Monday, June 22, 2009

Asylum Slipped his cuffs

My Fellow Inmates,

Well I have some bad news to share this week. Asylum has fallen from his wagon and is now smoking again…Sigh… Yes, I know, I know… And as much as WetsuitJay says he is fine with it I can think of nicer things to ask someone who treats me as well as he does to put up with than “Smoke Smell”.

I have placed an order for one of these new electronic cigarettes that supposedly have no smell to them and replace the smoke with Vapor. Basically it’s a nicotine delivery system. I am hoping this shall be a happy middle ground that will allow me to be bad and not carry my habit with me wherever I go.

But in my own defense, we all have our individual vices, and I want everyone here in this room to raise their hand who feels that they are free from sin…

See, it’s unanimous… Just think of the great company we shall all have in the afterlife… and I also hear that Riverfront property along the Styx is selling for good prices in this economy.

…And with everything on fire, I will never have to worry about not having a light… We shall all be smoking… Silver linings people… Silver linings… J

Ok…Ok… Asylum has also been caught this week with his hand in the cookie jar and must admit that he is a fucking hypocrite…

I did not have sexual relations with that boy…

Actually, a reader of this blog messaged me and asked “Um… why do you still show an account on R***n? I thought you said you were done with them!”

Well I was… And then…

Imagine this, if you were a protester against the marijuana prohibition in this country and you decided to march on the White House, with joint in hand, all by yourself… What would happen?

I have found in this world that unless you’re Chuck Norris, a one man army is going to do more damage than good…

And with so many that actually use the Pigfuckers messaging system I decided that I was just losing out in contacts and was doing no good beyond that. So yes, I am a Hypocrite. Except for one thing… I may have an Account on there, but it is a free one. R***n shall never see a single dime of my money, Ever!

If people stop paying them, and we all treat them as a free site then they will cave under their own weight. This will take a large number of people to do. Frankly this will never happen. Perhaps a hypocrite, but a realist as well.

All that aside this weekend we are hosting some friends from down in Portland: Hockeyman and MnWetsuit will be coming up for pride and play this upcoming weekend and hopefully we should see some new vids and pix from those sessions.

Hockeyman and I shall probably get in to some Down play and WetsuitJay and MnWetsuit will get the divegear thing going. This will probably be one of the last playsessions that we will get to have before we move.

Then all shall be quiet on this western front for a while.

I look at this blog as a journal of sorts. One that others read. As I have said before Asylum is an open book and so journeys into my past shall not be that uncommon. I still need to tell the tale of Slave danny under Mr. Mitchell.

That still shall be coming, just need to find the time.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy…

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep