Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bondage Pictures & Story: Ropedweb: "A Flight To Remember"

Day 13/365... Where am I... And why am I wearing a catheter...

My Fellow Inmates,

So in November I promised everyone the Photoshoots that I was in when I was younger, in their entirety, for five weeks straight... then I stopped writing... So what happened...

Can we say cease and desist letter boys and girls?...

lol, ok, it wasnt anything as drastic as that, but I did get an email from Ty Dehner, the owner of saying basically "You're going to do what? No your not." hehe

Golly! who knew you needed to ask permission first (Pokes Ty with a sharpened stick)...

Well some things have now changed. Ty is locked in my basement, and after a long talk involving a hammer and his toes, we have received permission to republish the first of the 5...

He has also hinted that I may be able to torture the others out of him as well, so perhaps we can make two parters... Part 1: Permission under Duress.... Part 2: The photoshoot...

Sounds like fun for me

....and now the shoot....

At the point of "A Flight to Remember", we had already done a few previos shoots. This time after we were done with the pictures I asked Ty if he would mind if I wrote a story to coincide...
He liked that Idea, and so I rushed home and got to work on it...

Here is the final peice, with the pix below the story. Rubberasylum is in the latex and armor alien suit :)


"A Flight To Remember"

To: Colonel Harold Roberts USAF

From: Captain Martin C. Holloway (Nighthawk) USAF

Re: The Events of February 18th, 2001

Dear Colonel Roberts Sir,

I appreciate you offering me the opportunity to plead my case on the matters of the disappearance of my plane and copilot. I shall attempt to recount the happenings, to the best of my knowledge, accurately and completely. I hope that this should be able to help further your investigation into this matter. I wish to offer you my full cooperation, and I apologize for any delay in reply, for as you know all incoming mail to me is thoroughly screened by the guards so It can take some time before I receive it.

The flight started out as any of the hundreds that my Co-pilot Captain Jake Treadwell (Gunner) and I had flown in the past. The only different part of this certain evening, was the flight path that had been given to us, As it had us heading straight through the Triangle. Now please don't get me wrong Sir, I have never been one to subscribe to the superstition surrounding the Bermuda Triangle or the disappearances, No good pilot does. But I hope that after reading this account, that you too will believe as I truly do now, that we were all dead wrong.

We were on a smooth path, clear skies ahead, nothing that we haven't experienced before. Gunner had just put a cassette tape into a small radio that he usually stowed away in his flight bag, I do know Sir that this is a breach of conduct but we never saw the harm to it, so we decided to take the liberty. I remember that we were one mile away from the edge of the Triangle because Gunner made a sly comment concerning the thick fog that had mysteriously rolled in, and how by flying into it "We might never return".

We both had a good chuckle over this ridiculous notion, and were in high spirits when we crossed the boundary of the Triangle. At first it seemed that everything was going as planned, and I was partially lost in John Cougar Melencamp's "Hurts so good" that was currently echoing through the cockpit when I noticed a faint swirl in the air outside. I told Gunner to turn the tape off so I could concentrate on the anomaly that I just witnessed in the fog.

The fog was beginning to swirl faster and faster like snow devils dancing on a windy winter morn, acting like it had a mind of its own, As it slowly moved in and surrounded the plane. I have flown through thick fog before Sir and this was like nothing you could ever imagine. It conformed itself to the plane like it was trying to squeeze the life out of it, It was as if nature itself was against us. The canopy instantly frosted up throwing the cockpit into a eerie darkness, the only remaining light was the dull redish-orange glow of the control panel in front of me reflecting off of my visor and the darkened world surrounding us.

I heard a slight scratching in the glass of the canopy to the left of me, and what I saw sent my bones spiraling into a deep freeze. A sketching in the frost, like a child drawing in the steam of his own breath on a window pane, was forming by unseen fingers. All I could do was watch as it got more and more intricate. Finally the scratching against the canopy ceased, and once again we were thrown into silence. I couldn't take my eyes off of the completed image, It was some sort of elaborate mask with portals on the cheeks and a bizarre visor that covered 3/4 of the mask surface.

I tried to study the image, I even picked up my notepad and attempted to make a copy, But something else caught my attention. It was the silence Sir, complete unnatural silence: No noise over the radio, No wind whistling past, No engine noise; It was as if we were no longer airborne. With this thought I threw myself up against my harness noting that these was no G's working against me. I yelled an S.O.S. into the mic built into my O2 mask, hoping to hear anyones reply, but to my horror the silence had also overtaken our communications system, we were on our own.

Absolutely terrified and confused by the unknown that had just been set before me I looked once again at the drawing in the frost, and right before my eyes it started to evaporate as if a great wind had been summoned just to target that area. Slowly at first I watched as little specs were wisped away bastardizing the mesmerizing image. I raised one of my gloved hands and set it against the glass, against the face in the frost, not understanding why it was there but at the same time not wanting it to go. Then suddenly with an ear deafening roar the frost was obliterated revealing beneath it, what could best be described, Sir, as a creature wearing the actual mask staring inside studying us. That's when my training kicked in Sir, without even thinking I grasped for my weapon, just to find myself grasping at empty air.

A flash with the power of one hundred bolts of lightning pierced my visor, But unlike lightning it didn't succeed, it just remained relentlessly ever more blinding. The last thing I remember before I blacked out was Gunner's unyielding screams for help, And until the day I die Sir these words shall haunt my very soul "Who the hell are you? What the fuck? Let me go! Nighthawk, Help me.....Oh God! Please someone help me...." And then the darkness overtook me.

When I finally regained consciousness, I could not believe the sight before my eyes. I was in an approximately 15 x 15 room, The walls were covered in a dark material that I could not identify, and a soft carpet resided underfoot. My hands were restrained above my head in a pair of cuffs attached to the ceiling, and my arms had long since gone numb presumably from the prolonged exposure of being elevated. I was still partially in my gear, my boots were still on my feet and my helmet and O2 mask still were present on my head, but the visor being left down made sight past a couple of feet particularly difficult in the low light of this room.

I noticed that my speed jeans, survival vest, harness, and gloves had been removed, and the flight suit I was wearing bared no patches or markings, as if my identity itself had been stripped from me. Now please understand Sir that the following events are absolutely true, and my resulting reactions were most likely due to exhaustion and the immense torture that was being relayed to me through my arms, As the Doctors here have determined that I have no residue of any known drug in my system.

I remained restrained in that fashion for, as best as I could guess, the better part of two hours. Finally when I thought that I could take no more, Somthing entered the room. This Creature was like nothing that I have ever seen before, or could ever fathom in my worst of nightmares. All I could see was a black form standing across the room silhouetted by the light coming through the doorway behind it.

It resembled the human form as it had the proper appendages in the correct places, but as I was attempting to make out my captor, it shut the door causing itself to fade into shadows as the light from the doorway was slowly extinguished. Panic started to set in, I summoned up all the strength that I had left in my arms and pulled as hard as I could against the cuffs. I knew something was in the room with me but I had no idea where it was, It could have been behind me for all I could see. I attempted to scream out for help just to find that my mouth had been stuffed with something, making speech impossible. My struggles were instantly ceased, as this thing stepped into my line of vision, six inches in front of my face.

The best word that I can come up with to describe what stood before me is 'Amazing'. It wore a skintight black latex body suit over an obviously humanlike form, and armor covered its chest and legs. The thing that rapped my attention was its head, Covered in a helmet built in multiple layers that made identification of the being underneath impossible. Standing so close, helpless in the shadow of this awesome creature, I became hypnotized by the sound of its metronomic breathing clicking in and out of the ports on the sides of its face. At that moment I no longer cared what happened to me, I was at this creatures mercy. Nothing mattered anymore: My copilot, my plane, my past life... None of it mattered, I existed for one purpose only, and that was to offer myself to this creature, to pleasure it in whatever way it wished.

Its gloved hands started exploring my body, its as if it had never seen a human before, every inch of my body was explored by either its hands, or by the baton that it held before it. My breathing was increased as I became aroused by the electricity from the touch of this creatures gloved hands. Now please don't think that I am homosexual Sir, I truly believe in this mans military, and besides an incident during boot camp and one in S.A.R. Training, I have never been with other Men. I shall relate these incidents to you also if you wish, but that would be content for other reports so I shall get back to the account at hand.

The Being was using the baton to trace every curve in my body, I have never before felt this alive, and when the creature stopped I pushed my abdomen forward signaling that I wanted more. He must have taken offence to this, as before I knew it the creature drove the baton into my stomach leaving me sagging against the cuffs grasping for air.

A gloved hand reached under my visor and wiped a tear off my face, the touch of that material against my bare skin was too much as, beyond my control of course, I achieved an erection.This change of events seemed to excite the being, as it pulled my cock from the confines of my flight suit and started playing with it. The hornier that I got, the more stimulation it gave to me, and at one point it even connected the end of my O2 hose to the head of my Penis, causing me to suck myself off with every inhalation. I was in absolute ecstasy, and it seemed to be absorbing every bit of energy that I was giving off. Finally it seemed that the Being could take no more, as it grabbed me and started grinding its rubber covered crotch against mine. Every swing of its hips, sent a new wave of pleasure through my soul. I was quickly nearing ejaculation when the door flew open and a new being entered the room.

This figure was different than the other, it wore a loose fitting shiny black outfit, and a gas mask over its latex clad head that obscured any semblance of features. It rushed forward into the room, and threw the armor clad creature off of me. I presume that this one was of higher command, as my previous lover did not make any attempts at self-defence. The new being then turned his attention to me, even though I could not see his eyes, they pierced through me. His very presence commanded respect and submission. He reached up and disconnected my arms from the chain above my head, slowly he forced me down to his boot. I was so gratified to have my arms free once again I was ready to do anything. He then pointed to my previous captor, who shot to attention and rushed down to the other boot.

A small chuckle invaded my mind "Ahh, good boy, now lets see if we can have some fun with you two." With that, unseen hands grabbed me, and spun me around back to back against my armored lover, as a mechanical spider like creature appeared and began to crawl up the front of me leaving a clear web like material trailing from her abdomen. Being the fact, Sir, that I am severely arachnophobic, I was paralyzed with fear, I couldn't move. Before I knew it the arachnid had began circling us, wrapping us slowly tighter, and tighter together in her strong webbing. When she was finished we were completely cocooned together back to back with the only thing exposed to the air being my dick and balls.

I could feel the heat of the creatures body radiating through the latex suit pressed tightly against my back, touch was the only thing left to me, as the webbing over my tined visor blocked out all light. That's when I felt a gloved hand caress the tip of my dick causing me to instantly get hard. I was able to hear the breathing of my fellow prisoner clicking in and out of the ports on the helmet, faster and faster. I assumed that he was also being treated to the same arousal that was currently blinding my rational thought process.

The hand on my penis was relentless, faster and faster, each stroke more intense than the last. I was Swimming, metaphorically and literally as the cocoon became interspersed with the combined sweat that we were both, beyond our control, franticly producing. Gloved hands grabbed mine, and I knew by the energy flowing through them, that those hands came from inside of the cocoon, Our resulting wavelengths collided and meshed, and our breathing became as one. Each stroke of pleasure that one felt was experienced by the whole. As one we grew and grew with a single goal in mind, and like clockwork we came as one, the resulting orgasm wrenching every last ounce of energy from both out bodies. And together we fell over into the soft carpeted floor, in which I quickly drifted off into a deep slumber.

I awoke in the sick bay of the USS Krabits, being told that I was found floating unconscious in a life raft out in the middle of nowhere. My copilot and plane remaining missing to this day. I don't know what to say Sir, as you are the first that I have told the full story to, as I didn't think anyone would believe me. I hope that this answers all of your questions and that you will see it fit to overturn my incarceration due to these extenuating circumstances.


Captain Martin C. Holloway (Nighthawk) USAF

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.