Friday, April 3, 2009

The Creation of a monster...

My Fellow Inmates,

As you well know Asylum has been working hard on his magnum opus “Carpe Noctem”...

...of which I must say I have received nothing but amazing feedback from, and for that I appreciate.

But as life goes one can not live within fantasy for too long. As well as we know sometimes reality can bypass fantasy in many many surprising ways.

Though it may surprise many Carpe Noctem does have some basis in fact within Asylum’s heart.

With that said…

The next few blogs shall focus upon the creation of my reality

Asylum’s past and path, tears and triumphs, successes and downfalls….

The story of me meeting the man who shaped my world: Mr Mitchell.

I was his slave for 2 years during my early 20’s. He was my mentor, torturer, confidant and friend.

He took things from me, and not always willingly mind you. Since he has now given me his blessing to retell the tale, I shall.

It may take a few days as this is one that must be written right…

As for the rest of the insanity, I have been very busy recently between a new work schedule and visitors out to experience some of the asylum’s unique form of treatment options.

*We are still not covered by Medicare, but are working on this… Stay Tuned… Ball waxing an “elective procedure”… right*

As for the return of the generalized insanity… well they think they have now properly medicated Asylum, I have been released upon my own recognizance and I am no longer a threat to society.

My Thorazine enemas make me feel all warm, fuzzy, and wet inside J

Beyond that I leave you with one last thought…

“Drop your panties Sir William I can not wait until lunchtime!”

Hrm… then again perhaps we should have that dosage adjusted…

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy…

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep