Thursday, August 4, 2011

(Pix) Gumby and the Spiked Rubber Sleepsack

My Fellow Inmates,

Many years ago I was scrolling through the serious bondage website, when I ran across something that absolutly took by breath away...

A Special Thank you to Serious Bondage for allowing us use of these images. Please click on any pic to view their site...

I was actually chatting with James (Bodisama) at the time that I found this picture set, and I chuckle as I still have the archived chat message saying "My God James You Have To See This!"

What you are looking at is Gumby's spiked inflatable sleepsack. I have tried to have it duplicated a few times over the years but every manufacturer says the same thing: "Its only a matter of time, its a danger to itself"

On the inside of this beast, spikes line all surfaces surounding the body, even on the interior of the sleepsack arm sleeves... Oh yes, and if you look back at the first picture, I beleive you shall find that is a spiked hole for your cock as well.

I love the fingersleeves, hand spread open so its at maximum mercy to the points soon to be embeded in your flesh...

Warning boys, to all those who dont like those cootie ridden ichy Gurls, one is about to appear!

You can see the spikes all over the arm and even on the back to the right of the sleeve

AHH! There she is!!! (Puts one hand over eyes, and swings wildly with the other)

When playing with intense pain sensory deperation and the feeling of absolute loss of control can be very important to find the right headspaces.

Ahhh, you can feel them digging in to your back already cant you? Whats that? Got an itch?

Every spike on the inside is being pushed firmly into its host, including the inflateable pouch on the front. Setting the body on fire with unrelenting racking pain from all directions most likely takes the brain to places that most of us can only imagine.

It is a truly beautiful piece, and I would Love to keep the owner, Gumby, sealed inside of it for as long as he could take it.... then perhaps a bit longer :)

Though as much as I am not sure I could handle the challenge, a nervous little voice inside my head wants to experiance this as well. 

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.