Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Picture For Yourself, A Dead Dog

My Fellow Inmates,

At our last party, 2 weeks ago, I laid down because I had a brewing headache. A dog that was there, Rufus, laid next to me to keep me company, and before you knew it, headache or not, torments upon him began.

In the process of wrestling the dog decided to bite me...

This picture was taken this morning...

The dog is going to die...

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.



  1. Is it really necessary for the dog to be put down? It sounds like the dog just got carried away while wrestling and then things went too far and s/he reacted defensively. Putting an animal down should be reserved for when that animal is beyond hope and is a threat to itself and those around it.

  2. wow that looks bad

  3. Die? no. To be tormented to the point where it wishes it were dead? Absolutely!