Friday, February 27, 2009

It Takes a community.... to torture a boy...

My Fellow Inmates,

As you all probably have gathered at this point, Asylum tends to dust off the soapbox when he gets a craw up his butt. Well, I found the craw, removed it, and it was nice with some shallots and a light butter sauce. Just don’t tell Rubberfreak where his dinner came from on his last night here, k? Just between us pervs.

You may be able to devise the nature of this blog by the picture I chose to post along side it… Ok, um, perhaps more accurately the picture I decided to swipe and modify without any permission what so ever then repost upon the site of its origin…

Asylum may need a spanky, but more on that later…

I was chatting with a friend the other day about the new lifetime memberships being offered through this site. The discussion turned to the concept of what timeframe a “lifetime” really is when we speak about websites and what the 275.00 will get you after you pay it.

This was the point the craw got jammed in…

My friend said “Well you don’t have to worry about paying it do you?”


Ok, let’s make a few things clear. Asylum is an exhibitionist. I get off by sharing my exploits with others, its one of my kinks and I apologize if we have reached some misconceptions here.

Rubberrebel is good enough to understand this about me, and had enough faith in me to know that by featuring me on his site that he could count on frequent updates of content in the form of Videos, ramblings, stories, and pictures; All because it allows me to satiate my exhibitionist tendencies.

Not only has no offer ever been made to bypass support from me, but I would never accept any such offer were it to be made. Here is why…

We as Guyzingear are a community site, unlike the pigfuckers at recon (I can call them that, they will have to prove in court they are not pigfuckers, and it may be worth the attorney fees just to sneak my cam in there for that one…lol…)

Anyway, unlike the pigfuckers at recon, this site is not aiming to profit off of us. Although if Russell ever gets to the point he is turning a profit off of this group of sites I say we support him all the way. He stood by the Ning site putting up his money so the rest of us could have a place to jerk off, meet, and jerk off again, rinse, wash, repeat…

Roll over Mother Teresa, I nominate Rubberrebel for sainthood… hmm St. Rebel has a certain je ne se qua…no?

Guyzingear gives us the meeting place to do as we please, create what we wish, post all our videos and meet like minded guys without having to keep one hand on our wallet in the process. Up to this point besides the donations of some generous individuals of which Paypal decided they could use elsewhere… that’s a rant for another time though… but up to this point Rebel has been shouldering most the cost himself.

So then, what is a “Lifetime Membership” good for timeframe wise? It is for as long as we allow it, and that’s the bottom line. Without our support sites like this will only stay afloat so long, and the more content we add the heftier the costs to its creators. We owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to Rebel to chip in and truly make this great community grow.

So, with all of this said… Has Asylum given his 275.00 to the cause?



Welcome to our economy. It is understandable that not all of us can donate at this point. Personally I plan to do so in a few months if it’s still being offered at that time. As I wish to make sure that I always have a platform to place my soapbox on.

And something tells me if you contact Rubberrebel and ask to pay in pieces he very well may work with you.

Besides, if we do this right, imagine what this site will be like in 10 years… For those who have been around long enough compare the RLCL to Rubberzone, and you will understand the evolution I speak.

I look forward to seeing what greatness we can achieve…

Now about that Spanky J

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The courts have decreed; I am not responsible for my actions... With that said...

My Fellow Inmates,

Well, this morning, after six days, Rubberfreak was taken back to the airport on his way home. I must say it is amazing to me that I enjoyed this boy’s company so much, that at the moment, after just getting home from the airport, I am in a piss ass poor mood. Perhaps next time he visits I will break out the welding torch after the locks click… go ahead, get out of them.

On the note of next time, I think I mentioned before that the boy entered into a deal with me… always a dangerous proposition. He brought me a bed-web and 10 locking humane restraints, and in trade he will receive a custom catsuit of my design from it. Though the rules to the game have changed a bit now… After the catsuit is completed and delivered, he knows where I live if he really wants it… It shall be waiting in the playroom. J

Speaking of gear and the bed web and custom pieces, as I mentioned I am in a bad mood and really need to bitch. This boy has a handle on what he is doing, he is handy with a sewing machine, and the parachute that is used in the heat torture electro video (more on that later) was also created by him…

Now, before I go off the deep-end, the two Companies I am speaking of here have had their names blotched out so I can speak freely about them without having to edit myself of which I am not a fan of doing.

I freely admit I am an asshole, and am proud of it. It’s when companies hide behind the fallacy of being supporters of the community that I will kick out that crutch, piss on your shoe, and call it as I see it... just who I am.

With that said, last year at IML I purchased for 500.00 a catsuit from a company who is well known for their leather gear, yet their rubber gear and customer service gives me a good ideas what the “S” stands for.

Now you all know that asylum is a rubber fiend, no bones about that ever. I have purchased from many companies over the years, most of them out of Europe (those Europeans know how to do perversion the right way).

Coming up to IML last may however I found myself without a catsuit that fit anymore, and wanted a smaller one than the one I had hanging in my closet.

Due to the short time frame I contacted this unnamed (Well known, Self Important) company figuring that since I have received such great leatherwork from them over the years with only a modicum of rudeness with my orders, that purchasing a catsuit from them would be a quick way to bypass the wait time that would come with placing an order from one of my normal houses like Cocoon or Regulation.

So I contacted them in March, I figured with IML at the end of May this was more than enough time. I told them I wanted a catsuit with attached gloves, and preferably one thicker than the thinner latex they typically use in their catsuits.

Their one sentence reply: “We do Not Make Inventions” and that was the end of the email.

Now understandably this confused me, as anyone who plays in the community knows someone who has a custom piece by this place. So I wrote back a direct reply to this email stating as much, and explaining that I was not asking for hard work, just a little customization.

This time the letter received back was from a manager there, and explained that they currently had too much to do and they would be happy to help me when they had more time later in the year and they would let me know when they were able to do so.

With this said it is now a year later and I have yet to receive a follow-up letting me know that they are ready to make my suit, huge surprise that they are in business with R***n, do we see any similarities in how they run their businesses and support the community that pays their bills?

So, still wanting a catsuit I decided to wait until the vendor fair at IML and just purchase one directly from there. Surfing around the stands I came across suit after suit. I began to feel like a pervy retelling of the Goldilocks story:

This suit was too thin

This suit was too cheap

And R***n gear? I would rather do fireplay with a napalm buttplug than wear your name across my back... So um, yeah, no.

So by default I gravitated towards the company of my disdain, as many before me had with no other choice for semi-decent gear. I picked out a catsuit and tried it on, it actually fit well, and the paper thin latex was flattering on my frame. Really wanting a new suit I sucked up my pride and paid the 500.00 they were asking and walked away…

Now… with this whole story told, how exactly does this relate to the boy and his ability to make and work on gear? Well, this catsuit is pure trash. As stated before the latex is painfully thin. I can order a suit twice this thick from Cocoon who will proudly stand behind their work for 100.00 less.

This suit has seams that are loose at the wrists and ankles, not bothered to be reinforced. You can see the glue tracks on the inside of the suit at the seams, and the worst offence… They installed a codpiece and did not bother to reinforce the snaps at all. This means every time you attempt to access the dick you must worry about ruining the suit.

For a company of this size and stature this is an unforgivable offence especially if you are going to charge the same price as someone selling good gear. I am going to be sending this catsuit to the boy who is going to have to pop out all the snaps, reinforce them, and reinstall them… and yet this company still had the balls to charge 500.00 for shit work.

If anyone affiliated with this company is reading this, of which I doubt because that would mean that they actually still cared about what people purchasing their gear thought rather than running a quantity based business model over a quality one, and climbing into bed with community raping cash cow cancers the likes of R***n. You may want to tell your owner that there is an open American rubber production scene begging for high end quality gear, and no one has stepped up to fill it yet.

Watch out though, There is a new boy on the block, I can’t say who yet as they wish to fly low at this point, but I have received some of their work, and frankly their rubber gear makes yours look like it came from EBay in comparison.

Heed my warning: Step up, and Step up now… Otherwise your latex side may last long enough to see the “S” stand for Sideswiped.

Then again perhaps I am just cranky and need a nap.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Freaks Cum Out At Night

My fellow Inmates,

I come to you today writing about a dire situation. My current visitor, Patient 001: Rubberfreak, is a hell of a lot more ill than we first thought. His treatment shall need to be stepped up and drastic measures shall need to be taken.

Let me relate the story to you now…

Friday morning we picked the boy up at the airport, where he showed up hauling 50 pounds of gear. After running a whole bunch of errands, we finally made it home and next thing I know the boy bouncing around covered in latex. I must share with you that we were horrified, for we had no idea that the boy’s sickness ran this deep. For a short time I was loss at how to proceed, and then I asked myself…

What would Jesus do?

Deciding that there was some therapeutic basis to the boy assisting in the construction of one of the objects of his treatment; I put him right to work assembling the new table. Upon its completion I figured the best thing for the boy would be to begin with some aversion therapy. He was addicted to rubber, so we were going to give it to him, and in spades.

Slathering up everything but his bare feet in latex; “Bare feet can be very useful when someone is bound and helpless” (This is an excerpt from the recently rediscovered missing papers of Sigmund Freud; written during the oft forgotten about Transgender years). We then began the immobilization process.

After he was thoroughly unable to hurt himself any longer, I focused specifically on the largest issue at hand… The boy has… Well his issue is… Well being as prim and proper as Asylum is I can not bring myself to even say it. So I share with you the following church approved terms in hopes that we can end up on the same page in understanding the dire issue that Asylum is attempting to cure.

Approved Terms For Deviance:

Chilling the crusader, Joshing the hound, Grappling the Elmo, Spit-polishing the electric goo gun, Jerkin' the purple headed warrior, Harping on the one-eyed yogurt thrower, Slap-Boxing the pumpkin,

Squashing the goalie, Whacking the tower of power, Hitting Bubba, Twisting the obelisk, Romancing the squirmin' German, Test-firing the magic one-eyed wonder weasel. Getting in touch with the satin-headed serpent,

Playing ping pong with the purple-headed yogurt pistol, Fisting Jimmy Dean, Bleeding the testicular squatters, Boppin' the single serving soup dispenser, Making like Hans Solo and stroking the obvious, Boxing Kojak, Debugging the wire, Ramming the oompa loompa.

Fastening the chin strap on the helmet of love, sampling the secret sauce, helping put Mr. Kleenex's kids through college, aggravating one eyed postal worker, Patting the Robertson, or blowing Kurt’s brains across the room…

Ok, perhaps the last one hails from the sick recessed trenches of Asylum’s Seattle tinged mind… Guess what, get over it, Courtney got off scot free, and it's over. Right now she is sipping mimosas in her multimillion dollar drug den on the cell with O.J. (in his cell), comparing notes for the sister book to his “How I would have done it”.

Danger severe tangents next 30 miles, now compensating so as to swerve back on the road; basically the tracks on the trains of thought in this clusterfuck one calls grey matter are so corroded from improper use over the years that derailments are common place… be warned.

So where was I?

Ah yes, the boy. After hours of torturous treatments on the table and extended experimentations into mixing poppers with endorphins, the boy was allowed to rest in the sleepsack with a bit gag tightened down on the puffy hood. I will tell you something he found out fairly quickly… This sucks. The hood wants to push it back out and the gag wants to pull back in. It gets sore real quick.

Once on the boy found out it was not coming off easily. The mix of the boy’s whining and the wonderful writhing of the sleepsacked form when Asylum’s fingernails accidently slipped together on the head of his dick multiple times over caused your fair practitioner to have a outburst of his own… all over said boy…

He was very thankful after I cleaned him up that I took pity on him and did not force him to sleep in the gag. This was only due to the fact he had had two hours of sleep the night before. It was my wish that he be rested for the following day’s treatments…

More on that later…

You can see pictures of the boy’s progress in the Rubberasylum group, under events, by choosing Rubberasylum Patient 001: Rubberfreak. I will try to update this daily, and I promise you, there are some very entertaining videos coming down the pike… stay tuned

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


Thursday, February 19, 2009

From behind the locked door on 9th Floor West

My fellow Inmates,

So Asylum learned a valuable lesson recently, as I sat down a few days ago and typed out a lengthy blog post catching us all up on the ins and outs of the latest goings on…

I hit backspace to correct a typo and the browser thought I meant to navigate back a page. I screamed, I ranted, I cried… but alas it was too late, the post was no more; it had ceased to be, it had gone to meet its maker...

“…It was a stiff, bereft of life it rests in peace if you hadn’t nailed it to its perch it would be pushing up the daisies. It has rung down the curtain and joined the bleeding choir invisibule…"

This is what happens when one misses his medications, but the cart is on its way and the nurse shall not allow me to miss another regimen, even if it needs to be administered intramuscularly, with 4 orderlies holding me down, while they fetch the four point leathers…

…Memories, like the colors of my mind….

So let me push through the haze, and see if I can recreate the missing post this time in Word (some lessons are learned the hard way).

So what have I been up to, ah yes, Rubberfreak shall be out on Friday, and all sorts of new stuff has arrived with his visit in mind. Also he brings me treats as well, plus there is a kitty slinking around me now, so lets get in to all that…

First, I promised you information about the new Helmet that came with the suit. I have posted some pictures of it in the Rubberasylum group, and the two eyeholes you see at the top of this blog is a picture from inside said helmet. It has now all been rebuilt and perved out a bit more.

The true evil of this helmet is that the mesh over the eyes sits about 6 inches away. This causes the eyes to not be able to figure out whether to focus on the mesh or past it. It is a very odd feeling. I had to close my eyes in fear of a raging headache.

It is also a lot heavier than it appears, and makes for a great isolation helmet.

The BDG Table has also arrived and will be set up in the playroom on Friday. I would do so now, but the main body is over 70lbs, and I don’t figure I would be any fun trying to play with a hernia after dragging that box upstairs by myself.

I am sure I could open it downstairs and drag the panels up one by one, but that is what boys are for. So I shall wait until after I pick up Rubberfreak from the airport on Friday J

The boy has also made me a bedweb for underneath my mattress and is bringing me 10 Humane restraint cuffs with the old style fold over locks on them. This causes the play spots arround the house to spread out quite a bit more, and makes Asylum’s bed a lot more viable for play (not that I need more spots mind you).

The boy is being rewarded for his contribution by the creation of a custom catsuit for him. Granted I will add all sorts of options to this suit for my pleasure, and wait until he finds out who will be holding the keys to the locking zip-sliders on the suit; but this is not my issue so I won’t let it keep me up at nights.

Speaking of boys, I was visited earlier in the week by one who calls himself Electrocat. Take a look at the pictures posted within the group of this one, the ears poking up from behind the gasmask makes for a great picture if I say so myself.

He also looks fantastic in his catsuit and gear. According to this one he likes to be gagged, and the electro pushed to the point that he is hoarse from screaming. I plan to enjoy testing this theory thoroughly.

Of course video documentation of both boys progress shall be shared with all my colleagues, cohorts, and the rest of you twisted fucks that just get off on seeing people suffer…

Of course as you all well know, Asylum’s only interest is purely scientific, as was my former quest of scientific discovery in to the lasting viscosity of my semen on a bound latex clad form. I am still awaiting the publication of my findings in the New England Journal of Medicine, which should be coming any day now, but until then I plan to continue the furthering of my research in to the topic.

As for gear…

On Sunday I went a picked up a Simpson Super Bandit Helmet that is white with a black Jolly Roger on the snout. This is a great helmet and I am quite happy the former owner decided craigslist needed a cheap bandit helmet in great shape; you will see pix of this one soon.

Asylum also now has a new face…

I would recommend looking in any mirrors that may be in the background of any new posted videos soon. I shall not say more, as I wish for Rubberfreak to enjoy his stay...

Though we will make sure he is not too comfortable… For the sake of science of course J

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rubberasylum's run in with the Law

My Fellow Inmates,

Today I was in the home of a SWAT officer. He was dashingly handsome, and had gear scattered around his home. Lets just say that asylum had to cum before he left his house so I could play the part of an everyday citizen for even a short timeframe...

I will also be the first to admit that I have this problem with Cops... No matter what I do in life or how I play, if I run in to a real cop my knees get weak and my submissive side finds its way to the surface. "Yes officer, No Officer" and all that jazz. I have always wanted to play in the back of a cruiser, also in the back of an ambulance, but that's another crossed wire for a later discussion.

I think it has a lot to do with the fact that no matter how hard I may have tried I never got on the bad side of the law... Ever. The closest I ever got was I once was read my rights when I was a kid, but after the situation was sorted out they only took one of my friends away... I.e. we ratted him out to save our sorry hides... lol.

I check out every cop I see on the streets, the Motorcycle cops are the best, and not the old Harley types... The new BMW bike cops in full face helmets... yum!

I don't know why, but I lose my ability to speak, and I get the shakes. In full uniform I am a lost cause. Players in the scene that play cop and have the full uniform and all don't do the same to me, you still look awesome, but there is something added about the knowledge that you are fully trained, you could take me down in a heartbeat without even thinking, tied up and fucked by you.... ok, yes this is a side of Asylum that does not come out often, and it would not have had I not been in an officer's home with gear between us...

So why was I even there? Well...

I got the opportunity to buy a cell extraction suit... basically a set of full body armor that could take the blow from a sledgehammer in to the chest and do little more than knock the wearer over. Basically an amazing suit. It was posted on Craigslist for sale, and I jumped on it so fast my head spun...

I emailed the guy and left him my phone number and he called back right away, when I answered the phone it was dead air... I called the number back and it was answered "This is ***" (I strike out his name as its not necessary to post). I told him I was calling on the suit and we set up a time to meet. The only problem he said is that it was missing its helmet, but they made a replacement for it I could have.

Whatever, I was interested in the armor, not some crap helmet replacement I would probably chuck.... I wasn't prepared for what the replacement was... more on that in a bit....

So I travelled out to this guy's home today, and damnit if he did not answer the door in full uniform, the only missing piece was that his belt and weapon were sitting on the kitchen counter. A jacket hung over one of the chairs with SWAT on it... I was so happy I came before leaving my house.

The gear was spread out across the floor, the suit was a hell of a lot bulkier than I thought it would be, and later at home I actually worked up a sweat trying to wrestle myself into it all, this shall be a two person job for the future. It is black, thick, and covers every part of the body... An amazing suit.

The helmet though was something I wasn't prepared for, In the picture I saw it appeared to be a duct tape mess, when I saw it up-close the first thing I noticed is that it was HUGE. Inspecting closer I saw that it was a football helmet that has been heavily padded on all sides with a duct tape shell holding it all together and a grill applied to the outside of the face with two little slits to see through... I have already gotten the rolls of duct tape out and we will be doing some work on it to perv it out a lot more than it already is...

Hmm This kind of gear and handcuffs... besides the hand jobs, blowjobs and buttsex I mean is there really much of a difference between us and cops... really? I ask you... lol.

Back to the Helmet...

It will be very useful for play, the world looks quite unusual from inside, and you can bang your head all you want, you will never hurt yourself. After I repair it I will post pix in a future blog.

The suit and some other new purchases all have a purpose, a plan. If it all works out then Rubberfreak shall be the first to see it in its complete state, and I know he is getting excited... as am I.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weapons of Ass Destruction...

My Fellow inmates,

Ok, so my titles to these blogs sometimes read like bad porn film names... But when this shit comes to me I wish to share, its just the way this depraved brain works.

If you are truly concerned cover me in layers of rubber, apply locking four point restraints, and strap me tight to a gurney. If I bitch there is this great bit gag I love applying over the rubber puffy hood with the open mouth. The pressure of the gag biting in and the hood trying to push it back out...

Well lets just say people tend to want it out after a bit, as it begins to get real sore, and that's when lessons upon what comes out of the boy's trap begin to be learned.

God I love being an asshole.

Speaking of, the plan for writing yesterday went by the wayside. My Roomie and I ended up playing, but first we went gear hunting out at the thrift stores and the Army navy surplus stores.

I must say that I truly hate eBay for the fact that it has killed the local gear market. Anyone that was out hunting for gear before eBay started up in the late 90's knows exactly what I am talking about. You could find anything, and I do mean anything in those old stores.

I remember on trip to a swap meet in South Tacoma years ago. I was going isle by isle looking at all the scattered junk that people had brought out to sell. I had already amassed an armful of different pieces of gear, from helmets to gasmasks to sailing gear, But it was this one guy's dive gear collection that caught my eye.

Mostly what hung there on the racks were ancient Harvey's and Aqualung 2 piece gear that was so ragged that no diver in their right mind would use it, and the sun faded pinks and baby blues were so fetching that it was a damn shame that I had already done my playroom motif in all black. I mean think of the pictures!

As I leafed through this rack of crap gear, a glimmer of black latex caught my eye. Now some of you will not believe this, but buried within this pile was a latex shirt from Skin Two. Size Men's large. I bought it from him for 10 dollars, as he thought it was dive gear, and frankly who was I to argue...

I miss those days, damn you eBay....

Back to my tangent about yesterday though. My roommate and I went in to this one Army Navy Surplus at the edge of Fort Lewis & McCord Air force base. Let me tell you, the economy has caused the Surplus stores to blossom.

The gear was overflowing most likely from soldiers trying to get any cash they can for their stuff when they find themselves in a pinch. They can bring it directly to us, we will give them better money than surplus stores will, and probably be willing pinch them too ("Damn you look good in your BDU's... why don't you come upstairs, there is a table I would like to show you")

So we found a few pieces of gear that were in great shape that we really wanted, but the prices were outrageous, so we decided to pass. As we were heading out the door the proprietor chimes up with "Did you see anything?"

"No, we shall just pass today, thank you" We replied.

"Do you believe in Jesus?" She shot out...

Now I will tell you what, I clamed right up, as I knew that I would probably ruin this woman's day if I came out with what was on my mind, and besides I was a bit taken a back at the gall that it took to ask random people that question.

My roommate stepped up to the plate to field the inquiry though "I was raised Catholic." He replied, "So I kind of have to."

We chuckled at the response and started making our way to the door just as she decided to turn her attention to me. "How about you?" She asked.

"I was raised Jewish." I replied frankly beginning to get a bit perturbed.

"Well Jesus was a Jew as well, you know that right? He is our savior..." She continued on.

I was bursting at the seams, and pushed my way out of the store. Any hope at all for a purchase from me now or ever was shot to hell by this attitude from this person be she the owner or just an employee, and if just an employee I so hope the management is not aware of her berating the customers this way...

None the less, after long and hard thought my roommate, WetsuitJay, and I came up with proper responses that we wanted to say, but were way too kind to actually reply as such... Nothing is stopping me from sharing them with you here..

So if I accept Jesus do I get a discount?
I am sorry, if the enlightened people are all like you, I would prefer to burn in hell thank you.
Does Jesus know you are charging these kinds of prices?
Jesus Christ Look at this price tag!
That's ok, I will just wait for the rapture and then return for some free shit.
I would love to accept Jesus, but I will have to wait for midnight to ask my master if it's ok.
What would Jesus think if he knew I wanted to drop a load in this flight suit?
Oh, we are Faggots... Jesus likes Faggots right?
Yes, I saw Jesus strapped up up on that cross over there on your wall. He looks great, but this is an Army Navy Surplus, I mean you have gas masks, hoses, and filters right?... and I mean, why cover his cock?
(Peaking up under the cloth covering him on the cross) "Huh, you're right, he is a Jew"
Ah well... Not everyone is fortunate enough to have seen the light like us. I say the Christians send us all their 18 year old boys... Let us deprogram them and give them experiences they will never forget, then let them decide for themselves

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


Friday, February 6, 2009

Viagra in the water

My Fellow Inmates,

I wanted to send a quick note this evening, as I realize that I have slacked off on my promised "Song of the week". So with that I have now posted 2 new songs to get back up to speed.

The first is by Camille West, and is called "Viagra in the water" It is about what happens to a small town when a truckload of Viagra crashes in to the town water supply.

The second song is called "Prison Bitch" and is a 1950's style doo-wop ballad of prison love... silly yes, but both are quite humorous.

Take a listen, hope you will enjoy.

Well it appears Asylum may be on strike soon, my union is deciding, and Sunday is the deadline. In some ways I welcome the free vacation, in others I tend to like the option of eating... Although no food tends to be a great diet... hehe...

Eh, not as dire as all that, mostly it means I will have time to write, and time to play. So its not a bad thing.

The plan for now in regards to Carpe Noctem part 2 is to take Saturday, get some things done in the AM, cleaning and such, and then make lunch, pour a drink and sit down to work long and hard on it... my roomie wants to play, so we shall see who's plan wins there... :)

If not and I am on strike come Monday I will work on CN2, and start CN3... but I also have a new project on the horizon, about predators and prey, bondage suits and cops, and fear... Stay tuned...

I also plan to ask my former master from many years ago if I can write the true story of our relationship. I am sure he will not mind, but since I respect Mr Mitchell's wishes, I shall wait until I have his blessing...

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Continuation of the Saga

My Fellow Inmates,

A Quick note tonight to let you know what I am up to. I came home tonight realizing that I needed to focus on the continuation of "Carpe Noctem" that I had promised everyone for so long (If you haven't read part 1 it is posted in the Rubberasylum group, and also in the forums under the stories subheading).

For those of you familiar with this story you know it is charged with emotion. The truth behind the first part is that it was written while I was in a place where play was not an option for me, and my subconscious needed to let out my needs and emotions, and the page was the easiest place.

Part 2, which has been in process now for over a year is equally charged. This story is unlike many others as it follows a pathway. Part 1 was about the initial capture of the boy, In part two we deal with the mental side of a boy that now finds himself gagged and immobilized in a padded cell. Emotions run high, and the top is more than happy to fuck with any buttons he can get his hands on...

This story was always meant to be a saga. A slow progression where we follow the boy through the pathways he has to travel to reach his full potential and realize his dreams. I thank everyone who has been patient with me through my own pathways I have had to take in the last year plus. Basically finding my way back from a very dark situation of my own.

I do also want to mention my roommate, WetsuitJay, In a lot of ways he has allowed me to reopen my mind and re-find myself. Even after I kicked my Vanilla ex last February I had another setback in July when a boy I played with, and really connected with, Gummidawg, passed on. In a lot of ways I stopped playing and fell back in to myself again. WetsuitJay has offered me an atmosphere where I can once again explore myself and be myself. This is one of the main reasons I am writing again.

I will warn everyone now who has been waiting for part 2... It is dark, it is futile... certain realizations need to be reached with the boy, and certain walls need to be broke down before he can be built in the correct way. Right now it is 99% finished. I recently asked someone to read what I had, and was told the conclusion felt rushed.

I wish to make sure that the tale of the boy's progression is told properly as I realize that this is a popular story. So please remain patient, I wish to do this right.

One other thing I promise... is that you will not have to wait another year plus for part 3... I am back writing again, and as much as some of you wish to see this story continue, realize I do as well.

As soon as I am happy with part 2 it will be posted as a guyzingear exclusive.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


Monday, February 2, 2009

Shave a Horse, I'm Going Cowboy

My Fellow Inmates,

I Have been thinking about it, and although I promised to post daily, I am going to renig on this promise. One of the biggest downfalls of some of these blogs is people going on and on about nothing. Granted I shall do that too as my diagnosis is dire, but I wish to at least say something important every once in a while.

So with that my blog shall be updated a few times a week now, and only daily if I really have something to say, or if I have a visitor over and wish to share the process of his treatment with you.

One such visitor shall be out at the end of February. A boy from Chicago that goes by the name of Rubberfreak. He is interested in long term incarceration and rough treatment. Yours truly is more than happy to oblige.

The one boy previously that I used to play with, that sticks out in my mind as someone who would let me go just about anywhere with, was Gummidawg. He remained under my control, in full restraint, without need for even a bathroom break, for 16 hours... We were not planning to go that far, so we did not set up a cath or a diaper. The scene just kept going. He was an insatiable bottom, and sadly as most people know he has passed, and is a great loss to the community.

My goal with Rubberfreak is to push him, and see if he can pass that 16 hour mark. Now he doesn't know this yet, and in fact, I am not even going to tell him this is posted. If he finds it himself then he shall have a heads up... But this timeframe of this elongated scene will be on my terms. Once those locks click shut he can say what he wants and it will most likely get him a gag.

He will travel from high pain to high pleasure and back again... He shall be but a passenger upon that trip, and yes my friends, I will happily document his progress on video. Hopefully the BDG table arrives before he does, as it will find a lot of use, as will the Segufix, as will the Argentino, as will the sleepsack...

...and if the boy knows what is good for him he will not show up without the posey restraints and bed harness that he is bartering in trade for a special piece of gear. For that I hope he reads this, as if he shows up without either, I promise he will scream until he is hoarse, as I cum over his writhing form...

Ultimately I am a nice guy, in life. Bring me a boy that is willing to give of themselves, play deeper than just tie up games, explore the mental side of the control aspect... And you will become my property. I shall hand you an option to signal emergency. You will only use it inappropriately once, and after we address the issue your initial torment will seem like a reprieve.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep