Friday, February 4, 2011

Bondage Story: He Who's Without Sin Part 2

Day 35/365... busy, busy, busy....

My fellow inmates,

For those who may be concerned, the U-vote bondage stories have not gone away. The reason there has been no vote this week is I am going to take some time to add some new stories to the mix as well. I am currently working on one called "Room 336", and have 5 others in the works with divers, firefighters...etc...

The vote shall come back and soon. For now though one of my readers told me I always write from the point of view of the bottom, why not ry from the point of view of the top...

Ok, I can do that... So here is the story you voted for last week: "He who's without sin #2"


He who's without sin part 2

Isn't it funny, living in a small town how everyone seems to know everything about you; or at least their version of such.

Michael and I had been together for about 5 years, I snatched him up one day as he was sheepishly hanging out in the park watching the boys jog by.

He is as sweet as the day is long with an extreme submissive streak to match. I can lock him in to his gear, in his cell, for days on end only to have him beg me to push him harder the next time.

I loved him, yet I have not seen him for days... All because of his fucking nosey parents.

You see, when I found Michael he was 19, still overage, but still living at home. His parents were the ultra religious type.

We dated for months without them knowing... Yet when they did find out... When he could no longer live a secret life... They exploded.

I guess Gay wasn't in the cards for their son, in their minds, and so they forbid him from ever seeing me again.

When that didn't work his father sent him out of state for college, advising him that he would be cut off if he didn't go.

So he went.

It wasn't until two months later that I got to see him again, at 2am in the morning, in the pouring rain, standing on my front porch, soaked to the bone after he hitchhiked his way back to me.

So yes, I love my boy, with all my heart.

Though when his parents found out he was back, and had been for eight months without coming to see them, they called the authorities.

Kidnap and sexual assault his father claimed...

The Parents had Michael locked away in their home and wouldn't let him talk to me. So it was my word against the father's.

Sadly our gear collection didn't help matters any when the police came.

That is how I ended up getting arrested.

A minor annoyance really, considering the results.

You see, officer Jackson and I had been friends for many years, and although he couldn't speak up for for me or vouch for the consenting nature of our relationship without outing himself, he was able to pull some strings from the sidelines.

"Just let this play out, Terry." He told me standing in my living room on the night I was arrested.

"Look, I'm fine with that," I replied "Just get Michael away from that asshole, and don't let them trash the place."

"I will make sure it's taken care of, and who knows, this all may turn out to be a good thing."

"How could this possibly be a good thing?"

"Let's just say if all works out as it should I should have a nice surprise for you when you get back. So go play the wrongfully accused for a day or two, and let me deal with Michael's father. As for the house I have already made calls. Most of the group is on the way now."

"Thank you Rory." I replied as he turned me around and placed cuffs on me.

"Actually Terry, if for nothing else than the rare opportunity to restrain you, let's just say it's completely my pleasure."

And with a mutual chuckle, he led me to an awaiting cruiser outside.


My stint behind bars lasted long enough for the local small town papers to demonize me, and for my attorney to put the fear of god in to these yokels. Rory sent some officers over to the Gill household and extracted Michael who told them what happened.

In the process, Greg, his father, decided to take a swing at one of the cops due to the fact that they were unable to protect his son against 'the influence of those fagots'

Horrified by his father’s actions, Michael happily pressed charges.

Gregory Gill is now being held on charges of Kidnapping, Assault on an officer, and resisting arrest.

Isn't karma wonderful?


So needless to say, I was thrilled when I walked through the door of the house to have Michael rush in to my arms. “So how was Jail?” he asked with a sly smile.

“An interesting experience,” I replied as I held him close to me; “Though I think restraints and incarceration suits you much better.”

“Oh, I could go for that,” He said as he smiled and pulled back a bit to look me in the eyes. “How about I rape you against your will and you can have me arrested?”

I Laughed as I slapped him on the ass “Yeah, I don’t think that shall be happening anytime soon, besides our facilities are a lot more secure than some backwoods jail cell.”

“Hmmm..” Michael replied as he walked towards the kitchen, grabbing a bottle of wine off the rack on his way, “I’d love to, but Rory has a surprise for you.”

“Does he now?”

“I do.” Rory said as he came through the front door. He was still in his uniform and it fit his muscled torso well.

I leaned in and gave him a kiss, “You guys really need to hire a few more young bucks down at the station, some of those old timers are a bit hard on the eyes.”

Rory laughed as he accepted one of the wine glasses that Michael brought for us both. “So, Terry, do you remember what you told me your fantasy was when you originally had that suit constructed? What you would do if laws or reality didn’t get in the way?”

I laughed and nodded as I took a sip of the wine. One hundred percent say with a toy, forced for my whim. Sadly a great fantasy relegated to the likes of the internet. Humans have feelings and wants and desires, to actually take all of that, to force yourself upon someone else, to require them to become a sexual toy completely against their will, could very easily destroy that person.

It was still a thought that made me hard, though I began to get a bit suspicious when Rory stood there smiling at me. “Wait, why do you ask?”

“Follow me.” He replied as he headed out the front door.


I built the compound with multiple outbuildings, each one containing something fun and useful hidden within. Michael's cell underneath our bedroom was only the tip of the iceberg for the facilities at our disposal. Rory led the way to the barn right behind the house and Michael was just a few steps behind us with the rest of the wine bottle and a few extra glasses.

The barn was full of guys, at least thirty of them milling around beers in hand. They were from Michael’s and my bondage group which typically meets once a month, but considering the recent events of my incarceration, Rory put out a call for people to guard the farm and to have a party upon my release.

My attention though was quickly drawn to the center of the room, where Michael's play suit hung occupied, tightly locked on, in a suspension harness, hanging from the hydraulic winch. The mitts were secured to the rigging, above the occupants head, and the feet were tied off at a ninety degree angle, so there was no way it could set its feet back on the ground.

I felt a hand on my shoulder, turning around I saw Michael behind me smiling and motioning for me to check it out.

As I walked towards the suit I noticed the feeding gag had been installed. The table next to the hanging boy that held the container of viscous nutrient solution and empty beer bottles told me that whoever it was had been well attended to.

“It drinks whatever you give to it.” Rory chuckled as he stepped up next to me.

“Well it has to, by design that valve system won’t let the occupant blow the liquids back up the hose… Look Rory,” I said suspiciously as I turned towards him, “You still haven’t told me who this is.”

“Its yours.” He said smiling, “I am gifting it to you.”

“Ok, but WHO?” I was getting irritated.

Rory walked up and ran his hand down the slightly stained tan leather of the suit causing the boy inside to quiver a it. “You remember a few months ago I told you about the boy that was hanging around outside the station?”

“Yes, uh, the Eckstein kid, right?”

“Yes, Matt Eckstein. He spent the better part of six months watching us coming and going, hiding behind the wall in the park across the street. Little did he know I was watching him as well.” He kicked the suit in the crotch with his boot which only made it squirm more, “Lucky for him, or more so for me, that I responded to a B&E call on a house he just happened to be leaving as I arrived.”

A sly smile began to spread across my face as I rubbed my hand across the leather hood. “Eckstein is in here?” I asked. Rory nodded in response, this was getting interesting, as this boy was cute. “How?”

“That’s the great part.” He smiled as he raised he glass towards me. “I never arrested him that night. I took him home and over the next few months parlayed my favor in to his trust. He confided in me not only a love of being mistreated, but also that the night I caught him in that house that he was trying to get arrested. He wanted a scene that he couldn’t stop.”

“Wow…” I said impressed as I grabbed the boy’s chin just to see him try to wrestle his head away. “…and the suit?”

“A product of the hype surrounding your arrest coupled with a well concocted story. He not only went looking for the trap, he happily crawled inside.”

“Sounds Promising,” I turned around looking for Michael, upon spotting him I beckoned him over “Boy, why don’t you show the new toy some hospitality while I have a conversation with him.”

“Yes Sir.” Michael replied as he kneeled down and unlocked the multitude of straps covering the heavily padded codpiece on the suit. As he unbuckled the covering and pulled it away, a rock hard dick appeared dripping strings of drool that formed a growing puddle on the floor.

“Well now that’s promising.” I said as I unlocked the collar and slid the belt out, exposing a heavy zipper on the neck that connected the hood to the suit. Michael took this time to begin licking the drool off the head of the boy’s dick as he slowly slid the shaft down his throat.

Light muffled moans escaped the gag as I unlaced the hood, unlocked the zipper, and slowly slid the heavy piece from the boy’s head. After I was done, I stood back and took in the sight before me.

Its hair was fire red, an amazing contrast against the tan leather that covered the rest of its body. The residual traces if drool covered the lower portion of its face. It slowly blinked and squinted its eyes as it attempted to take in its surroundings against the burning brightness of the recently reintroduced light.

“Where am I?” it asked through short quick breaths foretelling its difficulty with the assault upon its crotch.

“You are in my world, my compound.” I replied as I moved in and handed the hood down to Michael who set it between his knees as he continued sucking the boy’s dick.

“Who are you?”

"You may call me Sir."

"Wait, What?" he said suddenly snapped out of his haze and began pulling against the locked that held his mitts. "Whats going on here? Please let me go."

"Boy!" I commanded, looking down. Michael slowly pulled his head back to reveal the toy's cock: raging dripping an twitching. "Proceed." I said as Michael once again inhaled the Toy.

"You see," I began as I moved I'n closer. "You have been given to me. You are my new toy to do with as I see fit."

The toy took a few moments to try to compose himself and try to push through the haze of pleasure that clouded it's mind. "I... I didn't sign on for this."

"You didn't crawl in to this suit willingly? On your own accord?" I asked as I fondled it's nuts.

"I... No... Rory, please!" as he looked up and scanned the crowd the toy found that his friend had disappeared within it. Focusing back on me the toy was behind to twitch signaling that he was getting close. He decided to try one last plea, "Please, I only wanted to experience it, feel the deep feelings that it could bring within me. It wasn't right, I never meant to upset anyone. Please believe me."

With that he leaned his head back and let out a guttural cry as his body bounced in the harness. Michael held on for the ride until the twitching subsided. He then slid his mouth off the Toy's dick, picked up the hood, and spit the large load all over the interior.

As the boy held the hood open before me, the new toy watched in abject horror as I added a load of my own to the stew.

Once i was finished and zipped up, Michael handed the hood back up to me. Reaching my hand inside I smeared the mess evenly around, making sure the gag was well covered.

"You wanted to experience this, Toy, and you shall." I said as I advanced, lifting the hood up.

To my enjoyment he began twisting and turning, flopping around and fighting the suit. I stood back and waited until he wore himself out.

Panting from his exertion he met my eyes as he slowly began shaking his head "I am not a toy."

"You are now." I replied as three guys moved in to brace his head as I slid the hood back on.

...And as I rezipped, laced, belted and locked the toy back in to his leather hell, i was serenaded with a muffled audible fear escaping from around the sides of the gag.

And as the smile slowly grew across my face i realized: This was going to be fun.


With that, visiting time is over,

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.