Monday, June 21, 2010

New Video: Rubber Revenge

My Fellow Inmates,

After a Long and difficult June, that caused me to stay away from the computer for a bit... I am now back, and with all new Videos.

Rocketpup came and visited us for a week, and when Rottie wasn't topping Rocket in his new cage, I got a chance to be mean to him as well.

I decided I needed to do this right though, Windows Movie Maker was just pissing me off by its inability to put out anything of any sort of decent quality.

So this is my first attempt with Pinnacle VideoSpin... yes I realize its not a high end program... but a major step up from WMM...

So I have been asked to explain the 2nd half of the Video when I turn on Rocket. He is in a Studio Gum Inflatable sleepsack with an electro plug in his ass and the Venus attacking his dick... And I am being thoughtful enough to put it just under intolerable for his enjoyment...

Granted after he called me a Fucker I just cranked it up, but as I said before...I'm an ass....

Many more new video's to come...

With That, Visiting Time Is Over. What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.



  1. looking xtube video link not work on the site anymore ..

  2. What an amazing video. Such an amazing scene of torment and pleasure combined.