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Bondage Story: Carpe Noctem 4

Day 28 & 29/265... I made a post earlier Friday, this is later Friday so shall be Saturdays post as well..

My Fellow Inmates,

Ok... this was a lot of work, some have been waiting 2 years for this... its what you asked for, and it had to be done right...

Please enjoy, Carpe Noctem 4...


Carpe Noctem Part 4:

John held me until I could no longer react, no longer feel; my brain shut down on me no longer even registering the electrical current that was still attempting to take its toll upon my body. Years of pent up emotions, fears and wants had come pouring out from behind the walls I had built, and that he had taken a sledgehammer to.

I had given him what he wanted, what he was looking for, and for that I was rewarded. As he slowly let me go he shut off all the machinery, unhooked the wires from my electrode covered body, and proceeded to climb back on top of me once again.

He slowly rubbed my unresponsive cock through the two layers of rubber as he began to speak. The metallic sound of his voice had a hypnotic effect upon my tortured mind. “One task down, many more to go, pup”

…Pup, what did he mean pup?...


Waking up from passing out always disorienting and it seemed at John's hand that disorientation was the name of the game. Where is a man’s breaking point? What exists upon the other side? How deep is that fall? And at what point is it possible to bypass want...

I stretched a bit and opened my eyes in an attempt to reorient myself to this new little world. It was dark, the lights of the cell glowed faintly, casting a greenish hue across the rubber padding in the low light, and I was alone...

I starred at the ceiling thinking about the evening’s events, of John holding me as I let go. Smiling, I grabbed on to the black rubber comforter laying on top of me, as I rolled over, curling up in to it, I rubbed my body slowly against the soft foam padding of the bed...

As my groggy brain slowly began questioning the impossible nature of my last action, I sat up in bed. I wasn't dreaming, there was a comforter on top of me, and I was free...

The straightjacket, the mask, the gag, the heavy smelly suit, the electrodes, the straps...


Well almost, you see the concept of freedom is one that exists on many levels. I discovered as I attempted to curl my feet underneath me, that my right ankle was still cuffed, attached to a short chain that disappeared deep within the padding on the bed.

Freedom from my rigid bondage, but still left with a locked on reminder of who was in charge, an insurance policy regarding my situation.

At least the cuff was soft, padded, it was actually were quite comfortable, and I really didn't even notice unless I pulled on it.

I slid down towards the end of the bed, gaining slack in the short tether on my ankle, so I could curl up on myself, in the blankets, and lean up against the slick padded wall. Bunching the soft latex of the comforter in my gloved hands, I pulled it up to my lips and breathed in its heady aroma as I contemplated where I was, and what was going on.

I noticed that I was still wearing the original suit I selected off the hanger when John first brought me down here. I slowly ran my black rubber coated fingertips up the zipper track on the back of my neck until I found the zipper pull at the top. Grabbing on to it, I gave it a tug, it wouldn’t budge, I was still locked in.

A chill went down my spine as I could feel the sheath on the suit begin to fill out. As I pulled the blanket slightly away, I looked down at my dick and realized what a traitor it truly was.

Fuck this… why am I getting off on this fear?

Weather I had been slipped something or had just slipped off from sheer exhaustion; I had obviously been out cold, dead to the world. For how else could John have possibly taken all that gear off of me, cleaned up, and put me to bed without a shred of memory…

And why?

…Why would someone have gone through so much trouble to lock me in, making sure I was aware I wasn’t going anywhere, only to make sure I was comfortable, even bring me a blanket? This made no sense to me, If you are to kidnap someone why bother thinking of them for something as minute as sleep…
I filed this to the back of my mind for later reflection as the cell door opened, and my rubber captor entered, crossed his arms, and stared at me. “Lie Back” he commanded.

I hesitated for a moment, but remembering the methods corrective measures he took yesterday I decided that questioning or testing him was a very bad idea. I hesitantly stretched back out, my eyes never breaking contact from deep blackness of the lenses of his mask.

…That mask, so beautiful, so powerful, so commanding in its own right; yet I have no idea what he looks like underneath. I paused to take him in once more: the head to toe rubber covering his muscled frame accentuated by a harness, black motocross boots, and a rubber jacket… Why must some of the most beautiful things in life also be some of the most dangerous?

"Above your head, attached to the wall, you will find a pair of cuffs. You will secure yourself whenever I enter this room, unless told otherwise."

I didn't know what it was, weather the pseudo semblance of freedom brought on by my momentary ability to partially move about or the fact that for the first time since I was kidnapped my mouth was free to speak everything that was going through my mind, but at that point a shred of courage was born. I began to sit back up, a look of defiance in my eyes.

John scoffed, "You know the difference between courage and fear boy?"

I didn't answer, I just curled myself back up in the blanket and stared at him.

"Fear is an emotion of danger, caution. The brain can't reason out the unknowns of a situation and triggers the fight or flight response if things get too hairy. Fear is healthy, without caution we as humans have a high propensity of catastrophe.”

John uncrossed his arms and held up his right hand making sure I saw the electro control box sitting in his palm. My eyes widened and I backed quickly away the best I could considering the fact I was cuffed and tangled up in the blankets.

“Wait… Please… John… I…” I stammered, my gaze locked upon the box.

Holding up his hand to silence me, he chucked it out of the open door of the cell where I could hear it bounce across the floor of the playroom beyond. I was now officially confused. It wasn’t until he began to walk slowly towards me as he continued to talk that worry began to set in, in light of a rapidly changing situation. Yet I still had to shift the covers a bit to hide my raging hard on from his view.

"Courage on the other hand is for people that just don't give a shit anymore. They are aware that they are facing insurmountable unknowns, and that poor choices can carry potentially dire consequences, but they are determined to arise the victor. Fight for what they want, what they believe in, even when crippled by fear."

Reaching the side of the bed, John dropped a set of keys on a flat spot of the scrunched up blanket in my lap, and continued to muse as he turned and walked off in another direction.

"…And then there is Logic, pup..."

"Don't call me that!" I blurted out suddenly as I picked up the keys from my lap. I am not often brought to pause, but the surprising strength and adamancy of my reply stopped me in my tracks. Looking up I saw John slowly measuring me up as well; “Please…”

He chuckled as he leaned against the doorframe of the cell. “…Logic, on the other hand…” He skipped the offending word, and even tipped his hand to me as I looked up to see if he was to repeat it, “…allows the analytical and hungry to survive to question those unknowns, look a gift horse in the mouth, and wonder why it is that the easy way isn't always the healthiest, or most productive."

I pulled the blankets back, keys in hand, and examined the lock on the cuff at my ankle. John just watched me with great interest. "The thing about the unknown though, is that is can be your worst enemy or your greatest savior..."

“But that makes no sense.” I replied as I fumbled with the keys, “Your three definitions each argue for and against my situation.” I looked up at him; “You took me against my will yesterday!”

John didn’t budge, he just recrossed him arms and chuckled. “Completely?”

“No… no… no.” I shook my head as I started back in with the keys. “I am not going to let you confuse this situation. I mean, I still don’t have any ideas what you look like.”

“Then look at me.”

I looked up with curiosity half expecting to find that he had shed his mask for some sort of grand reveal, but he still hadn’t moved from that same spot, from that same position. “I mean underneath.” I replied with a tone of disappointment

“Ah, so you knew what was underneath Mr. Vanilla when you first met him? Beyond his outer shell he showed you?”

:”That’s different.”

“Is it now?”

“John… please, stop.” I asked shaking my head, “You are just trying to confuse this situation.”

“Yes, I do that.” Pushing himself off the doorjamb he walked to the other side of the cell. “But I do understand, life must go on, normality must always once again take hold, isn’t that how it’s supposed to work? This stuff’s a fantasy right? Who lives this way? How could anyone find happiness like this? I just hope you don’t end up regretting every day, for the rest of your life, turning down an opportunity to even explore a piece of you that you have neglected for so long, and are looking to do so again…”

“Look, really, I…”

“Sure there is a life in vanilla, you can live that way, other people do… As you look back upon this day, waking up in soft rubbery bliss, knowing you had the opportunity to be a cherished object, and yet still walked away… I hope that doesn’t eat you alive, Joe, I really do.“

I blinked a few times before realizing that my hand had stopped it's mission of freedom. I looked up very slowly, trying to comprehend what was being said to me. "I want to go home." I said softly.

"Is it what you want to do, or is it the logical thing to do??"

I didn't know how to answer that. In fact I hadn't even sold myself with my last statement, which was more of a whimper than a demand. I sat there for a moment, my fingers squeezing tighter and tighter on the key ring as I racked my brain for answers to questions I couldn't comprehend.

To this day i still don't know why I reacted the way that i did, weather it was his way with words or the blossoming of raw need, but at that very moment I did the unthinkable; for I shook my head lightly and tossed the keys across the room, where they fell to the floor at his feet.

"Good..." A raspy reply escaped from the mask. "Now, restrain yourself!"

As I watched those keys sail through the air I felt a distinct sinking feeling. Like someone had just punched me in the gut. No, not someone...

...This was my choice, I did this to myself.

I must have sat there for a while with my jaw on the bed, flabbergasted at my own actions, for I soon heard a growing sound of irritation as I looked up just in time to see my black knight advancing upon me.

I slid away from him, back towards the head of the bed, but before I knew it he was on top of me. He shoved me flat on my back as he guided my wrists into the awaiting cuffs above my head.

Straddling my pelvis, he sat down upon my crotch and sat completely still, in silence, for what seemed like an eternity. Then like an alien creature seeing man for the forest time, his darkened lenses followed his fingertips as they explored every inch of my torso, his new found property, in a mission of curiosity that ended with a painful twist of my nipples through the rubber suit.

As I yelled out in pain, he began to speak; "Yesterday I took what you chose to give me today. I shall consider your actions as a sign of your consent. You had your choice to leave yet you didn’t. I shall now consider you mine..."

"But, why?..."

John continued as if I hadn't said anything; "...I treat my possessions well. I can be a benevolent being when the mood strikes me. Please me and I shall bring you levels of pleasure like you've never imagined. Fail me and I'll set your soul on fire. Do you understand?"

I nodded slowly.

"Good," he replied as he reached in to his inner jacket pocket and removed a bottle of lube which he sat on the bed next to me. "So! To reward you for choosing to begin training rather than being forced in to it, I wish to hear what's on your mind..."

"The keys…” I had to know; “Were any of them real? If I would have kept at it would I have been able to actually free myself?

"Yes, now that would have been logical, wouldn't it; for me to hand you a set of dummy keys just so you had a semblance of free choice. I mean why would I, your captor, hand you the ability to free yourself after I went through so much trouble to capture you in the first place? On the other hand, what if they were the right keys? Would that have made a difference? Or perhaps you actually did throw away your only hope purely because you wanted to….”

This did not sit well at all, I struggled in my bonds, thrashing underneath him before I cam to a rest, panting.
“Who are you?”

“Your owner.”

“I don’t have an….”

“Look, if you are going to waste my time with foolish questions I shall just return tomorrow.” He became to climb off when I stopped him.

“No! Wait… Please… food.”

“See now that’s a much more reasonable request.” He said as he picked up the bottle of lube he left on the bed and began to head towards the door; “Denied.”

“What? John!... SIR!” I watched him stop in his tracks and slowly turn towards me. “Please… Sir… I haven’t eaten since yesterday. May I please have some food?”

“The boy learns quickly, good.” Returning to my side John popped open the bottle of lube and coated my gloved hands and the cuffs liberally with it. He then pulled a key from his pocket and set it lightly on my forehead.

“A boy must learn patience.” He explained. “That key shall unlock all your bonds so you can eat what I bring you, if it falls you shall never reach it and you’ll go hungry. I would recommend taking your time.” With that he left.

I closed my eyes and laid there for what seemed like an eternity. John was right, I didn't try all the keys before I rejected them, but why? Did I honestly believe it was another rouse? Then again what would have happened if I did unlock the cuff, I still would have had to have been unlocked from this suit and allowed to leave the home…

No, there were too many unknowns, in both his actions and my reactions.

The whole time I sat there in thought, I was rubbing my slippery hands against the pillow and the wall. I could feel the slight pressure of the key sitting on my forehead, but I knew better to grab for it now, for I would never keep a hold on it...

Yet John wouldn't actually let me go hungry would he? Deciding that it was probably best not to take the chance, I wiped my hands a few more times against any dry patches of rubber I could find around me, and I reached for the key.

Between the latex coating on my fingertips reducing my dexterity, the thin metal of the key, and the liberal amount of lube also in play, I never stood a chance. The minute that I wrapped my fingers around it, the key spit right out from between them, and bounced off over the side of the bed.

My stomach sank, my breathing quickened as panic set in. I stretched out against the cuffs as far as I could to see if I could see where the key had landed. I was fucked, and the problem was I was actually truly hungry.

Out of the corner of my eye I could see the door open once again as I saw my captor enter with his arms full. I didn’t see what it was he was carrying for I was more interested at that moment in my ticket to food laying quite out of reach on the floor below.

Setting one object down just inside the door John then approached me “Hmmm, I see you failed what I asked of you. So now if you still wish to eat it’s on my terms.”

“Yes Sir,” I replied, trying to sound as humble as possible. “I am hungry.”

"Good!” He replied as he set a small cardboard box on my chest. “Then we have a change of plans.”

"Wait, what?" I said in surprise.

"My rules my prerogative." he replied as he unlocked my right hand from the wall.

Reaching in to the box on my chest he pulled out a small blue racquetball. Placing it in my hand and ordering me to wrap my fingers around it, he then produced a rubber mitt that fit snugly around my hand keeping my fingers tightly against the ball. He then proceeded to wrap my hand in saran wrap and then duck tape before sliding a thick leather mitt over the whole mess and locking it on. After repeating this with the other hand, John unlocked my ankle and commanded me to eat as he once again left the room.

I found the process of sitting up quite interesting without the use of fingers. As I righted myself and sat on the edge of the bed I examined John’s handiwork. Tapping one mitt against the other and could feel a slight reverberation deep within. I realized then that any hope of doing for myself at all was buried deep within those layers. I smiled slightly, as I knew in my heart having someone like John taking control away from me was exactly what I yearned for...

...But that... I realized as I looked at the dog dish that was left for me next to the door... Was not what I signed on for...

In fact it got my fire up, I thought I had made this quite clear, for without even thinking about potential consequences I stood up, and marched to the door of the cell

"No!" I yelled, determined he was going to hear me. "You speak of respect yet offer me none! Who the fuck do you think you are! What is it you want from me?"

I was getting frustrated.

"I am not a god damn dog! I told you this. Do you not take in to consideration the wants and needs of the other person in what you offer?" It suddenly hit me that perhaps these were questions that should have been asked earlier causing my tone to take on a nervous tone.

I looked up at the ceiling as I continued, as if it would help him hear me, my useless hands held out in a pleading manor

"Look, John, I don't know what I want, and yes I know that makes no sense considering my earlier actions. All I know is that you've awakened something inside me I can't ignore. I want to know more, but I don't know if I am ready."

“…but this,” I motioned towards the dish. “This is way beyond me.”

I backed away slowly from the dish shaking my head, some sort of mental block in my head was screaming at me to distance myself from the concept as far as I possibly could. I climbed in to the top corner of the bed, and with the assistance of both useless hands and my teeth I wrapped the comforter back around me and pulled my knees in to my chest and I continued.

"I realize I am probably a complete waste of your time, John. People tell me I am a lost soul, I burn hot and cold and I would fight you tooth and nail on everything. I always take the safe way out, perhaps that why you inspired me to want for more earlier.”

I sighed as I balled the comforter up on my knees and buried the side of my head in to the soft cool material. At this point I was mostly talking to myself while wagering under the assumption that John might be listening.

"I don't get the dog thing. Hell I don't get a lot of things. I am afraid I'd be a constant failure to you, and I honestly can't think of a worse thought."

The door to the cell slowly opened as John reentered and picked up the bowl. "So, you don't wish to eat from the dish?"

"No." I replied softly

"Fine." he said as he turned it over, dumping spaghetti and sauce all over the padded floor. He then turned and left, locking me back in.

I stared aghast at the door for a while before responding the only way I knew how... The only way that I had responded to hardship my whole life. I pulled my knees in tight and I cried. Out of frustration, out of fear, and out of hurt for his response to me bearing my heart...

The whole time my stomach hurt, calling for food.

I held out as long as I could. Only to realize to my horror that what he left me with was the only option lower than having to eat from a dish. Because of my useless fingers, when the time came that I could no longer take the pangs of hunger any longer, that's when I found myself on my hands and knees licking food from the floor.

At that moment I learned the true meaning of the old saying 'desperate times call for desperate measures.' The only think I could hope for was that he wasn’t watching my humiliation as my tongue scraped my sustenance from the rubbery ground

I made it through about three quarters of my dinner before I started feeling funny, and by the time I realized that I had been drugged I was already on my back looking up at a swimmy image of a rubberman standing above me.

The last thing I remember before I lost consciousness was John's voice "No, I must agree whole heartedly, pup, you’re not a dog."


I awoke to complete darkness. I could sense that I was on all fours but I was unable to move anything but my head. The gag that packed my mouth confirmed that I was most likely in a compromising position. I shook my head vigorously in an attempt to dislodge whatever was covering my eyes. When that didn't work I took to bleating in to the gag to attract attention.

A hand clamped down firmly on my chin, ceasing my motions. "Ah, look who's awake, and just in time." John pulled the blindfold off, causing me to squeeze my eyes shut against the bright lights.

As my eyes slowly became acclimated, I became aware of an image before me… no a reflection… of me, in full rubber, with ears and a snout and… oh shit…

I began to attempt to thrash about to very little avail. I could see in the mirror that the suit I wore not only forced my arms and legs bent so I was permanently on all fours, but the D-rings coating by exterior that were currently being utilized by bungee cords drawn taught from all directions, suspended me in mid air in this unfortunate position.

The monstrous lock at the back of my neck was overkill, but it got John’s point across loudly.

Examining myself in the mirror before me, I realized that by the fact that I could see myself from all angles that I must be surrounded by them. I marveled at the bondage suit that held me, for even though it held me on all fours, it was quite obvious that it wasn’t letting go.

I noticed the reflection of my dick growing from this situation… I am not a dog, why didn’t they damn thing know that? Though no angle that concerned me more than the image of the back of my suit displaying my bare asshole to the world, just awaiting something to happen.

“Good morning pup.” John said as he scratched me behind the ear. This caused me to start yelling intelligibly into my gag and trashing my head about.

“Ah yes,” he said bemused; “I forgot you don’t like that, you don’t get it, and you are a fragile flower, etcetera, etcetera, oh whoa is you…”

I stopped my thrashing and just glared at his reflection in the mirror, as my eyes were the only vocal aspect of my body that he left me.

He moved around behind me and began fiddling with something outside of the mirrors seeing eyes. “A few things you should know pup. First, I have searched for years for someone suitable, malleable, with want that matches their desires. There are a lot of false prophets out there.”

I cocked my head to the side to show I was listening, which caused my rubber ears to flop back and forth. This elicited a chuckle in response from him which began me once again grousing in to my gag.

John held up his hand signaling my silence. “In all the years I have searched, there has been play, there have been hardcore scenes, but I have never had the feeling though any of that play that I would ever be allowed to take everything. Until now.”

John moved a machine in to my line of vision, in the mirror’s reflection, that had a monstrous phallic object on a piston like system. My eyes grew big at the sight of this as I began to shake my head vigorously. “I won’t let him have you pup, that would be such a waste. You deserve so much more.”

With that he positioned the machine so the dildo was butted up against my awaiting hole. “So I invite you to fight me, with every essence of your being. I want to fracture every wall you set before me. In fact I shall get off on it.”

John started flipping switches and setting dials on the side of the machine. I switched tactics and began whimpering in to the gag to signal my pleading for this to not happen. John looked up momentarily “Oh, so you are a dog now?”

I nodded vigorously in approval, willing at agree to anything to bypass what he had in mind. John just chuckled and slapped me on the ass. “Good to know you’re on the path, gives you a starting point for the fucking machine to work on. After a few hours I believe you shall think twice about ever speaking to me in a disrespectful tone again”

He positioned his finger over a large unlit button on the side of the machine, “By the way, in case you were concerned, it has a self lubing tip with a large reservoir. So I welcome you to enjoy, relax, and reflect.”

With that he pushed the button.

As the machine whirred to life and the dildo drove its way home…

…I screamed….

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep. ~Rubberasylum

A Prelude to Carpe Noctem 4

My Fellow Inmates,

Yes, I know some of you are chomping at the bit for this. Tybound has been hounding me for years... Well I can officially say that Carpe Noctem 4 is finished.

Because it is something that I have a long history with, and I wish to make sure that I am not setting up a shark tank and a motorcycle in the playroom, I wish to cover it with a fine tooth comb before I post it...

Stay tuned, and make sure you check back later in the day, for today shall be the continuation of the night....

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.