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Classic Bondage Story: The Rubber Garage Parts 1-7

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The Rubber Garage was Written by Gnjal in the 1990's and is an amazing piece.

As always if the author disagrees with my reposting of this story, please email me and I shall remove it immediately.

Beyond that, please enjoy a great rubber bondage classic


The Rubber Garage, 1/7
by Gnjal

Jimmy jangled the keys nervously and finally found the right one to his neighbor's side garage door. Pushing the keys in and twisting he grinned as the door creaked open.

His neighbor Carl had left on a business tirp that morning waving goodbye from the driveway as Jimmy left for the university and his 7:30am symbolic logic class. Carl had moved in a few months before during the middle of the night.

Living alone in his parent's old house while going to the university, Jimmy was board with his daily routine, and found watching his new neighbor's comings and goings a welcome relief from the tedium.

Carl however, was very secretive. All the blinds in the house were kept closed, and he had been thumping and sawing in the garage for weeks now, building who knows what. Jimmy had tried to peer in the papered-over windows, but failed to do anything but make himself even more curious.

Now was his chance, he had seen Carl stash his extra set of house keys in the hanging fern out back, and with him away for the weekend, Jimmy would be able to explore his house without him knowing. And especially, he could look in the garage to see what all the commotion was about.

Stepping into the darkness of the garage, Jimmy quietly closed the door behind him, and heard the lock click shut. Feeling around for a light switch, he finally found it, position a little ways from the right side of the door.

He flipped the switched and light flooded the garage. Stacked five high, arranged against the long side wall, were sealed plastic crates, translucent sides showing contents which looked like folds and folds of some black shiny material.

Jimmy walked into the center of the garage and turned around, and his eyes landed on a strange plywood box, about the size of a man lying down, with a padded lid.

Moving over to touch the padded top, he realize that it was completely covered with thick black rubber, over some padding material. Looking over the side of the box, he say that coiled pipes ran from seals on its side to a machine that looked like some kind of compressor.

"What the hell?" Jimmy shook his head. What was Carl using this thing for?

Jimmy grabbed the side of the lid, and opened it, swinging it up with difficulty on its steel hinges. It released with a sucking pop, as if he had broken an air seal.

Jimmy stared inside the case. The whole thing was padded with shiny black rubber. It seemed limp somehow, like they had fitted it to loosely. Jimmy reached down to touch the slick folds, running his hand along the cool slippery sides of the box.

He looked closely when his hand bumped something protruding from the inside of the box. It look liked the thing had a rubberized manacle positioned right where someone's wrists would be if they were lying down in the padded box. Looking at the other inside edges, he found matching rubberized manacles for the other wrist and ankles. There also seemed to be a thicker rubber restraint for where the unfortunate person's neck would be.

All of the manacles gleamed a dull black, softened with their rubber exterior but ummovable as steel. They were all stuck open, as far as Jimmy could tell. Grunting with effort, he was unable to cause any of them to shut.

"Weird..." Jimmy left the lid up, and decided to investigate the plastic crates lining the wall. Moving to the nearest one, he slide its drawer open and peered inside.

It was rubber. Piles and piles of folded black latex. He reached into the silky pile of talced rubber and pulled the top item out.

Holding it up in front of him, it's heavy black rubber folds unfolding heavily against him, Jimmy looked in wonder at what appeared to be a rubber catsuit. It had rubber feet and gloves attached, with a zipper running up the front to the attached open-faced hood. Jimmy ran his hands wonderingly over the sensuous material, never realizing that he was taking the first steps towards being totally enslaved to the lust of rubber.

He grabbed the zipper tab at the catsuit's neck, and pulled it down, till bumping against the rigid ring positioned right where a person's cock would be, bouncing over tight rubber bag, which must be for the guy's balls.

His cock began stiffening in his jeans, and he suddenly pressed the cool heavy rubber against his crotch, rubbing it up and down, unable to resist. It was so smooth and slippery, his cock jumped up against his tight white jockeys.

Draping the catsuit over the top of one of the nearby crates, Jimmy dove in and began pulling out the treasure trove of rubber gear which was stored in the drawer he had opened.

When he had finished emptying the crate, he had found a heavy rubber hood with eye, nostril, and mouth holes, a tight rubber bermuda shorts with an attached penis sheath, a pair of thick over the elbow gloves, some kind of blow-up gag, a bottle of some kind of clear lubricant, and a long heavy rubber cloak.

Jimmy shuddered with the feelings that the slippery black material was evoking from him. He shivered suddenly in the cool dark garage, cock twitching in his pants and abruptly decided that he had to try this stuff on!

Pulling off his cotton tshirt, unlacing his work boots and kicking them off, he yanked down his pants, pulled off his white socks, and moved over to where the hypnotizing rubber garments lay on top of the stacked plastic crates.

He picked up the bermuda shorts, wondering again at how the slick rubber slid through his hands and lifted his foot to put them on.

"Stupid!" Jimmy shook his head, and sat the shorts down while he quickly yanked off his tight white jockys. His hard cock bounced and bobbed in front of him as he excitedly grabbed the black latex bermudas and stepped into them.

They slid silkily up his legs, to tightly wrap his ass and hips. He reached inside them and tried to push his cock through the penis sheath.

"Damn, this is not working." Turning back to the open drawer, he suddenly realized what the lube he had found was probably for. Grabbing the bottle, he popped its top, and squeezed a handful of the slimy liquid into his palm.

Reaching down into the tight bermudas, he grabbed his dick, and began lubing it, sliding up and down, the slippery cool wetness quickly turning into cock warmed slime.

Jimmy clenched his butt, shutting his eyes and pressing his lips together as he was overwhelmed by the intense waves of pleasure coming from his dick. The feeling of the tight rubber shorts gripping his ass was amazing!

He opened his eyes and using his other hand pushed his cock into the tight black rubber sheath attached to the shorts. This time, his slimed stiff dick slid through easily, causing him to gasp as the rubber squeezed his shaft. The straining purple head of his dick emerged from the tight sheath, glistening with lube and pre-cum.

"Man, this is amazing!" Jimmy grabbed the catsuit next.

Stepping into it, he snugged the booties tightly onto his feet, pulling the suit up his calves and thighs in one slide of soft talced rubber. He next pulled it on one arm and then the other, shrugging the heavy rubber of the suit over his shoulders.

Jimmy was breathing excitedly now. This rubber was doing something to him! His cock throbbed, poking out its head obscenely from the zipper of the suit, tightly wrapped by the latex sheath of the shorts.

Jimmy smoothed the fingers of the gloves attached to the catsuit between his fingers. Holding his hands up in front of him, he made gleaming fists amazed at how beautiful and entrancing this stretchy black material was.

Reaching down and grabbing his cock, Jimmy pushed its head through the tight rubber ring melded to the crotch of the suit. Putting his rubber covered hands to either side of his crotch, he squeezed his dick through the ring until it was nestled at the base of his shaft.

The ring made his stiff dick even harder. Jimmy felt like it was going to explode. He stroked it up and down tightly gripping it in both his rubberized hands, and began panting head thrown back.

Just when he was about to shoot, he remembered that there was still more rubber gear to put on. He dropped his hold on his cock, letting it bounce in front of him, he picked up the heavy rubber hood, and pulled it over his head.

Position the eye, nose, and mouth holes, he wished he had a mirror to see himself, knowing that with as good as this fucking rubber felt, it must look even better. Jimmy tucked the skirt of the hood into the open neck of the catsuit, smoothing it with his rubber covered fingers.

Jimmy reached back and grabbed the catsuit's attached hood, pulling it up and over the heavy hood already tightly wrapping his face and head. Stretching it up and letting it snap into place around the other hood, he grabbed the zipper of the catsuit, and pulled it up tightly beneath his throat.

Jimmy stretched out his hands and moaned, the tight rubber gear felt like nothing he had felt before. It grabbed and held his body, from head to toe, the only part of him visible being his eyes, lips, and the head of his lubed cock sticking from its rubber sheath.

He turned back to the crates and grabbed the long rubber cloak, pulling the heavy rubber across his shoulders and fastening the rubber fastener at its neck. He grabbed the slick slippery folds in his hands and wrapped them around his catsuited body. The ends of the cloak slapped his naked cock head and sheathed shaft making him wince and gasp from the cool silky material sliding against his slick cock head.

Turning back to the crates one more time, Jimmy picked up the heavy gloves. Sliding them on, he found it hard to bend his fingers, they were so thick.

Spreading his legs, Jimmy swirled the clock between them, rubbing his gloved hands over his thighs, grapping his ass, and sliding his heavy rubber fingers across his chest. Trying his best to squeeze his thumb and forefinger together, he succeeded in pinching one of his nipples through the rubber of the catsuit.

"Damn...I can't believe this cock is so hard!" Jimmy grabbed at his dick, fumbling and slappling it accidently, clumsy in the thick gloves, and unable to see quit clearly through the tiny eyeholes in the hood tightly wrapping his head.

He muttered in frustration looking around for something to steady himself on. His eyes lighted on the padded rubber box across the garage.

Moving over to it with the heavy rubber cloak swirling against his thighs, he stared down into its black padded interior.

"Why not?" Jimmy panted, getting into the rubber padded box while being completely catsuited, hooded, gloved and cloaked may just let him get his cock to shoot, and relieve him of the terrible need to spurt.

Stepping into the box, he slipped slightly, the rubber of his heel sliding on the slick black rubber padding. He lifted his other foot and stepped into the box. Turning around, he began setting down slowly, holding the rubber cloak around his sides so that it wouldn't lay over the sides of the box.

Inching down carefully, he shifted the heels of his feet, which suddenly slid on the slippery padding of the box.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa....!" Jimmy fell back loosing his balance landing hard on the rubber padding. The rubber padded sides of the box were tight against his sides, and his neck lay in the rubberized manacle.

Jimmy looked around, decided he wasn't hurt and stretched out his rubber bootied feet. His ankles slide down and seated in the dull manacles at the bottom of the box.

Jimmy took the edges of the cloak and wrapped them over the front of his legs and chest, so that just the head of his naked straining cock glistened wetly from the folds of rubber.

He pushed his gloved hands around his cock, but the thick gloves would net let him clamp down around it. He couldn't get firm enough grip to jerk himself off! Slamming his arms down at his sides in frustration, Jimmy bumped the recessed activator switch, which was hiding in the folds of loose rubber padding the box.

Jimmy turned his head, startled, as the compressor next to the rubber box started up with a thump and whine. He jumped as the rubber covered steel manacles closed tightly around his ankles, wrists and neck.

"What?! Wait, wait!" The compressor changed its tone, and Jimmy's eyes widened in alarm as he felt the padding of the box inflate around him, gripping him in tight rubber pressure.

He craned his head, looking down as the padding inflated to extend and cover his chest, legs, and pelvis, finally stopping with his stiff dick pressed between its two rubber halves.

Jimmy jerked against the manacles holding him and yelled as the inflated rubber pads slightly deflated and then quickly reinflated to slap against his cock where it was trapped between them.

The rhythm increased, and the rubber slapped his dick over and over again. Jimmy gasped and pushed his hips up, as he realized that the rubber slaps were making his cock throb and twitch. He was going to cum! His breathing coming in rushed pants, Jimmy began pumping his pelvis, lubed cock sliding in its sheath, tight between the inflated rubber. Its slick head emerged again and again from the rubber, each time the slick, tight wet slide pushed Jimmy closer and closer to a cock spewing climax.

Suddenly, the compressor decreased its wild whine, and the padding deflated leaving Jimmy's cock twitching with unfulfilled desire.

"What? Damn, damn, damn!" Jimmy couldn't believe it, he was wrapped in rubber, bound to this stupid rubber box, and he couldn't reach his dick! He wimpered with frustration.

"Jimmy if I had known you were interested, I would have given you a tour..." Jimmy jerked his head towards the voice. It was Carl! He was back. And Jimmy was trapped, bond in rubber, betraying cock sticking up, bobbing, like it was saying hello.

"Carl! I .. I.. I got stuck, can you get me out?" Jimmy twisted his hooded head as far as the neck manacle would allow, trying to see Carl.

"Well, Jimmy. Technically this is breaking and entering. So I think we need to talk about how were going to deal with that, before we do anything about changing your situation." Carl moved into Jimmy's line of sight.

Jimmy sucked in his breath in shock. Carl was covered completely in rubber. He was wearing heavy rubber jodphurs jammed into black rubber boots, and a tight black latex muscle shirt. Carl grinned down at Jimmy and slapped the latex whip he was holding against his naked hand.

"Jimmy, boys will be curious, I expect that, but there's no excuse for not using the equipment correctly." Grinning wider, Carl held up the rubber pump gag which Jimmy had looked at earlier. Jimmy pressed his lips tightly closed, not wanting that thing in his mouth. Bending over, Carl grabbed Jimmy's nose and pinched it tight shut.

Jimmy twisted his head, trying to break Carl's grip, but couldn't. In an explosion of breath Jimmy opened his mouth and Carl quickly pushed in the rubber gag. Grabbing its squeeze bulb in his hand while he held Jimmy's chin tightly with the other, Carl quickly pumped the gag up until Jimmy's cheeks bulged from the tight black rubber packing it.

Jimmy began moaning, and fighting against the manacles again.

"Jimmy, I think first you need to use this box like it was intended, then we'll talk about how you can pay me restitution for violating my home." Reaching over Jimmy's bound and rubberized body where it lay in the rubber box, Carl slapped a switch which sent the compressor whining back up its mad cycle again.

The rubber resumed slapping Jimmy's dick, which despite his fear at his predicament, stiffened and stunned Jimmy with waves of pleasure at even the slapping touch of rubber.

Jimmy's ass cheeks clenched and he arched upward against the trapping rubber pads as he cock suddenly spewed its hot cum into the air, twitching, jerking as it slid in and out of its lubed sheath, slapped incessantly by the rubber box's mad actions.

Jimmy yelled into his gag, biting down on it hard, the taste of rubber strong in his mouth.

"Oh, Jimmy, shooting once is kids play, you'll have to do better than that." Laughing Carl grabbed the lid of the rubber box and slammed it on Jimmy's panicked eyes. It shut with a muffled thump, plunging the rubberized and bound Jimmy in darkness.

A darkness in which the rubber continued to slap at his dick, which to his surprise and horror was already stiffening again, as he twisted and pulled against the implacable manacles binding him in this box of rubber.


The Rubber Garage, 2/7
by Gnjal

Carl smiled to himself. This had worked out better then he could have hoped. Jimmy had swallowed the bait hook line and sinker. Over the last few weeks Carl had made sure to make his removal and replacement of the spare key a show that Jimmy could hardly avoid noticing. The rubber equipment room he was building needed a test subject, and he could only do so much by himself, so Jimmy seemed like the logical choice.

A university student, living alone next door, obviously bright and with some serious time on his hands would make the perfect rubber test subject. Carl had sized the equipment and gear accordingly, guessing at Jimmy's dimensions.

The compressor of the rubber box whined down. It had been an hour since he had slammed the padded lid on Jimmy's wild and panicked eyes, it was time to give the boy a breather.

Carl walked over to the compressor and slapped the shutdown switch. It wheezed and thumped to a halt, and air hissing from the box's air conduits. He reached down and pried up the rubber padded lid, popping the ring of suction created by the after pressure of the compressor.

Jimmy's rubber masked and gagged head twisted dazedly towards him, eyes squinting from the long hour in the dark rubber bowels of the box. Carl looked down and noted with satisfaction that the rubber around Jimmy's cock was liberally lubed with cum.

"Jimmy! How are you doing? Did you enjoy the rubber box?" Carl grinned down at Jimmy.

Jimmy pulled against the manacles of the box, spent cock slapping side to side and yelled around the tight bulb-gag pressing his cheeks out.

"Jimmy, relax! Remember, you broke in and vandalized my home. I think we need to talk to the police about that don't you? " Carl stroked a rubber gloved hand across Jimmy's cock, pressing it down and sliding it against the cum-slicked rubber of Jimmy's pelvis. "And I don't think you're doing to badly, anyway, are you Jimmy?" Jimmy shut his eyes and moaned into his gag as Carl stroked his cock back to hardness.

"Let's get you out of there, and talk about it, okay?"

Jimmy nodded his head eagerly, even though he had come thrusting three times in the tight rubber confines of the box, he was ready to get out of the damn thing. Carl reached down and pressed the release catch on the manacles. It had been by Jimmy's left hand the whole time.

The rubberized manacles around Jimmy's neck, wrists, and ankles snapped about with dull thuds. Carl grabbed Jimmy under the arms and yanked him up and out of the rubber padded box.

Jimmy stood unsteadily on his rubber bootied feet, gloved hands feeling for the release on the pump gag which packed his mouth, as the heavy rubber cloak he was wearing swirled around his ass and thighs.

"Whoa Jimmy, let me get that for you..." Carl deftly snare the dangling pump bulb attached by a rubber hose to the gag and twisted its release valve. He stood in front of Jimmy, rubber muscle shirt gleaming blackly and pulled the gag with a wet plop from Jimmy's mouth.

Jimmy massaged his jaw with his rubber covered hand, and stared at Carl.

"You've got a problem, Jimmy. How do you explain to the police why you broke into my house. Now, I also have a problem. I'm a designer of rubber bondage gear, and I've only got 2 months to work out the kinks in my equipment before it goes to market. I test all of my equipment thoroughly, but there a limits to what I can do just by myself." Carl looked up and down Jimmy's rubber covered body, and caught Jimmy staring down at the rubber bulge of his own crotch.

"I think that maybe we can solve each others problems. If you will help me out testing the gear I'm working on for the next 2 months, I'll forget you ever broke in. And if you do a good job, I'll even let you have the rubber gear you're wearing right now as a bonus." Carl reached across and put his gloved fingers under Jimmy's chin, pressing upward so that Jimmy stared directly into his eyes.

"I think that you may enjoy it a bit also, Jimmy. What do you think?" Carl reached down and slid his rubberized fingers around Jimmy's dick, its head slickly protruding from the tight rubber sheath wrapping it. Jimmy gasped and pressed against Carl's hand, his cock throbbing with intense waves of pleasure from the contact with rubber.

Jimmy looked down at where Carl was slowly milking his cock, and up again. "You'll give me this gear?" Jimmy asked breathlessly.

"Oh yes, Jimmy. I think that if you work out as planned, you'll have more than earned it." Carl squeezed Jimmy's dick one last time and let go. Hands resting on his hips, muscled arms gleaming from where they bulged from his rubber shirt, rubber jodhpurs gleaming above the heavy black boots they were tucked into, Carl waited.

Jimmy looked at Carl, then down at his own twitching and pulsing cock, thrumming with pleasure from just a quick touch of rubber.

He looked-up abruptly, eyes gleaming intensely from the eye holes of the black rubber hood covering his face, and spoke, "You have a deal!"


The Rubber Garage, 3/7
by Gnjal
Jimmy stood naked, shivering under a harsh light, standing on the cold concrete tiles of the garage, staring at Carl in disbelief.

"You want to shave my whole body?" Jimmy couldn't believe it, it wasn't like he was that hairy, "Why do you want to shave me?"

"Jimmy, most of my customers live and breath rubber. They also tend to be clean shaven over most of their bodies to provide better contact and stimulus from the rubber gear they have. So, you have to be shaved to properly test some of this gear. That's just the way it is. Now, I want you to get your ass in that shower now!" Carl pointed at the shower stall in the corner of the garage.

Jimmy turned and walked over to the shower and stepped in. Carl followed him, and twisted on the water, blasting Jimmy with a cold stiff spray.

"Hey! That's freezing!" Jimmy danced under the cold spray.

"Don't worry, it'll warm up quick. Now stand still." Carl reached down and picked up a can of shaving gel. Just like Carl said, the water quickly warmed to a steaming hot spray. Jimmy stood under it, head back enjoying the hot deluge.

Carl twisted the shower off abruptly, stopping the spray.

"Turn and face the back, arms up and flat on the wall Jimmy." Carl made a twirling motion with his gloved finger. Jimmy turned around and put his hands high up on the shower stall wall. Carl moved in, pushing Jimmy's legs apart with his booted toe. Jimmy craned his head, looking over his shoulder at Carl.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"You don't think I'm going to shave you dry, do you?" Carl laughed, and squirted a huge pile of the shaving gel into his gloved palm. Moving close to Jimmy, half-stepping into the shower stall himself, he slathered the gel over Jimmy's back and ass.

Jimmy wriggled his ass, marveling in how wonderful the slimy gel felt, as Carl's rubber gloved hands smeared it all over him. Carl squeezed his gloved fingers between Jimmy's ass cheeks, squelching the gel between them.

"We've got to make sure the hard to reach spots are all gelled up." Carl crouched down, and worked his gloved hands up and around Jimmy's ankles, calves, and thighs. Jimmy closed his eyes, dick hardening as Carl's gloved hands slipped and lid over his legs and ass.

Carl grabbed Jimmy's hips and turned him around, "Arms up Jimmy!" Carl began slathering the foaming gel on Jimmy's torso, sliding his rubber fingers across Jimmy's nipples, gripping him under the armpits, spreading the slick gel everywhere. Jimmy stared over Carl's rubber shirted shoulder, eyes widening as Carl got closer and closer to his crotch.

Sliding his gloved hands over Jimmy's pelvis, Carl suddenly grabbed Jimmy's cock tightly, squeezing it till the gel oozed out from between his fingers.

"How are you holding up Jimmy?" Carl leered at him.

"O..O..Okay." Jimmy stammered out. He was having trouble concentrating as Carl began sliding his gloved palms up and down, Jimmy's stiff cock squelching between their tight rubber embrace, lubed by the shaving gel.

Carl released one hand from Jimmy's dick and reached down to begin massaging the thick gel around and behind his balls. He kept up his stroking of Jimmy's stiff cock as he reached all the way under and fingered his asshole with a lubed digit. Jimmy gasped and moved against Carl's hands. It was too much! His dick felt like it was going to shoot at any moment!

"Whoa fella, I don't want you shooting yet." Carl laughed and released his grip on Jimmy. Stepping out of the shower stall, he returned with a electric wet-razor. "Ready to get smooth Jimmy?" Carl snarled.

Jimmy looked at the muscular rubberman gleaming in his rubber shirt, jodhpurs, and boots, gloves smeared with shaving gel, and shook his head yes. What had he gotten himself into? Carl moved in on him with the razor.

Half an hour later, Jimmy stood dripping in the shower stall, balls, ass, legs, and armpits shaved completely clean, staring down at his cock and balls, which somehow seemed much larger now that they weren't hiding in a mound of pubic hair. He looked up at Carl, who threw a big terry cloth towel at him.

"Dry off kid, we've got work to do." Carl turned away and began setting up some large rubber covered equipment in the center of the garage.

Jimmy began drying himself off, cock bouncing stiff in front of him, balls hanging shaved below, feeling very exposed and sensitive in the cool air of the garage. He finished drying by roughly toweling his short hair, and hung the towel up on a hook he found near the shower stall.

"Jimmy, I call this my water frame. Come over here and I'll show you how to get in it." Carl was standing next to a rectangular frame of steel tubes standing upright between two heavy pylons. Folds of heavy rubber hung suspended by straps from the frame. The heavy rubber seemed to be shaped roughly like a man.

Naked, Jimmy stood to Carl as he grabbed the top of the frame and pivoted it down so that it was horizontal with the floor. It latched into place with a solid click.

"You enter the frame's suit through the shoulder, Jimmy." Carl unstrapped the head piece of heavy rubber from the suit. The head piece appeared loose with no eye holes, but a large mouth hole. Jimmy noticed that both the head piece and the heavy rubber suit suspended in the frame had several hoses running to and from them to some type of machinery sitting on the floor.

"What are the hoses for?" Jimmy asked, one hand cupping his balls, while the other pointed at the dangling hoses.

"Oh, those are the hot and cold water feeds. I'll explain it to you once we get you in." Carl sat the heavy head piece down and picked up a tube of water-based lube. Holding it high, he squeezed a great gob of it into his gloved hand.

"Come here, Jimmy. You need to be lubed up for this one." Carl proceeded to quickly smear the heavy lube all over Jimmy's body, excluding only his head. Brusquely slapping the lube around Jimmy's ass and legs, he knocked Jimmy's stiff dick, batting it out of the way as he covered Jimmy's balls with lube. Jimmy gasped, and held his hands stiffly out from his sides.

"Now, stand here and I'll lift you into the suit." Moving behind Jimmy, Carl grabbed him under the arms and hoisted him up, jamming his legs into the opening at the suit's shoulder. Jimmy moved his legs under the heavy rubber, and sucked in his breath as Carl pushed him forcefully into the black rubber suit.

His feet slid to a stop, springing against the attached feet of the strangely slack suit, ass sliding across the rubber easily on the coating of heavy lube that Carl had smeared him with. He notice that both his ass and his crotch were exposed to the air by thickly seamed cutouts in the suit.

"Jimmy, push your arms all the way down the sleeves please." Carl grabbed Jimmy by the shoulders and shoved him the rest of the way into the suit, quickly fastening the shoulder port closed so that Jimmy lay face up, only his head protruding from the heavy rubber covering, stretched between the steel of the frame.

"Why is it so loose?" Jimmy asked.

"Oh it won't be for long." Carl grinned and began whistling to himself. Grabbing a thick rubber codpiece with a long hose attached, which was hanging from the side of the frame, he squirted some of the heavy lube into it's throat. "Jimmy, you may have noticed that most of my equipment is designed to stimulate while restraining a person. This one is no different."

Moving over to the side of the frame, so that Jimmy could see him, he smiled nastily, and jammed the lubed codpiece down to swallow Jimmy's stiff cock. Jimmy thrashed and moaned at the sudden slick pressure of the rubber codpiece squeezing his dick.

"Now, I have high hopes for this one. But I've had some problems getting the pressure calibrated just right. But, I think you'll do okay." Carl threaded the codpiece's attached straps into rings on the heavy rubber suit and cinched them tightly down, pressing Jimmy's dick in further into the mouth of the thing. Jimmy rolled his eyes, and started breathing quickly, the cod piece felt too good!

Carl moved to the side of the frame and flipped a switch on the small pump hooked to the water feeds. Jimmy's eyes widened as warm water rushed into the suits inner lining. The suit began to stiffen around him, pressing in on him tightly.

"Wh..wha..What's going on?!" Jimmy started to panic. The heavy rubber of the suit was bulging out pressing him tightly between its layers, squeezing him in a fierce lubed embrace.

"Well Jimmy, in this piece I've decided to use water as an immobilization technique. The pressure will keep building until you're unable to move your body at all." Carl peered under and around the frame, inspecting the equipment for any leaks.

Jimmy's back was forced into an arched position, cock in it's rubber codpiece jutting up into the air with the force of the expanding water stiffening the suit into a shining black rubber caricature of a human body. His ass shone whitely from the surrounding rubber, glistening with lube and Jimmy's nervous sweat.

"Okay, that should be about right." Carl shut off the pump. Jimmy was held rigid in the frame, arms, legs, and chest all tightly wrapped by the pressing layers of rubber. The rubber was warming quickly from the water filling it.

"Now for the head piece. Are you ready Jimmy?" Carl smiled down at Jimmy from the top of his head.

"I don't know about this Carl!"

"Oh, too late to back out now Jimmy. Let's get this on you." Carl forced the slack headpiece down over Jimmy's face and strapped it to rings on the suit.

Only Jimmy's mouth was exposed from the covering of rubber, with small nostril openings being the only other openings in the head piece. Carl switched on a spigot leading to the head piece, and warm water flowed quickly in. Jimmy jerked as the head piece squeezed his head, pressing it's heavy black rubber into his eyes and ears. The water stopped, and the pressure held steady.

Jimmy opened his mouth to protest, but Carl stopped him by forcing a thick rubber penis bag between his teeth. Jimmy gagged on the rubber filling his mouth, and yelled as Carl strapped the gag tightly behind his head.

"Remember our deal Jimmy. And besides, the good part is coming up!" Carl laughed and stepped on a floor switch. A pump chugged to life, and the codpiece began sucking Jimmy's cock, stroking up and down his shaft in strong waves of rubber.

Jimmy thrashed his head from side to side, blind, teeth biting hard into the rubber dick between his lips and lost himself in the waves of pleasure the machine was giving him. Carl smiled, and heard cash registers in his head. This was going to be a popular one, he knew it!

Grabbing the frame, he depressed a release lever, and swung Jimmy so that he was upright, slung between the tubular steel of the frame, a taut rubber figure. Moving behind the slowly writhing Jimmy, Carl popped open the fly of his rubber pants, releasing his thick cock.

Grabbing it in both gloved hands, still slick from his lubing of Jimmy, he began stroking it, watching the slow clenching of Jimmy's white ass from where it was framed by the heavy seamed rubber of the water suit. Jimmy moaned and jerked against the tight hold of the suit, water sloshing inside, warm rubber holding him in a slick close embrace. The codpiece increased the pace of its stroking, embedded sensors detecting the jerking of Jimmy's cock.

Jimmy yelled into his gag and spasmed as his cock spewed into the throat of the thick rubber codpiece. Carl dropped his hold on his own dick, and moved behind Jimmy, till his own naked cock was throbbing just inches away from Jimmy's ass crack.

Carl stared at Jimmy's ass as it clenched with the force of his orgasm. Reaching a decision, Carl grabbed Jimmy's hips through the heavy rubber of the suit, squishing water between his hands, and slid the head of his cock between Jimmy's ass cheeks.

Jimmy twisted his head and yelled, feeling the tip of Carl's thick cock press against his asshole. Carl paused, and then began working his cock slowly into Jimmy's ass, savoring the sweet feeling of Jimmy's hot lubed hole.

Jimmy yelled again. Carl's cock was huge! The last throbs of his own orgasm were making him fuzzy. Why was Carl doing this?!

Carl, not able to hold back any longer, shoved the remaining length of his thick lubed dick up Jimmy's ass with a grunt. He then began slowly pumping his cock in and out Jimmy's bound ass, framed in the rubber. Jimmy, meanwhile, was writhing in his bonds, unable to keep his ass from clenching around Carl's sliding cock.

Carl thrust in and out deeply, causing Jimmy to moan into his gag, drool slicking his lips where they were pressed around the shaft of the penis gag. Then the sweet tight lubed interior of Jimmy's ass defeated Carl's reserve and he came yelling, pounding his cock into Jimmy's rubber bound ass, hot cum shooting.

Carl look down, and pulled his thick spent cock from Jimmy's asshole, trailing cum and lube. Quickly he pulled his dick back in his pants and buttoning them up. He flipped the release lever once again on the water frame holding Jimmy and abruptly swung the whole frame 180 degrees so that Jimmy was upside down, rubber covered face at Carl's booted feet.

Jimmy ass throbbed from Carl's use of it. And to his surprise the codpiece began another cycle of heavy stroking, bringing his cock back to hardness.

"Jimmy, you're doing great. I'll start the clock. I've got this thing pegged as a 3 orgasm per hour unit. Let's see what you average over two hours." Carl crouched down on his heels and gave the Jimmy's hooded cheek a friendly pat. "I think you're going to more than earn that rubber gear Jimmy, don't you worry." Carl inspected the frame and water-filled rubber suit once more, and satisfied that all was in good order, left the garage.

Jimmy hung, lubed, slick body bound by rubber, strung upside down, cock throbbing under the ministrations of the rubber codpiece's throat, and moaned. How had he gotten himself into this!

Pumps cycled, and the water pressure in the suit was increased a fraction. Jimmy bit down on the rubber gag and tried to fight against the suck of the machine.

Carl had said two hours!


The Rubber Garage, 4/7
by Gnjal

Jimmy stood on a thick rubber mat, dazed from his time in the water suit bondage device of Carl's. He had come 4 times while strapped into the thing, and he felt exhausted.

Carl slapped Jimmy on the back with his gloved hand.

"How you feeling boy!" Carl smiled broadly and looked up and down Jimmy's naked body, slick and shiny from his hairlessness and the lube and sweat covering it. "You surprised me, son. That machines only supposed to get you off three times, now either it or you are exceptional."

Carl walked over to the containers of rubber gear and pulled out a pair of thin black latex bermuda shorts with an open ended penis sheath.

"Step into these, Jimmy" Carl held them out to him.

Sometime during Jimmy's session in the water suit, Carl had changed from his jodhpurs and boots into a black Aquala suit and open-faced hood with long industrial black gloves topped with a thin stripe of yellow at their cuffs.

Jimmy grabbed the soft light latex in his hands and stepped into the shorts. They pulled easily up his lubed and slicked legs, sliding up with a black stretchy grab.

"Let me help you there, Jimmy." Carl stood in front of him, and grabbed the shorts, yanking them up over his hips, packing them tightly between his ass cheeks and below his balls. "And let's get you positioned..." Carl reached a gloved hand down into the briefs and grabbed Jimmy's dick, pressing it into the cock and ball sheath built into the latex bermudas.

Jimmy gasped, and closed his eyes at the feeling of Carl's gloved fist grabbing his cock. Carl smiled and grabbed the bermudas below Jimmy's balls, tugging the sack into place tightly around them with a snap. Jimmy opened his eyes wide at the feeling of the thin black latex gripping his balls.

Carl moved over to the containers of gear again and picked up some black rubber rings returning to Jimmy's side with them around three of his fingers.

"I know that the water suit took a bit out of you," Carl smiled wickedly, "So we'll give your dick a little help at staying stiff." Carl had reached down with the gloved hand not holding the rings and started pulling on Jimmy's dick through the penis sheath. Standing close to Jimmy, black Aquala suit dully gleaming in the light of the garage, Carl stared intently into Jimmy's eyes as he continued stroking his dick.

Carl smiled with satisfaction as he felt Jimmy's cock begin to harden once again. This boy was amazing! Looking down, he could see the lubed and straining head of Jimmy's dick sliding in and out of the thin black latex penis sheath. Jerking on Jimmy's dick more forcefully, Carl stopped abruptly when it hardened and lengthened enough so that its head was completely free of the sheath, looking like a fleshy mushroom attached to a thick rubber stalk.

"Jimmy, you are a fantastic test subject! Great recovery time, boy. Now let's make sure you don't lose this hard-on." Carl knelt in front of Jimmy and took one of the thick rubber rings off of his fingers.

Stretching it between his two hands, pulling it wide, he quickly slid the ring over Jimmy's dick, down the shaft, and over his balls, letting it go to snap into place behind his balls.

"Ow! That hurt!" Jimmy flinched and back away from Carl.

Carl looked up at Jimmy and laughed, reaching out and grabbing him by the hips, pulling him close again.

"Come on Jimmy, a little pain for a lot of rubber? Not really a tough choice right?" Carl pulled another rubber ring off of his fingers and stretched it wide, looking at Jimmy expectantly.

Jimmy looked down at the black rubbered form of Carl, face gleaming white from the open-faced hood. He moved forward, sticking his jutting dick through the ring held open by Carl.

Carl slid and snapped this one into place on top of the first ring, tightening the pressure on Jimmy's balls, and turning the black latex ball sack into a gleaming tight wrapping.

"Last one Jimmy!" Carl pulled the last ring from his fingers, and stretched it open. It was smaller than the other two but a little bit thicker. Jimmy took a breath and pushed his cock into it.

Carl slid it up the shaft of Jimmy's cock, holding it stretched wide around the base and above his balls. Carl looked up and smiled at Jimmy and let go.

Snap! Jimmy sucked in his breath and looked down at his hard cock. The rings pushed up his balls and made his dick feel rock hard, lubed head emerging from black rubber.

"What now?" Jimmy looked at Carl, who was now standing.

"Well, I've got several advanced orders for one of my sleep sack designs Jimmy, and since you look all tuckered out anyway, it's probably time we gave you a rest of sorts." Carl grinned and motioned Jimmy over to a gurney in the corner of the garage.

On the gurney lay a variety of thick rubber straps hanging loose down its sides and a heavy black rubber bag of some sort, the size of a man.

"Hop up, boy!" Carl slapped Jimmy on the ass with his gloved hand, causing Jimmy to jump, and look back at Carl angrily. He walked over to the gurney, cock straining and jutting in front of him from the black latex bermudas and sat on the gurney.

Carl moved over and grabbed Jimmy's legs, swinging them up and pushing them into the opening of the heavy rubber sleep sack. It opened in front with a strange double-flapped zipper running from about knee height to the neck.

Carl snugged the heavy rubber up over Jimmy's legs, zipping it up just below his dick. Moving to the top of the gurney, Carl grabbed the top of the sleep sack and pulled it up Jimmy's back and over his shoulders.

"Bend your head, Jimmy, we need to get the hood on you." Jimmy obediently bent his head, as Carl stretched the heavy rubber up and over.

The sack's attached hood slipped down over Jimmy's face, it's thick rubber neck ring mashing down his nose as Carl yanked it down to seat at his neck. The hood had tiny eye holes and two large nostril vents. Straightening up, Jimmy felt the rubber sack pull on his shoulders, stretching tightly against him.

Carl pushed Jimmy down, so that he was laying on his back, shoved his rubber ringed cock through the whole in the front of the sleep sack, and pulled the zipper quickly up so that Jimmy was now cocooned in heavy rubber, legs tightly together, arms at his sides and peering nervously out of the tiny eye holes in the hood.

Carl took his gloved finger and pressed down on the rubber sack over Jimmy's mouth, forcing the heavy rubber of the hood into his mouth, pressing down till he felt Jimmy's tongue squirm against his finger through the rubber.

Jimmy arched his back and rolled on the table, protesting, arms pushing out against the sides of the rubber sack. Carl smiled and began cinching the thick rubber straps attached to the gurney over Jimmy's rubber wrapped form.

"I think you'll like this one, Jimmy. Just let me get the compressed air attached and we'll fill you up." Carl moved to the other side of the gurney and grabbed an air hose which was laying on top of the nearby air compressor. Jimmy struggled against the straps holding him to the gurney and realized that he could barely move. All he succeeded in doing was to make his hard cock sway back and forth over his rubber bound pelvis.

Slipping the quick latch connector onto a plug at the foot of the sack, Carl slammed his hand down onto the compressor's power switch.

"The sack is actually double layered, with you on the inside, Jimmy." Carl explained, watching the compressor gauge carefully.

Air hissed into the sleep sack, and Jimmy grunted as it began to press in on him tightly, rubber squeezing between ass cheeks, legs, and arms even though they were pressed against his body.

Carl let the air continue until the sleep sack bulged against the restraining straps holding it to the gurney. The last part to fill was the hood, pressing in around Jimmy's head, with a special mouth piece pushing into and filling his mouth. Jimmy realized that Carl had been positioning the mouth gag earlier when he had pushed his fingers into his mouth.

"Mmmph! MmmMmmmPh!" Jimmy protested, he was bound in a tight rubber sleep sack, rubber pressing in on him everywhere!

Carl popped off the air hose with a hiss and shut down the compressor.

"Don't worry Jimmy, this will get you the relaxation time you need." Carl slid a gloved hand from Jimmy's hooded face across the bulging chest of the sleep sack and down to Jimmy's exposed and straining cock. Smiling wickedly, Carl clamped down onto the shaft of Jimmy's dick.

"I know your eager to continue, but this restraint gear needs testing too." Carl took his other gloved hand and flicked his fingers at Jimmy's tautly held balls.

"Owmmmmph! Mmmph!!!" Jimmy felt the sharp smack of Carl's fingers on his balls and struggled against the tight sleep sack and the straps holding him. He couldn't even lift his head, the sack was inflated so tightly!

Carl smiled again, and began to pull and and down on Jimmy's cock, milking it in its rubber sheath, watching as a drop of pre cum formed on its head. Carl flicked Jimmy's balls again.

Jimmy arched his back and yelled around the rubber filling his mouth. His cock was so hard, the rubber rings were making it seem like it was going to explode.

Carl looked down at the rubber bond form in front of him, and eyes lost focus, feeling the stiff rubberized dick sliding in and out of his rubber gloved fist, he abruptly remembered the first rubber master that had bound him. Eyes clearing, Carl decided to reward Jimmy for such sterling work as his test subject.

Carl dropped his hold on Jimmy's cock and pulled himself up onto the gurney straddling Jimmy's legs and facing his head. He took hold of Jimmy's dick in both gloved fists and held it straight up, admiring its gleaming, lubed, twitching length, pushing it back to get a good look at Jimmy's tightly rubber wrapped balls, rings pressing tightly below them.

He opened his mouth, and slowly lowed his hooded head. His lips slid over the head of Jimmy's cock and down onto the rubberized shaft, bumping to a stop against his hands gripped tightly around it.

Jimmy stopped struggling, and sucked in his breath around the rubber gag filling his mouth, when he felt Carl's wet hot mouth descend on his throbbing dick.

Carl begin moving his head up and down on Jimmy's cock, while simultaneously stroking the shaft and balls with his hands. Lube and pre cum combined to form a slippery rubberized surface.

Jimmy arched his back, pushing up against Carl's mouth, trying to plunge his dick deeper and deeper into Carl's slurping mouth. Carl began seriously pumping Jimmy with his hands, squeezing his balls hard as he pistoned up and down on his cock.

"Mmmmph, mmmmmmmmph, mmmmmMMPH!!!" Jimmy's cock twitched and spasmed as he finally succumbed to Carl's ministrations. Carl lifted his mouth off of Jimmy's dick and yanked on him furiously, watching with a grin as streamers of hot cum shot from Jimmy's straining cock.

Jimmy arched his back and jerked against the rubber straps and sack binding him, caught in the throes a violent and intense orgasm.

Carl finally let up, and released Jimmy's cock, satisfied that he was drained for the moment, and wiped a streak of cum off the side of his black rubber hooded head.

Leaning down next to Jimmy's rubber covered face, Carl whispered to him, "I'll be back in a few hours, boy. Enjoy your rest..." and patted the side of Jimmy's hooded face.

Jimmy tried to catch his breath, gazing out of the tiny holes in the hood and felt his dick still stiff above him, held that way by the thick rubber rings around it.

He felt exhilarated and trapped at the same time. What was happening to him? This rubber was too much, and besides he had to pee! Jimmy twisted futilely against his rubber bondage, and whimpered into the rubber filling his mouth.


The Rubber Garage, 5/7
by Gnjal

Jimmy stood staring at the thick rubber and foam object in front of him. He was holding his arms around his chest, trying to keep the chill of the garage's cement floor from causing him to shiver, wearing only a tight black latex brief with an attached penis and ball sheath. It was high waisted, covering his lower back and belly with a slick black surface, shining in the light of the garage.

"What is it?" Jimmy asked Carl, mystified as to what this round rubber object could be. It was a three foot diameter sphere of rubber, ridged and gleaming. There were two groupings of holes one on either pole of the sphere, with a seam running between them, bisecting the sphere.

"Ah, I'm proud of this one, Jimmy. I call it my rubber medicine ball." Carl had returned and released Jimmy from his mummy sack bondage earlier, having Jimmy take a shower and sit down to a filling meal of scrambled eggs, hash browns, orange juice and several steaming mugs of coffee.

"It's made out of a thick rubber shell molded around a heavy impact foam core." Carl stood next to the ball, his hands spinning it on the floor of the garage. "It's actually light when it's empty." Carl smiled at the unsuspecting Jimmy, anticipating the upcoming "test".

"Empty? What goes in it?" Jimmy asked, balancing his weight on one foot and then the other, not enjoying the cold concrete floor beneath his feet.

Carl smiled even wider, and bent over the ball. He was wearing a relatively tame pair of jeans, work boots, and a white T-shirt underneath a heavy leather jacket. Working at the seam running equatorially around the medicine ball, Carl grunted and forced the two halves of the rubber sphere apart, one half hinged to the other with loops of latex coated steel braid.

Jimmy moved closer, and looked down at the ball's interior. It was filled with black shining rubber, the only space free was an impression of a person folded knees to chest, head and ass positioned so that they were at the edge of the ball's rubber skin.

"It's quite a ride Jimmy, are you ready?" Carl pointed to the ball, and waited.

"I don't know Carl, it looks pretty small..." Jimmy began hedging as Carl stood and walked over to stand in from of him.

"Jimmy, remember our deal. Do you really want to miss out on all that rubber gear you're getting to keep?" Carl reached down with his bare hand and gently snared Jimmy's rubber wrapped cock.

Jimmy let his arms drop to his sides, as he stared into Carl's eyes, feeling his cock jump immediately to attention, firm under Carl's strong fingers.

"Okay, how do I get in?" Jimmy asked.

Carl dropped his hold of Jimmy's dick and clapped him on the back. "Just crouch down on the floor here, and I'll push one half onto you." Jimmy did as he was told, and Carl grabbed the split ball and proceeded to align it with Jimmy's hunched form.

"Hang on!" Carl suddenly rolled the sphere on it's side, pushing Jimmy at the same time, so that he was wedged down into the rubber innards of the ball, laying sideways. Jimmy felt the foam under the rubber push and give as Carl worked him deeper into the one half of the ball. His feet were pressed to his ass, his knees to his chest, his arms rigidly at his sides.

"Okay, let's get you mated correctly with this thing, Jimmy." Carl reached over and pulled on Jimmy's dick, forcing it and his balls through an inner rubber wall of the sphere. Grabbing a thick ring of rubber from his jean's pocket, he quickly stretched it and forced it down and around Jimmy's shaft and balls, seating it firmly on the other side of the rubber wall. Jimmy's dick and sack were effectively sealed on the other side of the rubber.

Jimmy pulled back on his hips, the little movement the tight confines of the rubber medicine ball would allow and felt his cock yank, stuck firmly in the inner rubber wall of the sphere.

Carl smoothed the hair out of Jimmy's eyes and gently but firmly pressed his head down deeper into the rubber covered foam grip of the ball. Jimmy's could hardly move his head, face pressed against the rubber skin of the ball, eyes and nostrils lining up with holes in the surface, mouth sliding against some kind of thin rubber flap.

"Suck it in Jimmy!" Carl laughed and lifted the other half of the ball, lining it up on Jimmy's still uncovered half, and giving it a sudden push, squeaking it down tightly on Jimmy, sealing him inside the rubber sphere.

Carl latched the halves together and spun the ball so that he could see Jimmy's wide eyes staring at him, air whistling through the nose vents. "Let's get the mouth piece right, boy." Carl pushed into the hole over Jimmy's mouth and forced the sleeve of latex into Jimmy's mouth, smoothing it over his teeth, so that his wet pink tongue was wriggling against the black latex surrounding it.

Jimmy licked the sleeve with his tongue, feeling his spit lube it and tasting a heady blend of rubber. The latex stuck to the roof of his mouth and beneath his writhing tongue. Jimmy tried to close his mouth to swallow, but the thicker rimmed edge of the ball holding his face prevented him from moving his jaw more than a fraction of an inch.

"Now for the rear ports!" Carl spun the Jimmy ball until he had the two holes over Jimmy's rear positioned in front of him. Reaching into the top hole with his fingers, he maneuvered the slick sheath attached to the hole into the rear slit of Jimmy's tight briefs. Jimmy grunted and mumbled a protest from the heavy rubber wrapping his lips as Carl forced the lubed sheath into his ass. Carl continued stroking and rubbing with his fingers until the smooth black latex was deeply inside of Jimmy.

"There now, that's better. How does that feel, Jimmy?" Carl patted Jimmy's ass through the rubber skin of the ball and grinned. Jimmy was really going to enjoy what was coming up!

"Oh almost forgot, have to check the joystick control!" Carl pushed his hand into a hole in the ball's surface and reached deep down, between Jimmy's wedged legs, and grabbed Jimmy's rubber covered dick. "Oh, yeah, this is working just fine..." Carl gave Jimmy's cock a few nice firm milking strokes, flicked his balls for good measure and pulled out his hand.

Jimmy tried to move, but the rubber covered foam interior of the ball kept him wedged tight, dick throbbing, balls pulling against the rubber wall holding them, and stared out of the rubber sphere, as he was once again spun to face a grinning Carl.

"Now, this test actually requires a few more volunteers, so we're going to go on a little road trip." Carl stuck his finger into Jimmy's rubber rimmed mouth and slid it around Jimmy's tongue. "So let's get you set for traveling!" Carl removed his finger and leaned over to slap Jimmy's ass through the rear skin of the ball.

Jimmy began to protest, trying to make sense through the rubber covering his lips and teeth as he saw Carl return to his side with several rubber plugs. Carl grinned evilly, and proceeded to fit the rubber pieces into each eye hole in the ball. Jimmy struggled against the ball, flexing it slightly, but unable to split the securely fastened seam, as Carl plunged him into rubber darkness.

"Now, relax boy...You'll be fine." Jimmy heard Carl say, and then felt a plug of rubber being pressed into his mouth, forcing his tongue down against the rubber already in it.

"MMMmmph! mmmphmmph!" Jimmy yelled against the black rubber packed between his teeth. He protested even louder as he felt a huge butt plug being forced into the latex sheath already inside of him. It was so big! Jimmy panted, trying to relax his ass, and let the butt plug enter him, panicking would only make it hurt more!

Carl smiled again and pulled over a wide handcart, leaning down to heft the Jimmy ball onto it. Whistling, he tied the Jimmy ball down to the cart with white nylon rope and the convenient D-rings fused into the black rubber sphere's sides. He went to the front door of the garage and yanked it up, revealing the side of his van, door ajar, ready for the Jimmy ball's loading.

Yep, Jimmy was going to enjoy tonight's test, if he was any judge. Carl smiled as he slammed the van's side door, and climbed into the driver's seat.

Jimmy felt the engine roar to life beneath him, and tried once again to flex his way out of the rubber medicine ball binding him. Grunting with the effort, he finally gave up and chewed on the rubber filling his mouth in nervous anticipation. What had Carl meant about other volunteers?

The van roared off into the darkness.

After what had seemed like hours in the rubber sphere, Jimmy felt the van stop, and heard the muffled sound of the side door being pulled open. The hand cart he was tethered to was bounced and yanked over some fairly rough ground, until he felt himself being lifted and lowered off of it.

Jimmy rolled his dry tongue as the plug was removed from his mouth, licking the rubber covering his lips and around his tongue, trying to get it moist again. He winced as the butt plug was abruptly pulled from his ass with a plopping sound, and heard several people laughing around him.

"Carl, this is one of your better ones!" A voice exclaimed, and he felt a hand pinching the rubber over his ass. What felt like a gloved finger pushed into his mouth and trapped his writhing tongue. He heard more laughter.

"Jimmy, I'd like you to meet some of my past test 'volunteers'" He heard Carl say.

Jimmy blinked as first one, and then another eye plug was pulled free and he could once again see out of the rubber ball he was trapped in. He was spun around quickly, and he got the impression of several rubber covered men, standing or sitting in a circle around him.

"Now, Jimmy. This product is called the Rubber Medicine Ball. Basically, these fellows are going to give you a taste of rubber medicine. Let me show you how it works..." and with that Carl spun Jimmy and rolled him across the floor.

Jimmy felt dizzy as the ball rolled end over end, taking his bound head up and then down. He was abruptly stopped, eyes up and facing the rubberman who had stopped the ball.

"Hello, boy" the rubberman sneered through his hood, eyes glinting, teeth flashing at the bound Jimmy. The rubberman stuck his gloved finger into Jimmy's rubber propped mouth, sliding it around his tongue.

Pulling his now spit slicked finger out of Jimmy's mouth, the rubberman inspected it, black wet rubber gleaming wetly, and grunted with satisfaction. Reaching down, he grabbed the side of his heavy rubber codpiece and snapped it open, releasing a stiff, thick rubber sheathed dick.

Jimmy's eyes widened in alarm as the rubberman grabbed either side of the rubber ball and pulled Jimmy's rubber rimmed mouth slowly down onto his cock, grunting and swearing as Jimmy's tongue slid along its shaft.

"Damn, boy, you feel good!" The rubberman's cock throbbed inside of Jimmy's mouth, pushing towards the back of his throat. Stuck inside the rubber sphere, Jimmy could only watch as the rubberman began stroking in and out of his rubber wrapped lips.

Grabbing the ridged rubber surface of the ball tightly in his gloved hands, the rubberman began deep thrusting into Jimmy's mouth and throat, causing him to gag. Jimmy's eyes rolled in panic as each plunge of the rubberman's rubber covered cock stopped his air.

The rubberman threw back his hooded head and yelled, his cock jumping and twitching in Jimmy's mouth as he came, streamers of hot cum splashing the back of Jimmy's throat. The rubberman gave one last shudder, pressing Jimmy's rubber bound face hard against his cock. Then pushed Jimmy off his dick with a wet plop, cum trailing down the side of the black rubber ball.

"Excellent Medicine Ball, Carl!" the rubberman laughed and suddenly rolled Jimmy across the room to another grinning rubberman.

This time Jimmy came up facing away from the rubberman who had caught him, and he felt hands working his ass through the thick rubber skin of the ball.

"My turn, boy!" the other rubberman grunted.

Jimmy heard snaps popping behind him and felt something pressing at his rubber sheathed asshole. He winced and struggled against the thick rubber and foam he was wedged tightly into, as a large cock slowly worked itself past his sphincter and deep inside his ass.

"Mmpph!, mmmmMMMphh!" Jimmy tried to protest as the rubbermen around him laughed. The stiff cock began sliding in and out, slipping easily over the rubber already pressed inside of Jimmy, spreading his ass wide.

The rubberman behind him gripped the medicine ball and began yanking the trapped Jimmy back on his hard dick, burying it deep inside Jimmy's ass, slapping his rubber covered pelvis against Jimmy's rubber skinned ass cheeks, over and over again.

Jimmy closed his eyes and felt the rubber around him stretch and recoil at every thrust of the rubberman's thick cock. His own dick stiffening at the repeated stroke against his prostrate, he gasped as he felt a hand reaching into the sphere and grabbing at his strapped cock and balls.

He opened his eyes to see half the circle of rubbermen grinning appreciatively at his predicament, and closed them again as the hand gripping his dick began to jerk and squeeze him.

Behind him, the rubberman whose dick was planted deep in his ass began to swear and plunge even harder into him in a rapid pistoning stroke. Jimmy rocked within the tight confines of the sphere, sweat-slicked skin sliding with each thrust, and felt his cock twitch and begin to shoot as the hand jerked it unmercifully to climax.

He yelled and felt his hot cum fill the sheath covering his dick, squelching underneath the grip of whoever was milking him, and opened his eyes wide as the rubberman behind gave one final deep hard thrust, and shot his hot stream of cum into Jimmy's rubber coated ass.

Jimmy panted and looked around, spotting Carl in the corner talking to a man wearing waders and a black latex muscle shirt. Carl looked at him, made eye contact and smiled, then turned back to his conversation.

Jimmy felt the huge dick pull out of his ass, and held his breath, head whirling a he was spun across the floor to the next crowd of eager rubbermen...


The Rubber Garage, 6/7
by Gnjal

The Rubber Snake Pit

Jimmy had been released from his cramped position in the rubber medicine ball after two hours of use by the surrounding rubbermen. He had been led to a small single doored room, its walls painted black, and strapped down to the sole piece of furniture it contained; a rubber padded cot. The door was then slammed, leaving him alone, in the darkness.

He was exhausted and dazed from the rubbermen using and abusing his mouth and ass, presented from the gleaming black sphere of the medicine ball he had been trapped in. Anonymous hands had also jerked his sheathed dick to cum splattering orgasm twice, making him feel light headed and ready for sleep. He remembered glancing down at the outside of the medicine ball and seeing the numerous splashes of cum ringing the mouth and butt access holes.

Jimmy tested his bonds, pulling against the straps holding him to the cot till finally giving-up. He relaxed into the rubber padding beneath him, naked except for his penis sheath briefs, face-up in the warm little room which smelled strongly of rubber and sex.

Jimmy's head nodded, and he drifted off to a well-earned slumber.


Jimmy turned his head away from the light flooding into the little room.

"Jimmy. Wake-up boy." Carl stood over him, dressed in a rubber catsuit with tall rubber waders and heavy black rubber industrial gloves on both hands. He reached down and shook Jimmy by the shoulder.

"Did you have a good snooze, boy?" Carl grinned at Jimmy, strapped to the cot.

"What? Yeah, I guess so..." Jimmy turned his head from side to side, just then remembering that he was strapped down to the padded cot, "Get me out of this, will you?" Jimmy nodded his chin at the rubber straps running across his chest, hips and legs.

"Why sure, Jimmy. We've got to get you ready for the next test setup, don't we." Carl laughed, and began unfastening the straps, grabbing Jimmy behind the shoulders and lifting him up to a sitting position, helping him to swing his stiff legs off the cot, to touch the cold concrete floor of the room.

Jimmy bowed his head, and then looked up into Carl's eyes. He felt refreshed and relaxed after his nap, but an edge of anticipation was making his balls tingle as he looked at Carl's grinning face.

"Follow me, Jimmy." Carl turned and walked out into the main room, leading Jimmy over to what looked like an above ground pool, draped in heavy black latex sheeting.

"Go ahead Jimmy, take a look over the side." Carl waved him to the edge of the pool and stood beside Jimmy as he grabbed the rubber covered rim and peered over the edge.

Inside was a confusing tangle of half-inflated large rubber inner tubes, rubber pillows, and stretched rubber sheeting. He stared closer and realized that the rubber was moving. Several black shining man sized forms were wriggling and writhing among the shining black rubber.

"We call it our Rubber Snake Pit, Jimmy. The suits the rubbermen are wearing were designed by me." Carl reached over and pointed down at the nearest rubber bound figure, slipping and sliding over the rubber tubes surrounding it.

"You'll notice the arms and legs are held tightly to the rubberman's sides and that they only have nostril and mouth holes in the attached hood." Carl pointed at another rubberman nearby, flipping on his back in the tangle of rubber. "They also have their cock and balls sheathed and strapped for easy access out of the suit, with a paired anal sheath pushed between their butt cheeks." Carl turned to Jimmy.

"Are you ready to join them, boy?" He grinned widely at Jimmy.

"Join them?" Jimmy stepped back from the edge of the rubber snake pit and felt his jaw drop as Carl held up a form shaped rubber suit just like the rubbermen were wearing in the pit.

"Oh yes. Come here, boy, you've got work to do..." Carl advanced on Jimmy and began pulling the heavy rubber gear onto him. He first had Jimmy step into the one leg of the suit pulling the rubber up and over Jimmy's ass.

"Let's get you lined-up boy!" Carl thrust a gloved hand down into the suit and grabbed Jimmy's cock and ball, pushing and shoving them into the suit's tight lubed sheaths. He then pointed to the internal sleeves in the suit, waiting for Jimmy to push his hands and arms down into the tight latex tubes.

"This is tight, Carl!" Jimmy complained.

"That's right boy, the tighter the better." Carl yanked the rubber up and over Jimmy's shoulders and pushed on the back of his head, forcing Jimmy's face into the tight attached hood.

"I can't see, Carl!" Jimmy said his voice rising with unease and a trembling anticipation.

"That's the point, Jimmy." Carl folded the inner flaps of the suit in, lining up the mouth and nostril holes to Jimmy's and moved behind Jimmy for the final zip closure.

Jimmy stood teetering in front of Carl, legs tightly pressed together by the latex suit, arms stretching, and snapping back, held by the internal rubber sleeves, blinded, tongue licking his lips nervously as he tried to stay balanced.

Carl grinned as he looked down to see that Jimmy's cock was already stiff and jutting in it's tight shining sheath of rubber. Jimmy was really going to enjoy the pit!

Unable to resist, Carl began to slide his gloved hands up and down Jimmy's rubber bound body; one stopping to grip Jimmy's balls and then move on to pull at his sheathed dick, while his other hand squeezed Jimmy's ass and pinched his nipples through the latex.

Jimmy began moaning, his cock throbbing with excitement from the strokes Carl was treating him to. He arched his back, butt clenching under the rubber, as Carl jerked his cock in earnest, and the tight suit overwhelmed him with the sense of rubber bondage. He tipped over, and was caught by Carl and lowered on his front to the cold concrete floor, his sheathed dick pressed hard between it and his stomach.

"One last thing we need to get ready, Jimmy." Carl laughed and began working his fingers into the anal sheath laying between Jimmy's ass cheeks. Carl slid it's lubed surface up from between Jimmy's legs, pressed tightly together, and quickly found his asshole, pushing in gently and then more forcefully, as Jimmy grunted and moaned, hooded face pressed to the cold floor.

Carl pressed two more fingers into the anal sheath and plunged all of them deep into Jimmy's ass, pushing the lubed rubber until it coated Jimmy's hole and filled him with latex.

"There now, boy. You're all set to go into the pit." Carl stood up and nodded to two cat suited rubbermen who had taken position on either side of Jimmy's writhing rubber wrapped form.

They both leaned down in unison and picked Jimmy up. One grabbing him by the shoulders and the other wrapping his arms around Jimmy's tightly bound legs. They walked in step over to a ramp leading up to the rim of the rubber snake pit. Jimmy's mouth opened and closed like a landed fish, his gleaming black knob of a head twisting to and fro, trying to sense what was happening from under the rubber covering his eyes and ears.

The rubbermen paused at the rim, holding Jimmy's bound form horizontal, pointed head first towards the middle of the pit.

"Oh, and one last thing Jimmy. The other 'snakes' in this pit have been there for awhile, and they're mighty hungry..." Carl laughed and waved a gloved hand at the two rubbermen holding Jimmy.

"What? What do you mean, hungry?" Jimmy said in a confused voice.

The rubbermen began swinging Jimmy's rubber wrapped and shining form back and forth between them, until finally letting him go at the apex of ONE swing. They had aimed him at a section of the pit which currently only held a tangle of rubber inner tubes and sheeting.

Jimmy sucked in his breath as he fell, sightless, and bound, and bounced down among the springy tubes, slipping and sliding to a halt, face down in the jungle of rubber. He wriggled and flipped onto his back, the smooth rubber of the inner tubes and sheets sliding against his rubber covered ass and chest. His jutting cock pulled against a tightly wedged tube and then sprang free, slapping his thigh on the rebound, and causing him to gasp with unexpected pleasure from the feeling.

What did Carl mean about the others being hungry? Jimmy moved his bound legs and slid down a little further into the rubber tangle around him. He was having trouble thinking straight, bound in rubber and sightless, the rubber jungle of the pit caressing his sides and back. He began thrusting his stiff sheathed cock against something that felt like an inner tube, biting his lip as he moved closer and closer to orgasm. His cock was throbbing almost painfully from the thick rubber strap wrapped at it's base and below his balls, when he heard a noise.

It sounded like rubber slithering across rubber.

There it was again. Wait, he heard it coming from the other side of him as well! Too late, he realized that it must be the other rubbermen trapped in the rubber snake pit with him. He heard their hoarse panting coming from all sides of him now, and then a muttered phrase at his side.

"Time to eat, boys!" A voice hissed. Jimmy turned his blind head towards the voice, and jerked as he felt rubber covered forms bumping against his head, chest, legs, and sides. He bent over and tried to hump away from the pushing rubber forms, but they quickly had him pressed tightly against stretchy inner tubes covering the floor of the pit.

"Wait! What are you doing!?" Jimmy protested as he felt one rubberman squirm his rubberized form up onto his chest and pressing down on his hips.

"Shut-up rubber worm!" Another voice muttered at his head. He opened his mouth to protest again when the rubberman ontop of him plunged his open mouth down on Jimmy's stiff sheathed dick, which was jutting up from his rubber bondage suit. Jimmy gasped and thrashed his head back and forth.

He felt other rubber forms wriggling and humping around him, one pressing up against his hooded face, sliding back and forth as if trying to find something.

Jimmy opened his mouth to yell as the rubberman hanging on his dick plunged down to deep-throat him, and gagged as the rubberman at his head finally found and plugged his mouth with his thick latex covered cock.

"Mmmmmmmph! Mmmph, mmmmmph!" Jimmy struggled. Then in a turning point, surrendered. He began to arch his pelvis up in time with the down stroke of the one rubberman's hot lips, and slowly began moving his own head up and down around the thick dick lodged in his mouth, lips sliding over the rubber, tongue swirling around the cock's head on the upstroke.

He felt other rubber covered forms bumping and humping along side him, with moaning and hisses from all directions.

His own cock began to thrum with an approaching orgasm, and Jimmy yelled around the dick stuffed into his mouth as his own began jerking and spewing hot cum into the sheath that covered it, yanked up and down, slid over his shaft by the energetic sucking of the rubberman pressing down on his chest and hips.

The rubberman whose dick was jamming in and out of Jimmy's mouth felt the yell's vibration around his shaft and began shooting himself, grunting and swearing as he pounded his hips against Jimmy's hooded face, the rubberman's bound arms stretching against the inner sleeves of his bondage suit, tightening it over his chest until his nipples were outlined clearly in gleaming black.

Jimmy felt both the rubbermen roll off of him, and panted with the ebbing sensation of the strong orgasm he had just had. He turned his sightless head to the side, pressing into a soft inner tube and smiled under his hood.

"Okay, boys, now try to find your place in line..." He heard a voice say, and suddenly he was being bumped and prodded by rubber bound heads and shoulders, until he was lying face down among the rubber inner tubes and sheeting.

"What? Mmmmph..." Jimmy didn't have a chance to ask anything more as one rubberman forced his head down, pressing it down against another of the soft inflated inner tubes. Jimmy struggled against the weight of the rubberman on top of him, twisting his head, trying to get a breath of air.

He began bucking as he felt a rubber form hump its way up onto the backs of his legs, and then farther, up over his butt in a slippery slide of rubber on rubber, till finally resting on his back, pressing him down even harder into the depths of the pit.

Other rubber forms moved in at his sides, keeping him in place as he desperately tried to heave the rubberman off of him. He sucked in snatches of air as he could, the rubberman on top of his head laughing and pushing his head down again and again.

"Now, son, here comes the final part of your initiation into the rubber snake pit!" The rubberman on top of him said in a low voice and began sliding his rubber bound hips back and forth. Jimmy felt the rubberman's stiff cock pressing between his legs and then being wiped across his ass cheeks, back and forth, rubber slipping and squeaking as the rubberman searched for the entrance of Jimmy's anal sheath.

Jimmy sucked in his breath and lay still as he felt the tip of the rubberman's sheath dick press against his rubber coated asshole. The rubberman also paused, and then thrust forward, sliding into Jimmy's latex rimmed ass in one long push.

Jimmy grunted into the rubber pressed against his mouth and face as the sizable dick plunged into his ass. He yelled and began bucking once again as the rubberman on top of him started fucking him, ramming his hips against Jimmy's rubber wrapped butt cheeks, pushing Jimmy's own stiffening dick down deep among the tubes and rubber beneath him.

Jimmy felt his own cock being stroked by the repeated thrusting as it was forced back and forth against the bouncing rubber beneath him. His ass tightened around the dick of the rubberman, squeezing the latex rimming his asshole into a shining second layer around the plunging rubberman's cock. He wriggled, writhed, bucked and heaved against the cock in his ass, a bound form of shining black rubber, arms held tightly at his sides, legs clamped together, hooded head slipping between the other rubberman's body and the rubber jungle of the pit.

The rubberman on top of him swore, and Jimmy felt the thick dick twitch and begin pulsing inside his ass as the rubberman spewed hot cum into his bondage suit's dick sheath. With several deep thrusts, the rubberman finished and rolled off of Jimmy's back, ass and legs.

Jimmy slumped, and snatched a breath as the other rubberman let his head up slightly. Panting, his own dick a stiff shining black latex pole shoved deep into the latex below him, Jimmy tried to calm down and stop his spinning thoughts.

Rubber. Ttrapped! Can't breath easy, the rubbermen pressed all around me, the stretchy rubber of the inner tubes and sheets of the pit slipping and sliding against my rubber bondaged body...

Jimmy's attempt at calming himself failed, and he began struggling once again, as he felt another of the bondage suited rubbermen begin squirming and humping his way up Jimmy's legs to position himself over Jimmy's used rubber wrapped butt.

"Welcome to the rubber snake pit boy!" A voice hissed and several other voices began laughing as the next rubberman slid his pelvis back and forth against Jimmy's ass, sheathed cock inches away from Jimmy's latex rimmed asshole.

At the edge of the pit, Carl smiled and stared down at the bound rubber wrapped forms twisting and sliding among the confusion of black rubber depths of the pit. Judging from the participants' reactions, and Jimmy's stiff dick, visible as he heaved up against the rubber form laying on top of him, the rubber snake pit was going to be a popular product. Carl smiled wider, and reached a gloved hand down to unzip the crotch of his catsuit...


The Rubber Garage, 7/7
by Gnjal

Rubber Bungie

Jimmy sat in Carl's van, swaying with each bump in the road on the way back to Carl's house. He had been taken from the rubber snake pit, dazed, used, and most of all obsessed with the rubber that had surrounded and bound him. After being removed from the rubber snake pit, he had been stripped completely, and shoved into a steaming shower, where several rubbermen in catsuits and hoods had scrubbed and rinsed the sweat, cum, and lube from his body. The soap suds had dropped from the large sponges they used, splattering against their own black rubber skins, wet and shining from the shower. He had stood, staring at their bobbing black rubber heads, gleaming in the steam of the shower, as they moved the rough sponges over his ass, between his legs, across his chest, under his arms, and everywhere else.

They had then pulled him from the shower, and finished roughly drying him, when Carl finally appeared, holding out a thick terry-cloth bath robe, grinning from ear to ear.

Now, Jimmy sat in the passenger seat of Carl's van, mind flashing back to the writhing rubber forms in the snake pit, the dizzying roll of the rubber medicine ball, and the feeling of his cock shooting hot cum while rubber wrapped him and trapped him. He shook his head, and looked sideways at Carl.

"You did fine, Jimmy. Just fine. I'll get you home for a snooze and we can start again this evening." Carl told him in a friendly voice, eyes never leaving the road, which rushed by in the flash of the headlights. The sun was just peeking up over the tree line, turning the sky a gradually lightening shade of blue.

Carl glanced over at Jimmy, and recognized the rubber turmoil which must be whirling through Jimmy's mind as he stared out at the road in front of them, eyes far-away and unfocused. Jimmy had just about completed his conversion to a full-fledged rubberman. Carl had heard Jimmy's moans of pleasure as he was rolled back and forth among the grasping rubbermen in the medicine ball and also while being mounted in the snake pit. Jimmy was quickly becoming addicted to the feeling of rubber covering him, and the release rubber sex provided. Tonight, Carl would bind and use Jimmy once again, making his conversion to a squirming, bound, and used rubberman complete.

Carl smiled softly to himself, as the van zoomed over the road to home, rays of sun beginning to paint the black asphalt.

Jimmy had returned to Carl's garage that evening, entering from the side door after a cautious knock. He quickly stripped out of his grey sweatshirt, jeans and sneakers at Carl's gesture.

He now stood before Carl, standing in the chill garage, naked except for his socks and tight white underwear. Hands tucked under his armpits in an attempt to stay warm, Jimmy unconsciously bounced from foot to foot, waiting as Carl pulled darkly gleaming rubber gear from the plastic crates packed around the garage's walls.

Jimmy couldn't take his eyes off of Carl's rubber covered body. Carl was wearing a tight full-body catsuit of black rubber with an attached openfaced hood. His hands were covered in heavy black rubber gauntlets matching a high pair of black waders covering his feet and legs up to his thighs, ending in a bright yellow stripe. Carl's dick was outlined in the tight rubber of the catsuit, zipper running over it's bulge.

"Now, Jimmy. This is the first layer for tonight." Holding up a thin black catsuit, Carl moved over to where Jimmy was standing, and noticed that he was still wearing his shorts and socks. "What's this boy? I thought I told you to strip!"

Carl flipped the rubber catsuit up and over his shoulder with a slap and rustle of latex and grabbed Jimmy's tight-whites in his gauntlet covered hands. Looking up into Jimmy's wide eyes with a touch of disapproval, Carl bent and yanked down the underwear.

Jimmy's cock already stiff from the sight of Carl's rubberized form, and from anticipation of the upcoming rubber bondage, bounced free and slapped against Carl's hooded head. Carl straightened quickly, and grabbed Jimmy's dick tightly in his fist.

"Now I want you to take off your socks Jimmy. And next time I tell you to strip, I mean everything!" Carl snarled at him.

Jimmy winced from the tight grip of Carl's hand, and bent down to pull off one white crew sock and then the other, trying to balance against the pull of Carl's hold on his now throbbing cock.

Jimmy tossed the socks onto the pile of his other discarded clothing and raised his eyes to look at Carl's face, framed in slick black latex. Carl's eyes flashed, and he squeezed Jimmy's dick in his gauntlet's fist, rubber sliding around it's hard shaft, before letting go with a laugh.

"You need to be more attentive, Jimmy. I know it's hard with all this rubber around, but you really need to listen to me. Or else, who knows what will happen?" Carl smiled at him with a trace of warning in his eyes, and pulled the draped catsuit off of his shoulder. "Now, this is already lubed and ready for you, so just step into it."

Jimmy put one hand on Carl's shoulder as he stepped into the tight black catsuit. Thick lube squelched up around his toes and calves as Carl shimmied it up his legs. Carl yanked it up with a smooth pull, and the rubber slid up his legs and over his ass and pelvis, trapping his cock in a tight rubber grip. Jimmy was now covered in gleaming black rubber from his toes to his waist.

"Okay, now your arms, you'll need to wriggle your fingers to get into the attached gloves." Carl held armholes of the catsuit ready for Jimmy.

Jimmy took a breath, and then plunged his hands into the rubber sleeves, pushing them easily down into the slippery lubed interior. Carl then pulled catsuit up his chest, snugging it around his sides and neck, before grabbing the back zip and pulling it up the middle of Jimmy's back, stretching and tightening the gleaming black rubber over Jimmy's nipples and chest.

Jimmy let out a moan as the rubber squeezed and slide around his body, lube sliming him completely within his latex skin. Carl moved back in front of him and pinched the rubber on either side of Jimmy's thigh, jerking it up to smooth out the wrinkles at his knees. He performed the same operation on Jimmy's other leg, until the rubber was tight at the top of his legs, jammed into the base of his ass, and wedged around his crotch. Jimmy clenched his hands into fists, the lube squirting between his fingers and palms, as he tried to calm his breathing, and ignore the feeling of the lubed rubber pressed against his dick and balls.

Carl picked up a heavy rubber hood and pulled Jimmy's head forward, towards his rubberized chest. Hooking the hood over Jimmy's forehead, he quickly pulled it down, smoothing it over Jimmy's face with his gloved hands, black rubber shining in the lights of the garage, tucking it into the neck of the catsuit then zipping it up tight around Jimmy's neck.

Carl stood back, and looked at Jimmy, wrapped in a black lubed latex skin. Jimmy's eyes peered from the holes in the heavy rubber hood, his tongue running over the latex lapping his lips, poking out of the thin slit at his mouth. His crotch bulged, chrome zipper glinting in the lights, promising access to a stiff dick at a future time. His toes and feet were wrapped tightly in the footed ends of the catsuit, while the rest of his body was completely covered in rubber.

Carl nodded his approval, and went to the storage crates to retrieve the next layer of rubber gear.

Jimmy stood mutely, overwhelmed already by the intense feelings the lubed rubber was evoking in him, as Carl grabbed his right hand and forced it into a heavy rubber bondage mitten. He pushed Jimmy's fingers deeply into the stiff mitten, clamping the attached cuff tightly around Jimmy's wrist. Threading the cuff's leather tongue into a chrome roller buckle, he pulled it tight and secured it. Jimmy held his now useless hand up in front of his hooded face, turning it this way and that, as Carl forced another mitten onto his other hand.

The mitten was of a dull black rubber, heavier than any he had seen before, fastened at his wrist with a wide leather strap and buckle. It forced his hand into a curled shape, fingers bound and useless in the grip of the heavy rubber, ending in a heavy chrome D-ring, fused between his thumb and fingers.

Carl dropped Jimmy's other hand after cinching down the rubber mitten, and pick up a pair of rubber ankle cuffs. Crouching down, his own rubber catsuit squelching around him as it slid over his ass and back; Carl quickly wrapped Jimmy's ankles securely in the cuffs.

Carl stood up, and gave Jimmy a shove towards a dimly lit corner of the garage. Jimmy stumbled and then walked to the corner, rubber wrapped feet sliding across the cold concrete of the garage floor.

Jimmy blinked as Carl flipped on a row of bright spotlights aimed at the latest set of rubber "test" equipment.

An array of heavy wide rubber straps with buckles hung suspended over what looked like a black rubber upholstered easy chair. The straps congregated into two main strands held by thick metal rings, which were hanging from the ceiling from a pair of heavy chains. Gazing up into the dark rafters, Jimmy thought he saw a glint of machinery, a winch or something attached to the chains.

"Over here, boy!" Carl ordered. Grabbing Jimmy's hips, he steered and pushed him till he was standing directly in front of the rubber easy chair, the back of his legs bouncing against the arms. Carl pulled the thick mass of rubber straps in front of Jimmy and began attaching them around his body.

The first strap went under his armpits and across his chest, buckling tightly in the high middle of his back. Straps from this one ran up to each of the twin metal rings. Another chest strap was cinched below his nipples, pressing them up, outlined clearly against the rubber of the catsuit.

Two more wide straps went around the tops of his thighs, buckled painfully tight, bumping up against his rubber covered ass. These straps clinked as he moved, swaying under Carl's ministrations, as their attached D-rings bumped against the rings ending his mitten covered hands and the roller buckles of the cuffs tightly holding them on.

Carl grabbed one of Jimmy's mitten hands and pulled it down while simultaneously lifting one of Jimmy's cuffed ankles. Clipping the attached D-rings together with a chrome snap, Carl let go, leaving Jimmy trying to balance on one foot as the other tugged down on his wrist, unable to reach the floor.

Carl stood in front of Jimmy and laughed, giving him a gentle shove backwards. Jimmy flailed his one free arm in an attempt to stay upright, but then slipped and landed heavily in the thick rubber seat of the easy chair, the lube in his suit squirting between his butt cheeks and up around his cock and balls. Jimmy grunted with the unexpected sensation as Carl moved in and quickly grabbed his other wrist and ankle.

Using another chrome snap, he secured them together also, leaving Jimmy sitting on the easy chair, knees thrust out, legs folded under him, arms bound to his ankles, the straps under his arms running up above his head to the dully gleaming machinery in the rafters.

Carl reached down to the front of the rubber easy chair and fingered a recessed control in it's arm. A whine split the silence of the garage, and Jimmy felt the chains above him jerk, and then lift him bodily into the air, the straps under his armpits and around his chest tightening on him as his full weight was hefted up. Carl grinned and fingered the control until Jimmy was swinging about a foot above the black gleaming easy chair, knees splayed, bulging crotch obscenely exposed, hooded head on the same level as Carl's.

"Now Jimmy, I call this the rubberman's easy chair. It's covered in thick black rubber, has some decent cushioning, and provides easy access to the winch control used in the harness your strapped into." Carl released the control and straightened up, moving between Jimmy's spread legs.

Reaching forward, Carl pinched Jimmy's compressed nipples with the fingers of his gauntlets, smiling as Jimmy squirmed in his harness, feet twisting against his rubber covered ass, bulging dick under the chrome zipper of the catsuit's crotch sliding as it grew even stiffer. Dropping his grip on one nipple, Carl reached down and began massaging Jimmy's cock through the rubber of the catsuit. He could feel Jimmy's dick slipping between the rubber and his fingers, sliding against Jimmy's lower belly in a squelch of lube. Jimmy groaned and leaned his hooded head back, eyes closed as he submitted to the pleasure of Carl's hand on his cock.

Carl felt his own cock stiffen and slide under his catsuit, and grinned with anticipation. Jimmy didn't know what the chair and harness were for, yet.

Letting go of Jimmy's nipple and crotch he laughed and picked up a thick rubber penis gag from the arm of the chair. Grabbing Jimmy's hooded knob of a head he pulled it foward and jammed the gag deep into Jimmy's mouth before he could protest. Reaching his hands around to the back of Jimmy's head, he cinched the gag down until Jimmy's cheeks bulged around its rubber straps. Giving Jimmy a light slap on the side of the face, he laughed again and leaned forward, slipping underneath Jimmy's suspended rubber wrapped ass in one sinuous movement, twisting to land ass first in the easy chair.

Wriggling his rubber covered butt around till he was comfortable, he reclined in the chair, and stared up at the gently swinging Jimmy, bound and gagged in rubber above him. Jimmy's ass was directly over Carl's bulging rubber crotch.

"Ah, Jimmy. I really think this one is going to be the hot seller for all those masters with rubber slaves. Let's see if it lives up to it's promise, eh?" Carl reached up and grabbed the zipper tab over Jimmy's crotch and pulled. The bottom of the catsuit split open, releasing Jimmy's cock and balls and exposing his asshole. Lube dripped from the tip of Jimmy's twitching dick, dropping to splatter against the black gleaming bulge of Carl's rubber covered cock.

Carl reached up and grabbed Jimmy's balls in one gloved hand, cock in the other and began to squeeze and slide along them respectively. The lube dripping from the catsuit slimed his gauntlets as Carl began stroking Jimmy's throbbing dick. His fingers gripped Jimmy's balls and squeezed rhythmically, causing Jimmy to gasp and bite down on the penis gag jammed between his teeth. He felt like his cock was going to explode from the slick sliding grip of Carl's gloved hand. He jerked against the straps holding him, legs pulling down against his own wrists as his body convulsed, arching his back against the impending climax rising in his balls and loins.

Carl started pumping with more force and moved the thumb of the hand clamped onto Jimmy's balls to plunge into Jimmy's asshole, pressing in with a plop of lube. This was too much for Jimmy, bound and shuddering above Carl; His dick jerked and began spewing hot cum down over Carl's rubber covered legs. Jimmy yelled into the gag and shook as the orgasm wracked his body, straining cock head purple, and lubed, emerging from the fist of Carl's gloved hand.

Carl grinned and jammed his thumb deep inside of Jimmy's ass as he came, swinging in the harness above Carl's splattered black crotch. His own dick was now throbbing under the tight black grip of the his rubber catsuit.

Milking the last of the cum from Jimmy's dick. Carl let go and pulled his thumb from Jimmy's ass with a sucking plop. Reaching next to the easy chair, he pulled up an arrangement of thin wires attached to two plastic rings. He slipped one of the rings around the base of Jimmy's still twitching cock, while fastening the other around his hanging balls. The wires ran down to a jack in the arm of the rubber easy chair.

"Okay, Jimmy. You're nice and warmed-up. So let's try out the easy chair." Carl's hands moved to his own crotch zipper and smoothly opened it, releasing his thick, stiff cock. Grabbing it with one gloved hand, he began stroking it to it's full length and thickness as the other hand fingered the control on the easy chair.

Jimmy opened his eyes and looked around in panic, as the winch whined above him and his exposed ass dropped towards Carl's jutting dick. He jerked against the harness and straps holding him, fingers clawing uselessly inside the heavy rubber bondage mittens as he heard Carl laugh and felt the tip of Carl's thick cock head slide between his lubed ass cheeks.

"Struggle all you want, Jimmy. I must admit, a squirming ass feels better then a relaxed one." Carl pushed on the winch control and dropped Jimmy lower. Jimmy yelled as Carl's cock head pressed against his asshole, and suddenly popped inside with a lubed slide. Jimmy couldn't help writhing his ass as the winch lowered him onto Carl's thick dick until his ass cheeks bumped against Carl's pelvis. Jimmy felt packed. Carl's cock was so big! His breath whistled through he penis gag, as he fought to relax his sphincter muscles around the intruder.

Carl released the winch control and grabbed Jimmy's rubber covered hips, pulling his suspended ass down farther, pushing in with his throbbing cock as Jimmy fought against him. Carl grunted from the feeling of Jimmy's tight ass clenching around his dick and reached down to the easy chair control once again.

Flipping a toggle switch, he smiled as Jimmy jerked, electrical jolts shooting through his dick and balls from the plastic rings and attached contacts. Jimmy began yelling and fighting the rubber bondage in earnest, his ass clenching and unclenching on Carl's thick shaft as the electricity jolted through him.

The voltage wouldn't harm Jimmy in the least. But it did keep him from relaxing, and the mad dance it made Jimmy's ass perform on top of Carl's dick was pleasurable in the extreme.

Carl laughed and flipped another toggle on the easy chair's recessed control panel. The winch above them began to jerk Jimmy up and down by at least two inches in a halting, abrupt whine of gears and clink of chains. This made Jimmy's bound and suspended ass rise up and down on Carl's slimed cock, causing Jimmy to moan into his gag and Carl to lean back into the rubber easy chair with an expression of deep satisfaction.

"Hang on boy, I can keep from shooting for at least an hour, so you should conserve your strength!" Carl laughed and leaned back, arms at his sides as the rubber strapped, gagged, harnessed, and suspended Jimmy was bounced up and down on his dick, ass muscles and cock twitching from the random sequence of electrical jolts administered by the easy chair's circuitry. Jimmy's eyes rolled in his head as his ass convulsed around Carl's rock hard dick as it plunged in and out of his jerking ass; an hour at least!

Carl closed his eyes and concentrated on keeping his dick on the edge of climax without going over. He was going to try for an hour and a half this time! He gripped the arms of the easy chair in his gauntleted hands and smiled as the winch and Jimmy whined and yelled above him.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over. 

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.