Monday, June 6, 2011

Check it out: Murrsuit Maker: Afterdark Fursuits

My Fellow inmates,

I want you to take a look at something, no... Really take a look.

I know a lot of you have seen her ad banner on the side of my page for the last month, but I wish to take a moment and talk about Afterdark and hyenagirl.

In the furry community those that kink seem to be in the silent majority, standing quietly as the "do not hug me bros" and other silliness walks by...

Thousands of dollars are spent on suits that others tell is what we can and can not do with them.

I say until you crack open your wallet, And pay for my suit, you can blow your moralistic diatribe out of your non existent tail hole...

Furries judging furries... Priceless...

I offered on this site for a maker to step up, and have the balls to hang a dick out of a sheath in pride of what they do, of what we do.

For as surprising many that did not step up, would not step up...

Afterdark did.

Hyenagirl knew when she signed on with me that I am a champion of pride, and I have a tendency to be incendiary.

You are who you are, be it, it's your life, not theirs. Live it loud and fuck em if they can't handle it.

Weather you have, want, or already own a Murrsuit, or don't really have interest in walking that path, here is someone that has taken a chance...

On me, on you, on the community.

I invite you all to visit her page on FA, and add her account to show your support.

And if you are in the market for a suit, chat with her. She makes some beautiful creatures.

With that visiting time is over

Whatever you do, don't scream too loud as others are trying to sleep.


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