Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bondage Story: To Murr With Love

Day 40/365... One can thank xtube updating today for the story being finished rather than the new video posted

My Fellow inmates,

Yups, its true, Asylum had a new video to share, and as I went to set it all up today xtube said 'Oh I am sorry, we are updating'. So then, I have spent the last 2 hours finishing a story I started yesterday...

Yesh, if you haven't figured out yet the Asylum is a kink friendly zone... So to all you rubber bondage furs... Gentlemen, Start your lube bottles :)



To Murr With Love Part 1

You got to love craigslist, a place where you can find anything you want and get it same day. From games to gear to fourloco, Whatever you need someone is selling.

Or in regards to their hookup section, looking to give it away.

That's how I met Jeremy, or Wolfie as he liked to call himself. I was looking for rubber play, he was looking for more. We decided to meet anyway to see if we might hit it off.

He lived out in the mountains, it was a pretty drive as I bounced up a rough gravel road with one hand on the steering wheel and one hand steadying the gearbag in the passenger seat.

As I pulled up In front of the house, I hoped out, grabbed my stuff and headed to the front door.

The man that answered was more than I expected, his tight shirt hugged his chiseled frame and his short cropped blond hair made him look like he just stepped out of the Marine Corps.

"So you must be Craig." He said as he held his hand out.

Setting down my bag, I grasped his massive paw in my hand "Yes, and Jeremy?"

"Wolfie." he corrected me as he picked up my bag and led the way in to the living room.

"Wolfie." I repeated as I sat down on one of the overstuffed leather couches, "An unusual nickname to say the least, may I ask where you got it?"

He just smiled and chuckled at me, "Tell you what, show me what you brought along to play in and perhaps I'll show you more of me."

I tilted me head to one side, defiantly curious by that answer, but after taking only a short pause to ponder the possible implications, I decided to put it out of my mind, I was here to play.

Grabbing my bag, I unzipped it and emptied it out in the center of the floor. Wolfie reached down and sorted through the pile of straightjackets, sleepsacks, masks and suits before selecting a few objects he seemed quite happy about.

From the pile he handed me a large plug, and my red latex catsuit with attached gloves, feet, hood, and sheath.

I looked down at the rest of the gear on the floor "Anything else?" I asked hopefully.

"Oh no," He replied with a big smile on his face. "I have gear of my own, and that catsuit of yours shall work perfectly with the plans I have for you."

I smiled sheepishly back at him "Ok," I said picking up the plug and the suit before standing up, "Where can I change?"

Grabbing a bottle of lube from my gear, Wolfie tossed it to me "Right here is as good of place as any."

I stared at him for a moment, a bit embarrassed before taking a deep breath and slowly stripping off my shirt. After unzipping my pants and sliding them down my legs I picked them up off the floor and turned around to set them on the couch behind me.

When I turned back I unexpectedly came face to face with Wolfie. I gasped in surprise, he only placed a finger up against my lips before running his hands lightly across my body.

His fingertips had a feathers touch as they crossed my chest, stopping for only a split second to tweak my nipples along the way.

He told me to place my arms behind my back, and when I did not immediately comply with his wishes, he bared his teeth and growled at me in warning causing me to move quick to get my hands out of his way.

A low growl continued to emanate from him as his fingers traced the outline of my abs. My dick rose up to meet his hand, but he only slapped it away, "Gear up!"

I unzipped my red catsuit from the crown of the hood to the tailbone, and stepped in. After getting both feet seated in the attached socks, Wolfie moved around behind me and assisted in pulling the suit up my body.

I pushed my hands down the arms to the attached gloves waiting at the other end. I then lifted the hood up over my head and organized the open eyes and mouth in to the proper places as he zipped me in to my soft latex world.

And with only a few more adjustments I was beginning to fill out the sheath as well. God I loved this suit.

In fact I must have been a bit distracted by my enjoyment of my reorganizational efforts at my crotch as suddenly I was surprised to feel a tapping at my shoulder.

I turned around to see Wolfie holding up my favorite phallic intruder. "Let's not forget this shall we?"

I just giggled in response as I took it from him, undid the ass zip on the suit, and crouched down to be in the right position for product placement.

With liberal amounts of lube, some patience, and a healthy dose of determination, the plug slid in to place.
After standing back up and redoing the ass zip, he said “Follow Me.”

He led me down a hallway to a staircase that emptied off in the basement. Though to call this just a ‘basement’ would be doing it injustice, as every square inch was covered with some kind of rubber, leather, bondage implements, or fur.

It was actually kind of an odd site in my mind to see shelves of gear with hardcore leather bondage hoods sitting next to fursuitheads, but to each their own I chuckled to myself as we walked over to a cabinet against the far wall.

As Wolfie pulled the doors open, I was greeted by racks upon racks of fur covering every inch of the interior. I took a step back, “Uhh, Jeremy, please remember, this stuff does nothing for me.”

“Wolfie,” He replied as he pulled a suit from the cabinet and set it face down on the bondage table in the center of the room. “And this is not for your benefit, it’s for mine.”

“Oh.” I replied as I stepped forward cautiously to look at the fursuit. I had never seen anything like it. The head and paws were actually built on as one solid piece.

“This, on the other hand,” He said as he unzipped the beast, “Is for you.”

As he spread the zippered back open I could see that the interior was black rubber, and the inside of the head had a large gag and nosetubes for breathing. Things began to stir on me as a bit of confusion set in. This was a bondage suit inside a fursuit and as much as I hated to admit it, I was defiantly interested.

“So?” He asked as he stroked the side of my rubbered face.

I just nodded back with a smile as I was unable to form the words to answer him. That suit scared me, yet I wanted in it the worst way.

“First things first” he said as he grabbed me by the hand and led me in to an attached bathroom. Wolfie Picked up a canister of black makeup off the sink and said “Close your eyes.”

“Wait, what are you doing?” I replied confused once again taking a step back.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me back in close. “Just trust me ok? Close your eyes.”

I did as I was told and I could feel the cold goop being liberally applied over and around my eyes. Once he was done, and I opened them back up, the contrast I saw in the mirror of the red latex, the black makeup, and the white of my eye was a site to behold.

He led me back out in to the playroom where he lifted the suit up off the table and held it out for me to step into. I found as I placed my right leg inside that the latex was already well lubed, as I slid down easily into the attached footpaw.

Before I knew it Wolfie was behind me pulling the suit up “Paws in” he said, and as I slid my arms down the awaiting holes I found fingerless mitts on the interior of the well padded paws. Describing this earlier as a bondage suit was right, once zipped in there was no way I was getting out on my own.

I opened my mouth as he pulled the head on. The gag filled my maw, allowing me only to make grunting sounds which made wolfie smile. He reached inside the hood and slid both breathing tubes up my nose before zipping the suit closed. A faint ‘click’, after he was done, told me I was truly fucked.

The eyes were open on the suit, which explained the makeup. I looked over my new muzzle down my white and gray fur covered exterior to see what Wolfie was doing as he was now kneeled in front of me. I found that the large nose and mouth on the suit blocked my line of site, so I had to cock my head to the side to see him. I grunted in my gag to convey my curiosity.

He looked up at me and chuckled as he went back to what he was doing. I could see now that this suit also had a built on fur sheath on the front of it, and he was currently working the latex sheath of my inner suit in to it, yet my hardon was making it quite difficult for him. Once he was done though the mix of the red inner sheath and the furry outer one reminded me of Red Rocket from Southpark, which was a bit disturbing if you asked me actually.

Which of course nobody did ask me, and even if they did with my mouth filled I wouldn’t have been able to give much of an opinion on it anyway. Wolfie seemed quite pleased though as he gave me a few smacks in the nuts in which I growled in response.

Grabbing me by the shoulders he slowly led me backwards against a padded vertical bondage board and began strapping me in. It was actually a bit of an overkill, as straps ran up my arms, down my legs and across my torso. I wasn’t going anywhere, and we both knew it. With a few more smacks to my nuts he headed off behind me, out of my line of vision, where I listened to him moving things around.

I closed my eyes and breathed in deeply the rubber that held me in the inner core of all this gear. I chewed on the gag and pushed my butt against the padding of the board to make the plug push deeper, all of which made my cock grow.

Wolfie stepped back out in front of me and grabbed on to my cock, stroking it. “I am going to go get changed, but I have something for you to keep you entertained while I am gone.” With that he rolled a large mirror in front of me, and then left.

My reaction to the site I was greeted by was not as I expected. I was dressed as a wolf, the white and grey fur was accented by black patterns throughout. Seeing my eyes in the center of the black abyss created my the makeup and the colors of the head around its eye, was quite striking. In fact as I stared at myself in the mirror only one thought came to mind; “I was… I was… Beautiful.”

Between my growing confusion on this subject and knowing I was trapped, transformed in to an animal, and unable to do anything about it, I was getting really horny. I watched in the mirror as the red tip of my dick pushed its way out of the sheath and presented itself to the world at full mast.

That was that way that I remained, rock hard, until Wolfie returned in a timber wolf fursuit of his own. Moving in on me he cuddled my bound form causing me to lay my head upon his chest, and as he stroked my muzzle I allowed a single woof to escape the gag…

Who was I to turn down the discovery of new forms of pleasure.


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