Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Breath Of Fresh Air...


My Fellow inmates,

Today, I did something that in my mind is unprecidented... I threw the door all the way open, and posted the link to this blog in my facebook page for all my high school classmates and co-workers to see.

To tell you the truth it is actually a bit refreshing...

So I welcome those new readers who have wandered over and know absolutly nothing about who I truly am. I word of caution though... As much as you may find intrest in what I have to say, as a glimpse in to a world foreign to you, you may wish to avoid the videos that are posted from time to time unless you wish to view gay fetish bondage play.

At 18 years old I told my mother I was gay, she told my father. His response to her was that he could beat the fuck out of her for doing this to me. So I got angry, these close minded pricks needed to know me or get the fuck out of my life...

So I ambushed them, every one of them...

My brother, Jonas, was a homophobe. I had the most fun with him. I waited until he was at work one day, where he was a manager at a bowling alley (one of his first jobs), and I came in pulled him aside and told him I was a gay man who liked to be tied up in rubber and tortured... by the way... have a nice day... and I walked out, leaving him there with his jaw on the ground with a shift still left to work.

My Dad cornered me one night, when he found out I was smoking, granted I was 18 and could do what I wanted, but he was very controlling, and was determined to take charge...

"Dan, do you smoke cigarettes?" he asked me

"Yes, I do" I replied.

"Do you smoke Pot?" He asked

"Yes, I do." I said again, "And I have done bondage porn films, any more questions?"

I never thought that I could ever leave my father at a loss for words. Even though that battle was won, the war is still being fought :)

Incidently, The picture above is from some of the porn work I did with Ropedweb many many years ago... I have a whole file of it, I shall share it as we go on.

As I have explained to my readers before, life is too fucking short. High School was the biggest travesty for me, being a gay kid who couldnt figure himself out from a bumfuck town that didnt accept differences.

So I am done. This is me. I hope you are offended, I hope you concider me a fucking queer that will burn in hell for eternity. I hope you click away in disgust. You know why? because it just shows me how right I was so many years ago in my innitial knee jerk summation of the intellegince levels of the people of South Whidbey...

By the way, I have recreated Jesus on the cross except he was wearing a latex catsuit, and hooded in a gasmask. He was on limited air as his cock and balls were being electrocuted... Hallelujah!

God I am an asshole...

With that, Visiting time is over.

Whatever you do, don't scream to loud as others are trying to sleep.



  1. HI
    Try as you like, you cant scare me :)
    Many of us hate that bumbfuck town, I can barely set foot over there, and when I am forced to every 18 months or so, I leave as fast as humanly possible.

    Your not the only one with a wild streak ya know ;)

    But I would have paid money to see you come out to your family that way, extra style points for you! So much better than the traditional drunken/weepy thanksgiving outing.

    Much love,

  2. Hmm, i met your dad :P weird. Bravo for the facebook fun, ive pondered doing the very same lol

  3. I never came out to my dad, although at this point, I guess there is very little I could do that would shock him. When I came out to my mom, it was a very simple afair, rather a let down actually. She just looked at me and said, well I figured at least one of you girls would be gay, but I thought it would be Lisa. LoL. (Lisa was a Marine, and now is a prison guard for the mens chain gang in Maracopa county Az.)

  4. You're asking for trouble, sadly. We live in a world where things like religion still end up causing prejudice for things like this, and as a result, we don't have a mentality in society we should have like "as long as it's between consenting adults, who cares?". As a result, I'd be more wary of opening yourself to being potentially blackmailed by some jackass.

    Maybe I'm paranoid, but I'm very wary of things like Facebook where it's easy to expose far too much of yourself to people who would abuse such information unethically.


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