Sunday, January 25, 2009

Moving Day: In More ways than one

My fellow inmates,

Welcome to my new blog, yes trite I know, but it seemed the best way to start as any. We of questionable morals welcome those who have made the trek over to the new website, and to those who are still adding me as a friend on the old site... umm... Catch a clue, thanks.

It has been a hell of a month not only for Rubberrebel and Guyzingear, but for the Asylum as well. Those of you who know me know that I have now moved from the old apartment (Yes I know it smelled like pets, That is gone now) To a home in Bellevue, Washington. Like George and Wheezy the Asylum has moved on up to the eastside.

In the process of doing so I decided to donate 90% of my belongings (read: all the shit the ex bought) to Goodwill for people who could stomach looking at it more than I could to use. This means that the Asylum's Karma cup overfloweth at the moment and the progress of the new place definitely shows it.

The playroom was the first place we dug our heels into to get going, and as soon as the first bed was set up with the Argentino restraint suit and the Posey restraints, well as you can see by the pic we quickly found ourselves sidetracked and deep in play.

We have a long way to go, and lots of projects to do to get there, from the continued assembly of the playroom, to the building of the padded cell. I plan to chronicle all of this here in this blog. Lets also not forget the acquisition of gear either. From the simple hood to a one of a kind bondage suit that will make the Studio Gum Rubber Prison Suit look like child's play...

Its all coming, and soon...

Make sure you check out the relocated club as well called "The Rubber Asylum"

There we will post all new pictures as we take them, and gather a group of like minded perverts for other twisted activities.

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep