Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Vote For The FurFags!!! Win Free Commissions...

My Fellow Inmates,

Furkitfox & Ookaminobaka have entered a contest to win a trip to Disneyworld to get married...

Can you imagine Disny not only paying to marry Fags... but Furfags at that?

They are even giving away free commissions... See the email below the pic... VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!

Hello fellow furries and fur-iends!  :3
Please help some fellow furries out by voting for us to win a dream wedding.  Jarrad (ookaminobaka on FA) has offered to give a couple of free commissions at random to those of you who vote for us, so please vote and forward this message out to other furries who can vote for us as well.
As you may know Jarrad and I (Kit) are engaged to be married.  Our speculations have always been that we aren't going to get married until a) it is legal in Washington and b) we can afford it (since there's no bride, there's nobody to pay for the wedding for us).  Jarrad has always had this dream to get married at Disneyworld in some fairy tale wedding, but that's always kinda looked like an impossible dream for the two of us.
Well, Disney is going to make it a reality for one lucky couple.  They've started a contest where the goal is to vote for your favorite couple to win the wedding.  All we needed to do was submit a photo of us and tell a short story about why we should win.  So far we're the only gay couple who has entered, which is interesting, so I'm hoping to make some waves in the furry community and get a lot of votes.
So far the number one submission on there has around 700 votes.  That's a lot, and it seems very unlikely that we'll ever get that many votes.  But then I started thinking, well, the furry community is pretty frickin' big, what if we can get this thing circulated around somehow to all the furries we know and maybe have them share it as well?  There's a chance we might actually win, and even if we don't it will still be fun!  Also, it will give Jarrad a chance to give out a couple of free commissions which is always fun.
So, here's what you can do to help, if you're inclined to do so (and we both really hope you will be).
1.  Vote for us, of course!  Instructions on how to vote are below.
2.  Forward this email to your friends.  Please don't just forward at random, we don't want to SPAM people or piss anybody off, so only forward to people who you think will be interested in helping, or winning the art.
3.  Post this on your own journals on FA, LJ, FB, Twitter, whatever, and make sure to mention the free art.  =)  Do whatever you can to spread the word.
Here's how to win the art!
1.  Post a comment on FA on this particular journal on Jarrad's wall letting us know that you voted.  We'll trust that if you post, you really voted.  =)
2.  If you forward this email, post on the journal and let us know, you'll get entered a SECOND TIME for forwarding the email.
3.  If you post on your journal let us know, you'll be entered an additional time for each journal you post it to.  =)
Here is the journal to post on!  http://www.furaffinity.net/journal/2263645/
How to vote!
2.  Register for Disney.com if you aren't already registered (it takes like 2 minutes)
3.  Click the button to vote.  =)

With That, Visiting Time Is Over.

What Ever You Do Don't Scream Too Loud As Others Are Trying To Sleep.


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