Monday, August 8, 2011

The First Asylum Story Contest: DDR Rubber Prize!!

My Fellow Inmates,

You are looking at a Devil Dog Rubber Latex Jock... Yup, Devil Dog Rubber, as in Made by Bodisama. These are no longer available, and there by are quite rare.

So Why am I showing you this? Because it can be yours... How you ask?

I am Launching the very first ever Asylum Story contest, and this is the first prize.

Here are the Rules:

1) The Story must be original, yup, you must sit down and write it. Period. If we find out that its ever been posted anywhere else you shall be disqualified.

2) It must include bondage. Sorry to all you non bondage people, but this is a bondage site... Soooo....

3) The story can be Rubber, leather, or furry. The audience to this site consists of all three. Just realize that the vote for the winner shall be in the hands of the readers, so hedge your bets accordingly. Basically if you write a scat story I wouldn't bank on winning

4) The contest opens now. A special tab has been created for the rules and for the story postings. All entries will get a day on the main page then filed with the others in the contest tab. The contest is open from 8/08/11 -9/31/11

5) You can submit as many stories as you wish, but all must be original

6) On October 1st we will open the voting for 7 days. Voting will be by email only, this shall fix the issue of stuffing a ballot box with a poll on a site that doesn't require login to track. All emails shall be tallied, all duplicates deleted. You can vote for more than one story, but must do so in the same email.

7) All stories shall remain on the padded cell website in the contest history, and we shall retain usage rights, but the original authors have the right to post them elsewhere as they choose.

8) Stories can be submitted through email to the Asylum by clicking the "Contact Us" Link at the top righthand side of the page


Good luck to all, May this be the first of many contests, and may the best story end up rubbered

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.