Saturday, August 6, 2011

Gear Review: The Mr S Leather Sleepsack

My Fellow Inmates,

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Ok, lets be honest here, There isnt much more of an amazing, cadillac piece than you can get that the Mr.S leather sleepsack... What did I pay for mine you ask? I think it was about 2300.00 once I was all said and done... so is it worth it?

The Bag offers an amazing amount of options, as long as you opt for all that you can opt for on it... Yes, this means you must spend a fortune to get it... how are you going to do that, you ask? stay tuned and I will tell you how I bought one on a 10.00 an hour job...

My bag that I bought, I wanted everything I could add: shoulder and foot suspention, internal arm zips, inside out so the leather is on the inside, extra belt set, and spiked tit flaps.

The first problem was that they were not able to add tit flaps and shoulder suspention on the same bag because they occupied the same spots. This was fine to me, I prefered the thought of the suspention option so I went with that instead.

Now one interesting thing you may not think about when ordering a sleepsack is the internal arm zips. If you read on Mr S's website, they are intended for solo play in the sack. With cords tied through a system of d rings and then to the zipper to allow yourself in and out. I tried this once, and it scared even me... This is not a good Idea at all! Period, if something goes wrong you are done, you will not get out!

But... With that said. They have come in sooo handy, espcially if you are a gear player. Try stuffing a boy in thick padded mitts and motorcycle leathers in to a sleepsack where they have to work their arms down the sleeves. It you suceed without having to remove the mits its still a pain in the ass. Here they just set their arms in the right spot, zip them in, and they are stuck.

Now, lets talk about the inside out option. Mikey (bndgkid) probably said it best. Unless you want your sleepsack to look like a Pollock painiting... Ok look, when they put the leather on the inside, which feels great, this means there is suede on the outside. Have you ever had a suede jacket you spilled something on? Not pretty. Your bag will show years of battle scars that will never come out if you allow anyone to cum in it... Granted if you are hanging it on the wall in the livingroom as a conversation piece for your family thanksgiving, then perhaps you are ok with this...

So what do you do? Well there are 3 choices, leave the suede on the inside, cough up the extra 650.00 to do leather on the inside and outside (I just bought 128 sq feet of leather for leatherpanther and the total cost for 2 full pelts was 600.00 so be carefull of cost vs what you get), or you can just enjoy years of abstract art :)

Oh, those rivets... yes, that was something I actually addressed with Skeeter while she was fixing a catsuit of mine at IML. Whats wrong with them? They rust. I asked her why they dont use stainless in their sacks. She told me that stainless costs more and that it would raise the price of the sack. Let me be the first to call horseshit. A sleepsack is less than one pelt of leather. If I bought a pelt for 300.00 I guarentee Mr S pays less. This means their base model sleepsack at 1695.00, even if they argue that its a full pelt, is 1395.00 in labor and profit. Can you really justify that non rusting rivits would eat in to the bottom line?

I was also told that its not really a problem unless you sweat alot. Well with how we play here, boys stay in the sack for as long as I wish... so yes, they are going to sweat. Its an easilly solved issue, and yes the gear is awesome, but one little detail is not going to break the bottom line. Though it is cute to see a boy get out with rust polka dots all over his body :P

You must get the belt set, yup its required unless you like torn off D-rings and rivets. Also you need the padded leg cusion, as the sack squeezes the knees and the ankes together in a way that without it you shall have pain quickly.

Dont get me wrong this is the holy grail of toys, I am aware of that, and yes you need one. But if I am going to do reviews I need to be honest and find the good and the bad.

Oh, and as for how I got one while working a 10.00 an hour job way back when... I took a loan against my 401k and placed a 4000.00 order at Mr. S. I am not saying you should do this, I was young and at the time it seemed a great idea... though that loan is now paid off and I have a sleepsack :-D

Rating 5/5 (of course)

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