Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Bondage Story: He Who's Without Sin...

My fellow inmates,

(Asylum Challenge, Day 5)

With my new daily postings I have two times of my day to write for the next day's blogpost: a half an hour at work during lunchtime, and in the evenings at home

So, we shall begin a series of what I call 'without a net' bondage tales, meaning they were written and conceived in this truncated time frame.They shall not be as polished as some of my larger tales that I take the time to do many rewrites on, but their essence shall be the same.

This is where I shall need your help. I ask for comments, not all concepts will work. This is but a fist draft, so...

After reading leave a comment. You tell me;

Do I continue this story in the future, or do I drop it on it's nose...

It's all your call...

With that said, here is the first attempt: "He Who's without Sin"


He who's without Sin (Part 1)

It was a long December, as the song said, the world outside was colorless and dreary, and my mood inside was no better. Most of the guys that I usually hung out with had traveled out of town to see family and friends for the holidays, and at the moment I was alone. Now I have never been one to argue with the concept of quiet solitude, but after a few weeks off I was ready for something, anything, to alter this deafening silence.

…Perhaps that why when the call came in from Rory, I didn’t question… I didn’t wonder why… or ask how… or even question a story with holes one could drive a truck through. Any potential questions disappeared with the mention of that name: ‘Terrance McNally’

McNally had recently been arrested for the kidnapping and imprisonment of Michael Gill, a 24 year old boy who had been missing for 3 years.

Gill was locked away in what the newspapers branded "McNally's Dungeon", sadly to the chagrin of those as twisted as I, no images of the space had been released to the public due to the upcoming trial.

So when Rory, a friend of mine who was an officer in our local small town force, invited me to come join him out at McNally's compound, I grabbed my keys and ran.


As I drove to the address that he had given me I thought about what he had said on the phone.

According to Rory he was posted as watch on the property. Since McNally lived a secluded life in the woods, and very few knew where he lived, the small force decided to leave one cop stationed there to make sure no vandals appeared.

Furthermore, and herein lay the issue, his son was in trouble. This was nothing new. Rory's son was a teen who lived with his ex-wife a few towns over, who Rory was always getting out of scrapes with the local law.
He couldn’t call for a replacement as his chief would love any reason to see his son behind bars since he had made him look foolish many times in the past…

…This is where I come in.

The plan was for me to stay at the McNally home while Rory played lone ranger once again. Since no one was coming to relieve him all weekend, I wouldn’t have to worry about answering any uncomfortable questions from other officers about my presence there, and if there were any issues I should just radio him.

He would be gone for 3, maybe 4 hours tops. I could hardly hide my excitement as I agreed to help him.

Rolling up the long winding drive through the shadows of the overhead foliage, the sounds of the gravel crunching beneath the car’s tires rendered the irreverent rambling of the DJ emanating from my radio barely audible. This was fine to me for my mind was more interested in thoughts of what would be found within the home after I was left alone…

As my car exited the tunnel of trees over the drive I could see the cabin before me, it was a non assuming 60’s style rambler, with a few out buildings in the distance. Only Rory’s cruiser parked out front belayed the possibility of any sort of maliciousness held within. My crotch stirred eagerly at the secrets just begging to be discovered.

Parking next to the police car, I exited and headed towards the front door, Rory met me there.

“I am Glad you could help me out Matt.” He said as he extended his hand towards me.

“Not a Problem, Rory, I wasn’t doing anything else this evening, and besides I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I have some curiosity about this property.” I replied as I shook his hand and entered the living room.

He chuckled as he motioned for me to have a seat on the worn out couch against one wall as he took the chair across the way; “I do fully understand, the man is a monster, hard not to have some interest in trying to understand what would make someone wish to do what he did, but I must warn you, my job here is just to keep watch. I have been given permission to inhabit the living room and bedrooms, if you get overly curious you will get me in big trouble…”

I chuckled in response as I motioned towards a bottle of scotch that rested on the coffee table before me. He motioned back, signaling it was his and I was welcome to it. I took a long swig to calm my nerves a bit, and whipped my mouth with the back of my hand before responding; “Look, you have no worries, you have known me for years. Watch you have asked, and watch I shall… By the way, between you and I, what happened to the boy?”



“Ah,” He Answered as he leaned back in the easy chair and shook his head; “Strangest thing in fact. Stockholm syndrome they call it. He is actually McNally’s strongest supporter, fighting to get him off.”

“No shit?” I said passing the bottle.

“No shit.” He replied taking a deep swig. Rory glanced over at the clock on the wall and had a noticeable start at the time; “Whoa, I must get going. David is counting on me, vandalism, can you believe it? My son… Goes to show it takes all types.” I followed him as he stood up and headed towards the door “Behave Matt.”

“No Worries.” I smiled as he headed on out.


I waited until he had been gone for a bit… 15, 20 minutes, I was guessing, my crotch was burning at the thoughts of what I may find. Ok, sure if something ends up out of place it may be the end of our friendship, but I am no longer in control my torso is on fire in a rack of nerves and anticipation… What I seek is here somewhere…

I began by looking for a stairway to the basement. I found quickly that this was a fruitless search. There was nothing, only bedrooms and closets, it seemed that Mr. McNally didn’t want his private space found so he was clever about it. This would take more work on my behalf.

Wandering back out to the living room, I picked up the bottle of scotch and had a few snorts as I thought a bit on the problem at hand. Behind all doors only bedrooms and closets… bedrooms and closets… Then it hit me.

Setting the bottle down I started opening up closet after closet; feeling my way along the back panels of each.
It wasn’t until I was in the closet off the master bedroom that a hard shove against the back wall resulted in it swinging away, revealing a stairway down. Bingo! It was just what I was searching for.

Pulling my iPhone from my pocket, I used its ambient light to make my way slowly down in to the depths, until at the bottom of the stairway I found a switch. I tentatively reached out, and clicked it on. The fluorescents flickered to life illuminating a small hallway to a metal door that sat slightly ajar at the end.

Inching my way along the wall if the hallway, I slowly made my way to the end where I was able to peak in to the room to try to ascertain what was contained in its depths. The pitch blackness that greeted me was too thick for even my iphone light to penetrate. I had no choice but to swing the door open if I wished to see what lay inside.

Summoning up my courage I grabbed on to the edge of the door and swung it outwards. The viral assault upon my senses that met me from inside was more than I was ready for as I was frozen in my tracks doing my best not to hyperventilate on the spot: my was body quaking from bubbling up anticipation, as my jeans fought a fruitless attempt to contain my cock which had long sense taken on a life of its own.

The first thing that hit me at the room opened before me was the overwhelming smell of rubber that threatened to knock me senseless in my heightened state. I did my best to compose myself as I took in the mysterious space.

The source of the rubber smell was very quickly obvious as every inch of the approximately 10x10 room was covered in heavily padded rubber, and I do mean every inch: Walls, floor, ceiling, even the inside of the door. I ran my hand along the soft rubber padding where the handle should be on the interior of the door. Once in you were meant to stay in.

A shiver made its way down my spine.

In the back corner of the room resided a bed, that looked like it grew right out of the wall, as its tops and sides were covered with the same material. Probably better descried as a slab than a bed, the top of it appeared to have black rubber sheets and pillows.

…And in the center of the room was a… a body.

Forgetting myself I rushed in, to the side of what I thought was someone in need of help, only to stop dead in my tracks once again. What first appeared in the darkness to be a body, although holding the human form, was truly anything but.

What lay before me was a leather suit unlike anything I had ever seen. Belts, straps, and D-rings covered the majority of the body. This must have been Michael Gill’s home for the last three years. It’s what I seeked, what I dreamed about ever since I saw the first blurb on the news about it last month.

I ran my hands along the suit, slowly at first, then with a bit more courage. I grabbed on to the straps and yanked, testing their strength. I ran my hands along the fingerless mitts attached the ends of the arms, and I grabbed on to one of the arms and lifted. It was heavy… like there was something inside or someone…

Once again I acted on instinct rather than logic, I had been here for about 15 minutes, and the suit hadn’t moved. If someone was in here they may need help, and I could never live with myself if I didn’t do what I could.

Hastily I started undoing the straps down the arms, torso, legs, and head. I undid the zipper at the back of the hood and started to undo the lacing underneath it. Once all that was done I grabbed on to the main zipper of the suit and pulled it down.

If I thought that the smell from the rubber padded cell was intense, nothing prepared me for the wave that emanated from the inside of this suit. It was something I had never experienced before, and am honestly unsure if I ever wish to run into again. The suit was empty, yet its permanent occupant was still inside, for the smell that came out was the perfect mix of sweat, piss, and fear…

It was intoxicating, my dick had had enough. I was done; my libido had control of me. Knowing I was alone for a few more hours still I slowly rose up, exited the room, and stripped off my clothes.

I was going to do this right, and if I was to feel this as I wished to, my clothes next to me in here would only detract from the atmosphere.

Slowly I lowered my head in to the suit and breathed in its aroma. Running my fingers along the inside I realized something was odd here. There was a distinct feeling of sand between the inner and outer leather on the suit. That’s when I realized… lead.

I had a pair of gloves from Mr S that were lead lined, so I knew the feeling well. The extra weight between the layers on this suit would make movements sluggish, and a running escape impossible. Just attempting to move around in it would be a workout that would cause eventual muscle collapse from fatigue if pushed long enough… I now understood the strong smell of stale sweat inside. This was a vicious suit.

Yet I still wanted to experience it…

Climbing on top of the face down suit, I slowly slip my feet in to the awaiting legs openings. My dick stiffened as the soft leather slid across my skin as I pushed my legs deeper and deeper until they met the attached feet. I could feel the weight from the lead lining on the back of my legs, but nothing like if would feel to be sealed in I bet…

Oh well, I was happy to take what I could get.

As I grabbed the material at the shoulders and pushed downwards, making sure my butt and legs were seated as far down in the suit as they could go, something came over me. I leaned down against the inner leather of the torso, and breathed in deeply of its heady aromas. My eyes rolled in to the back of my head as I began humping the suit and took a few playful licks at the material of the torso.

The salty taste sent my mind I to overdrive as I slowly set my head on my crossed arms and talked my mind in to calming down. Cumming now would ruin half the fun, I didn’t want that.

Upon looking up I was greeted with the openings of the hood and arms that lay before me. I wanted this suits grasp to envelop me, onward was the only way. Sliding my arms down the sleeves I pushed until I felt them pop past some sort of tension ring where they seated themselves in the heavy padding of the mitts at the ends.
All that was left now was the hood…

Ducking my head down I pushed and squirmed, the back of the hood really didn’t open, rather than just tightening down on the head inside. The only way in was a gaping maw at the neck, and I was pushing home for it with all my might.

As my head slowly slid in, my mouth found a gag awaiting inside, which I eagerly sucked on in a feudal attempt to relate to Michael somehow, feel his restraint, know his want and desire, and what it takes for kidnap to turn to love…

I stretched my arms out in front of me, and wiggled as much as possible to settle my body in the deep embrace of the suit to allow its stiff material to close around my back…

To this day, I don’t know what it was, weather my focus upon the gag, the burning of my crotch, or the intoxication of the smell of the suit, but to this day I still wonder why I didn’t hear my attackers approach…

Or perhaps I did, and didn’t care…

All of a sudden they were upon me. There must have been five of them, as just as I felt my arms and legs pinned, someone sat on my back.

I cried out in to the gag in surprise. “Shut him up!” is all I heard in response, and as the hood was tightly laced, nubs on the inside of the hood forced themselves deeply in to my ears… and I heard no more.
As the hood and suit was zipped, and the belts were done up tightly all across my body, I could feel the reverberation of slight clicks of which I could only attribute to locks.

After they were satisfied my captors unhanded me. I attempted to take a swing at where I thought they were at, but I was blinded, and with the added weight my arms moved slowly. I was shoved off to the side as I could feel the padding compress all around me.

They were leaving.

I crawled in the direction I thought they went, only to be greeted by a padded surface. I spent the better part of an eternity working my way around the perimeter, but the only thing I could find besides solid surface was the bed.

Resigning myself to my situation I crawled up upon it and waited. It was all I could do. My fantasy has become my reality, and I have no safeword.

My captor unknown, my fate unknown; My only hope is for Rory to wonder where I went when he returns and come looking for me. That’s saying he is not in on this or already dispatched as well…

And as I lay there in the darkness, one of my fingerless paws slowly found its way to my crotch…

...With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.