Sunday, July 24, 2011

Things To Do While The Dog Is Trapped In Leather

My Fellow Inmates,

So the dog still has two and a half more hours before I even pay attention to him, so what to do, what to do....

Well lets search out on the net shall we?

Last night while over at my former Sir's home, Mitch Mitchell, I ran in to the boys that run

I must say, I have known Happyfrosh's boyfriend for years, but this was the first time I had met Happyfrosh himself. Anyone that reads my blog knows that I am a huge proponent of down to earth and supportive people in our community.

These two are both very pretty boys who are the nicest two guys you shall ever meet, and they are kinky to boot. I shall be adding them in to my blogroll, and I welcome you to check out his writings on his site. They are quite interesting and horny.

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.