Friday, February 11, 2011

Of Bontebok's and Bondage Top's

Day 42/365... Today I...

...So Mr. Asylum, by Bontebok you mean Oryx?


Oh, so you know him?


Wait, why would you talk about someone you don't know? Isn't that rude and improper? I mean what would miss manners say?

Look, you are interrupting my stream of thought... Go away...

...Can I get your autograph?

Fine, lets see your testicles... Anyone got a sharpie?

My Fellow Inmates,

Today I was going to post the new story "The Divemasters" sadly though, I made it about half way through and fizzled...

I have been working hard this week to bring you all new stories, between room 336 and To Murr With Love, to write a 3rd in 2 days may have been a bit a bit ambitious.

But I am still working on it, and hope it shall be ready for tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow, it's our second Pervs and Furs party. Looks like about 25 have RSVP'd. I plan on being less host this time and spending much more time in the playroom.

So Hopefully I shall have lots of neat pictures to share next week...

So then, this brings us back in full circle to the point of this post... A question I have been asked by so many...

Why furry?

It actually is an interesting story to my discovery of this fantastic community, and what I consider a very fun kink.

For those that follow me or know me you know I was very close to Bodisama. We chatted everyday, and he shared much of himself with me.

One day he shared one of his sexual fantasies...

"Do you know who Oryx is?" he asked...

"Oryx?" I replied.

"Yeah, I think he goes by Bontebok as well on certain sites." James said

"Yeah, " I replied, "I'm aware of who he is, interesting fursuit he has."

"To say the least." He said; "I would fuck it."

"A Fursuit?" I asked

"Yes, I could see him strapped in to the sling, me in a fursuit of my own..."

Granted please understand this is not verbatim, This is from memory of a man who passed a year ago, based on a conversation from over 2 years ago...

But he made me think, that's what I loved about him, he made me think and he challenged me to look at kink differently than I did.

Because of him I started exploring the concept of furry, and allowing pieces of myself that I had guarded for so long to be allowed to come out.

The first fur I had out was Rottie, and Over a year later he is still here... surprisingly that mirrors my training with my Master from so many years ago...

I think sometimes we in our individual communities pigeonhole our selves in too much based on what's expected of us...

Would James have advertised he wanted a fursuit? Oh god no, he had built himself a reputation that was Bodisama.

To this day I honestly don't know if he ever did have the guts to reach out to Oryx, or if he just allowed him to be one of those things you hold as a fantasy.

It is said that there are two classes to the Bondage community... Old guard and new guard...

I disagree, I think there is a third, and one I am proud to be a part of. A group that doesn't need walls and are open to expand their horizons.

So yes, I have a fursona... His name is Asylum, he is a panther, and I am getting a fursuit....

To anyone that read "To Murr With Love" I think I said it best that the end...

Who am I to turn down the exploration of new forms of pleasure?

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.