Monday, April 11, 2011

Kinking out: Repo The Genetic Opera

My Fellow Inmates,

If someone would have ever told me that Anthony Stewart Head could take my breath away, I would have told them to put down the crackpipe...

And then he crawled in to that suit...

That damn suit...

So then, how do we go by fulfilling our fantasies of making the Repoman costume come to life?

Thank god for Cosplay companies...

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Bondage Story: Uncle Fettered Part 2

My Fellow Inmates,

Here is Part Two of the Uncle Fettered Story. Just remember, as the story moves forward, that a spoiled boytoy of a family relation is not a relation of the main characters...

So revenge gets to be revenge...

And we only have deeper to get from here...

Poor boy.


Uncle Fettered Part 2

Randy threw the deadbolt as I dragged Brandt over to the far back corner of the dungeon, to a place covered liberally with splattered tarps.

Randy grabbed Brandt sharply by the testicles, flicked the blade of his butterfly knife back out, and set it at the base of the boy's balls.

"You make one wrong move, Brandt, and you shall learn to bloodplay." He said with a smile causing the boy to gasp the best he could through the nose-holes of the tight rubber hood; His body went rigid.

I chuckled as I uncuffed him and applied a leather suspension restraint to each wrist before sealing a plastic bag over top of each with the use of duct tape.

I poked a hole in the plastic, so the d-rings could be fed out, And then i mummified each hand in the duct tape, effectively rendering them useless while keeping our toys, sealed within, protected from the onslaught that was soon to come.

grabbing the control box for the winch, which hung over a beam next to us, I lowered the hook at the end of the cable down far enough so the boys wrists could be attached, before raising it back up, pulling his arms high above his head, and putting him on his tiptoes.

Grabbing a spreader bar from the darkness, I locked the attached cuffs on to his ankles before chaining the center of the bar to a d-ring embedded in to the floor.

He wasn't going anywhere now.

Randy moved behind the helpless naked boy, unlaced the hood, and pulled it from his head.

Brandt squeezed his eyes shut against the sudden onslaught of the dim light of the playroom, as strings of drool trailed from the sides of the ballgag to the hood.

I grabbed on to his cock and with a few strokes he was rock hard. This of course brought on a new onslaught of muffled profanity from behind the gag.

"You know what, Brandt," I said as I brushed his cheek with my fingers, which he defiantly pulled away from, "You have put us in a very uncomfortable position with your antics this evening, and frankly something needs to be neutralized for our relationship to continue."

Brandt's eyes widened at the concept of "neutralized".

"So then, hang around a bit, while we decide what to do with your skinny little Ass. Oh, and by the way..." I said as I began to walk away, only to spin around and slug him in the nuts, "... Feel free to make as much noise as you want. This room is completely soundproof, so even though your wife is asleep directly above you, she will never hear you scream."

...And scream he did, As loud as he could through that gag...

I just chuckled as Randy and I headed off in to another part of the dungeon to make some calls.


It only took about an hour before Steve and Les showed up. By then Brandt's arms had been above his head for a long time, which meant the racking pain would make him ever the more so pliable.

We decided that it would be better if Brandt never saw their faces, so as not to mix them up in any potential trouble that could come later on down the road from teaching this bastard a lesson, so they were geared up in head to toe black latex.

Steve slipped in to a black catsuit, white alpinestars tech 6 boots, a black hooded s-6 gasmask, and white leather motorcycle gloves.

He then dressed his boy, Les, in a matching catsuit, boots, gloves, but with a locking black latex bondage hood with open mouth and pepperpot eyes.

The plan was ready to be hatched. Randy and I stayed out of site as Steve and Les entered the room where Brandt hung from the ceiling, motionless.

He looked up as the rubbermen converged upon him. You could see the exhaustion in his eyes, the blossoming of defeat that he was quickly losing the fight against, as Steve unbuckled the ballgag and allowed it to fall to the floor, next to where Les had just kneeled.

"You fuckers are sick, i won't forget this!" he growled

"Actually I think you will, Brandt." I replied from the doorway, causing him to do a double-take at the realization that it was now four against one. "You see you are on high speed camera. All it will take is one frame, one split second of enjoyment on your face and I win. So, my recommendation to you... Hate every moment of what's to come."

Brandt looked at me like I was out of my mind, "What the fuck are you..."

But he never finished that thought, for at that moment Les swallowed his cock...

The look on Brandt's face was sheer surprise as his dick grew to meet the assault of pleasure being bestowed upon it.

He had only a moment to process the sensations before one of Steve's fingers began probing his awaiting hole.

"Oh god no!" Brandt yelled out as he tried to move away, causing Les to scoot forward, pushing Brandt back, taught against his tethers.

"Oh yes," Steve replied as he spread lube liberally over Brandt's hole, causing his to squeeze his cheeks together tightly. "You see, I want you to be able to experience it all, not just a brush of a penis in a hot tub..."

"Please..." Brandt pleaded as he subconsciously began face-fucking the rubberboy at his crotch. 

"That's it boy," Steve said as he slid a rubber finger deep with Brandt's ass, " you can either loosen up for me and enjoy it, or fight me. I'll take it either way, and frankly I'd prefer it if you screamed."

With that he slid his dick forcefully, deep inside the boy, bringing on a scream of sheer pain and bucking against the fetters, that Steve rode out as if he were riding a unbroken filly.

The boy begged and pleaded as he attempted to deal With one rubberman pounded his ass, as another sucked his dick.

"Remember Brandt," I called out, "Don't enjoy yourself, for you are on candid camera."

For the next hour he was abused for others pleasure? His tears seemed only to egg on the rubberman behind him, to pound harder.

The black latex vacuum at his dick was quickly becoming difficult  to ignore, and as he got closer and closer to the edge he caught himself thrusting his hips to drive his cock down the boy's throat.

"I... I... I..." Brandt called out.

Les leaned back, yet kept stroking him, as Steve continued to pound away.

"He's getting close." Les called out.

"As am I." Randy replied.

"It's going to be a photo finish" I laughed as I snapped additional pictures with the digital camera.

I was glad I did as well, for at that very moment came Brandt's demise, as he leaned his leaned his head back, and with a wide grin and scream of pleasure, sprayed down Les's latex clad torso with hot jizz, just as Steve dropped his own load up Brandts ass.

Then with out a word Steve and Les stood up and left the room, leaving him hanging there, twitching, racked with emotions, at his first true gay experience.

It was all to plan... For as Brandt was soon to find out, in the game of mental abuse, there is always one asshole just a bit more skilled than you, and happy to prove it.

His limp naked form just hung there, slack against his teathers, every once in a while he would huff. Belaying the crashing waves of confusion. Beyond that thou the experience seemed to have cured him of his mouthiness.

I wandered slowly over, grabbed on to his chin, and lifted his head up so he could see the screen on the back of the camera.

The picture that was cued up was taken at that exact point, where emotions were running at their highest:  His dick in a rubberman's mouth, another rubberguys cock in his ass, and a look of sheer ecstasy spread access Brandt's face.

"Looks like this one shall frame up nicely, what do you think boy?" I said with a smile.

"Fuck you." He replied.

I laughed, "You already played that game, you should pace yourself a bit."

He looked deeply in to my eyes before spitting in my face.

As the spittle dripped from the tip of my nose I began to laugh at him, "You don't know when to stop do you?"

"Let me the fuck go!" he yelled out.

I replied by kicking him square in the nuts. He cried out in pain and thrashed in his bonds as I slipped a gasmask over his head, and as he opened his mouth to cry out again I showed the internal gag home.

I few quick squeezes on the bulb dangling from the front to the mask guaranteed the gag filled the useless crevice.

After tightening the straps down hard I circled back around him and looked deep into the lenses of his mask. "Let you go you say? Oh no, a smart man would have shut the fuck up, taken his lumps and called it a day, but not you. No, you need to prove that you are a man all the way to the bitter end don't you?"

I smacked him in the nuts again causing him to squeal.

"The rules have changed mother fucker, for I am now going to enjoy breaking you."

I chuckled as I left the room, hitting the lights on my way out, leaving him there, hanging in the darkness to await my return.


With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Spotlight On: Bondage Chairs

My Fellow Inmates,

I remember back in the mid 90's, I was just fresh green to driving, broke, and found my self walking in to a Salvation Army Thrift-store.

In the back they had a restraint chair... straps everywhere...

They wanted 60.00...

60.00 how dare they... to my 16 year old, honey mind, they might as well have been asking 1600.00.....

I had to pass on that amazing piece... to this day they get me tho...

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.