Friday, March 25, 2011

OMG!!! Asylum's Video's Step in to the 21st Century!!!

My Fellow Inmates,

The two day computer transfer is now done...

And there is good news. For the first time ever the Asylum Video's shall be viewable in full screen without having to try to figure out is the image you are looking at is an elbow or a cock...

Yeah, they may have been a bit grainy ;-)

The very first video is of Rottie topping a bound Rufus, both in full rubber.

Though there is still a bit of grain, more of a slight issue of the base file... it is a step in to the right direction.

Asylum has tonight and tomorrow free to edit... so look forward to all new video's this upcoming week

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Define Sexually Desensitized...

My Fellow Inmates...

"Hello, my name is Asylum, and I bowl league on Thursday nights..."

"Hi Asylum!"

"...I don't remember when these destructive behaviors started... By now it's all a blur of dark smoke filled hovels and pizza grease; Fat sweaty men and fingering balls..."

"Let it out man... Just let it out..."

"...I knew I had a problem about a year ago when I woke up in the gutter, clutching a pair of rented shoes with a 10 pin up my ass..."

So yes, I bowl, and yes... I am a geek, just like the rest of us...

Show me a kinkster who without some level of geekery in their present or past, and I'll show you a man with something to hide...

"I'm not a geek, I'm an engineer!!!" ... Wonderful darling! And let me say how beautifully decorated this closet is...

So yes, I bowl... Before you make fun come challenge me, I am fairly good since I have been doing so for 27 years, if you can beat me you can make fun of me... Until then, sit down child...

Anyways, so last night I went and got myself an ice water, and set it down on the counter next to this cute boy I was bowling against as I threw some practice balls.

Once I was done I went back and grabbed my water and took a long sip.

It did not take me long to realize that someone had spit in my water.

Now my initial reaction, as anyones would be, was to be pissed, but since I had no idea who did it besides a most likely on the cute boy, I really couldn't just go swinging.

Then it hit me, a sudden wave of realization through my anger... My stomach wasn't upset... Hell, I wasn't even grossed out.

Even though I didn't have any proof, I knew in the back of my mind that it was that cute boy that did it.

And I realized that the reason it didn't bother me was that I had had a lot worse things in my mouth that came from a lot less adorable boys...

I was still irked by the action but that was about it. A friend I've known for 15 years bowls on the same team with this kid, I mentioned to him my suspicion of what happened.

"No, he wouldn't have done that," He said; "He knows I would slug him out for pulling shit like that."

"Yeah, I was thinking of doing the same thing," I replied; "Just no proof."

"No worries" he said, "I'll take care if it."

Later on I watched the kid get the tar kicked out of him by the rest of his team... Huh, who knew bowling was a contact sport.


Ok, ok so perhaps that explains the anger behind last nights story...

Stay tuned tho, part two coming next and there will be hardcore bondage and sticky situations ahead :-)

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


Bondage Story: Uncle Fettered Pt 1

My fellow Inmates,

This one you will not believe...

Although this is fiction it is based on actual events that happened to my partner and I by a real "creepy uncle"

Some retaliation fantasies are best kept in fantasy...

So then Asylum... How would you liked to have handled this issue?...

Enjoy :-)


I will never forget that thanksgiving.

My Aunt Sherry was in town with her new boy-toy, Brandt, hanging from her arm. He was lucky to be even half her age, as was typical for the beaus of the financially independent cougar in this day and age, and he was as cocky as they come.

My aunt asked if they could stay with us, as they had flown in from California for the thanksgiving dinner with the family, and besides she didn't make her money paying for rooms, she had told me on the phone the week before.

I just laughed, she had always been slightly off, but we enjoyed her company, so I told her that Brandt and her were more than welcome.

The dinner went off without a hitch, The rest of the Family left around 10pm, and Sherry went to bed shortly after.

I wandered downstairs to watch television as Brandt joined Randy, my partner, in the hot-tub.

It was about 20 minutes later when Randy suddenly came storming in to the house pissed.

"What's wrong?" I asked as he stomped past me towards the dungeon.

He stopped in his tracks, stood there quietly for a moment, composing himself, and then began speaking through gritted teeth. "You know what your lovely new uncle just did to me in the tub?"

Before I could answer Brandt wandered in, drink in hand, looking like he had had a few, and plopped himself down next to me on the couch.

Randy just sneered at him and under his breath said "I am going to take care of this issue myself"

"Randy!..." I began, but was cut off by the sensation of Brandt's hand upon my knee.

"You know what sucks?" he asked me with a slight slur in his voice.

Quickly growing less interested in Randy disappearing down the hallway, and more concerned about my new family member's hand slowly moving up my leg; I replied "Whats that Brandt?" as I moved down the couch away from him a bit.

He just smiled at me, slowly scooting closer as he talked, "What sucks is it's so hard to get any with that old bat staring over my shoulder all the time."

The closer he scooted, the farther down the couch I moved, until I found my self cornered at the end, and Brandt repositioned himself so the only way I could get up was through him.

I was getting agitated because he was making me very uncomfortable. The only reason I was still attempting to keep my cool was that my Aunt was upstairs, and this guy had had a bit to drink. I figured the political approach was best.

"Look Brandt..."

"She doesn't like to have sex, you know that? Which of course is fine with me, as if she ever opened those legs, we'd have to clear the cobwebs."

He thought this was particularly funny as he laughed and sloshed his drink on me. Brandt leaned over to set his glass on the end table, leaving his body positioned above me.

"I just learned something about my self in the hot tub, you know? You should have been there it was so nice. It was completely consensual, don't you worry, I am not here to break up you and your partner, but it was so nice. I just want to feel that way again..."

With that he grabbed me in the crotch.

I had had enough, I first shoved him away, and once he was within swinging distance, I sucker punched the bastard in the solar plexus, effectively dropping him like the sack of shit he was.

The second Brandt hit the floor Randy was on top of him. I didn't see him re-enter the room but it appeared that he came armed.

Brandt struggled to regain composure from having his wind knocked out of him as Randy and I cuffed his hands behind his back as secured a large ball-gag in his mouth.

I grabbed him by the back of his head and shoved him face down, bouncing his forehead off the floor. Climbing up on top of him, I straddled his arms just below his shoulder-blades, grabbed a handful of hair, and pulled his head backwards just beyond the point of comfort.

"So, you consider yourself dominant? Predatory even? hmm?" I asked as I spit in his face "Anything that disrespectful cunt mouth of yours has to say now?"

The tirade that came from behind the gag was a muffled mix of profanities drool, and mentions of my Aunt Sherry.

"You know he is right," I said with a sly smile to Randy, "If We let him go he could tell Aunt Sherry anything. We should help out and take care of miserable waste of life for her."

Upon hearing this Brandt panicked, and began kicking me in the back. Randy just sat on his legs as he handed me the Devil Dog Rubber deprivation hood.

James Hatton was a man that would have been honored to be described "an evil motherfucker", and when he designed this hood he put in the smallest nose-hole grommets he could get away with.

To describe it as intense was being kind.

I set the rubber hood on the ground in front of him so he could see what was coming. This only brought on a new wave of thrashing and muffled curses.

It wasn't until I set the stun-gun next to it that I saw the first sign of fear in those defiant eyes.

"That's right," I said as I picked the hood back up and unzipped it. "This is going to happen one way or the other, and let me tell you, with this hood, breathing is a lot easier without electricity coursing through your body."

I smiled broadly at him as I slipped it over his head, zipped it closed, and began lacing the form fitting rubber hood as tight as it would go against his head.

With every tug on the strings that ball-gag was being shoved deeper and deeper on to his mouth, as the rubber ached to become one with his skin.

This effectively silenced any attempt at communication or complaint save for a slight whimper that was formed in the nasal cavities.

Brandt's breathing slowed to a careful pace as he attempted to navigate the backup pitfall of panic built in to the hood design.

As we stood up, Randy grabbed the chain on the handcuffs and hauled upwards, causing Brandt to have to scramble to keep up with the painful accent of his wrists.

Once he was on his feet Randy slammed our prisoner against the nearest wall. He then pulled his butterfly knife from his pocket, and with a skilled flick of his wrist, and a blur of metal, the blade emerged.

Randy slowly dragged the sharp tip of the knife along Brandt's arms, showing through his t shirt before slicing the shirt from his torso.

A low nasal whimper emanated out from the beneath the hood as my partner dragged his knife across the boy's torso, and as Randy slipped the blade in to the the waistline of Brandt's jeans, a small quake was the only moment that could be detected.

A few expert cuts later and The boy stood there wearing only a white jockstrap with the word "Sir" emblazoned across the pouch.

Randy chuckled as he slid the blade in to the band of the jock, "I don't think you shall be needing these, for we have some clothing much more fitting to your new designation."

With that he pulled the knife swiftly away from the boy's body, the blade sliced cleanly through the elastic band, and with only one additional tug needed, the underwear fell to the floor leaving Brandt standing there in all his glory.

The boy breathed a sigh of relief as the realization set in that he had not been cut, only to then hang his head in embarrassment at his currently compromising position.

Randy flipped the knife back around, slid it in his pocket, grabbed the stun-gun, and began to lead Brandt down the hallway towards the dungeon.

As he reached the end of the corridor he pushed the boy up against the playroom door, set the stun-gun against his balls, leaned in close, and whispered in Brandt's ear; "This is for touching my cock without permission."

With that he pushed the button sending the electrical shock coursing through the boy's nuts and dropping him instantly to the floor to twitch and fight to retain consciousness though the the blind panic and lack of air.

"Really Randy?" I said as I helped him pick Brandt back up off of the ground.

He just smiled back at me, "You know what? I feel better."

"Do you now?" I chuckled as I opened the door to the dungeon, "Is it all out of your system now?"

Randy shoved Brandt through the open doorway where he stumbled and landed face first on the padded rubber floor. "Not by a long-shot."

He then grabbed me by the scruff of my shirt and pulled me in close "let's show this fucker what predatory is." he smiled evilly before dragging me in to the dungeon and closing the door behind us...


With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.