Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bondage Video: Bound, Fucked, Electrocuted, & Paddled

Day 46/365...Rufus Day 3... Babababa!!! Puppy Power!!!!

My Fellow Inmates,

Asylum is backed up... and yes while I realize the connotations of that are snerkable depending upon the context one takes it in, with this kind of backed up you dont need a rain coat...

Unless that does it for you

You see, Asylum finds himself with shitloads of video footage, never a bad thing, and must purge some of it for sake of sanity.

So with that said, this particular stream came from the morning of the Pervs and Furs party after Rotte had helped me clean the house. The doggie worked so hard he needed a reward and I was more than happy to let him have it.

Yesterday I was told by some that the embeded video wasn't functioning. I know Xtube is updating their servers at the moment so just in case I am also including a direct link to the video. I hope you enjoy, as I know from the mess on the floor underneath the table, Rottie enjoyed making it :-)

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


Bondage Video: The Trials and Torments of a Rubber Sub #4


My Fellow Inmates,

The Pervs and Furs Party was a Blast... fuzzies and rubberboys everywhere... reminds me of a song at the end of my videos.

Which by the way, yes that is me singing...

I recorded that years ago to do something with on Guyzingear, but it got shelved as I couldn't find any use for it at the time. It sounds over digitized because it is... Basically its the first emergence of Asylumcat, but he was still pretty damn shy at that time.

Yes, I am off the deep end with my waterwings partially deflated... what of it?

So early in the evening, before many had shown up, Cypher was showing me his new Ironman Triathlon wetsuit. He sad that it was still a virgin, untouched on the inside...

Now we couldn't have that could we?

One Hood and a large gag later, we were ready for sport... :-D

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.

~Rubberasylum ^_^