Friday, February 27, 2009

It Takes a community.... to torture a boy...

My Fellow Inmates,

As you all probably have gathered at this point, Asylum tends to dust off the soapbox when he gets a craw up his butt. Well, I found the craw, removed it, and it was nice with some shallots and a light butter sauce. Just don’t tell Rubberfreak where his dinner came from on his last night here, k? Just between us pervs.

You may be able to devise the nature of this blog by the picture I chose to post along side it… Ok, um, perhaps more accurately the picture I decided to swipe and modify without any permission what so ever then repost upon the site of its origin…

Asylum may need a spanky, but more on that later…

I was chatting with a friend the other day about the new lifetime memberships being offered through this site. The discussion turned to the concept of what timeframe a “lifetime” really is when we speak about websites and what the 275.00 will get you after you pay it.

This was the point the craw got jammed in…

My friend said “Well you don’t have to worry about paying it do you?”


Ok, let’s make a few things clear. Asylum is an exhibitionist. I get off by sharing my exploits with others, its one of my kinks and I apologize if we have reached some misconceptions here.

Rubberrebel is good enough to understand this about me, and had enough faith in me to know that by featuring me on his site that he could count on frequent updates of content in the form of Videos, ramblings, stories, and pictures; All because it allows me to satiate my exhibitionist tendencies.

Not only has no offer ever been made to bypass support from me, but I would never accept any such offer were it to be made. Here is why…

We as Guyzingear are a community site, unlike the pigfuckers at recon (I can call them that, they will have to prove in court they are not pigfuckers, and it may be worth the attorney fees just to sneak my cam in there for that one…lol…)

Anyway, unlike the pigfuckers at recon, this site is not aiming to profit off of us. Although if Russell ever gets to the point he is turning a profit off of this group of sites I say we support him all the way. He stood by the Ning site putting up his money so the rest of us could have a place to jerk off, meet, and jerk off again, rinse, wash, repeat…

Roll over Mother Teresa, I nominate Rubberrebel for sainthood… hmm St. Rebel has a certain je ne se qua…no?

Guyzingear gives us the meeting place to do as we please, create what we wish, post all our videos and meet like minded guys without having to keep one hand on our wallet in the process. Up to this point besides the donations of some generous individuals of which Paypal decided they could use elsewhere… that’s a rant for another time though… but up to this point Rebel has been shouldering most the cost himself.

So then, what is a “Lifetime Membership” good for timeframe wise? It is for as long as we allow it, and that’s the bottom line. Without our support sites like this will only stay afloat so long, and the more content we add the heftier the costs to its creators. We owe it to ourselves, and we owe it to Rebel to chip in and truly make this great community grow.

So, with all of this said… Has Asylum given his 275.00 to the cause?



Welcome to our economy. It is understandable that not all of us can donate at this point. Personally I plan to do so in a few months if it’s still being offered at that time. As I wish to make sure that I always have a platform to place my soapbox on.

And something tells me if you contact Rubberrebel and ask to pay in pieces he very well may work with you.

Besides, if we do this right, imagine what this site will be like in 10 years… For those who have been around long enough compare the RLCL to Rubberzone, and you will understand the evolution I speak.

I look forward to seeing what greatness we can achieve…

Now about that Spanky J

With that visiting time is over and the guards grow antsy...

Take care, and what ever you do don't scream too loud, others are trying to sleep


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