Friday, February 18, 2011

Bondage Story: The Divemasters

Day 49/365... Ladies and Gentlemen... This is Mambo 69....

My Fellow Inmates,

With the recent death of the U-vote bondage stories I nw get to write what I want again... focusing on quality over quantity I am thrilled to be able to put to paper what makes my dick hard versus making updates that feel forced...

The next story to cum is called "A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Furcon." You wont believe the Leather bondage suit that's the center of this one... and its actually going to be made as well... *Happy Cat!!! ^~^

So with that, here is a new piece from the kinky corners of my mind...



The Divemasters Part 1

Gary had run the local dive shop in Port Gamble for the last 3 years, It was a quiet town, and business was slow as it always was in the winter months. He knew it was a good thing that he ran the shop for fun rather than needing it to pay the bills because he would have been in trouble a long time ago.

No, Gary had made a killing in investments during the peak of the market and was lucky enough to pull out before the recession hit. This allowed him to be able to retire at 31, and open this dive shop.

It also allowed him to buy dive gear, lots of it, from the rare to the custom, to the downright odd. Most of it he purchased for himself to go in to his 'private collection', down in the basement, where he lived.

He also liked to rotate some of the odder pieces in the main windows of the shop, heavy shiny suits and helmets with custom mods...

You see, even though Gary owned a dive shop and geared up all the time he was not a diver. In fact he was not even certified, and his shop did not offer classes. Gary ran the shop for one reason: The thrill of the hunt.

During the summer months he would have tourists stopping by all the time looking to rent gear, but during the winter months he stayed open purposefully for the only type of people that would stop by, a very special type of customer, they were the fly's that he set his web for.

Like the boy that walked in on Wednesday afternoon.

His prey was always easy to spot: Young, nervous, hanging around the suits just a bit too long and hesitantly touching them. Some would even sneak behind the rack to readjust themselves.

He had learned over the years to approach them cautiously, for they spooked easily, and the boy on Wednesday was no different.

He walked through the door of the shop wearing skin tight blue jeans and an alpinestars tee-shirt. His hair was frosted, and he kept shooting quick glances over his shoulder at the Kirby Morgan Superlite that sat in the front window.

I just smiled to myself as I kept an eye on him while pretending to read my paper.

He continued to nervously flit around the store looking at displays of gear and drysuits before stopping suddenly, in his tracks, before the rack of Aqualas.

These suits were fantastic: full rubber inside and out, and they looked and smelled quite old and quite dirty.

Most of them had been built in the days when Aquala was selling their suits through the Gay porn magazines like Rubber Rebel. Most of them were modded in some way. I had acquired them in the infancy of eBay; as I bought every one that came up for sale it wasn't long before I had amassed quite a collection. The great thing about them was that even though they had held many a tortured soul by me, they had arrived pre-seasoned as well.

They were a site to behold, and whenever a boy stood captivated by them, I knew it was time to make my move. "How's it going?" I said with a smile as I set my paper down.

He glanced over at me as if startled, and then quickly looked at the floor, "Oh... Uh, fine thanks."

He walked quickly away from the rack of Aqualas, as he pretended to look at other gear, but I wasn't letting him off that easily; "Beautiful suits, aren’t they?"

"What?... Oh, uh... Yeah, I guess." He stammered as he slowly made his way towards the door.

"You should try one on." I said as he was nearing the exit.

"Oh, uh, no thank you I was just looking." he replied as he quickened his pace, just looking like all he wanted to do was get the hell out of the shop.

"It would look quite attractive on you." I called out nonchalantly.

With that he stopped in his tracks, the open door in his hand. He slowly turned around with a confused look on his face. "Excuse me?"

I smiled slightly as he took the bait, "Oh, I was just saying that with your frame, one of those Aqualas perhaps one size too small, and put you in a helmet; well in my opinion it would be quite striking... You know what, nevermind, I misspoke."

With that I picked up my paper, turned my back to him, kicked my feet up on the counter, and pretended to lose myself in it.

This was a dance that I had preformed so many times I could do in my sleep. At this point it was a waiting game, the web was woven.

I heard the bell on the door behind me signaling that he had closed it. The only mystery now was which side of it was he on?

Holding my ground so as to not show my hand, I listened intently for any sound, like the soft whine of a young mind trying to make a decision to tread ground he has only ever dreamed of previously.

All I heard, though, was silence, still and pure. With a slight sigh I slumped my shoulders a bit. It wasn't the first boy I had spooked and probably wouldn't be the last. I started to read the paper again to await the next potential distraction to a slow day.

"Excuse me, Sir."

I just about fell out of the chair, I may only be 34, but I would have sworn I felt my heart halt in its tracks for a moment. Composing myself a bit, I turned around with a smile. "Gary."

"Todd," he replied.

"Todd," I repeated, my smile, among other things, growing. "And how may I help you Todd?"

"Well, I really would like to try a suit, but... I..." He began once again staring at his shuffling feet.

"Say no more son." I cut him off mid sentence, not wanting him to be able to talk himself out of it.

I stood up and circled around behind him. Grabbing him by the shoulders I steered him towards the rack of suits. The boy let out an audible overwhelmed squeak in response.

Keeping one hand on his shoulder I reached out and removed the suit that was modified to mate with the Superlite. "I think this one shall make you very happy."

"I think I really should go" He said turning beet red.

"Here hold this." I replied as I tossed the bulky suit in his arms. While he stood there scrambling not to drop it, I was locking the front door and turning off the open sign.

Picking up the helmet on the way back, I grabbed his shirt and steered him towards the back of the store to the top of the stairway in to my lair. "Down!" I commanded

His gaze met mine, which he quickly broke before heading down the stairs in to the depths below.

As we reached the bottom of the stairs I took the lead. Heading through my living room, and down to the end of the hall, we came to the reinforced door of my personal dive locker.

The interior of the locker was a site to behold. I had spent a long time in getting the look and feel just right. The walls were draped in netting, accentuated by racks upon racks of suits, and shelves just dripping with masks and helmets from every corner. The smell inside here was boarder-line overpowering. The musty rubbery smell of gear that's been hung up wet filled the air was just how I liked it.

I motioned for the boy to lay the divesuit on the gurney located in the center of the room. Setting the helmet next to it, I grabbed on the bottom of his shirt. “Strip.” I commanded as I pulled it up over his head.

Todd closed his eyes, looked down, and shivered a bit as he turned four shades of red. He reached out for the suit on the table and let his fingers brush across the surface of the rubber. He let out a light gasp and pulled back as if the material bit him. With a quick glance shot in my direction he began to fumble with a shaking hand at the buttons of his jeans.

“Skivvies too, everything comes off.” I said as I went to grab some items from a shelf behind him. With a dejected sigh, he complied, and before I knew it he was standing there nude, trying to curl in to himself from embarrassment.

I set the items I gathered down on a stool as I wrapped my arms around him from behind. My hands traveled from his chest, across his abs down to his growing crotch. The boy began to melt and loosen up a bit as his breathing quickened to my touch.

I reached back and picked up a latex hood from the pile and slid it over his head, making sure the internal gag seated in his mouth, and the eye and nose holes lined up properly.

I then grabbed a cock ring, wrapped my arms back around him pulling him in close, and applied it from behind. As I grasped his cock in my hand and pulled it through the ring the boy moaned in his gag, arched his back and began rubbing his rubberized head against my chest.

As the rubber ring seated itself against the base of his cock, I placed two fingers under his chin and lifted his head until his eyes met mine. “You want in the suit boy?”

Todd’s breathing quickened as a slight whine issued out from behind the gag. He nodded slowly as he looked in the direction of the suit that hung over the side of the gurney. Letting him go, I picked up the Aquala, unzipped it, and motioned for him to have a seat.

I slid the suit up his legs until his feet popped in to the attached booties. "Stand up, arms in to the sleeves." I commanded, and he complied.

Before you knew I had the suit pulled up over his head. The attached hood slid easily in to place; the mixture of the two layers of rubber made hearing quite difficult.

The boy walked over to the mirror by the door and admired himself as his gloved hands explored every inch of his rubberized form. Reaching up over his head, I dropped the harness in place, and proceeded to cinch it down all across his torso.

I then picked up the helmet, connected the umbilical, and held it out in front of him "Are you ready?" I asked.

The boy nodded as I slid it in to place and docked it with the suit. Reaching up under his legs I wrenched the crotch strap on the harness down hard against his boner, causing him to moan out in pain as it plastered his cock against his chest.

Leading him to the gurney, I had him lie down. I reached in to the bin on the floor and grabbed a set of humane restraints and locked them around his wrists and ankles. Leather belts were then woven through the metal clips on the cuffs and secured around the rails.

I then walked to the top of the stretcher, reaching below I lifted the heavy shoulder straps across his torso and locked them in to a belt that I cinched across his chest.

Moving around the side, I began pounding on the boys nuts, causing him to squirm, causing him to pull on his bonds and grouse in to the gag.

"Can you hear me?" I asked loudly as a Stopped my assault on his nuts.

Todd nodded his head as much as the helmet would allow.

"You are in my space now. To get what you want means I get what I want, you understand?" With a whimper he nodded his head again. I smiled in response as I focused on securing him in.

You see I ordered the gurney and the restraining belts separately. There were more than your usual amounts dripping down from the sides just awaiting someone to hold in their grasp. There were 64 cross belts in all, once applied and tightened they created a webbing mummy that guaranteed that whoever was caught in its grasp was not going anywhere.

Beginning at the ankles and working my way up; one by one I mated the clasp with the hasp on the belts and cinched them down hard, as one by one the boy’s squirming lessened and lessened.

By the time I was done the only thing Todd could move on his body was his helmeted head, which was very heavy, and even with the greatest of struggles he could only lift it a matter of inches.

I stood back and admired my handiwork. It was a site to behold, immobilized in the Aquala and Superlite, the boy was sealed in his own little world. Just wait until he found out some of the ingenious mods I had made to the gear he was wearing, but that would have to come later. For now we needed to soften him up a bit.

Leaning over the helmet, I tapped on the facemask “Doing ok in there?”

I heard a muffled sound of affirmation in response.

“Good,” I replied, “I shall be back later.”

There was an instant bleat of panic as Todd attempted to struggle against his wrapping. After the concept of futility set in he began to whine and plead, which only made me smile.

“I’m sorry, the shop doesn’t run itself, I mean we don’t even close till six which is…” I looked at my watch, “…Well that’s eight hours away. No, in this economy I just can’t justify the loss of any customers.”

I could hear him trying to yell ‘No” in to the gag, which only made me smile broader.

“Don’t worry,” I said as I patted him on the chest. “You have plenty of air, why you could make it for…” Picking up a random gauge I mocked surprise, “Oh… oh, that’s just not good.”

I peered down in to his eyes, through the glass, with a concerned look on my face. “You know what, Todd? I got good news and bad news. The good news is that you do have enough air to make it the eight hours… The bad news though, is that you shall have to conserve to do it.”

I turned down the airflow to the helmet just above the point that it would be a struggle for him to breathe. Gathering up my stuff, I headed to the door, enjoying the serenade of muffled curses and begging I received all the way there.

As I pulled the door to the dive locker shut, and threw the deadbolt, I smiled. The boy would be well primed and ready for me upon my return… and I couldn’t wait.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

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