Friday, February 25, 2011

Bondage Story: MurrCon 4

My Fellow Inmates,

As my long houred days continue, I have to look at the easier updates to my blog... We shall be back with new pictures and videos soon.

Until then let's continue with the poor LeatherPanther's troubles in part 4...


The Murrcon 4

I stared at the piece of paper leaning against the phone, to my useless paws and then back again.

I attempted to pick it up by squeezing both paws together only to watch it float lazilly to the floor at my feet.

Getting down on all fours, I cocked my head at the letter in an attempt to orient the perforated eyes in such a mannor that I could read what was written on it in the darkness between the two beds where it lay.

It was futile.

Using both paws and my knee, I crumpled the letter up enough that I was able to find purchase enough to move it to the bed.

Laying down, I smoothed it out and began to read;

Subby, (I hated that name)

You were still sound asleep, presumably worn out from last nights activities and we didn't want to wake you, So we decided to let you sleep. (Too kind)

You have two choices. You of course can continue your previous pathway and call for help. Where you will have to suffer the indignance of someone coming to cut the lock off. The police shall take the suit as evidence of an assault, you wont be able to give them our real names as you don't know them, and you shall never see us again.

On the other hand, some friends of mine have offered to pick you up, and take you to the host hotel... Oh, by the way did I mention thats not where we stayed last night?

They will meet you in the parking garage at 9:30am sharp, don't be late.


P.S. If you make it to me still in suit, the Leatherpanther is yours

I rolled over on my back with my paws tucked behind my head to contemplate my options. I was about to suffer embarrassment either option I took, whereas heading to the parking garage was what I knew I needed to do.

I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply my sweaty leathery world. I wanted this, I asked for this, I had mentioned many times on twitter that this kind of thing and treatment was what I was looking for, and although I had never related to a cat, this suit smelled and felt wonderful. I would love to be his new owner.

So I had made up my mind. As I pushed myself up off the bed I looked at the clock, and my heart skipped a beat: 9:27am

Oh shit.

Without thinking I made a b-line for the door and out in to the hallway, as the door clicked shut behind me I knew I couldn't go back...

I rushed to the bank of elevators and pounded on the down button, hoping that I would not run in to anyone on the way.

While I waited for the car to reach my floor I just happened to look down and noticed that my cock was still hanging out of the front of the suit.,

Damn you Chaz!

I watched the red digital number get closer and closer to my floor as I futilly attempted to stuff my dick back through the small hole, but without fingers it was a lost cause.

A bing sounded out throughout the air as the elevator pulled to a stop. Grabbing quickly for the leather flap, I pulled it over everything and did the Velcro, hoping it would hold.

As the doors opened, my head dropped. For inside was a UPS boy, with a dolly full of packages, standing there with his mouth agape.

I slank in, leaned up against the wall, and stared at the floor in a futile attempt to not draw attention. The whole time well aware that this ploy would not draw attention away from the six foot tall black leather cat that just entered.

"That's..." he said with a pause as he reached out to touch my arm, "...Amazing"

I nodded at him, unable to actually say anything. I turned quickly to the contol panel and hit the "P" button.

"Where does one get something like that?" he asked me as he scooted a bit closer

I just shrugged my shoulders and raided my paws in to the air as an international symbol of 'I don't know', as I scooted as far in to the corner as I could get.

I looked up at the overhead floor display: 3rd floor, 2nd floor, 1st floor... It was getting close, and just in time too as this guy was starting to get irritated.

"I'm sorry, did you not notice I was talking to you?" he said as he laid a hand on my shoulder.

Just then the doors opened allowing me to slide out from under his grasp. I could hear him yelling curses at me as I hurried down the hallway towards the garage.

I weaves on and out of the parked cars looking for the people I was supposed to be meeting up with. It was then that I stopped dead in my tracks, as I realized that I had no idea who I was looking for.

How was I supposed to know that whoever found me was friend or foe, and didn't honestly mean me harm?

Just then I heard a voice from behind me. "Well hello there, Kitty."

I turned around just in time to come face to face with the UPS man from the elevator, and before I could react he shoved me hard against the car behind me, knocking me to the groud.

He produced a tire iron, placed it under my chin and lifted up, making sure my eyes met his "Stay down, or things will get ugly" he commanded as he hopped on his cell.

"Hey, Greg, This is Mark. Yeah, you won't believe what I got down here at the Hyatt. Bring the truck"

Hanging up the phone he leaned against the van behind him and smacked the tire iron in the the palm of his hand "Now, we are just going to wait calmly right here. My friends shall be here soon, and they shall take real good care of you."

I didn't know what to do, I was tempted to bolt, but I couldn't trust that I could move faster than the weapon in his hand. Was these the people I was supposed to meet? Did I miss them? God help me how did I get myself I. To this mess?

It wasn't long before a windowless unmarked black van pulled up along side us and people poured out. One specific man, tall and skinny, with cropped flaming red hair walked right up to me and placed a boot on my crotch.

"...And what do we have here?" He asked as he shoved his steel toe deeper making me squirm.

"That's how I found him, Sir, in the elevator." Mark the UPS man replied. "I would assume it's some sort of sex game, since he seems to be gaged, which means people are probably looking for him at the moment."

"Well we can't have that can we?" The redhead replied, "Load him up."

With that he stapled aside as two guys grabbed me from both sides, and the UPS from the front. I was tossed in the back of the van and made to sit up against the wall.

Heave mitts were slid over my paws, locked on, and my arms were chained, outstreached, to the wall of the van.

Two chain from above were locked to the d-rings on both sides of my collar, and one from the floor was locked to the ring on the front.

I was well secured and not going anywhere.

The redhead kneeled before me, "My name is Dante, you may call me Sir. In my world you comply with what is asked if you, or you face the consequences, do you understand?"

I couldn't move, I couldn't talk, I couldn't even nod my head. I din my best to signal an affirmative sound through the gag, which made him tilt his head at me.

Dante began to unzip my maw "Let's see what we have in here shall we?" as he got it open I could feel him tugging on the gag a bit as he explored the inside of the suits muzzle.

"What an ingenious little design." He looked over his shoulder at one of his cronies, "Get me the the cattle prod."

Dante didn't have to wait long for The menacing looking tool to be quickly set beside him. I moaned in to my gag as my eyes set on the cattleprod before me. There was no way I wanted to feel it's bight.

Reaching inside my maw, he twisted the gag, popping the center core out. I realized that my teeth were still held in place, but he had ascess to my throat now as he explored the back of my mouth with his fingers.

My cock flopped to the floor of The Van as he opened the flap on the front of my suit. He then stood up, and unzipped his pants, displaying a large cock before him.

Dante picked up the cattleprod and plastered my dick to the floor with the tip of it. "Now here is how this is going to work..."

"Andres! No!" a voice rang out, causing Dante to whip around and walk to the door of the van.

Now that my view was unobscured I could see Gunner running towards us. My hopes raised for only a moment, Before only getting dashed again asI Watched the UPS guy tackle him.

Dante slaked the door of the Van shut and yelled out "Drive!"

As we lurched forward, I was bounced against the chains holding me. Once we were out on the smooth open road Dante turned his attention back to me.

Once again he held the weapon against my manhood as his Dick hung inches from my muzzle. "Andres is it? Though I guess I should assume the cat has another name shouldn't I?"

I didn't make a sound. I just sat there quietl for if I denied it he would have beleaved me. If I confirmed it he would have wanted to know.

"That's ok." He Replied. "You shall tell me eventually."

He pushed himself in to my muzzle, and as I felt his dick pass the hole in the center of the gag, he pressed my cock firmly against the floor with the cattleprod "If I am not satisfied, You shall be the first to know."

With that he slid down my throat.


With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.