Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Welcome to 2011!!

My Fellow Inmates,

I realized today that on Monday I kind of sideswiped you all with my writing again... Suddenly I was here, then suddenly I was gone. Then suddenly I was back like it was 2011.

Pull up a chair, 'mind the dust, we abandoned this place almost 6 years ago

Its fantastic, you know... This is where we started. Take a look at the listed blogs and advertisers. Many don't exist anymore. We expanded. was a resource for the community for years... And now all that exists is a blank Wordpress page.

The hows and the whys of the eventual demise of the website are truly unimportant. What came of it is 5 years of pictures and videos gone in the blink of an eye, It is a shame. We shall recover what we can and then begin making anew.

Monday I was playing around on the net and found one of my old pictures. I clicked on it to see where it was posted. It lead me here. A long forgotten site I figured was deleted many many years ago, hidden behind a redirect.

I asked a pup friend of mine to break the redirect for me, and he did. What I found, though showing its age quite a bit, is an interesting look at the first 4 years of my blog, from 2009-2011.

Wow, how far I've come.

Its been 3 years since I have written a blog and in those same three years, I have lived lifetimes. I have a lot to say and to me writing is truly cathartic.

It seems to me that this is the most apropos place for me to begin again.

Ill get to updating things a bit when I feel like it. I kind of like the Nostalgia of it all.

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.