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Bondage Story Double Post #2: The Devil & The Rubberboy

Day 25/365... Selling your soul to the devil for Bondage... yeah that's smart...

My Fellow Inmates,

Now that I am doing the U-vote Bondage Stories I guess Its Best for me to get the potential stories out there. So Today I will be adding two stories to the mix as I continue to work on "Carpe Noctem 4"

So this one was actually written at the same time as Carpe Noctem, and was to be a huge adventure of an overly eager boy's wants... it still can be. It carries that same "Want to get away from it all" vibe that Carpe Noctem does as well....



The Devil & The Rubberboy Part 1

Hi, my name is Dave. I am 32, and bored with life. I have had my share of experiences with Tops in the area: oh, whip me beat me, hurt me, yawn! Look, I have my own needs, and a libido that just will not quit. I need more, immobilization, suspension, sensory deprivation, and layers of rubber and leather that will never let me escape their warm embrace.

At work all day I would daydream about a house that I would be imprisoned to, that was built to understand my needs and to fulfill them whether I liked it or not. I had seen all these movies where some person would say "I would sell my soul for..." and some guy with red makeup would appear and make everything happen. It was all bunk, I know, but it still gave an interesting twist to the whole fantasy that I had brewing in my mind.

Well, it was one Friday evening, just before my two-week vacation, that I was sitting in the office with nothing to do. My mind was going over all the possibilities of my fantasy, and I was sporting a raging hard on. I was getting so horny, that without thinking, I let the phrase slip out of my lips. I put all my heart and soul behind the request. I was serious and I wanted any deities to know that I meant it. "I would sell my soul for my fantasies to come true." I said with my eyes closed. Letting out a slightly sexually frustrated sigh, I opened my eyes slowly.

Even though I was a bit saddened, I was not surprised to see that I was the only one sitting in the office. It was just as I thought. I had tried. I had pledged my soul, and no red skilled creature had appeared to take it from me. 'Oh well' I thought, 'Still a hell of a fantasy.' With that, I turned the lights off in the office, and headed down to the car.

The ride home was uneventful. My hard-on had not subsided at all. Which was fine, I would just have to pull out my gear when I got home, and take care of the issue myself. As I pulled off the street, into the garage, I noticed a light in my office window. 'Hmm, I must have left my desk lamp on without realizing it.' I thought to myself as I shifted the car into park, and got out. 'Not a big deal.'

As I entered the downstairs of my home, through the connected garage, the smell of rubber assaulted my nostrils. I would allow gear to dry all over the house just to get this smell permeating the air; I loved it, as did my now painful erection.

As I headed up the stairs, I decided to stop by the office first, just to turn the lamp off. I would be expending enough electricity here in a bit when I hooked up the Venus 2000. I decided that I would be pulling my 7 hour time cuffs out of the freezer this evening, pull on a few layers of rubber, a few thick hoods, lock my arms and legs to the corners of the bed, plug the Venus 2000 into a timer box, and allow it to torture me till morning.

Upon entering the office, I could tell that something was not right. The first thing that I noticed was the desk chair turned towards the windows, and the computer had the Rubbermen page open. Someone had been messing with my stuff, which means someone was in the house.

"Yes, I guess you can say that someone was inside your house boy." A voice replied from behind the high-backed chair, as a wisp of smoke curled its way into air.

With that, the office door slammed shut, and the chair slowly turned around towards me. The sight that befell me was one of great shock and surprise. For in the chair sat what looked like an upper class, well dressed gentleman. He wore a well-tailored pinstripe suit that accentuated his thin build. A cigarette burned in an elongated holder that he rolled around on his fingertips. His goatee was expertly groomed, and the horns on his head were sharpened into vicious looking points.

Seeing this made me back up fast. I moved a little too fast, in fact, that I did not see the file cabinet that sat right behind me. I went right over the top of it and ended up curled in a ball in the corner of the room. Looking up cautiously I asked, “Who are you, and what do you want?”

He laughed heartily, “Now that seems like a fairly foolish question. You called me here. From what I can gather, there is something that you want, badly, and are willing to trade just about anything to get it. Isn’t that correct?”

I sat up a bit and looked him in the eye. It was true that I did call him here, although in all fairness I did not think he would come. Now that he was here though I would have to pull myself together, and think, least he try to outsmart me. Then it came to me, how I could have fair negotiations with this man. A smile crept slowly across my face, “Yes, I did call you, and yes there is something I want. Although, you will have to forgive me, as I have seen way to many movies in regards to this kind of meeting, and they all paint you as a very sneaky person.”

“Bad PR, that’s all that is. I have recently fired my person; hopefully I will be shown in a much nicer light in the future.” He said as he took a puff off the cigarette.

“I’m, sure.” I replied sarcastically. “None the less, I want to make sure that I am covered. I want a lawyer. I want someone who is a neutral party, to negotiate the terms of the trade. I want him to know me inside and out, to know what it is that makes me tick. So we can make sure that I get everything I want. We are talking about selling my most valuable asset; this is not something I will take lightly.”

He smiled, as he crossed his arms. “Very logical,” he said. “In this day and age you cannot be too careful.” With that, he waived his hand at the door, and a mousy looking well-dressed man came strolling through. “Dave, I would like you to meet Ira Goldstein. I trust him enough to do my taxes every year, I think he will do here too.”

I looked the little man up and down. I was a bit skeptical, “How do I know that you have my best interests at heart?” I asked attempting to get a read on this Ira fellow.

The lawyer looked back in my direction and as-of-a-matter-of-a-factly said “Your into rubber, leather, gear, and inescapable no choice bondage right?”

My dick got even harder at this summery of my needs. “Yes,” I replied quietly, a bit cowed that my personal life had just been spread out like some kind of portfolio.

“Good.” He said as he pointed at me. Suddenly a thick leather hood locked onto my head, and a gag filled my mouth. I reached up to pull it off, only to feel the laces tighten and a lock snap shut on the collar sealing me in. “Shut up then, and let us hash this out. Shit, I hate talkative boys.”

The devil chuckled, “Yes, that makes two of us. So how’s it going Ira?”

“Oh, just fine boss, but this negotiation bullshit has me a bit perturbed, I mean how am I supposed to finish the work I have on my desk if I keep getting interrupted by these idiots that think just be requesting a lawyer, that they will come out on top when cutting a deal with you. I mean, its tiring.”

“Yes, I know Ira. Lets just get this taken care of, and then you can go back. Just remember, he did request a neutral party.”

“Oh, don’t worry, that’s the funny part, I will be fighting for him, but this one is a sick puppy. I think you will be happy with leaving him alive to suffer, for a long time.”

“Ah, good entertainment, that’s what I like. So tell me, what’s this one all about?” The devil asked as he crossed his legs.

“His request starts off with your standard fetish gear and bondage, but that’s where this one deviates and becomes interesting. He wants a home that is run by an Intelligent, yet dominant computer that will fill his every need weather he likes it or not. The computer is equipped with hologram technology, so it can produce any Tops, or playmates that are able to interact with him. The house is not only equipped with all rubber, leather, and bondage gear that anyone has ever imagined, let alone produced, but the Computer has the abilities to create and imagine more severe equipment whenever it sees fit.”

“Wow, sounds like he has thought this through.” The devil replied looking impressed.

“Yes, but we have only scratched the surface. He also wants the ability for the system to use any drugs on him, and for him never to worry about OD or addiction. He wants his body to act as if he has not cum for 30 days, every time, even if he has just cum twice in a row. He wants his libido to be what it was when he was eighteen. He is looking for a mutually agreeable living situation where he is a prisoner to this home, and to the computer, and yet, the computer is deriving substance from his cum, and will make sure that he is protected due to that fact.”

“How big is this home?”

“More of a complex really, as it is monstrous. On the surface it is your everyday house, but beneath it: padded cells, exam rooms, dungeons, and so much more.”

All I could do was to just sit there in the corner and listen to this conversation. My hard-on getting ever more and more painful as they continued to talk. I could not help myself; I had to relieve some of the pressure. Perhaps no one would notice if I just slipped my hand between my legs. Before I could even reach my dick, the Devil waived his hand in my direction, and a thick leather chastity belt locked onto my hips cutting off all access.

Turning his attention towards me, the Devil said, “I can see now boy why you feel you are in need of control. What I cannot figure out though, is what levels of bondage you are looking for? Perhaps something like this?” With that, he flicked his wrist and I suddenly found myself lying on a PVC covered mattress, in four point hospital restraints. The hood and chastity belt were gone. I now found myself dressed in a thin latex suit with attached booties, gloves, and hood with eye nose and mouth holes. I squirmed a bit testing the bonds; they were not going to be giving in under my struggling anytime soon.

A wave of fear passed over me as I suddenly realized what I had gotten myself into. “Let me go, I don’t want to trade, please. I have changed my mind.”

Both men continued to talk as if they did not hear me. Ira was the next to pipe up. “No I think this is more what he has in mind.” He said as he pointed towards me.

There was a quick zap, and I now found myself in a second, even thicker suit, that had attached boots, fingerless mitts, and gasmask hood with internal gag. Restraints now encircled my thighs, shins, and biceps. I struggled hard against the bonds, and yelled into the gag. I wanted this to stop.

The devil smiled as he stood up and walked to the side of the bed. He ran a nailed finger over my rubber covered crotch as he said, “Perhaps he will enjoy this too.” A thin tube suddenly snaked from my crotch to the port on the gasmask that was attached to my head, as it plugged itself into the gag in my mouth. I could taste the first drops of pre-cum as they dripped out of the end of the gag into my mouth. I would have been in total ecstasy of this, if it had not been for the fact that I was suddenly distracted by whatever was currently assaulting my sphincter, demanding to be let inside. Relaxing as much as I could in the current situation, I attempted to open up and let the foreign object in, as fighting it would only bring me pain. Slowly it slipped its way in and rested against my prostate, where it began to pulsate.

Ira walked over to the other side of the bed, and laid his hand against my writhing body. “You’re starting to get the idea,” he said to the Devil. “But there is still more to go.” He pointed at me again, and I found myself now fully sealed in a thick rubber drysuit. The wrist cuffs of the suit grasped against the base of the fistmits, pretty much preventing me from extracting myself. He pointed again, and a latex straightjacket zapped onto my torso, completely incasing my arms, making any though of undoing the restraints a complete futility.
Ira ran his hand down my face, as he said to me “Look, we have some things to hash out. Why don’t you lay here and enjoy you predicament. You have no other choice.” With that he tilted the bed, so it was vertical, and I was dangling from the straps. As he waived his hand over my face, I found my ears filled. I was now rendered unable to hear, move, or talk. I was at their mercy.

I hung this way for what seemed like a few hours as these two hashed out all details across my desk. I could only see had gestures, and the growing pile of legal paperwork on the desk let me know that we were soon nearing the end of the negotiations. Once they were done both of them walked back over to my side, my right arm was suddenly allowed to be free, and the mitt on the end disappeared. I was handed a pen, and Ira pointed towards the line on the bottom of the stack of papers where I was supposed to sign. The lenses on the mask made the words impossible to read, so I just shook my head no, and tossed the pen to the floor.

The next thing I know electrical jolts shot through my nuts, making my whole body convulse. The pen was handed back to me and I was once again offered the contract to sign. I shook my head again and attempted to communicate, by pointing to the lenses on the mask with my free hand that I wanted to read it first. This was once again greeted with a shock to my balls, this time much more powerful than the first. I let out a muffled scream into the gag, that son of a bitch hurt! I was scared, I did not know what to do, but I did know I did not want to feel the next level of shocks. With a shaking hand, I signed the bottom of the contract. I had no Idea what I had just agreed to, but as they had said before, I had little choice. I guess I would just have to wait to see what was in store for me.

After I had finished, the pen was taken from me, and my hand was refastened to the bed. The devil smiled evilly, as he waived a hand over my masked head. I could see a purplish gas beginning to fill my mask. I squirmed and pulled against my bonds, but to no avail. I could only hold my breath for so long, and finally I gave in and inhaled deeply. My world started spinning, and the last thing that I could remember before I blacked out was a voice saying “Oh, yes. I will have a lot of fun with this one.”

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Bondage Story Double Post #1: Of Humane Bondage

Day 25/365... Wait, he is doing two posts? What the fuck is he going to write about in June? Idiot!

My Fellow Inmates,

Now that I am doing the U-vote Bondage Stories I guess Its Best for me to get the potential stories out there. So Today I will be adding two stories to the mix as I continue to work on "Carpe Noctem 4"

This one I shall chalk up to some parts of being quite young and quite naive, as I wrote it when I was about 20. then it was attempted to be rewritten a few years ago giving it a new opening, but somehow a novice can shove in a catheter, plug and suit up in less than 10 minutes...

One must love suspension of disbelief...

But since I was asked if these two stories could be added to the voting mix.... here they are.

Lets Start with "Of Humane Bondage"


Chapter 1 - "A Novice Idea..."

The internet can be a dangerous place; a double edged sword of epic proportions to those that seek captivity.

I seek out the cybers. Those who others ignore; Those who have immersed themselves in the fantasy yet never tasted the reality; Those that are too scared, yet would give just about anything in hopes of making their dreams come true.

They are easy to find, and message me all the time. After reading my stories they blur the edges of safe and sane in order to get what their Dick craves. I am always happy to offer them a safe pathway into my inner sanctum.

Ahead lays the story of one of these boys. His restraints tethered to the table on either side of the keyboard. He has been given a set timeframe in order to write 3 chapters; the clock ticking away next to him. Failure is not an option, but an open door to a personal training session with me…

* * * * * * * * * * * *

I have been instructed to write, yet I don’t even know where to begin. This is the third time I have been given the opportunity to tell my story. The past two attempts were my failures, as Sir advised me. This infernal clocks ticks way next to me now and I shall not fail him again.

I answer to boy 23. Once long ago I was known as mikey, and although it has been over two years since I have been called so, I am not sure I would ask anyone for salvation from my torment.

We are never asked nor encouraged to hand over our identities. We make that choice on our own volition when we are ready; at the point that we wish to be his, forever. The day I handed Sir my name is the first time I can remember him truly pleased in me.

His Pleasure is akin to glory; his wrath is that of the beast.

Twice I have been given the opportunity to write this, and twice I have failed. I cannot remember much of those trips down to the room with the black metal door, but each time I come back with a new tick branded on my shoulder-blade. We are only allowed ten tics against us, I have seven. Not much is known of those who have failed Sir’s expectations enough to reach ten.

The thought of this brings my mind back to the infernal clock ticking away off my right side; I must continue, I must not fail.

The last thing I remember of my beforelife I was 18. I have a good job, a great place to live, and a cat that thought the sun rose and set on my lap. I definitely could say that I had things going for me, especially at my young age.

Although I always knew that something was missing, ever since I was thirteen I had had these interests. The feel of rubber, the smell of leather, the feeling of semi-confinement when I tether myself to the bed. But who could I tell? How could you relate something like that that is such a piece of you, and hope that someone else can understand the sheer intensity that these feelings bring out in you?

I knew there were bars out there, and I had made attempts to reach out to them only to find the type of leather daddies with the harness covering a beer gut, that made me chuckle rather than quake. I was looking for more than just a ball waxing… Much more.

So I decided that the internet was the way to go, I could cruse out there anonymously, and if things got to scary, I'd just stop typing as I had done on so many other occasions. It was on that one night, in June I think, as I was sorting through the mess of twinks, tweakers, jokers, and otherwise other general wastes of a good hard on when I met Him.

He was logged into one of those old IRC chatrooms, “#Gayrubber”. Heh, even with the long since death of the IRC chat scene I still remember that. In fact every detail of what I am about to relay shall be burned into my memory forever, for it was the beginning of my descent into the depths of my desires.
He was logged in under the nick of “Dr. Laytex”. I thought it was a stupid name at the time and ignored his general posts until a private window opened from him. Since I was in a feisty mood I decided to play along.

"You like rubber bondage boy?" The mysterious message said.

"Of course I do,” I replied snidely “Why else would I be in this room?”

"What are your limits boy?" The message came back completely ignoring the bate I had just lain before him.

"None,” I replied “I like to be taken where ever the rollercoaster is headed” I typed back, not willing to tell this guy that that I had never done much more than jerked off all over a pair of rubber boots I had purchased at Goodwill for $2.99.

"I like your attitude boy."

"Thank you.”

“I think I could have some fun with you. Why don’t you meet me after work tonight, I get off at 10pm. I work at Clark Street Hospital, do you know where that is boy?"

I hesitated a bit…. Clark Street Hospital was only 3 blocks away. Was this guy serious? I had been looking for some real rubber play for a bit, but this was way too close to home to be comfortable. “Um, I am not sure I can make it… My car is in the shop right now.”

“Yes, they usually are. I am offering you rubber bondage, I believe that’s what your profile says you are looking for, or am I wrong?”

“No, no your not wrong” I typed back not sure what to say.

“I am offering an experience for you that will exceed your expectations. I work as a Doctor at the hospital, if you need any references…”

“No,” I replied back intrigued. “No, I believe you.”

"Good, you will show up at 10pm. Head to the south end of the Hospital. Once there, you will notice a high wall completely covered in Ivy. If you are to look closely through the Ivy, you will find a gate. I shall leave the key in the third flowerpot from the end of the wall. Once through the gate, take the door immediately to your left, you will find further instructions there. Don’t bring any gear, we have more than enough."

"But how will I recognize you?” I waited, there was no response. I was unsure of what to do; I was not familiar with any used area on the south end of that hospital, only the run down portion of the old wing that was closed down years ago because it was deemed unsafe. Many questions were going through my mind......Why did he wish to meet there? Could I trust him?

...And what did he mean by WE?

Chapter 2 - "Fear of Commitment..."

9:00pm , I was wrong, the old wing lies to the east, and apart from its dilapidated appearance, there were no signs of life. Well at least that made me feel a little better, I was wondering what sort of guy would want to meet in a run down building when there are a lot warmer, and more interesting places to play. So I guess the search goes on....

It was 9:45pm by the time I was standing outside the Iron Gate with the key in my hand. I knew I was early, I had found the gate Fifteen minutes ago and the key not long after that. My curiosity of the unknown, and unexplored outweighed the fear that kept nagging me to run back home where it was safe. I looked at my watch again...9:50, I'll wait. I didn’t wish to show that I couldn’t follow a few simple instructions.
Such a strange place to meet, heavy foliage attempted to block my every footstep deeper into this inner sanctum of greenery, I mean If it wasn’t pointed out to you, you wouldn’t even know that there was anything back here. This gate is located behind the hospital, so you can’t see it from the North, and to the south lies miles and miles of cornfields

"Kansas we're not in Toto anymore" I nervously chucked to myself. Well 9:55, I guess there won’t be any harm in going in five minutes early. The key scraped in the hole, and the rusty lock fought with all its might to keep its hold. But at last the gate swung open revealing a large courtyard that can be best described as an equipment graveyard. Multiple skeletons of rusted out bed frames, and other unidentified items were scattered about a long forgotten majestic grove of broken fountains, one legged benches, and headless cherubs. While soaking in the mysterious atmosphere of this concrete garden, I noticed on my left hand side, the door that I was supposed to take.

That snapped me back to the situation at hand. "who cares what this area was long ago, You have other things to attend to" I reminded myself, as I reached for the handle on the door......

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

My senses were assaulted by the fumes of mildew and dust, and it took my eyes a while to adjust to the low level of light that a single candle in the center of the room was putting off. Examining my surroundings, the room appeared to be some sort of lobby, with a desk against the far corner, and multiple doors leading off to destinations unknown. Upon this desk sat the candle in an old style candlestick, next to this was a box, and on top of the box was a note with "boy" written on top of it.

I picked up the note and unfolded it, it read: 'Since you are reading this, It seems that you have more promise than I thought, we didn’t think you were going to show up. But this is good; we have a lot of plans for you. So read this well, and understand it before you begin following out the instructions. Any non-compliance will be punished, any instruction not followed through in a timely manner will be punished, any objection will be punished, and just in case you decide that you have gotten yourself in over your head, and wish to leave, think again. The door automatically latched behind you, and there are no manual controls to open that door from this side. The door is also constructed of 2 inches of steel, you will find everything well constructed in here, so compliance is your only option. On the next sheet, you will find your list of instructions, you will have 1 minute to acquaint yourself with them, and 5 minutes to follow them out. Earlier today you told me you were looking for excitement, well baby you just stepped knee deep in it.....Welcome to my world.'

Oh my god, what had I gotten myself into, I ran to the door, it was just a solid sheet of metal, no way out there. I ran to the other two doors in the room, they too were inaccessible. Just 3 solid doors in a windowless room the only access. There was nothing to do, but play along for now, and hope an opportunity presents itself. I looked at the second sheet with the instructions on it, it said: 'Now that you have probably verified what the letter said, I am glad you are back with us. Now here is what you are to do, on the table you will see a box. Inside this box there are multiple Items that you will be putting to use in the next 10 minutes (failure to comply with time frame will result in punishment). First you are to strip completely, you will find a trash bag in the box to put you clothes in, tie the bag in a knot and leave it on the floor. Next you will find shaving cream and a safety razor (don’t want you to get any escape Ideas, now do we), you are to shave EVERY hair off your body. The Enema Kit and Catheter are to be used next, if you are not familiar with how to insert a catheter, I will be MORE than happy to assist. Finally, you will find a special suit in the bottom of the box; I think you will like this one, as I remember how much you told me you liked rubber. You will not be able to do up the zipper, so when you have finished pulling it on, you are to be down on your knees with you hands on your ass, and your head on the floor. You will remain this way until you are collected. Your Ten minutes starts when you set this sheet down.'

Resigned to my temporary fate, I started to follow out the orders, not really being interested in finding out what "Punishment" was; I completed most of the tasks with lightning proficiency. The problem arose when I came to the rubber suit,

Somehow, he new what size I should wear, and he decided to give me the next size smaller. The suit itself was thick black rubber, extending from the top of the head to the tips of the toes. An attached hood had an inflatable gag built in, with a tube running down the center of it, and the eyes were covered by some sort of smoked plastic. The hands ended in Mitts with attached rings, this is where I got in trouble.

The suit slipped up my legs and torso very easily, as it was lightly coated in some sort of lubricant, but when I attempted to push my arms down into the padded mitts, I found out that the latex in this portion was as dry as a bone. I could only get about half way down when my arms would stick and I would go no further, This was not helped by the fact that in the tubular latex of the arms of the suit my hands were useless, and I could not even get the leverage to help myself along. Aware that my time was quickly running thin, I pulled my arms back out and attempted to smear them in the lubricant of the rest of the suit. But it was used so sparingly in the initial application that I could not wipe off enough to help my struggles any. So there I was, Inch by inch tugging at the latex with my teeth, slowly descending down into the depths of the arms. After what seemed like an eternity my hands finally hit home, and my fingers slid neatly into their own padded sheaths in the Mitts.
Quickly I dove to the floor, and assumed the position that was demanded of me. I don't know how long they left me there, as I lost track of time, and this once interesting suit was ceasing to be quickly, as the heat and sweat were quickly building up, and I was still laying there with the zip all the way down. My legs had long since gone numb from lying on the concrete but I couldn’t move. Every minute that I had been laying here was another minute that I was able to think about my situation, and fear had long set in.

Through my hood I could hear a distant squeaking sound slowly becoming louder. Something was approaching, but due to the thickness of the hood and the fogged lenses, I could not tell how far or from what direction it was coming. Suddenly a much louder noise sounded from the right side of the room, which I assumed was one of the doors opening, but I kept my head glued to the floor as a slight tremble set in. This only made the slow squeaking sound louder, the best I could equate the sound to was a grocery cart with a bad wheel.....yes that was it, something on casters was being rolled in this direction. Unfortunately that realization only served to turn the tremble into a shake. What is going to happen to me? Who knows I’m here? Oh, my god, who else even knows this place exists?

Suddenly the sound Stopped. The dead silence was harder to take than the instant sound. I could barely see, I couldn't hear. I could be surrounded by people and I wouldn’t have known it. At that moment time was irrelevant, fear and exhaustion took over and I prayed for something to happen just to break the cold stillness that had seeped into my bones.

All of a sudden, a gloved hand caressed my hooded head, and calmly shushed me until the trembling receded. There was something about that voice, something I couldn’t fight; I just drifted off into it. I didn’t even struggle when the zip was done up on the suit and locked into place.

"Look at me boy" that voice commanded

I slowly lifted my head up this black robed figure. Like looking through a haze, the lenses of the hood accompanied by the flickering candle light made this mysterious stranger a pale white blur from neck up, I noticed something in his hands, but I could not make it out. Once again he spoke "My Name is Dr. Fetter, but you may call me Sir. You took longer than the allotted ten minuets to follow out the instructions boy, so now I am going to have to punish you.” With that he strapped a gasmask to my head, and slowly screwed on a filter.
The air through the mask smelled funny yet strangely familiar. My world started swimming, and the last thing I can remember before I passed out, is the sound of my own voice saying "Thank you Sir"

Chapter 3 - "The Latex Maiden...Rubber the right way"

-My god, I am meeting you tonight, in 3 hours my dreams will come true, or I will be horribly disappointed. Perhaps I acted before thinking, I mean what really did I know about you? Although I cannot back out now, if I do I will never be able to show my face on IRC again. As you are an Op, and that probably means you know everyone else in that room....my reputation will be finished-

-This gate looks like it hasn’t been accessed in years, and what is with that courtyard, looks like Terra after the war. Perhaps if I see some Latex curtains, I'll make a new outfit, "As god is my witness, I'll never go unrubbered again!" hehe......shit, no time to joke now, might as well go in-

-Ten minutes for all of this? This list of instructions is designed to make me fail-

-There, thank God I keep myself smooth, so the only thing I had to rid myself of was the eyebrows, and the head stubble. You are not going to win just yet, that leaves me about 4 minutes to put on that suit...ha, plenty of time-

-What?!? There is no lube in these sleeves, and I cannot wipe any off the other parts of the suit. Very clever, I have underestimated you-

-I know I am in deep....perhaps too deep, but even though I cannot see your darkened figure before me, I want to give myself to you, It is not my choice anymore. Whatever you are feeding to me through this mask is my pathway to complete submission, slowly stripping away my doubts and fears....."Thank You Sir"-

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Slowly, I became aware of my own breathing echoing through my head. Every rubber tainted breath shooting holes in the belief that this was all a dream. Once again the slow squeak of the casters invades my senses, this time echoing all around, and underneath me. The shock brings me back to reality, I am on the move. I force myself to open my eyes, clearing out the remaining haze that took me over for who knows how long.
I am lying on my back, watching the ceiling of a concrete tunnel slowly roll by; bare light bulbs that are heavily browned with age make reflections off the tale signs of water dripping down the walls. I attempt to lift my head to fully realize the predicament that I have gotten myself into, just to find myself stopped by some sort of stiff object that has been placed around my neck. This causes me to examine my immediate surroundings, No longer am I in that suit with the Smokey lenses, what has been stretched over my head is some sort of gas mask held tight by a rubber hood. The lenses are of decent size, but still they block out anything but a peripheral view. I could not see the lower portion of my face through the nose cup, but I could feel the tubes that had been slid up my nostrils, and some sort of form fitting object, that molded itself around my teeth, was jammed in my mouth.

I attempted to reach up to remove the hood, to find out that I could not move. Horrified by this notion, I strained against the rigid object holding my neck. I could not believe what I saw, Light tan leather spider straps crisscrossed my naked body, anchoring me to a gurney at 6 inch intervals from my ankles to my neck. At the neck line they changed direction securing my shoulders down to the mattress. A bit of squirming revealed why I could not even move underneath this contraption. Set on each strap was a cuff, encircling the body part that was underneath it, I was effectively immobilized. My previous thought of waiting for an opportunity to present itself to escape this situation was quickly turning more and more futile.
The ceiling of the tunnel started receding upwards; turning into a Gothic dome of impassive arches and stone work. I felt the gurney lurch to a sudden halt, as unseen hands locked down the wheels, and shook it to make sure it wouldn’t roll. The sound of receding footsteps let me know that they were sure enough of their bondage that they knew I wasn't going anywhere soon. Resigned to having to wait, I decided to examine my surroundings the best I could.

The water damage in this room must be more severe than in the hallway, as the reflections of the light bouncing off of rippled water danced along the ceiling, mingling with the carvings of children, and nightmarish animals that seemed to dominate the every reaches of the dome. From the apex, multiple chains hung down covered in a green caking of age, and disuse. The fact that I could not do any more than stare at this ceiling made me feel even more frustrated, and helpless. This had the after effect of making me extremely Horney, which was soon revealed by the slow stirring in my crotch. It only took about 15 seconds for me to discover another feature of this leather restraint, as sharp pins slowly pressed into my cock the more it grew. I started squirming, attempting to either halt the assent of my growing member, or to get it in a better position so it wasn’t slowly being impaled. The Mixture of the pain and the futility of the situation only served to help complete my growing hard-on. Slowly my world melted away, becoming centered and dependent on the growing sensation of white heat that dominated my very soul. I concentrated on accepting the pain, and embracing it rather than making it worse by trying to block it out. Just on the edge of Euphoria, I tried pressing my hips against the pins to raise the sensation, but something was wrong. The pins were being removed, and light hands started slowly stroking my hooded head.

"The patient stirs Dr," Said a strangely electric voice to my right, as the hands stopped caressing my head, and started unzipping the hood and removing the neck brace. Once my head was free I noticed I was not alone. At some point during my infatuation with the pain at my crotch, I failed to notice that I was being surrounded. Looking around I counted 5, no 6 rubber men all dressed alike. The outfit was amazing; a skintight black latex catsuit displayed their well toned bodies. British S6 gasmask hoods were locked on by a collar to their already hooded heads so looking through the lenses on their masks all you could see where the eyes, all other traces of race, or individuality had been removed. Black rubber restraints were locked to their wrists and ankles, and multiple straps covered in D-rings littered the rest of their bodies. Upon closer inspection I noticed that I was wrong, they were not all exactly alike, 5 of them had inflator bulbs coming out of the center of the mouth ring on their hoods. The sixth, which began to speak, did not. "The Patient is prepped and ready Dr."

At that point a figure emerged from behind me, He was dressed like the others, in a tight body hugging suit that displayed his well toned legs, and tight ass, but this is where the similarities stopped. Tightly laced Crotch high boots were partially covered by a latex apron that he slipped over his head, and a leather medical mask was tied around his mouth and nose. He wore a #3 shave on the top, and a #1 shave on the sides, but the thing that drew me in was his deep blue eyes, they pierced through my body examining the wants and needs that I have been unable to relate to anyone. I could not take my eyes off his, they demanded my every attention. I was no longer afraid, as those eyes radiated warmth as much as they demanded submission. He slowly reached down and rested his hands on the edge of the Gurney, and wordlessly signaled to one of the others to have the casters unlocked.

"I guess you are probably wondering where you are..." This was more of a statement than a question, so I didn’t answer; I just continued to stare into those eyes. "Sixty years ago, this town held two things: Cornfields, and the complex you are in right now. Now, back then, there wasn't any laws regarding the treatment of Inmates, and if you were deemed insane, then people wanted you committed, with no want or interest in what happened to you after that point. This created a small problem, as once you were deemed crazy, you were labeled for the rest of your life, So It was easier for the state to just keep you locked away than to anger the taxpayers by letting you out. Opportunists started seeing the benefit in this, and were having their enemies committed, it completely took care of the problems, and there was no blood on their hands in the process. The Government started noticing that this becoming more and more prevalent, and so they instilled tougher standards on what crazy was, and they instilled a 72 hour observation period mandatory before incarceration. This was enough to still the flow of false committals, but they still had the problem of all the people wrongly rotting away in the hospitals around the country. Well this is the kind of publicity that the good old US of A has always found easier to sweep under the carpet. So, soon this complex was born. They visited every mental ward in the country interviewing the inmates, weeding out the ones who were perfectly sane, and they had them shipped here. 'Project 6471', an underground maximum strength facility built to keep the people and the secret from ever getting out. A full running hospital was built on top, to cover up all the medical traffic that came and went." "With the cold war, and human experimentation on the rise, the government figured, why buy the cow when they could get involuntary volunteers for free. So soon this place was transformed into a Mecca of contraptions, designed to test the human body to its mental, physical, emotional and sexual limits. It became a vacation spot for Sadistic upper-ups in the government, which is why you will notice the courtyard outside, and all of the stone work inside. They intricately dolled up this place to make is as enjoyable for the politicians who came to watch someone be tortured, or if they wished, be tortured themselves. Well, this place enjoyed a 15 year run, until other officials became aware of its existence, and didn’t like what they saw. Very quietly
this place was sealed up, and the remaining inmates were re-dispersed into institutions around the country. Due to the fact that this town had bloomed around the hospital, it was left open, and all of the people who knew of its secret were removed. I have spent many years of my life searching for this place, with only rumors to go on. And now, you have the great pleasure of being one of seven people that know it actually exists. I hope you can grasp the weight of your situation."

And with that, he slowly turned the gurney around and had one of the other rubber men raise the back. The room was nothing like I expected. The water reflections on the ceiling were coming from a tank sitting in the center of the room that was half full of water. I was slowly rolled towards it, and noticed that the interior of the tank was covered in attachment points. I was not sure what these were for, but I knew that I was about to find out soon enough. The gurney was rolled parallel to the tank, and the casters were once again locked.

"This is a little contraption that we have aptly named the 'Latex Maiden', I would explain it to you, but I think it will be better to show you instead." He reached back down under the Gurney and pulled out a few obviously latex Items. "First, since you don’t seem to be real talkative anyway, let’s replace your hood." Once again the Gasmask hood was placed on my head; I opened my mouth to protest, only to find it once again stuffed with the form fitting gag. "This hood is one of my own designs, it allows you to see everything until I choose otherwise, and it tends to make things more interesting." The tubes were once again pushed up into my nose, and offered the only airway available to me. The other Latex garment was slowly unfolded across my body, It appeared to be on of those Sleepsacks that I had seen on the net quite a few times, but this one was covered all over by D-rings.

He nodded to the other rubbermen, and they slowly began to untie me. A rush of adrenalin raced through my body, this was my chance, and as soon as I was free I was going to make a bolt for it. "I know what you are thinking;" Dr Fetter said, I could see his smile beneath the mask. "But before you make an attempt, I would recommend looking before you leap." I turned my attention to the other rubber guys, and noticed that only 3 of them were untying me, the other 3 stood behind them with cattle prods in their hands. "This place was designed inescapable, so even if you got passed them, you would not get out. The cattle prods save us the time having to come looking for you." Once again my hopes went down in flames, there was nothing to do but go along, but that didn’t mean I had to make it easy for them.

Once they had finished untying me, Dr Fetter laved the open end of the bag at my feet. "Crawl in" he demanded. This was where I was going to draw the line, if he wanted me in that bag; he was going to have to stuff me in there himself. Dr Fetter just smiled "Not going to crawl in, hmm? Ok, I see we continue to do this the hard way." One of his hands reached up into my field of vision, it contained a black rubber hose. The Dr took his other hand slowly, for my benefit, and placed it on the open end of the tube. Suddenly I found myself without air, every time I attempted to draw in a breath the mask just sucked harder to my face.
"Either you crawl into the bag on your own, or you pass out, and I will put you in there, either way I win." he said as he continued his preparations with his hand over the end of the hose.

"Ok, Ok!" I muffled into the gag. He released the end of the hose, and wonderful air poured back into my lungs. Defeated, I grabbed the neck of the sleepsack, and slowly slid myself into it. The Dr. stopped me half-way and slid my arms into sheaths built inside the bag, when my hands got towards the bottom of the sheaths, they popped through rings that were situated at about wrist level. I attempted to yank my arms back out, just to have these rings tighten, and conform themselves to my wrists. He then slid my feet into the boot at the base of the bag, pulled the flaps up over my shoulders, and pulled the heavy zipper up to my neck, making sure to tuck the end of the hood in before doing up the collar. Next he dragged a hose from a compressor over, attached it to the bag, and inflated the bag rock hard around my body. Sometime during the inflation process my cock and balls popped into a cavity that molded to them firmly, this bit of stimulation made me instantly hard, and a lot more interested in what was about to happen to me.

Suddenly I started to move as the 6 full coverage rubbermen lifted me off of the gurney and down into the tank of water. I was lightly set on the surface of the water where I proceeded to float, as each of the rubbermen climbed back out of the tank, just to return with bundles of nylon rope. They proceeded to attach rope loosely from all of the D-rings on top of the bag and my hood, to all of the attachment points above the water on the sides of the tank. After they were finished with this, one by one they disappeared below the water level, and I could feel myself being yanked down in all directions, causing the previously applied ropes to become taught. Carefully navigating the rope web I was now the center of attention.

Five of the rubbermen climbed out of the tank, and once again disappeared from my line of sight. The Ungaged rubberman remained in the tank with me and was attaching wires into ports all along the bag, once he finished, he too climbed out and disappeared. Dr Fetter appeared at the side of the tank, this time with a microphone in his hand.

He lifted it up to his mouth "Can you hear me my pet?" I did my best grunt of approval that I could manage. "Good, this will be the only form of communication for quite a while. But not to worry, as you can see by the wires we are monitoring your vitals, so you are completely safe." Dr Fetter chuckled; "At least that is what some of the wires are for."

The end of the hose that connected to my mask was then plugged into a port in the side of the tank, and the 6 Rubbermen reappeared carrying the lid for the tank. Once the lid was slid into place, I could see all 7 of them gathered around the tank, watching in anticipation.

"Now," The Dr's voice reappeared in my ear "Even though you are trapped, the truly devious design of this toy, is that the water in it is held at 98.6 exact. You shall see what effect this has in a moment." He then reached over to a panel on the side of the tank and tapped a few buttons. Suddenly the water began to rise; I panicked as it covered my head, until I realized that I could still breathe. All I could do was watch as the water reached the lid and stopped. That’s when the strange sensations began, as the Latex cased to be warm or cold. The concept of the barrier of my skin, since partially blurred by the tight fitting bag, was now completely slipping from my grasp. It was my sight that was still holding me together. "Now boy, do you remember what I told you about that hood? I think you have seen enough."

With that my world started to dim, and then it completely went dark. I fought against the bonds that held me....or did they. All I could feel was a heartbeat....my heartbeat, and my breathing echoing through my head. The hypnotizing beat luring me deeper into my own consciousness. No longer did my body exist; I was just a beat, a breath, and a mind.

A new sensation broke through the Frey, a pulsation at what used to be my crotch, but since my crotch no longer existed, the waves of pleasure swept my whole world. I no longer exist, I am one with pleasure, and I am one with pain. Welcome to Euphoria.

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.