar as Chaz pounded away for all it was worth.

For about twenty minutes he worked on me, continuously regulating his speed to keep himself going. Then finally it happened, he came with a roar as a wonderful warmth spread inside of me.

Chaz pulled out and wiped himself off before turning to the pack of furry dogs huddled behind him "He's a great ride boys!" he called out, "Feel free to take a turn!"

I groaned loudly in to my gag as the approached, and with every dog that mounted me I grew more and more sore. It was about around the tenth or eleventh attacker to my sensitive hole that I drifted away from reality, and as the night wore on I found new levels of reality in my own head...


I don't even remember being unstrapped from the bench, or being put to bed, but when I woke up the next morning I could barely move.

As I noticed the light streaming in through the perforated eyes before mine, I realized I was still in the Panther suit, and as I tried to sit up I realized that I fucking hurt.

I made my way to the bathroom and stared at the cats face in the mirror. I noticed something odd, in the maw, a little plastic tube.

Sucking on the gag that was still in my mouth I realized that it must have been swapped out, as I could suck air through. This was good as I was quite thirsty.

Since the straw was cut off right at the end of the maw I had one option: I filled the sink with water before dunking my head in and sucking for all it was worth.

Even though I ended up dripping wet my efforts paid off. I was beginning to feel refreshed. I headed back out in to the suite to knock someone else out of bed to let me out of this thing, for I needed food and a hot soak of some sort.

The suite was still pitch black as the lights were out and the curtains were drawn. Wandering over to the front door I ran my paws avaunt the wall until I found the bank of switches.

If my jaw could have hit the floor, as the lights flicked on, it would have. For the place was completely empty.

No gear, no equiptment, no people. Even my clothes were gone, meaning my wallet as well.

I padded around the room in a panic, where had they gone? Why had they done this? I was locked in this suit, helpless and gagged.

I ran to the phone to attempt to call for help, knowing that the embarrassment I would suffer from outside assistance was less a concern than not being able to get out of this...

And that's when I saw it, leaning against the phone. A sheet of paper labeled simply "Leatherpanther"


With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bondage Story: MurrCon Part 2

My fellow inmates,

It is with great pleasure that I share the continuation of this story with you...

This boy's plight though bad at the end of this part, shall only go 100 times worse at the end of the next part...

Please enjoy :-)


The Murrcon Part 2

We entered Chicago with my ear half chewed off the side of my head. For days on end I got to listen to Chaz's exploits and ideas of what he would do to me had he ever the chance to get me cornered.

This cat was a legend in his own mind, gods gift to the fandom, and I had just about had enough, I had to get away from him just to hear myself think, if even for a short timeframe.

As we pulled up on the hotel I could see the smiling faces of Crash and Gunner standing by the front door waiting for us as Chaz pulled up to the curb.

Even though I had never met either of them I recognized them both from their pictures on Recon.

They both were in their early 30's: Gunner was Tall, lanky and blond, and Crash was short and scruffy... In a good way.

As I exited the cab of the truck Gunner grabbed my knapsack and handed it off to crash before embracing me in a deep hug "I am so glad you could make it, Andres."

I smiled broadly and blushed a bit. "I am happy to be here to." I replied quietly and shyly. That was the funny thing, I really was, but Crash and Gunner both did things I had only dreamed of, that made me both nervous and very horney at the same time.

I was unable to even meet Gunner's eye for more than a few seconds before looking down at the ground. This made him smile at me as he grabbed me by the elbow and led me out to the parking lot.

"Come on," He said as we headed towards a silver Mercedes. "We are off to dinner while Chaz sets up the room for later. I am sure you are ready for a break from him after that long trip."

I just smiles and nodded as he loaded me in the car.

Dinner was very nice. The three of us got a chance to chat at a reasonably secluded table in the back corner of the restaurant. By the time the questions move towards my own interests, they had already bought me a few drinks. It seemed everytime the questions got harder, a new drink would appear before me.

Little did I know at that time that I had said a lot of things that I would come to regret sharing, and soon.

Once dinner was over I was poured back in the car still in a happy buzz. Crash drove, while gunner climbed in to the back seat with me and began to feel me up.

I just leaned back and closed my eyes. Between the feelings at my crotch, and the haze in my head, I was a very happy panda...

"So," gunner said as he slipped my cock from the confines of my jeans, "You have never worn a descent fursuit before?"

I shook my head lightly no, as I arched my back and allowed my eyes to roll back at the feelings that were assauting my brain.

"Well we have company tonight, and I have a suit I want you to wear, you ok with that?"

I nodded quickly yes, god yes. I was in heaven, and the though of being suited and fapped just made me happy.

As soon as I gave my answer, he stopped, "Good." he said as he leaned back in his seat and stared out the window as if he had suddenly lost interest in me.

He left me there hanging, huffing, curious of what was to come next.

Arriving back at the hotel, we headed right to the room, it was a large suite. Gear and equipment was spread everywhere. I could see Chaz had been busy.

I was led directly a green crate in the center of the room. Gunner rubber my crotch through my jeans and asked "Are you ready to see the creature that shall hold you?"

My head nodded yes even though my eyes never broke their lock on the mystery box before me.

As gunner opened the top, my dick stood at attention as my sinuses filled with the assault of leather that hit them.

A black mound laid inn the center of the box. I reached out to touch it and found that it was soft and squishy. Looking up at Gunner with a hint of confusion in my expression caused him to smile at me as he reached in and pulled the suit out.

As it unfurled before me I saw a form appear, a cat... A black cat... A panther.

It was amazing, the feet head and paws were all attached to the suit. Gunner unzipped it down the back and I could see that the interior was leather lined as well.

It was plush, the foam built between the two layers of leather would render the person inside helpless...

I was mesmerized. The sight an smell caught my brain and wouldn't let go.

Gunner held it up "Interested?" he asked. I was unable to lift my jaw of the floor long enough to answer. My breathing began to quicken as he walked towards me with it.

My fear and shyness kicked in as I began to back away shaking my head no. Gunner kept advancing on me nodding yes. My backwards pace quickened and I probably would have kept going had I not ran in to someone standing behind me.

I turned around and came face to face with Chaz. "Oh no you don't" he said to me as he waved a finger of one of those massive paws in front of my face.

"Andres," Gunner said behind me, causing me to turn back towards him. "We can either do this the easy way or the hard way, your choice, but you know you want it so I would just cooperate."

He set the suit down and began unbuttoning my pants as Chaz pulled my short off over my head. I was powerless to stop this, or did I even want it to stop? I couldn't decide, My alcohol afford brain was still toting with me, and now that my jeans were on the floor and my dick was growing again, the hormones were not helping matters any.

Gunner once again pocked up the suit and offered it before be. With a fee breath I placed a foot inside. A chill shot up my spine as I felt my skin brush against the cool leather as my foot found it's home in the attached Paw.

Once my other foot was in both guys move behind me "Paws in!" Chaz commanded as I placed my arms in to the soft inner sleeves. They grabbed on to the suit and as they pulled it up my body, and the soft leathery world enveloped my naked flesh, my mind melted.

The suit was being zipped up, and I could feel laces at the back of my head being tightened, drawing the kitties face closer to mine. I waggled my fingers inside the overly padded paws, they were now useless.

After the laces were finished I could feel another zip close over them as I heard a lock click. I was officially stuck. My cock was plastered avaunt my chest and I was attempting to paw at it through the thick leather padding.

Chaz noticed this and smiled at me "Let me help with that" He said as he undid a flap on the front of the suit and not to gently yanked my junk through a hole just big enough for it to fit though.

Of course my leather afford mind was enjoying this treatment for some reason, as my cock grew to his touch now that it was allowed it's freedom. He just chuckled at me as he circled back behind and tightened a collar around my neck.

I was then led to a padded bench off to the side, that was facing a row of mirrors that reflected the rest of the room behind me.

Chaz grabbed my balls firmly and with a serious yet slightly irritated look on his face ordered me to climb on, which I complied quickly let alone face the brunt of his anger, which I imagined would have played out on my nuts.

As soon as I was settled, laying across the padded surface, he began to apply straps all over by body, cinching me down to it. My hand and footpaws were strapped to their own vertical pads below my body, leaving me in a position with my tail at waist height.

Once he was sure that I wasn't going anywhere, Chaz seemed to lose interest in me and head off to take care of other errands around the room. I watched him for a while in the mirrors before my attention was drawn to myself... Or the creature that laid where I should have been.

The cat.

Although the rest of my body was immobile, I was still able to move my head, and I tilted it back and forth many times trying to see a semblance of myself within.

He was actually pretty amazing, the features were remarkably feline, from the maw to the ears, to the leather whiskers that waggled with every head twitch.

Gunner walked up from behind me, and scritched me behind the ear, "So what do you think?" He asked with a smile.

"I really like him," I said with another head tilt in the mirror. "He looks and smells so good."

"Good," Gunner replied, "As you shall be our party favor this evening."

"Wait, What?!" i said with surprise. I began to squirm as I watched Chaz come towards me with an enema kit, "No, Gunner, this is not cool, I didn't sign up for this."

"Oh," Ge sighed, "We can't have any negative vibes bringing this party down can we?" With that he unzipped the muzzle on the hood and shoved a gag deep in my mouth. With the sound of a few clicks I knew it was locked in place and not going anywhere.

He zipped the muzzle back up as I felt Chaz's fingers lubing my helpless tailhole. "Andres is not a very good fur name is it?" he said as he massaged me deep, "I think Subby the Leatherpanther fits you so much better."

With a chuckle he slid the enema nozzle up my ass and got to work cleaning me out. I wanted to whimper and scream. I wanted to tell him how he was a monster and that Chaz was a horrible fur name as well, but the gag effectively silenced all protest.

Chaz finished up just as there was a nock at the door. Slapping me on ass with a big smile he said "Oh Look, our guests are here."

I watched in the mirror as fursuiter after fursuiter entered, and to my sudden horror I realized that exert last one of them were dogs.

It was as the point that I heard someone call out from accross the room, "Oh look at the poor defenseless Kitty.", that I knew I was fucked...


... With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bondage Story: The MurrCon Part 1

My Fellow Inmates,

Since Asylum is working 14 hour days, I am going to give you the new story in Serial format...

This means shorter pieces with more updates.

...and never fear, Andres is walking in to a multipart world of trouble...

You won't believe what happens to him when he reaches Chicago :-)

Enjoy Part 1-1


The MurrCon Part 1

Late August was always the hardest time of year for me. The Summer was officially over, and Fall had really yet to start. Most of my friends had headed back to college already, which is what found me sitting alone in an empty apartment, flipping through the channels, on a lonely Wednesday afternoon.

Infomercial...*Click*... Infomercial... *Click... Infomercial... *Click*...

I was only half paying attention to the inane diatribe issuing from the idiot box before me. My mind wandered to my life, the pathway that brought me here, squatting in a friends guest room.

It had been three years since I walked out of my parents home because my Dad didn't understand me.

"Out of my mind," he called me after I spent part of my college fund on what Ended up being a truly subpar Red Panda fursuit...

...and "Faggot", he called me as I loaded my 280z with my crates of gear on the day I left.

My mother begged me not to leave. She told me that without a college education I would never amount to anything, but I could no longer live under that man's thumb.

She cried as I pulled the car from the driveway, My dad just turned his back and walked in to the house.

The rest of the college money didn't last long, and I had been bouncing from couch to couch ever since. Right now Robert and Kenji were letting me camp out here, and I was thankful for it. It kept me off the streets, but frankly I was just fucking bored with my existence.

The last couple weeks I had spent a lot of time on Roberts laptop chatting with random boys on different sites, it was when I met CrashHuskie and Gunnerfox that my interest was peaked.

I had met Gunner On twitter, who in turn had introduced me to his partner. The three of us had been talking now for a few weeks and their interests seemed to match mine in regards to play and such.

The issue was that they were in the Midwest, and I was currently in a guestroom in queens... Not really congruent with meeting new people when one was as broke as I... So I wrote it off as an Internet interest that would never come to fruition, and moved on...

It had been few days since I had last talked to them, when an email arrived in my Hotmail box:


Crash and I were talking, and know you have never been to a con. We have decided that we would like you to join us to in helping our friends launch a new one in Chicago on the 10th. It's called MurrCon. We expect it to draw quite a crowd so would appreciate your help if you Were able to.

Another friend of ours, ChazCougar. Will be traveling down from Maine next week, and would be happy to pick you up on his way, just let us know.


With a swiftly growing smile, I replied "I would really like that", and sent it off. This was just the break of scenery I needed, and who knows, perhaps I would just stay in Chicago afterwards, or bunk in with Crash and Gunner...

The next few weeks flew buy in a flash, as it seemed like it was no time before I was standing beside that beat up blue pickup that smelled like it had missed it's last three emissions appointments.

The passenger door flew open revealing a hulk of a man behind the wheel. "Hey there, You must be Andres, I'm Chaz!"

He extended out a monstrous paw, which upon my weak attempt at a handshake, latched on and dragged me in to the cab. "Common' kiddo, we got to get going, the guys are waitin, and we got a lot a road ahead of us."

Closing the door, I set my knapsack on the floorboards and did up my seatbelt. I wasn't so sure about this Chaz guy, he seemed a bit forward and crass, but if Gunner and Crash liked him I guess I could give him a chance.

As the truck pulled from the curb and headed down towards the end of the block, Chaz looked over at me with a big smile, "So, Robert, you like bondage?"

Cut to the chase, typical cat. I could see that this was going to be a long trip...


With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Monday, February 21, 2011

What would you do for a Leather Murrsuit?

My fellow Inmates,

Yesterday began my Overtime hell... The plan is to work the next 14 days in a row, 13 hour days, so I can buy the leather to have my Murrsuit made...

Yups you heard me right. Leatherpanther, a creature I am just gaga over, will have leather on the inside and outside of the suit (Body facing and world facing), he will have built on mitts, feet, and head, and he will lock on.

The person inside shall be helpless in a squishy leathery sweaty world... Guess what... *Click*... You are now a Panther, until I say otherwise...

Oh look, a tail hole...

Because I am just not content not taking everything to the next level I do look forward to all the knotted nighties from a fursuit made from real animal hide, as I am pitching a tent inside, bouncing around a con...

Am I a sicko? Really, did you need to ask?

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kink Humor 2: Sexuality

Day 51/365... This one makes my nose tickle :-)

My Fellow Inmates,

I must share this, as was shared with me today by BrevePup on twitter, and it just sums Asylum up so well...

... With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Asylum Site Updated: Pictures and Videos Added

My Fellow Inmates,

Worked on some site updates today, Fixed the video section, so now they should play. Also added lots of pictures to the gallery. Need to address the links page, shall so someday I am sure :)

More stories to write, and I need to separate out the story tabs by topic so the rubber guys, leather guys, and furs can easily find what they are looking for...

All in the future as I get time...

Still many more vids and pix to add as well.

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep. ~Rubberasylum

Friday, February 18, 2011

Bondage Story: The Divemasters

Day 49/365... Ladies and Gentlemen... This is Mambo 69....

My Fellow Inmates,

With the recent death of the U-vote bondage stories I nw get to write what I want again... focusing on quality over quantity I am thrilled to be able to put to paper what makes my dick hard versus making updates that feel forced...

The next story to cum is called "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Furcon." You wont believe the Leather bondage suit that's the center of this one... and its actually going to be made as well... *Happy Cat!!! ^~^

So with that, here is a new piece from the kinky corners of my mind...



The Divemasters Part 1

Gary had run the local dive shop in Port Gamble for the last 3 years, It was a quiet town, and business was slow as it always was in the winter months. He knew it was a good thing that he ran the shop for fun rather than needing it to pay the bills because he would have been in trouble a long time ago.

No, Gary had made a killing in investments during the peak of the market and was lucky enough to pull out before the recession hit. This allowed him to be able to retire at 31, and open this dive shop.

It also allowed him to buy dive gear, lots of it, from the rare to the custom, to the downright odd. Most of it he purchased for himself to go in to his 'private collection', down in the basement, where he lived.

He also liked to rotate some of the odder pieces in the main windows of the shop, heavy shiny suits and helmets with custom mods...

You see, even though Gary owned a dive shop and geared up all the time he was not a diver. In fact he was not even certified, and his shop did not offer classes. Gary ran the shop for one reason: The thrill of the hunt.

During the summer months he would have tourists stopping by all the time looking to rent gear, but during the winter months he stayed open purposefully for the only type of people that would stop by, a very special type of customer, they were the fly's that he set his web for.

Like the boy that walked in on Wednesday afternoon.

His prey was always easy to spot: Young, nervous, hanging around the suits just a bit too long and hesitantly touching them. Some would even sneak behind the rack to readjust themselves.

He had learned over the years to approach them cautiously, for they spooked easily, and the boy on Wednesday was no different.

He walked through the door of the shop wearing skin tight blue jeans and an alpinestars tee-shirt. His hair was frosted, and he kept shooting quick glances over his shoulder at the Kirby Morgan Superlite that sat in the front window.

I just smiled to myself as I kept an eye on him while pretending to read my paper.

He continued to nervously flit around the store looking at displays of gear and drysuits before stopping suddenly, in his tracks, before the rack of Aqualas.

These suits were fantastic: full rubber inside and out, and they looked and smelled quite old and quite dirty.

Most of them had been built in the days when Aquala was selling their suits through the Gay porn magazines like Rubber Rebel. Most of them were modded in some way. I had acquired them in the infancy of eBay; as I bought every one that came up for sale it wasn't long before I had amassed quite a collection. The great thing about them was that even though they had held many a tortured soul by me, they had arrived pre-seasoned as well.

They were a site to behold, and whenever a boy stood captivated by them, I knew it was time to make my move. "How's it going?" I said with a smile as I set my paper down.

He glanced over at me as if startled, and then quickly looked at the floor, "Oh... Uh, fine thanks."

He walked quickly away from the rack of Aqualas, as he pretended to look at other gear, but I wasn't letting him off that easily; "Beautiful suits, aren’t they?"

"What?... Oh, uh... Yeah, I guess." He stammered as he slowly made his way towards the door.

"You should try one on." I said as he was nearing the exit.

"Oh, uh, no thank you I was just looking." he replied as he quickened his pace, just looking like all he wanted to do was get the hell out of the shop.

"It would look quite attractive on you." I called out nonchalantly.

With that he stopped in his tracks, the open door in his hand. He slowly turned around with a confused look on his face. "Excuse me?"

I smiled slightly as he took the bait, "Oh, I was just saying that with your frame, one of those Aqualas perhaps one size too small, and put you in a helmet; well in my opinion it would be quite striking... You know what, nevermind, I misspoke."

With that I picked up my paper, turned my back to him, kicked my feet up on the counter, and pretended to lose myself in it.

This was a dance that I had preformed so many times I could do in my sleep. At this point it was a waiting game, the web was woven.

I heard the bell on the door behind me signaling that he had closed it. The only mystery now was which side of it was he on?

Holding my ground so as to not show my hand, I listened intently for any sound, like the soft whine of a young mind trying to make a decision to tread ground he has only ever dreamed of previously.

All I heard, though, was silence, still and pure. With a slight sigh I slumped my shoulders a bit. It wasn't the first boy I had spooked and probably wouldn't be the last. I started to read the paper again to await the next potential distraction to a slow day.

"Excuse me, Sir."

I just about fell out of the chair, I may only be 34, but I would have sworn I felt my heart halt in its tracks for a moment. Composing myself a bit, I turned around with a smile. "Gary."

"Todd," he replied.

"Todd," I repeated, my smile, among other things, growing. "And how may I help you Todd?"

"Well, I really would like to try a suit, but... I..." He began once again staring at his shuffling feet.

"Say no more son." I cut him off mid sentence, not wanting him to be able to talk himself out of it.

I stood up and circled around behind him. Grabbing him by the shoulders I steered him towards the rack of suits. The boy let out an audible overwhelmed squeak in response.

Keeping one hand on his shoulder I reached out and removed the suit that was modified to mate with the Superlite. "I think this one shall make you very happy."

"I think I really should go" He said turning beet red.

"Here hold this." I replied as I tossed the bulky suit in his arms. While he stood there scrambling not to drop it, I was locking the front door and turning off the open sign.

Picking up the helmet on the way back, I grabbed his shirt and steered him towards the back of the store to the top of the stairway in to my lair. "Down!" I commanded

His gaze met mine, which he quickly broke before heading down the stairs in to the depths below.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs I took the lead. Heading through my living room, and down to the end of the hall, we came to the reinforced door of my personal dive locker.

The interior of the locker was a site to behold. I had spent a long time in getting the look and feel just right. The walls were draped in netting, accentuated by racks upon racks of suits, and shelves just dripping with masks and helmets from every corner. The smell inside here was boarder-line overpowering. The musty rubbery smell of gear that's been hung up wet filled the air was just how I liked it.

I motioned for the boy to lay the divesuit on the gurney located in the center of the room. Setting the helmet next to it, I grabbed on the bottom of his shirt. “Strip.” I commanded as I pulled it up over his head.

Todd closed his eyes, looked down, and shivered a bit as he turned four shades of red. He reached out for the suit on the table and let his fingers brush across the surface of the rubber. He let out a light gasp and pulled back as if the material bit him. With a quick glance shot in my direction he began to fumble with a shaking hand at the buttons of his jeans.

“Skivvies too, everything comes off.” I said as I went to grab some items from a shelf behind him. With a dejected sigh, he complied, and before I knew it he was standing there nude, trying to curl in to himself from embarrassment.

I set the items I gathered down on a stool as I wrapped my arms around him from behind. My hands traveled from his chest, across his abs down to his growing crotch. The boy began to melt and loosen up a bit as his breathing quickened to my touch.

I reached back and picked up a latex hood from the pile and slid it over his head, making sure the internal gag seated in his mouth, and the eye and nose holes lined up properly.

I then grabbed a cock ring, wrapped my arms back around him pulling him in close, and applied it from behind. As I grasped his cock in my hand and pulled it through the ring the boy moaned in his gag, arched his back and began rubbing his rubberized head against my chest.

As the rubber ring seated itself against the base of his cock, I placed two fingers under his chin and lifted his head until his eyes met mine. “You want in the suit boy?”

Todd’s breathing quickened as a slight whine issued out from behind the gag. He nodded slowly as he looked in the direction of the suit that hung over the side of the gurney. Letting him go, I picked up the Aquala, unzipped it, and motioned for him to have a seat.

I slid the suit up his legs until his feet popped in to the attached booties. "Stand up, arms in to the sleeves." I commanded, and he complied.

Before you knew I had the suit pulled up over his head. The attached hood slid easily in to place; the mixture of the two layers of rubber made hearing quite difficult.

The boy walked over to the mirror by the door and admired himself as his gloved hands explored every inch of his rubberized form. Reaching up over his head, I dropped the harness in place, and proceeded to cinch it down all across his torso.

I then picked up the helmet, connected the umbilical, and held it out in front of him "Are you ready?" I asked.

The boy nodded as I slid it in to place and docked it with the suit. Reaching up under his legs I wrenched the crotch strap on the harness down hard against his boner, causing him to moan out in pain as it plastered his cock against his chest.

Leading him to the gurney, I had him lie down. I reached in to the bin on the floor and grabbed a set of humane restraints and locked them around his wrists and ankles. Leather belts were then woven through the metal clips on the cuffs and secured around the rails.

I then walked to the top of the stretcher, reaching below I lifted the heavy shoulder straps across his torso and locked them in to a belt that I cinched across his chest.

Moving around the side, I began pounding on the boys nuts, causing him to squirm, causing him to pull on his bonds and grouse in to the gag.

"Can you hear me?" I asked loudly as a Stopped my assault on his nuts.

Todd nodded his head as much as the helmet would allow.

"You are in my space now. To get what you want means I get what I want, you understand?" With a whimper he nodded his head again. I smiled in response as I focused on securing him in.

You see I ordered the gurney and the restraining belts separately. There were more than your usual amounts dripping down from the sides just awaiting someone to hold in their grasp. There were 64 cross belts in all, once applied and tightened they created a webbing mummy that guaranteed that whoever was caught in its grasp was not going anywhere.

Beginning at the ankles and working my way up; one by one I mated the clasp with the hasp on the belts and cinched them down hard, as one by one the boy’s squirming lessened and lessened.

By the time I was done the only thing Todd could move on his body was his helmeted head, which was very heavy, and even with the greatest of struggles he could only lift it a matter of inches.

I stood back and admired my handiwork. It was a site to behold, immobilized in the Aquala and Superlite, the boy was sealed in his own little world. Just wait until he found out some of the ingenious mods I had made to the gear he was wearing, but that would have to come later. For now we needed to soften him up a bit.

Leaning over the helmet, I tapped on the facemask “Doing ok in there?”

I heard a muffled sound of affirmation in response.

“Good,” I replied, “I shall be back later.”

There was an instant bleat of panic as Todd attempted to struggle against his wrapping. After the concept of futility set in he began to whine and plead, which only made me smile.

“I’m sorry, the shop doesn’t run itself, I mean we don’t even close till six which is…” I looked at my watch, “…Well that’s eight hours away. No, in this economy I just can’t justify the loss of any customers.”

I could hear him trying to yell ‘No” in to the gag, which only made me smile broader.

“Don’t worry,” I said as I patted him on the chest. “You have plenty of air, why you could make it for…” Picking up a random gauge I mocked surprise, “Oh… oh, that’s just not good.”

I peered down in to his eyes, through the glass, with a concerned look on my face. “You know what, Todd? I got good news and bad news. The good news is that you do have enough air to make it the eight hours… The bad news though, is that you shall have to conserve to do it.”

I turned down the airflow to the helmet just above the point that it would be a struggle for him to breathe. Gathering up my stuff, I headed to the door, enjoying the serenade of muffled curses and begging I received all the way there.

As I pulled the door to the dive locker shut, and threw the deadbolt, I smiled. The boy would be well primed and ready for me upon my return… and I couldn’t wait.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Fate of The U-Vote Bondage Stories

Day 48/365... Rufus day 5... Is it Twue What They Say? Oh Its Twue!!! Its Twue!!!!

My Fellow Inmates,

Tomorrow a new story shall appear, its called "The Divemasters", about a predatory top who owns a diveshop.

...and then the next story shall be called "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Furcon", mixing, rubber leather bondage and fur, and featuring a suit I would kill to have...

So what is this about the fate of the U-vote Stories then, if new stuff is being written?

Well I must agree with some feedback that I got on the story I posted yesterday. It was too short and I felt rushed in updating it. Although the concept is solid... See what people want to read, it is not allowing me to continue the ones I want to continue that are fresh in my mind like "The Devil and the Rubberboy" and "The Asylum"

So at this point I shall shelf the U-Vote. Which allows me to put out new fresh stuff and not be forced to continue anything that stood well on its own and didnt require an update.

Such as "To Murr With Love"

Many stories to come in the future, and updates to ones that were intended to have new pieces as well.

Back to quality over quantity...

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bondage Story: Room 336 Part 2

Day 47/365... Rufus Day 4... Must... Keep... All.. These.. Story.. Lines.. Straight... *Takes Pills

My Fellow Inmates,

I need a nap :-)

Here is this week's U-Vote winner "Room 336 Part 2"...



Room 336 Part 2

When one is lost in space, on missions of transcendental exploration, one must take care, for all but a light touch can shatter a universe.

I jumped, instantly rediscovering my tethers while driving my crotch deep in to the spikes surrounding it. As I screamed in to my gag, memories of the night before flooded back to haunt me.

Laying as still as possible and concentrating on breathing slowly, I waited patiently for the pain to subside in my groin, only to gave it replaced by all new sensations wracking my whole body.

My god, I hurt like hell! Between my jaw from the gag, my arms from the jacket, and random joints across my body; I was on fire!

I began to moan woefully in to the gag, only to be answered instantly by a hand stroking my head through the hood.

I jumped again...

As the racked pain once again subsided to a dull roar I whined lightly in to the gag...

Whoever you are, my mind screamed, Please, mercy... Save me from this torment... And if by some miracle, my head was lifted off the pillow as the hood began to be unlaced.

The bright lights of the room flooded my eyes causing them to water and squeeze shut after being sealed in darkness for so long. “Just relax boy,” a voice said next to me as finger stroked my sweat soaked hair.

As I laid there trying to recover, the gag was removed, and I felt a straw being slid between my lips. I was so thirsty I accepted it and began to drink even without being able to see or asking what I was ingesting. The ice cold water decimated the desert that had formed around the gag, overnight, and as I rolled my tongue through the wonderful liquid, my mouth began to feel close to normal again.

A gloved hand covered my eyes, "Go ahead, open them." the voice said. As I did so the fingers slowly spread allowing my eyes to slowly acclimate to the light.

I blinked a few timed before turning my head to the side, only to come face to face with the mysterious man from the night before in the Lycra and gasmask.

He was kneeling beside the bed, his Lycra suit was shiny, coated in something to give it a slick, almost wet look. His body's muscle tone showed through belaying someone who lived his life in the gym. The suit must have been all encompassing for I found my eyes drawn to the eternal blackness radiating from deep inside the lenses of his mask.

My first reaction was one of fear, my eyes widened as it's hand stroked my cheek, but as it turned it's head to unlock the straps that held my shoulders to the bed, I saw it, a lock at the peak of the zipper track on his suit.

There was much more to this than meets the eye...

"Good morning, Brian." he said as he looked me in the face and his hand moved back to it's previous interest in my hair.

"Please," I replied hoarsely, "I am so sore."

"Yes, that shall happen, but you will get used to it, perhaps even eventually find enjoyment."

"Please." I repeated softly.

He leaned back and sat down on the floor, folding a leg underneath himself.

"We must talk first." He said as he fidgeted with the hood he had pulled from my head. "You are confused, your fight or flight reflex is poised and ready, they are aware of this. The probability of you attacking me is high, 96% in fact..."

"I won't, I promise."

He waived his hand at me, "It doesn't matter, I am of no concern to them, a castaway of the program, not of any use, yet not allowed to leave. I’m living forever in purgatory, truly expendable. With that said though, be aware that attacking me, however it may make you feel, is sheer futility. We are locked in this room together, I have no way to let you out. Do you understand?"

I nodded softly, as he moved back in close to the bed and began to undo the straps holding my legs immobile.

"What is the program?" I asked as I watched him remove the socks from my feet and unbuckle the restraints from my legs.

“It is what you make of it. It’s different for everyone: intentions, actions, wants, desires, human nature… They want what you won’t give, what you can’t give, what you shall give. We are all but puzzle pieces in the game…”

He unstrapped the rest of the jacket from the bed, and I groaned in pain as I sat up. “The Game?”

“The Program.” He replied as he let out the tension on my arms, which unfurled like two dead weights, to my side.

As he pulled the jacket off, I flopped back on the bed with my back against the wall. I closed my eyes and concentrated on willing away the pain in my joints, and the growing discomfort of my arms waking back up. “What’s your name?” I asked through partially gritted teeth.

“Does it matter?” he said, setting the jacket next to the door and leaning against the opposite wall with his arms crossed.

I sighed, I was tired, sore, and I didn't know what was going on. I wasn't in the mood to play. “What may I call you then?”


“As in the number?”

“Get used to it.”

“Are you one of them?”

“Only a fool would expect an honest answer to that question in here.”

“Are you?”

“No.” He cocked his head to the side; “Do you believe me?”

“No.” I replied with a scowl. He made some good points, frustrating, but valid never the less.

“Good, trust no one in this god forsaken place.”

“Was that your mistake?” I growled

I received no answer. He just stood there like a statue. The silence hung in the air like an uncomfortably growing fog. It got to the point that I needed to ask something, anything, to cut through the murkiness of the moment. I motioned in his direction, “So what’s with the getup? I mean, you look very attractive in it, but does it serve any other purpose than eye candy?”

“Finally an intelligent question.”

“That you are not going to answer?” I sighed pursing my lips.

“No.” he replied nonchalantly, almost as if he was finding the humor in this.

I was starting to get aggravated, I stood up from the bed and advanced on him, yet he didn’t budge an inch. “Look, what good are you?”

“None, I have already told you that. Asking previously answered questions is a futile exercise.”

His infuriating calmness to my growing agitation was starting to boil my blood. Turning around I stared up at the ceiling and screamed “WHOEVER YOU ARE, LET ME FUCKING GO!!”

“That won’t work, they don't care.” He replied in that same soft bored tone.

That was it. I was done playing. Turning back around I poked him hard, in the chest, with my finger, “I came here to save Jason only to find myself turned on and sold out. I didn’t sign up for this. You may not be able to let me out of here, but you are going to answer my fucking questions one way or the other!”

“Am I now? I don’t think so.”

With that I snapped. I growled as my fingers wrapped around his throat. I squeezed for all my might, but I might as well have had my hands around a lead pipe. “Very bad move.” He said as he laughed at me.

My mind began to cloud as I started to cough. My eyes widened as the realization of what was happening hit me. I clawed at his gasmask but it didn’t budge. I could hear his laugh echo in my mind as consciousness left me.

I woke to music, trance to be precise, pulsating in my ears. “Welcome to the program, 336” a voice whispered out intertwined with the sound. All was dark around me. The smell of leather and pressure on my head belayed a hood laced on just one step below viciously tight.

I was laying on my back on a padded surface, spread eagle. I was unable to move a muscle. I began to struggle in my bonds when a sweet smelling rush hit my senses.

I was transferred up to a higher plane as a wave of electrical current pulsed across the surface of my body. I attempted to arch my back in to it as a second wave hit, and a third, and a forth.

They felt like they all hit me from different directions as they wove their individual patterns and pulses across the surface of my soul. The beat of the music reached out and took control of the electrical pulses like some impish orchestra conductor hell bent upon the destruction of my mind.

With another wave of sweet rush came an amplification in the sensations attacking my nervous system, as the edges of my body fuzzed from my mind. My prostate pulsated with the bassline of the music as the electrical net that held me within its grasp toyed with my concept of reality.

I could feel something being slid down the center of my dick as the wave encompassed my cock as well. There were a few tugs at my hood, and the acrid taste of urine filled my mouth. I gasped a few times, fighting the brink, struggling for the concept of control, trying to wrap my brain around being made to recycle.

…And with a final sweet rush that lifted me in to the air coupled with an amplification of my electrical torment which completely blew my mind, I was gone…

With that Visiting time is over...

Whatever you do don't scream to loud as others are trying to sleep...


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bondage Video: Bound, Fucked, Electrocuted, & Paddled

Day 46/365...Rufus Day 3... Babababa!!! Puppy Power!!!!

My Fellow Inmates,

Asylum is backed up... and yes while I realize the connotations of that are snerkable depending upon the context one takes it in, with this kind of backed up you dont need a rain coat...

Unless that does it for you

You see, Asylum finds himself with shitloads of video footage, never a bad thing, and must purge some of it for sake of sanity.

So with that said, this particular stream came from the morning of the Pervs and Furs party after Rotte had helped me clean the house. The doggie worked so hard he needed a reward and I was more than happy to let him have it.

Yesterday I was told by some that the embeded video wasn't functioning. I know Xtube is updating their servers at the moment so just in case I am also including a direct link to the video. I hope you enjoy, as I know from the mess on the floor underneath the table, Rottie enjoyed making it :-)

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Bondage Video: The Trials and Torments of a Rubber Sub #4


My Fellow Inmates,

The Pervs and Furs Party was a Blast... fuzzies and rubberboys everywhere... reminds me of a song at the end of my videos.

Which by the way, yes that is me singing...

I recorded that years ago to do something with on Guyzingear, but it got shelved as I couldn't find any use for it at the time. It sounds over digitized because it is... Basically its the first emergence of Asylumcat, but he was still pretty damn shy at that time.

Yes, I am off the deep end with my waterwings partially deflated... what of it?

So early in the evening, before many had shown up, Cypher was showing me his new Ironman Triathlon wetsuit. He sad that it was still a virgin, untouched on the inside...

Now we couldn't have that could we?

One Hood and a large gag later, we were ready for sport... :-D

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.

~Rubberasylum ^_^

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pervs & Furs Party 2

Day 44/365... Rufus Day 1... It was the beast of times...

My fellow inmates...

I would like to talk to you all about a wolf named Rufus...

You see, this poor creature came to out Pervs and Furs Party which we do every 2 months...

...Where bad things happen to good people...

You see, Rufus is supposed to create Asylum's head... And let's say the doggie needed some motivation.

So at the party he was asked how long shall it take? Under duress he said 2 months. I replied fine, you have 60 days, after then it's 1 punishment for every day you are past...

He said, but Sir I want to make sure it's good. I told him since it was for me that it better be...

So if you know Rufus, let him know that you know today is day one... Let him know tomorrow that you are aware it's day 2... Rinse, repeat...

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Expantion of the Asylum's Facilities

My Fellow Inmates,

A quick note today as tonight is our pervs and furs party. Asylum is expanding the site....

Please see the tabs up top for more info, The gallery has been expanded (with much more to cum), The Stories have all been linked, The Videos shall all be streamed in the videos section, and Links have been added as well...

Please enjoy, we shall be back tomorrow

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Of Bontebok's and Bondage Top's

Day 42/365... Today I...

...So Mr. Asylum, by Bontebok you mean Oryx?


Oh, so you know him?


Wait, why would you talk about someone you don't know? Isn't that rude and improper? I mean what would miss manners say?

Look, you are interrupting my stream of thought... Go away...

...Can I get your autograph?

Fine, lets see your testicles... Anyone got a sharpie?

My Fellow Inmates,

Today I was going to post the new story "The Divemasters" sadly though, I made it about half way through and fizzled...

I have been working hard this week to bring you all new stories, between room 336 and To Murr With Love, to write a 3rd in 2 days may have been a bit a bit ambitious.

But I am still working on it, and hope it shall be ready for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's our second Pervs and Furs party. Looks like about 25 have RSVP'd. I plan on being less host this time and spending much more time in the playroom.

So Hopefully I shall have lots of neat pictures to share next week...

So then, this brings us back in full circle to the point of this post... A question I have been asked by so many...

Why furry?

It actually is an interesting story to my discovery of this fantastic community, and what I consider a very fun kink.

For those that follow me or know me you know I was very close to Bodisama. We chatted everyday, and he shared much of himself with me.

One day he shared one of his sexual fantasies...

"Do you know who Oryx is?" he asked...

"Oryx?" I replied.

"Yeah, I think he goes by Bontebok as well on certain sites." James said

"Yeah, " I replied, "I'm aware of who he is, interesting fursuit he has."

"To say the least." He said; "I would fuck it."

"A Fursuit?" I asked

"Yes, I could see him strapped in to the sling, me in a fursuit of my own..."

Granted please understand this is not verbatim, This is from memory of a man who passed a year ago, based on a conversation from over 2 years ago...

But he made me think, that's what I loved about him, he made me think and he challenged me to look at kink differently than I did.

Because of him I started exploring the concept of furry, and allowing pieces of myself that I had guarded for so long to be allowed to come out.

The first fur I had out was Rottie, and Over a year later he is still here... surprisingly that mirrors my training with my Master from so many years ago...

I think sometimes we in our individual communities pigeonhole our selves in too much based on what's expected of us...

Would James have advertised he wanted a fursuit? Oh god no, he had built himself a reputation that was Bodisama.

To this day I honestly don't know if he ever did have the guts to reach out to Oryx, or if he just allowed him to be one of those things you hold as a fantasy.

It is said that there are two classes to the Bondage community... Old guard and new guard...

I disagree, I think there is a third, and one I am proud to be a part of. A group that doesn't need walls and are open to expand their horizons.

So yes, I have a fursona... His name is Asylum, he is a panther, and I am getting a fursuit....

To anyone that read "To Murr With Love" I think I said it best that the end...

Who am I to turn down the exploration of new forms of pleasure?

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Video: Yiff! The Bondage Furs 3: Murrsuits and Sleepsacks

Day 41/365... Hmmm, two Murr based posts in two days? Ok, what did you damn furs do to Rubberasylum?

My Fellow Inmates,

As promised yesterday, the new fusuit bondage Vid

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bondage Story: To Murr With Love

Day 40/365... One can thank xtube updating today for the story being finished rather than the new video posted

My Fellow inmates,

Yups, its true, Asylum had a new video to share, and as I went to set it all up today xtube said 'Oh I am sorry, we are updating'. So then, I have spent the last 2 hours finishing a story I started yesterday...

Yesh, if you haven't figured out yet the Asylum is a kink friendly zone... So to all you rubber bondage furs... Gentlemen, Start your lube bottles :)



To Murr With Love Part 1

You got to love craigslist, a place where you can find anything you want and get it same day. From games to gear to fourloco, Whatever you need someone is selling.

Or in regards to their hookup section, looking to give it away.

That's how I met Jeremy, or Wolfie as he liked to call himself. I was looking for rubber play, he was looking for more. We decided to meet anyway to see if we might hit it off.

He lived out in the mountains, it was a pretty drive as I bounced up a rough gravel road with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand steadying the gearbag in the passenger seat.

As I pulled up In front of the house, I hoped out, grabbed my stuff and headed to the front door.

The man that answered was more than I expected, his tight shirt hugged his chiseled frame and his short cropped blond hair made him look like he just stepped out of the Marine Corps.

"So you must be Craig." He said as he held his hand out.

Setting down my bag, I grasped his massive paw in my hand "Yes, and Jeremy?"

"Wolfie." he corrected me as he picked up my bag and led the way in to the living room.

"Wolfie." I repeated as I sat down on one of the overstuffed leather couches, "An unusual nickname to say the least, may I ask where you got it?"

He just smiled and chuckled at me, "Tell you what, show me what you brought along to play in and perhaps I'll show you more of me."

I tilted me head to one side, defiantly curious by that answer, but after taking only a short pause to ponder the possible implications, I decided to put it out of my mind, I was here to play.

Grabbing my bag, I unzipped it and emptied it out in the center of the floor. Wolfie reached down and sorted through the pile of straightjackets, sleepsacks, masks and suits before selecting a few objects he seemed quite happy about.

From the pile he handed me a large plug, and my red latex catsuit with attached gloves, feet, hood, and sheath.

I looked down at the rest of the gear on the floor "Anything else?" I asked hopefully.

"Oh no," He replied with a big smile on his face. "I have gear of my own, and that catsuit of yours shall work perfectly with the plans I have for you."

I smiled sheepishly back at him "Ok," I said picking up the plug and the suit before standing up, "Where can I change?"

Grabbing a bottle of lube from my gear, Wolfie tossed it to me "Right here is as good of place as any."

I stared at him for a moment, a bit embarrassed before taking a deep breath and slowly stripping off my shirt. After unzipping my pants and sliding them down my legs I picked them up off the floor and turned around to set them on the couch behind me.

When I turned back I unexpectedly came face to face with Wolfie. I gasped in surprise, he only placed a finger up against my lips before running his hands lightly across my body.

His fingertips had a feathers touch as they crossed my chest, stopping for only a split second to tweak my nipples along the way.

He told me to place my arms behind my back, and when I did not immediately comply with his wishes, he bared his teeth and growled at me in warning causing me to move quick to get my hands out of his way.

A low growl continued to emanate from him as his fingers traced the outline of my abs. My dick rose up to meet his hand, but he only slapped it away, "Gear up!"

I unzipped my red catsuit from the crown of the hood to the tailbone, and stepped in. After getting both feet seated in the attached socks, Wolfie moved around behind me and assisted in pulling the suit up my body.

I pushed my hands down the arms to the attached gloves waiting at the other end. I then lifted the hood up over my head and organized the open eyes and mouth in to the proper places as he zipped me in to my soft latex world.

And with only a few more adjustments I was beginning to fill out the sheath as well. God I loved this suit.

In fact I must have been a bit distracted by my enjoyment of my reorganizational efforts at my crotch as suddenly I was surprised to feel a tapping at my shoulder.

I turned around to see Wolfie holding up my favorite phallic intruder. "Let's not forget this shall we?"

I just giggled in response as I took it from him, undid the ass zip on the suit, and crouched down to be in the right position for product placement.

With liberal amounts of lube, some patience, and a healthy dose of determination, the plug slid in to place.
After standing back up and redoing the ass zip, he said “Follow Me.”

He led me down a hallway to a staircase that emptied off in the basement. Though to call this just a ‘basement’ would be doing it injustice, as every square inch was covered with some kind of rubber, leather, bondage implements, or fur.

It was actually kind of an odd site in my mind to see shelves of gear with hardcore leather bondage hoods sitting next to fursuitheads, but to each their own I chuckled to myself as we walked over to a cabinet against the far wall.

As Wolfie pulled the doors open, I was greeted by racks upon racks of fur covering every inch of the interior. I took a step back, “Uhh, Jeremy, please remember, this stuff does nothing for me.”

“Wolfie,” He replied as he pulled a suit from the cabinet and set it face down on the bondage table in the center of the room. “And this is not for your benefit, it’s for mine.”

“Oh.” I replied as I stepped forward cautiously to look at the fursuit. I had never seen anything like it. The head and paws were actually built on as one solid piece.

“This, on the other hand,” He said as he unzipped the beast, “Is for you.”

As he spread the zippered back open I could see that the interior was black rubber, and the inside of the head had a large gag and nosetubes for breathing. Things began to stir on me as a bit of confusion set in. This was a bondage suit inside a fursuit and as much as I hated to admit it, I was defiantly interested.

“So?” He asked as he stroked the side of my rubbered face.

I just nodded back with a smile as I was unable to form the words to answer him. That suit scared me, yet I wanted in it the worst way.

“First things first” he said as he grabbed me by the hand and led me in to an attached bathroom. Wolfie Picked up a canister of black makeup off the sink and said “Close your eyes.”

“Wait, what are you doing?” I replied confused once again taking a step back.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me back in close. “Just trust me ok? Close your eyes.”

I did as I was told and I could feel the cold goop being liberally applied over and around my eyes. Once he was done, and I opened them back up, the contrast I saw in the mirror of the red latex, the black makeup, and the white of my eye was a site to behold.

He led me back out in to the playroom where he lifted the suit up off the table and held it out for me to step into. I found as I placed my right leg inside that the latex was already well lubed, as I slid down easily into the attached footpaw.

Before I knew it Wolfie was behind me pulling the suit up “Paws in” he said, and as I slid my arms down the awaiting holes I found fingerless mitts on the interior of the well padded paws. Describing this earlier as a bondage suit was right, once zipped in there was no way I was getting out on my own.

I opened my mouth as he pulled the head on. The gag filled my maw, allowing me only to make grunting sounds which made wolfie smile. He reached inside the hood and slid both breathing tubes up my nose before zipping the suit closed. A faint ‘click’, after he was done, told me I was truly fucked.

The eyes were open on the suit, which explained the makeup. I looked over my new muzzle down my white and gray fur covered exterior to see what Wolfie was doing as he was now kneeled in front of me. I found that the large nose and mouth on the suit blocked my line of site, so I had to cock my head to the side to see him. I grunted in my gag to convey my curiosity.

He looked up at me and chuckled as he went back to what he was doing. I could see now that this suit also had a built on fur sheath on the front of it, and he was currently working the latex sheath of my inner suit in to it, yet my hardon was making it quite difficult for him. Once he was done though the mix of the red inner sheath and the furry outer one reminded me of Red Rocket from Southpark, which was a bit disturbing if you asked me actually.

Which of course nobody did ask me, and even if they did with my mouth filled I wouldn’t have been able to give much of an opinion on it anyway. Wolfie seemed quite pleased though as he gave me a few smacks in the nuts in which I growled in response.

Grabbing me by the shoulders he slowly led me backwards against a padded vertical bondage board and began strapping me in. It was actually a bit of an overkill, as straps ran up my arms, down my legs and across my torso. I wasn’t going anywhere, and we both knew it. With a few more smacks to my nuts he headed off behind me, out of my line of vision, where I listened to him moving things around.

I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply the rubber that held me in the inner core of all this gear. I chewed on the gag and pushed my butt against the padding of the board to make the plug push deeper, all of which made my cock grow.

Wolfie stepped back out in front of me and grabbed on to my cock, stroking it. “I am going to go get changed, but I have something for you to keep you entertained while I am gone.” With that he rolled a large mirror in front of me, and then left.

My reaction to the site I was greeted by was not as I expected. I was dressed as a wolf, the white and grey fur was accented by black patterns throughout. Seeing my eyes in the center of the black abyss created my the makeup and the colors of the head around its eye, was quite striking. In fact as I stared at myself in the mirror only one thought came to mind; “I was… I was… Beautiful.”

Between my growing confusion on this subject and knowing I was trapped, transformed in to an animal, and unable to do anything about it, I was getting really horny. I watched in the mirror as the red tip of my dick pushed its way out of the sheath and presented itself to the world at full mast.

That was that way that I remained, rock hard, until Wolfie returned in a timber wolf fursuit of his own. Moving in on me he cuddled my bound form causing me to lay my head upon his chest, and as he stroked my muzzle I allowed a single woof to escape the gag…

Who was I to turn down the discovery of new forms of pleasure.


... With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Misusing the power of "No"

Day 39/365... Shit, something crawled up his craw again...

My Fellow Inmates,

When you play a scene a delicate balancing act occurs. The bottom allows another human being to assume the responsibility for their safety for a brief sexual encounter. High levels of trust are in play, and hopefully with this kind of power exchange one would have had a conversation of five with the person you are about to play with long before the locks clicked shut.

Remember kids, as we seem to keep dying, and not always by our own hands, we need to start thinking about what we are doing. There is no harm in proceeding cautiously in to an encounter with someone that you have just met.

Is that cum worth everything? Honestly?

So yes, there is actually a place for the word 'No' in all of this. As in "No thank you."; "No, I am not interested." "No, I am getting my hair done." & Shaking you head violently no as you back quickly out of the coffee shop where you met the supposed brutal leather top that showed up wearing pastels...

But once your in a scene... lets look at this,

In the middle of a scene you are completely immobile, things are getting rough, your brain is having issues keeping up with your dick which is raging so the top is reading your dick...

You feel you can't take it anymore so you call out adamantly "No" and "Stop", the top checks with you, and you confirm.

Yes, the scene has just ended, abruptly so, on the bottom's say so. He tapped out per say. Any top worth his salt, or in his right mind would end it there if the bottom is serious, the 4th wall has been broken, fantasy gone...

That scene ended disastrously, think that top is going to want you back out?

So then, am I saying never safe word if you are given one? Oh hell no!

Remember, just like life exists in stages, scenes exist on communication.

The woman trapped in the alley is going to say 'Leave me alone' long before she screams 'Rape'.

And although it is easy to get trapped in ones own mind during a scene, communication is key: "Sir, I don't think I can take the electro any higher." is a very respectful way to say 'back off a bit'.

Safewording should be last resort, akin to pulling a fire alarm, and the word 'No' should never come up in a scene. If you find yourself actually doing so your attempts at respectfull communication have already been ignored and you are fearing for your safety.

Period, end of story.

But then again, what do I know, I don't play with safewords... we shall call that a subject for another time :-)

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.