Saturday, April 11, 2020

The Return Of The Rubberasylum Daily Blog

My Fellow Inmates,

I have sat down for 6+ years...

I have kept all my thoughts to myself.

I can no longer keep my mouth shut...

I promise, I've been doing my best...


Let's talk about the shit that currently befalls us...


Ok... Look.

I realize that this issue effects us all. so I have been very careful in discussing this, however at this point, I'm nearing my fill

So lets talk about this.


If you listen to the liberals, this is going to kill us

If you listen to the conservatives, the shutting down of our economy is going to kill us.

So who is right?

Who the fuck knows.

We are in unprecedented times, and in our current generations we have never dealt with anything like this.

Our grandparents and great grandparents dealt with Polio and Small pox, but since then there hasn't been a threat that has challenged our world like this....

Tomorrow is Easter...

Let me challenge you to something.

I respect your religion, I do

But. please don't.

Don't join large gatherings, don't go to church

If Jesus is in your heart then does he really expect you to chance your life to honor his?

...And if he does, then really is this the god you should be following?

But hell, what the fuck do I know, I'm a Jew...


Lol, today I read a popular tweet that blamed our current moments on the jews...

the eternal scapegoats

Lord, let me tell you about this.

For 40 years the world has reminded me of my bloodlines. I was born different, It didn't matter what I achieved, I wasn't Christian, and lord, even though I couldn't give a fuck about religion the world has taken every opportunity to treat me differently...

Dirty Jew

Christ Killer

Wir Juden...

It's 2020...

I thought this shit was gone, I thought this shit was over.

But no...

This world killed 90% of my family in the 1940's.

Can we be done?

Can us Jews have a pass now in regards to what is wrong with the world?

Can it be someone else's turn?

I'm going to be fair here. It's human to hate. It really is. In order to accept ourselves we as humans must have another to look down on.

Whether its race, or class,or strength such as the bully looking down on the nerd, or whatever

If you hate another you are compensating for hating yourself.

I used to be a student of slurs. I found them fascinating, I studied them in college, and for the most part I can describe to you the histories of some of the most horrific things you can say, and why you say them.

I get why you say it... I get why it makes you feel better...

But is it important at this moment?

This virus doesn't care what race you are

This virus doesn't care what religion you are

This virus doesn't care what your sexuality is

This virus doesn't care whether you are rich or poor

This virus doesn't care your politics

This virus doesn't care if you live or die

We are in unprecedented times. We all have time on our hands we otherwise would not have. We are offered at the moment a chance to grow, a chance to reflect, and a chance to step up for others around us.

Now is our moment.

Gonna grab it?

Or just keep the status quo?

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.